Axe Cop, Vol. 4: President of the World

Axe Cop Vol President of the World Axe Cop is now president of the whole world But a bunch of outer space bad guys are on their way to Earth and they re bringing big trouble with them Written by an eight year old and drawn by his y

  • Title: Axe Cop, Vol. 4: President of the World
  • Author: Malachai Nicolle Ethan Nicolle
  • ISBN: 9781616550578
  • Page: 259
  • Format: Paperback
  • Axe Cop is now president of the whole world But a bunch of outer space bad guys are on their way to Earth, and they re bringing big trouble with them Written by an eight year old and drawn by his 31 year old brother, Axe Cop brings you head chopping action and planet sized laughs

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    1. Axe Cop is a cop with an axe. In this book he’s President of the World. And that’s all the summary I’m going to attempt with this comic. The main thing you need to know is that it’s written by Malachai Nicolle, an 8 year old, and drawn by Ethan Nicolle, his 32 year old brother (those were their ages at the time of this volume’s publication). It’s novel having an 8 year old write a comic, then professionally illustrate it with Dark Horse publishing it. I like the idea of Axe Cop. Read [...]

    2. Yup, still funny. I will keep reading these as long as Malachai doesn't get too old to be funny. I'm hoping that will never happen. Funny kids can grow up to be funny teens, right?

    3. I love Axe Cop so much. The whole enterprise, from concept to execution to philosophical analysis (if you want to take it that far). The sheer absurdity and joy of it brings me constant delight, and on nearly every page there's at least one thing that turns my smile into a laugh. The unadulterated imagination of childhood play, captured in a format that can be shared with everyone. What could be better?That said, Malachai has grown since the story started and I fear his age (or at least experien [...]

    4. What do you get when an 8 year old writes a comic and his much older brother illustrates? You get a wacky comic called Axe Cop, where just about anything goes. Craziness ensues in this issue when Axe Cop becomes President of the world after all the bad guys have been defeated. He builds a copy of the White House, but made out of gold, and places it in Axeville.He recruits some good guys along the way including Goo Cop, a being made of goo that wants Axe Cop to find his family, and Junior Cobbb, [...]

    5. Okay, this one is definitely focused and disciplined. I find my ability to read these flagging. Like spending all day at a park with kids, it is getting noisy and distracting and my head is beginning to hurt. What is keeping me interested is to see the progression of ideas that are percolating through the young author's mind as he grows into understanding the world. There is an idea of good and evil, god and satan and then all the other pop culture detritus of aliens, gorillas, robots and girls. [...]

    6. Whether it’s the older brother getting better at plotting and separating the ideas, or whether the younger genius is getting more creative, Axe Cop’s adventures get better and tightly thought-out as each page progresses.After becoming President of the World what’s left for Axe Cop to do? There’s no more evil in the world since he abolished it, so what next? Bad guys on other planets, of course!As if things weren’t zany enough, Axe Cop’s adventures now take place primarily in space wh [...]

    7. The zany was seriously tamped down this time. What gives? Reaching the end of a concept perhaps? And yet the cartoon TV series just kicked off (haven't seen it myself, but there are some awesome actors lined up for the voices). Perhaps there is hope yet.

    8. Less entertaining than I wanted it to be, but still good. I'm reading out of order because I accidentally put them in the box in the wrong order, and didn't notice until I was through the first book. I'm going to start at the beginning after this which might improve the experience.

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