Under the Roofs of Paris

Under the Roofs of Paris In Henry Miller the author of Tropic of Cancer was commissioned by a Los Angeles bookseller to write an erotic novel for a dollar a page Under the Roofs of Paris originally published as Opus P

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  • Title: Under the Roofs of Paris
  • Author: Henry Miller
  • ISBN: 9780802131836
  • Page: 487
  • Format: Paperback
  • In 1941, Henry Miller, the author of Tropic of Cancer, was commissioned by a Los Angeles bookseller to write an erotic novel for a dollar a page Under the Roofs of Paris originally published as Opus Pistorum is that book Here one finds Miller s characteristic candor, wit, self mockery, and celebration of the good life From Marcelle to Tania, to Alexandra, to Anna, andIn 1941, Henry Miller, the author of Tropic of Cancer, was commissioned by a Los Angeles bookseller to write an erotic novel for a dollar a page Under the Roofs of Paris originally published as Opus Pistorum is that book Here one finds Miller s characteristic candor, wit, self mockery, and celebration of the good life From Marcelle to Tania, to Alexandra, to Anna, and from the Left Bank to Pigalle, Miller sweeps us up in his odyssey in search of the perfect job, the perfect woman, and the perfect experience.

    One thought on “Under the Roofs of Paris”

    1. I relished nearly every sentence of this bawdy handbook for the sexually unapologetic. If you finish it without wincing, you get a *handjob* for your reward. If you find it compulsively readable, the way I did, we ought to become friends.

    2. As Henry Miller appears to be a "hot" subject at the moment with ' reviewers, it made me check to see which books I have from this author.I came across this book this morning and I see that I've never read it. This happens to me a lot. I purchase a book and I never get around to reading it as it gets overtaken by other books.So I started to read this book as, when I purchased it in 2000, I had thought this was a book on erotica as I always loved the works by Anais Nin on this genre.Looking at th [...]

    3. My guess is this book only took me a few years to finish reading, but to my surprise I finally did it. Page after page my head would spin continuously within his relating the countless sins of lords and masters and their man-driven sexual escapades. Miller offers porno as high art. I have never before heard mention the many different tags he uses for the organs, cuts, and appendages involved in sexual acts, my favorite being his word "figlet". I have viewed a few porn films in my time, but nothi [...]

    4. Apparently he wrote this one chapter at a time and sold them to a pornographer who compiled them into a full book. What can I say? It's just porn porn porn. He seems to try to find the raunchiest, most scandalous scenarios to write about. My roommate kept egging me on telling me it was leading somewhere so I kept reading. Apparently he was dicking me around because the story didn't go anywhere and I felt like I'd wasted my time reading it. There's plenty of better stuff out there to spend your t [...]

    5. Una "novela" en que el 90% es descripción pornográfica "clínica" (Boris Vian dixit), un 5% de "por qué las mujeres son tan putas, hasta las lesbianas y los 'sarasas' son putas" y el otro 5% divague sobre cuestiones políticas y culturales del París de entre guerras.Al principio me venía gustando, claro, por el shock y la novedad, pero realmente, 350 páginas del viejo in-out aburre. En definitiva este librito es un gran ejemplo para ver cómo se escribía sobre sexo cuando la pornografía [...]

    6. Ну вот мы и дожили — зарабатываем на хлеб порнографией, хотя у Миллера это роман скорее политический, чем порнографический. Чистый секс — это же всегда политика. Зато интересно почувствовать себя Хенри Миллером, который где-то после первой трети, как хорошо видно, страшно [...]

    7. Jouissance!I read an article during my freshman year of college, or perhaps even before, that the New York Times published about the English language's poor treatment/approach to sex, along with most authors' inability to land more squarely in the middle between too scientific or too corny. Struggling is not uncommon, for most, but Miller shows no sign of it.This book is a struggle for most readers, I imagine. It's exhausting, in fact. Like many other reviews I read, it was my first erotica nove [...]

    8. По поводу этой книги у меня есть несколько соображений.1. это не первый порнороман, который мне довелось читать, -- и не худший, скажем так. последний абзац, каким его предложил Миллер, роману совершенно необходим: он придает всему предыдущему какой-никакой смысл и звук. и все [...]

    9. content of book summed up in a single sentence: I may be a baby fucker, but who the Hell cares . Snuggles is a damned fuckable baby. there is no real plot to speak of, just page after page of women / girls / babies / midgets / satanists getting HONK HONKed in their dripping HONK HONKs. the word 'abricot-fendu' is thrown around liberally, in addition to synonyms 'fig' and 'figlet'. i read this next to some orthodox jewish guy on train and felt v. uncomfortableone thing that i really admire (?) is [...]

    10. Though many view this novel as obscene, I see it as a beautiful piece of art. Sometimes it's difficult to get through, the monologue during certain scenes drowns out the setting and when Alf zones back in I'm left thinking, "Wait. What's going on?"The use of rape and pedophilia is prevalent, Miller doesn't hide this, nor his thoughts of disgust and piqued interest. He bears his character's soul and touches on taboo topics.This novel isn't for everyone. There are violent scenes of rape, many leve [...]

    11. For better or worse, this book formed the core of my sexuality. I read it when I was 16, I remember not being able to put it down. It made me tremble with excitement. I'm an open-minded reader and so it was not offensive. I wanted to reread this book for many years now. Frankly I don't understand many low ratings the book got here. Why on earth would you read a pornographic novel by an eccentric writer if you can't take a bit of gang-banging

    12. This is absolutely one of the most depraved and satirical book I have ever read. It almost approaches the level of debauchery achieved by the Marquis de Sade. The opening scene has to be one of the wildest things I have ever read, it is insane even for Miller. It's graphic nature notwithstanding, it has some extremely humorous moments and descriptions of events.

    13. Under the Roofs of Paris is ADULT Material. Language and content is explicit sex.Henry Millers’ Under the Roofs of Paris, if it is Henry Millers work was written to order at $1 per page to be pornography. The back story to this book may be more interesting than the book. It was certainly written to an order that specified that the contents be pornographic. It was commissioned in 1941 by an LA book seller known to sell specialty titles under the counter (Wink Wink). He then kept the original an [...]

    14. I knew Henry Miller was one of the greats of twentieth century American fiction so I thought I would give this one a go. I didn't realise it was completely smut! To be fair, it's extremely well written smut. But, my God, the sex scences (which is pretty much every scence - honestly!) make the ones in American Psycho look tame. Not really one for the train in the morning but a humorous and enjoyable read nonetheless.

    15. Cand mi-a fost recomandata ca "roman erotic", nu asta am avut in minte. In timp ce o citeam nu puteam sa n-o compar cu Luni de fiere a lui Bruckner, care m-a dezgustat cam in aceeasi masura. Ce-i drept, am reusit s-o termin numai din ambitie, fiindca incerc sa ma lepad de obiceiul de a lasa carti neterminate.Nu o recomand persoanelor care sunt usor de impresionat sau scarbit. Temele precum incestul, pedofilia sau alte fetisuri se regasesc in aproape fiecare pagina.

    16. This was my first Henry Miller book and it was the refreshing sense of reality that made me read all he ever published. Not my favorite Miller book, but I love it for introducing me to a fantastic writer and for being one of the first books that taught me how to read between the lines.

    17. This is one of those books I liked very muchbut I'm not sure that I should admit that. It's a somewhat guilty pleasure. Henry Miller is one of my favorite authors, and this is not his best book, but it's arresting and memorable.

    18. This was PWP with a lot of taboo.I waited a long time for any kind of story line. Didn't happen.The constant sex got boring after a while. And repetitive.It was not badly written, but just not great either.I didn't like the incest, rape and other taboo tropes he used.

    19. It is stated that Henry Miller was paid a dollar per page for this book, provided that he included some aspect pertaining to sex on every page. For those whom have read this book (or others by said author), you know that he went far above and beyond that which was requested. This book is not for the easily offended or the faint of heart; it paints a vivid picture of the most hedonistic acts that can still be considered extreme and mind numbing to this day. Henry Miller has always been able to as [...]

    20. This is one of the over the top sex stories. At times I couldn't believe I was reading it, but yet I could not put it down. It took me a very short time to read it. I would have given it 5 stars, but I was really disappointed with the ending. I don't want to give anything away but I understand why the main character runs away at the end and I probably would have done the same thing in the same circumstance, so maybe it was just that I had a secret desire for the book to continue on or maybe I ex [...]

    21. i cannot believe this book was first published in 1941. seriously this is henry miller at his most extreme. i could not read this book in public because my face was permanently blushed. it is very entertaining, that is for sure. don't use this book to introduce yourself to henry milleri recommend his more autobiographical work first. i loved the bawdy miller i met in his "tropics" and continue to love him today. good stuff.

    22. this book gets really tedious and boring towards the middle, which is hard to believe since he's talking about double-timing midgets and banging mother-daughter teams. nevertheless, it gets old really quick. the beginning and end are interesting/good, the beginning in its ability to shock and the end is well-written. apparently, though, most of the book is ghost-written by Caresse Crosby, which might have something to do with why it's just mostly boring.

    23. While Miller's wit and flow is apparent, this is not a good read. It was an endless "erotic" diatribe on the insatiable desire of women, and it drags on and on. Besides the horrific multi-page rape scene, the story was literally just an endless succession of silly and unrealistic sex scenes. While Miller is a great author, this isn't the book to waste time or money on. He wrote this for some rent money, and who can blame him? But in regards to oeuvre- a waste of time and paper.

    24. Opus Pistorium is also more raunch than art. I guess that since people were buying his novels (which were mailed in plain brown wrappers)to use as a sexual turn on, he decided to write for the market??? However, unlike Under the Roofs of Paris, it does achieve artistic success--in my humble opinion.

    25. THIS REVIEW IS NSFW!!! BE FOREWARNED!!! I had been looking for this book to read for awhile because I get a little obsessive about Anais Nin and Henry Miller. I'd also read Nin's "Delta Of Venus", which was a collection of erotica commissioned by a private collector. The foreword to her collection was the primary reason I wanted to read this. I'm thinking of "Under the Roofs of Paris" as a complementary book to Nin's "Delta of Venus".In the foreword of "Delta of Venus", Nin wrote a letter basica [...]

    26. un porno in piena regola. mi fanno ridere alcune recensioni: gente che si lamenta della volgarità, della mancanza di storia.è scritto ovunque, sul libro, nell'introduzione, nella postfazione: il libro è scritto su commissione. miller non aveva un soldo all'epoca, il tizio di cui non ricordo il nome per arrotondare vende storie pornografiche. 2+2: il tizio chiede a miller di scrivere pornazzi. un dollaro a pagina è la paga. miller accetta. passa il tempo e ogni tanto gli arrivano le pagine. d [...]

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