Secret of the Sirens

Secret of the Sirens When eleven year old Connie is sent to live with her eccentric aunt by the sea she s not expecting anything great not to make friends with Col the coolest guy in town and certainly not to discover

  • Title: Secret of the Sirens
  • Author: Julia Golding
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 454
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • When eleven year old Connie is sent to live with her eccentric aunt by the sea, she s not expecting anything great not to make friends with Col, the coolest guy in town, and certainly not to discover that mythical creatures still exist, that an ancient society has protected them for centuries, and that a dark and treacherous force is lurking in their midst.

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    1. Book One of the Companions Quartet. Eco-fantasy. A sometimes overtly environmental propaganda mixed with all sorts of mythic creatures and their human companions.Connie, aged 11, is a petite, black-haired girl who is essentially a loner and an outcast. Because of her uncanny connection to animals and her ability to communicate with them, Connie has become isolated from everyone around her, including her parents and younger brother. In fact, her parents seem to regard her as more of an inconvenie [...]

    2. Slow paced, but very enjoyable to read! I LOVE reading books about mythical creatures, and how they're displayed in each story.And I REALLY loved how they were displayed in Secret of the Sirens! If you got this book thinking you're going to be reading about 'mermaids' ('cuz of the title, 'sirens') I SHALL HAPPILY DISAPPOINT YOU BY SAYING THIS: THIS BOOK IS NOT ABOUT MERMAIDS! It's about Sirens! REAL Sirens! Bird women! HECK YEAH! It's about time someone writes about these awesome creatures. That [...]

    3. AwesomeThis is one of my favorite books, if you like books like harry potter, or Fablehaven , then you will like this book, if you have read this book and liked it, and haven't read fablehaven , or harry potter, then I recommend those books. Read the rest of this series they are all great

    4. Secret of the sirens (The Companions Quartet #1), 2007, Julia Goldingعنوان: همدمها جلد 1 : راز سیرن­ها، اثر: «جولیا گلدینگ»، ترجمه: پیمان اسماعیلیان خامنه؛ نشر: تهران، قدیانی، کتابهای بنفشه، چاپ نخست 1390، در 512 ص، شابک: 9786002511539، شابک دوره کامل: ؟، ‏فروست: همدم­ها جلد 1، رمان نوجوانان، موضوع: داستانهای کودکان ا [...]

    5. Title: Secret of the SirensAuthor: Julia GoldingSeries: Companions Quartet Book 1Pages: 356Format: Kindle eBook-The pace felt a bit choppy to me. There were chunks of action, then lulls where nothing much really happened.-Really wish the characters weren't so polar. They are all either good or bad, and the bad guys make it pretty obvious.-The whole premise of the story is entirely unique. I'm sure there are other stories about mythological animals and human companions somewhere out there, but I' [...]

    6. Secret of the Sirens by Julia Golding is a book about a young girl named Connie Lionheart who is sent to live with her eccentric Aunt Evelyn in Hescombe. When she arrives she learns of the mysterious Society, a group that her aunt has joined that seems extremely involved with animals and the environment. When Connie tries to take the test to enter, everything gets rather crazy and she learns she has powers she never would have dreamed of. Now Connie is a unique member of the Society for the Prot [...]

    7. There are middle-grade books and there are middle-grade books. By which I mean the SECRET OF THE SIRENS is a book I would NOT suggest for adults to pick up as a read for themselves. It's simply not got a plot line nor characters that are going to engage our jaded 'been there, done that' tastes.I know that I could certainly foretell what was apt to happen in the next few chapters. But then again I've been reading for decades and decades, and to a more nascent reader this fantasy is going to be ju [...]

    8. Kind of dumb. I'm barely staggering to finish at this point. A couple of issues: A) It's a FREAKING SEAGULL!!! Get over it! B) Hardly any charecterization past the initial labels she manufactured for all her characters. C) almost no physical description of the human characters, though the imagery on the mythical creatures is very nice. D) She is missing something obvious. Kullervo is a shapeshifter. This is not usually just used for impressing people. it is the ultimate spy power. Kullervo could [...]

    9. I have to say, the characters in this world were an odd bunch! Picking on someone just for having two different coloured eyes. Where I come from, people would probably think that was brilliant. Shame on them for calling someone a freak just because they like animals. I'm certainly glad I don't live where ever Connie was from. It sounds quite strange. I'm glad people in real life are much more appreciative of odd things usually, and not that demented. It seemed like Connie was the only ordinary p [...]

    10. Secret of the Sirens is an enjoyable environmental fantasy for young readers. What happens when Connie Lionheart realizes that she has a unique talent? She finds herself in danger because she is a rare Universal Companion to animals—she can communicate with all animals, real and mythical. The reader will encounter mythical animals such as sirens, weather giants, dragons, dwarfs, unicorns, pegasi, and more. Because Connie is so unique, a powerful enemy takes an interest in her and is trying to [...]

    11. El secreto de las sirenas , primera parte de la tetralogía me ha gustado mucho! Si es verdad que tengo que decir que al principio se me hizo un pelin pesado por el hecho de que explicaba mucho. Que eso no quiere decir nada porque luego ha ido mejorando de tal forma que me ha enganchado muchísimo y me ha hecho ponerme en el papel de los personajes. En sus situaciones más difíciles de no poder contar algo a alguien que quieres. Me ha parecido una historia brillante llena de aventuras, fantasí [...]

    12. دومین مجموعه ی جولیا گلدینگ عزیز که تو ایران ترجمه و چاپ شد.اگرچه کتاب از سنم گذشته بود :دی ولی ازش لذت بردم. داستان خیلی ساده ست، رمان کودکه نهایتا. منو خیلی یاد آشیانه افسانه براندون مول انداخت که من یقینا فضای اون رو بیشتر دوست داشتم.ایده خیلی نویی نداشت، موجودات طبیعی در حال [...]

    13. I think that I was a great book with lots of action and secrets you want to know what comes next. Although I wish that there was more suspense in the story. I would suggest this to anyone who absolutely adores fantasy because this book has it's full of it combining almost every "mythical" creature we have ever known, from Dragons to Krakens and Pegasus to Sirens, this book has it all. I just hope in the sequel that there's a big plot twist. Oh and Kyra definitely not equal to Cinder or Keeper of [...]

    14. I read this series when I was about twelve or thirteen. And let me tell you: It. Is. Amazing. The worldbuilding is epic. The characters are fantastic. The fantasy elements are handled so well.I've read this book multiple times over, and each time I finished a book in the series, I immediately rushed off to buy the next. I highly recommend this!! It's an outstanding read for all ages, but particularly for middle-school girls. :)

    15. This is a great kid's series. It is definitely in the spirit of Harry Potter: mythical creatures, intelligent thoughtful kids, and eccentric adults. I have to admit, I loved the environmental message that contributed to the story line. I'll definitely pick up the rest of the series.

    16. Compared to Julia Golding's Dragonfly, this was awful.It might be a "neat" read for a fourth-grader, but it's a bit too eco-warrior-esque and too reminiscent of Harry Potter.

    17. i read this like 4 years ago but I reread it and its really good! The whole series was great because it had that element of Greek Mythology while dealing with a 21st century issue.

    18. Terrific fantasy for grades 5 and up!Connie Lionheart has a way with animals that is so unique that she just can't seem to fit in anywhere! As a last resort, her parents send her to a little nowhere seaside town to live with her cranky and eccentric Aunt Evelyn. It is here that Connie discovers that her ability to communicate with cats and seagulls extends to more exotic creatures like unicorns, dragons and sirens! Along with a wide variety of fantastic beings from myth and legend, Connie also h [...]

    19. Λοιπον αυτο το βιβλιο το λατρεψα!Καταρχήν ειναι το ειδος που λατρευω περισσοτερο απο καθε άλλο,σε μαγνητιζει ,σε ιντριγκαρει και σε μαγεύει!!Ερωτεύτηκα τους χαρακτήρες ,την όλη υποθεση,τα πάντα!! Το μονο που δεν μου αρεσε ητανε η .παιδικοτητα οσον αφορα τις μαχες με τον Κουλλ [...]

    20. fantasy, action/adventure, children's: The characters were interesting and believable, the setting fit nicely with the plot, but there was something about the plot that didn't fit quite right for me. It had something to do with the fate of the world hinging on the destruction of a single oil tanker, I think. Aside of that, the story was compelling, and it was nice to see another female lead character who, in spite of her naturally reticent nature, become assertive and powerful.

    21. I have nothing against a book having an agenda, and that's good because this book definitely does. At times it's a bit heavy-handed, but overall it falls in pretty well with the story. I'm interested to see where the next books take me and I'm curious if the oil industry will continue to be treated as if they're pure evil or if it will be shown in shades of grey.

    22. If a little childish it was an entertaining and endearing book. The emotions the characters showed were exceptionally real and well resented for such a simple book. Showing the classic tail of, good vs evil. With heart ranching sacrifices and wonderfully contradictory endings equally sad and happy. Well balance storey overall.

    23. A wonderful book for children. Excellent worldbuilding, compelling plot and unusually complex characters.

    24. قصه روال خیلی کندی داره و بعد سه فصل تقریبا قضیه دستت میاد ولی جالب بود

    25. Aquí viene unos de los libros que más me han gustado, más que nada por la temática. Que se retire Newt Scamander, yo no quiero se Magizoología. Quiero ser compañera universal como Connie Lionheart.

    26. I’m a huge fan of the pencil sketch at the start of every chapter – it’s one of my favourite aspects of Angie Sage’s Septimus Heap series – so when I opened up this book and saw the first pencil sketch I was immediately inclined to like it and I have to say the actual words in the book didn’t dim my inclination at any point. In fact, they enhanced it. What I particularly like about Julia Golding’s writing is that it’s peppered with beautiful turns of phrase and wonderfully origin [...]

    27. Secret of the Sirens is about 11 year old Connie Lionheart. She's been sent to live with her eccentric aunt, where she discovers a mysterious group of people called the SocietyFrankly, I enjoyed this book. It was an easy read, though as the bookworm of a 13 year old I am the plot was a little predictable and the characters those of a children's book. This contrasted greatly with the vocabulary used, which caused me to always keep dictionary on hand. Let's start with the characters:Connie is a sw [...]

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