Um Amor a Defender

Um Amor a Defender A defensora p blica Rachel Stanislaski conhecida por seu forte senso de justi a E agora ela te um caso bastante especial Nick LeBeck um adolescente de anos dur o e ao mesmo tempo carente desde

  • Title: Um Amor a Defender
  • Author: Nora Roberts
  • ISBN: 9788576875611
  • Page: 347
  • Format: Paperback
  • A defensora p blica Rachel Stanislaski conhecida por seu forte senso de justi a E agora ela te um caso bastante especial Nick LeBeck, um adolescente de 19 anos, dur o e, ao mesmo tempo, carente desde a morte dos pais Zack Muldoon, meio irm o de Nick, abandonou a carreira na Marinha para ter mais tempo para ele, e quer garantir que o irm o n o ser condenado, mesmo ap A defensora p blica Rachel Stanislaski conhecida por seu forte senso de justi a E agora ela te um caso bastante especial Nick LeBeck, um adolescente de 19 anos, dur o e, ao mesmo tempo, carente desde a morte dos pais Zack Muldoon, meio irm o de Nick, abandonou a carreira na Marinha para ter mais tempo para ele, e quer garantir que o irm o n o ser condenado, mesmo ap s uma pris o em flagrante Nick acaba ficando sob a cust dia de Zack, mas cabe a Rachel fornecer relat rios ju za sobre o comportamento do rapaz A qu mica entre Rachel e Zack logo se torna forte demais para ser ignorada Mas ser que a rebeldia de Nick os impedir de viver um grande amor

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    1. Me gusto bastante, mas de lo que esperaba, lo leí muy rápido. Personajes: Me encanto Rachel fuerte, decidida, buena en su trabajo. Zack: me agrado, pero me pareció muy salvaje, demasiado impetuoso para mi gusto. Nick: un poco perdido y marcado por el rechazo, pero bueno en el fondo. Trama:Me gusto la trama, me pareció buena, me hubiera gustado ver mas a Rachel en la corte, claro obviamente en este tipo de libro siempre sientes que falto algo.

    2. Rating 3.5I enjoyed this, the heroine is a public defender assigned a case of a young nineteen year held on burglary charges, she likes him, he's got a good lost vibe and then she meets the hero Zack who shouts on her and then she finds out that he is the step-brother of her client and willing to step up to save his brother even is his brother is too angry to want help.Rachel somehow manages a supervisory deal for Nick, with her as the guardian which keeps bringing her in contact with Zack and t [...]

    3. Muy muy bueno.Rachel, es uan abogada exitosa que ha decidido poner sus habilidades en manos de la ley. Después de conocer a Nick, su último ladrón para defender, de no más de 19 años, es nombrada como su tutora bajo la libertad condicional. Pero junto a Nick viene su hermano mayor, Zach. Un ex marino con un caracter bastante fuerte que logra colarse en su amor por la justicia.

    4. This was the only Stanislaski book I hadn't read yet and I'm so glad I finally got a copy. Rachel is a public defender who got tagged with helping Nick. He had been caught robbing an electronics store, but she could see that he wasn't a hardened criminal. The judge assigned her to coguardian Nick along with his stepbrother Zack. There were sparks between the two from the beginning, but Rachel tried to keep things professional. Zack wasn't having any part of that - he was deeply attracted to her [...]

    5. Falling for Rachel is about Rachel Stanislaski, a public defender. Rachel has made her job as public defender her life. She does little, except with her family, when she is not working. It is not that she doesn’t want a life; she just doesn’t have time for one. Now, she is rushing to court to defend a young gang member who is being tried on burglary charges. The problem is that the arresting officer is her own brother who did nothing wrong with his arrest. The judge decides on a different pu [...]

    6. เรื่องนี้น่ารักดี ชอบตั้งแต่เริ่มเรื่องที่พระนางเอกเจอกันเลย นางเอกเป็นทนายของรัฐช่วยเหลือลูกความที่ไม่มีเงินจ้างทนาย พูดง่ายๆว่าทำให้ฟรี แล้วบังเอิญว่าน้องชายของพระเอกด [...]

    7. Wow, now this is a love twisted story in the middle of New York City, oh yes definitely twisted but beautiful, beautifully passionate. It also shows its not easy it's tangled but worth it. So the public defender Rachel Stanislaski (the youngest of the Stanislaski's) was assigned to Nick LeBeck ( he was 19 years old) who was actually caught by her own brother ( the youngest of the male Stanislaki's) yes he was a cop detective really so though Alex and Rachel worked in he same building they had co [...]

    8. Since I read Nick and Freddie's story before everyone else's, it was great seeing how Nick and Zack became part of the family. I love that Rachel was independent and strong, and so was Zack. I like that it was Alex who caught Nick, and how Nick really wasn't a bad kid, just lost and looking to belong. I liked how Rachel and Alex work in similar fields but always have a rivalry going on. I like how Zack and Rachel met, and how they both have fiery tempers and kind of hated each other a little. I [...]

    9. this is one of my favorites if not my favorite in the series. first i have a soft spot for any book featuring lady lawyers being that i will hopefully be one in less than 3 years. now i could never be a defense attorney because sometimes you have to take cases where you know the client is guilty and i could never do that but it is a necessary job and this character epitomizes everything i wish the system could be (there are far too many sleazy lawyers as a whole esp in the criminal system). Rach [...]

    10. I started The Stanislaskis series backwards - with Waiting for Nick/ Considering Kate, and realized there were more books. I absolutely love these books. And Falling for Rachel, the book about Rachel, the youngest of the Stanislaskis’ sibling, is not an exception. Besides, it was great to read the story of Nick from the very beginning (and see the great ending in 'Waiting for Nick'). The book is very easy to read. It keeps you wanting for more. Being a Russian native myself I really like the w [...]

    11. I loved the story between Rachel and Zack, it was really romantic and with a lot of passion. At first it was really with all this things that happen with Nick, how he was always being rejected and how he didn't trust anybody cause everyone turn their backs on him and i kind of felt related with him. It was also kind of sad how Nick was all sad when he found out about Zack and Rachel, how he was all heartbroken because the woman he loved didn't loved him back, and I related to that too. This book [...]

    12. This is perhaps the, I don't know how many, time I have read this story. May I just say it is terrific. All the stories in this series are but this one has a particular place for me. I love how just when someone is feeling like life just doesn't matter any more, something happens to change everything. There are many elements to this story that keep me coming back. As I don't want to spoil anything just read it, you won't regret it.I highly recommend this story to 14+ due to some mild sexual con [...]

    13. Rachel is a lawyer working for 2 years in the Public Defence office. She is good at her job, and works hard, especially for those who her instinct tells her have ended up in court because of bad breaks. When she is assigned Nick's case she also meets his step brother Zack Muldoon who wants to take responsibility for helping Nick to turn her life around. She manages to get Nick released to Zack's guardianship but the unconventional judge assigns her as ℅ guardian.

    14. Story: Old favorite comfort read. Still works for me. *happy sigh* 5 starsNarration: Good basic narrative, acceptable to good voices, good accents. Inappropriate intonation of words or parts of sentences, and IMO a your/you're mispronunciation. 3 stars

    15. Look at this book cover. Classic. Also, classic NR. Easy and fun read. Not my favorite characters but oh well.

    16. No teda ten preklad teda stoji za vsetky drobne Polku casu som ani netusila, co sa tam deje, ale vsak v pohode :-D Este stastie, ze je to nenarocna kniha :-D

    17. Sfh1953this series is not what I expected. loved the first 3 so far and I'm sure I won't be disappointed in the last three.

    18. Yine çok beğendim. Bu kadın apayrı, hiçbir hikayesinde sıkılmıyorum. Hem hızlı hem de dolu dolu yazıyor, cidden hayranım.

    19. I love books from Nora Roberts but I prefer her older books over the category romance. Anyway, this is the last book in this series that I haven't read yet. And I can totally agree that this is probably one of the best ones.Rachel is a defender of the office assigned to Nick who is accused of stealing. This is how she meets his very attractive brother, Zack. Unusual decision of the judge makes Zack and Rachel spend a lot of time together.I enjoyed the characters and the story. Especially, when I [...]

    20. A series I somehow missedI thought I'd read all of Nora Roberts series but I somehow missed this gem. It's like finding the treasure. From the characters to plot development, this author just does everything right. This story about a fractured family, their struggles to connect and the lawyer helping them connect the dotsoh yeah, and the romance that develops. Hope none of that seems like spoiler. I can hardly wait to start the next one.

    21. True Nora RobertsOnce you get caught up in a Nora Roberts series, you can't stop until they are all read. As usual she keeps you wanting more until the last page is read. I love her characters!

    22. I am an avid reader of Nora Roberts. Unfortunately, this is the most formulaic romance I have ever read by her. I found the characters poorly developed and the events entirely predictable. This won't stop me from reading other Nora Roberts books, but I think I'll skip this series.

    23. SAn saAn easy read. A very cosy entertaining study of a lawyer and two brothers. Keeps your attention as the story unfolds. I very much enjoyed the story of the romance of Rachel and Muldoon and the turn of events that climax at the conclusion.

    24. Rachel who is a public defender helps Zach with his delinquent brother. The brother must have them both as guardians supervising him to stay out of jail. Will this lead to a relationship for them or will it tear them apart??

    25. DiffrrentDifferent kind of romance, I enjoyed it very much. Bringing different cultures is great. I am in a mix culture relationship, and usually is harder to deal with some issues.

    26. Love rachelGreat love story about a really sweet lawyer. A great group of characters that keep you involved In the story.

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