Middle School: How I Survived Bullies, Broccoli, and Snake Hill

Middle School How I Survived Bullies Broccoli and Snake Hill Rafe Khatchadorian the hero of the bestselling Middle Schoolseries is ready for a fun summer at camp until he finds out it s a summer school camp Luckily Rafe easily makes friends with his troublem

  • Title: Middle School: How I Survived Bullies, Broccoli, and Snake Hill
  • Author: James Patterson Chris Tebbetts
  • ISBN: 9780316231756
  • Page: 367
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Rafe Khatchadorian, the hero of the bestselling Middle Schoolseries, is ready for a fun summer at camp until he finds out it s a summer school camp Luckily, Rafe easily makes friends with his troublemaking cabin mates and bunkmate, a boy nicknamed Booger Eater, who puts up with endless teasing from the other kids Rafe soon realizes there s to a person than a nicknamRafe Khatchadorian, the hero of the bestselling Middle Schoolseries, is ready for a fun summer at camp until he finds out it s a summer school camp Luckily, Rafe easily makes friends with his troublemaking cabin mates and bunkmate, a boy nicknamed Booger Eater, who puts up with endless teasing from the other kids Rafe soon realizes there s to a person than a nickname, though.This third book in the massively popular Middle School series is an unforgettable summer of hijinks, new friends, and surprises, all told with the hilarity and honesty readers have come to expect from blockbuster author James Patterson.

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    1. Rafe Katchadorian, a boy who is usually is always getting himself into trouble, wanted to enjoy his summer at home relaxing and enjoying his time. But suddenly his mom realized his grades weren't to good in school, so she sent him and his sister to a camp called Camp Wannamora where he made friends in his cabin who where called Dweebs, a tall guy, Cav, someone short, Smurf someone with blue hair, Tuns someone with a big heart but big bones as in very chubby, Legend, someone who looks like a seri [...]

    2. I like the book How I Survived Bullies Broccoli and Snake Hill because it shows how a boy maybe my age survived something he thought he wouldn't be to fond of. Rafe K. goes to a camp named Camp Wannamorra where he meet new people, tries new foods and does thing he wouldn't ordinarily do. Rafe is faced with bullying like any other child but he will not let it bring him down. In this book Rafe catches many of the bullies off campus property smoking. One night he and his buddies go out to get a pic [...]

    3. This was another fun addition to the "Middle School" series being put out under the James Patterson seal of approval. The series, which is a fun combination of cartoons and narration, is focused on Rafe Khatchadorian. He is done with school for the summer well sorta. Over summer vacation, he will be attending summer camp. This is a unique one with a summer school environment in the morning and the usual camp activities in the afternoon.Rafe quickly bonds with his cabin mates, but they find them [...]

    4. A hilarious book, perfect for summer. Guess when I get home from vacation I will buy the rest of the series.

    5. I did like this book but it was not as hilarious as "I Funniest" another book in the series of Middle School.Rafe Khatchadorian the main character who is in all the Middle School books goes to Summer Camp but he doesn't like it there are a lot of rules and more rules. He does make some new friends, some of the characters are funny (Dweebs, Booger Eater, Smurf and Two Tunz are a few). Two Tunz is the fattest in the gang, Smurf has blue hair and Dweebs is very tall. The food they are served everyd [...]

    6. This book is made by the famous James Patterson it's about a kid named Rafe kachtidorian who is forced to go to summer school that's kind of like a camp with his sister Georgia kachtidorian and is supposed to survive with his weird friends, bullies, a roommate who is crazy and scary, a dictator like principal who does not let the councilors protect the campers from bullies.

    7. I always wanted to go to summer camp and thought this was a fun take on how I imagined it to be. I hate bullies and thought it was great to see how this misfit group of campers takes a stand against this cabin full of bullies. Fun, entertaining, and a little angering, this book is another great hit in this series that shows what friendship is all about.

    8. I liked this book and recommend it to 8 year olds. This book was about Rafes adventures at summer camp / school. Rafe went to summer camp for idiots and his sister went to extra school because for break the only thing she can do is extra school Rafe has to but Georgia dosen't. So at camp out of all the cabins he had to be in the muscarats bunking with booger eater ( Norman ) ( this cabin is the worst aka loser cabin). So there is this team dead meat is there name they make fun of the muscarats a [...]

    9. This book is really funny. Notice how it says "Bullies" in the title, well it's not kind of a Physical bully. And sanke hill ? that's so funny. Broccoli ? well that's random. So, there's this guy name Rafe Khatchadorian and he goes to this camp with his sister, Georgia, At Camp Wannamora. They have seperated camp, one for the boys and one for the girls. Rafe met his camp mates he's not really about it because they're weird. They get bullied by the other campers that smoke and drink, But those ca [...]

    10. This is a good book about Rafe and his sister.This time Rafe and his sister are going to camp but, this is no ordinary acmp. This camp is a summer school camp. Rafe and his new friends run into some problems on the way. One of those problems is bullys (dilon aka pampers). another problem the run into is bombriaders problem with broccoli. The last problem they run into is the the camps owner. all and all this is a good book. I would recomend this book to many people (grades 3-12). I had fun readi [...]

    11. This book was one of the most amazing books i have read.It kept keeping me on the edge of my chair and made me wonder what would would happen next.I just couldn't resist to put down the book.The book was hilarious and had a lot of adventure.This book is about a boy named Rafe Khatchadorian who goes through this big adventure in summer camp.He meets friends who help him through summer camp and enemies who make his life miserable.I recommend this book because once you start reading you won't stop. [...]

    12. I think it is a good book that has alot of action and adventure. I think it is for the kids how are soon going to go into middle school. I also think it is for people who want to read a book that makes them think and smile. It is a book that I think people should read it during my free time and at any time. It is kind of funny and has some parts that you would wonder why he did that. It is a good book that every kid should read.

    13. The one and only star of the Middle School series by James Patterson,Rafe Katchadorian is off to summer camp.Though this isn't no ordinary camp.It's the most dangerous,grossest,and terrible camp in the history of summer camps.Could Rafe survive the dictator,the bobcats,and the serial killer in the next bunk?

    14. i really liked book number four of the middle school series. This book wasn't about school and that it what I liked about it. Rafe made some memories at summer camp and changed one of his friends lives.

    15. I think this book is great because it relates to everyone in middle school and it has drama too.I would recommend this to kids in middle school because it is like boy stuff. I would like to read this again next time because it is funny and interesting

    16. Characters are Rafe, Legend, Cav, Bombidator, Bogger Eater. Its about rafe at school school and his struggle. I conclude nhe will like it next year if hes aloud back in it.

    17. I think this is a really good book if you are in to camping or if you are just bored and you have nothing to do over the summer. The "Middle School" series is a really good series.

    18. James Patterson made the awesome book "Middle School How I Survived Bullies, Broccoli, and Snake Hill." The main theme of this book is probable dont judge something based on what people say. The reson why is because Rafe thinks the camp is gonna be super bad because people tell him that, but he truns out to like it. The idea the author wants me to get is probably to never judge things badly. The book has accomplished me really liking the book and also that I will probably read the whole series.T [...]

    19. For my January book I read the book How I Survived Bullies, Broccoli, and Snake Hill written by James Patterson. This book is about Rafe Katchadorian and his journey through summer school. Rafe 100% did not want to summer school. His sister Georgia 100% wanted to go! The school was an 8 week camp with cabins for sleep, a lake, a dining hall, and latrines out in the forest. The school days are 5 blocks, and have huge tents as classrooms. When Rafe got to camp, he met his cabin mates. Their names [...]

    20. This book is the best of all so far (1-4) It teaches the readers how bad bullying is and so on I will definitely recommend this book to my nieces and nephews and even my future children to read the book and hopefully (at least) they wont bully others and be not-so-called-a-hero like Rafe Watchamallit I just love the note from James Patterson in the last part of the book which I copied hereDear Reader,Bullying with words is more common than physical bullying, and sometimes it's just as damaging. [...]

    21. In the book how i survived bullies,broccoli,and snake hill a boy named Rafe gose to camp and meet this kid named norman if it was not for norman Rafe would proble be in lost of trouble.When Rafe meet this girl named kati he fall in love but kati is a teacher.Rafe dose not like the boys at the other side of the camp he pick on his friend norman love to read he tried to give Rafe a book,and Rafe read 100 pages and he has never read befor.Then he rote a letter to his mom.Then he right a letter to a [...]

    22. Another interesting story of what Rafe did during the summer. In this story he went to summer camp/ summer school. This program was outdoors. The camp had squads where you would be assigned to a certain squad and your squad would have it's own cabin. Rafe's squad was called the Muskrats. People would make fun of the group calling them dead meat. I would reccomend this book for people who like the humor genre, James Patterson Middle school series of books, and people that like having suspense mom [...]

    23. I have zero interest in Patterson's adult fiction and his name almost kept me away from this. I picked it up on a whim and am glad I did. It's a great summer read with a lot of heart. I likely won't read any more of the series but this one will stick with me, probably in large part because I am just a sucker for the summer camp setting.

    24. This book was fairly different from the other books and had a much different plot since in this one hes was stuck at camp. I found if funny and a great book to read as it was also very grabbing. This is because at the camp the main character Rafe met a bully that was super bad and willing to do many crazy things.

    25. AMAZING it is intriguing and is a good 👍 comparison to life as a person in the USA U think i'm not American i am English and i come from a private school so there's no bullyingThough movies told me this is realistic. All in all BUT IT NOW since this Is Awesome like the rest of the series

    26. ~ Ein spannendes Kinderbuch, das aufgrund der lustigen Zeichnungen, des sympathischen, coolen Protagonisten und der wichtigen Botschaften perfekt für junge Leser ab 11 Jahren geeignet ist. ~InhaltRafe ist alles andere als begeistert, denn er muss ins Sommercamp. Statt Entspannung steht dort Lernen auf dem Stundenplan. Rafe befürchtet schon das Schlimmste. Als er dann auch noch mit den „Bisamratten“ in eine Gruppe kommt, scheinen einige langweilige Wochen vorprogrammiert. Doch weit gefehlt: [...]

    27. Focused on the main characters and others on how they acted throughout the story and describes them throughout the book. This book was not in my best interest by it not explaining more on the main character or any one else it had focused more on. This book I would recommend to people who had read the first 3 books and understand what is going on and liked the first 3 books.

    28. i really like this book. its really funny and gets me anxious about what is gonna happen next. i like all the pranks that they do the pranks. i also like how rafe found out that dollen smokes. but it gets me mad that rafe had to go home when he didn't do anything. he did a lot of things at camp but not this one. he was just being a good friend.

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