Free Fall

Free Fall I didn t do it is something cops hear all the time But when the plea comes from a close friend who s fallen on hard times it s tougher to ignore especially for young Officer Danny Boyle It s the star

  • Title: Free Fall
  • Author: Chris Grabenstein
  • ISBN: 9781605984759
  • Page: 250
  • Format: Hardcover
  • I didn t do it is something cops hear all the time But when the plea comes from a close friend who s fallen on hard times,it s tougher to ignore, especially for young Officer Danny Boyle It s the start of another action packed summer for the wise cracking Boyle and straight arrow cop now Chief of Detectives John Ceepak down the Jersey Shore as they do their best to I didn t do it is something cops hear all the time But when the plea comes from a close friend who s fallen on hard times,it s tougher to ignore, especially for young Officer Danny Boyle It s the start of another action packed summer for the wise cracking Boyle and straight arrow cop now Chief of Detectives John Ceepak down the Jersey Shore as they do their best to help Danny s friend, a young nurse who claims she has been falsely accused of aggravated assault by a prestigious Sea Haven doctor Ceepak s unshakable code of honor is tested when he trusts that the nurse is telling the truth It s stretched to the limit when one of the nurse s home health care patients turns up dead.Now Ceepak and Danny must answer the hard and horrible question Did we just help a friend get away with murder

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    1. No one is ever going to confuse this series with fine literature. But that doesn't mean it's not a fun, fast paced read.

    2. Detectives Ceepak & Boyle are back on the job in Sea Haven, NJ fighting for "Truth, Justice and the American Way" in author Chris Grabenstein's eighth book in this uniquely entertaining series. John Ceepak, a former Eagle Scout and West Point, Iraq War MP, is partnered with Officer Danny Boyle, his twenty-something friend and "Bozwellian" narrator of the story. Together, they employ wit, style, empathy and perseverance in protecting Ceepak's Mom from a dangerous ex-husband and working to sol [...]

    3. At the end of the last book, Officer John Ceepak accepted a promotion to Chief of Police; in this book, Ceepak has since hired his successor and become the Chief of Detectives. Due to budget cuts following Hurricane Sandy, Ceepak is also the only detective in the department. Officer Danny Boyle is on patrol with another partner when he is called to a home disturbance involving a girl he is attracted to, who later becomes a suspect in the death of a retired dentist.While Ceepak assists Danny in t [...]

    4. Another great entry in the series.Grabenstein again ups the ante for Ceepak and Boyle as they investigate the death of an elderly man that may be a murder committed by one of Boyle’s female friends. Complicating their quest is the return of Ceepak’s good-for-nothing father looking to score part of his ex-wife’s inheritance. This book, too, has the most intense climax with the highest stakes of any book in the series.Despite this, Grabenstein still keeps Boyle’s wry view of the world inta [...]

    5. There are a few authors whose books are read on release day. Chris Grabenstein's Ceepak (as narrated by Jeff Woodman) is one of them. I just adore this series of the inflexibly honorable Ceepak, and the maturing man-boy cop Danny. I am not sure I want to think about what will happen when there are no more carnival rides or Danny grows up.This installment uses themes taken from headlines (GLBT family issues, elder abuse, domestic violence, and Hurricane Sandy) in an inobtrusive way - not like L&a [...]

    6. Another Thrill Ride from Author Chris Grabenstein with his latest release of FREE FALL (John Ceepak Mystery #8)!! My husband and I were lucky enough to meet these Jersey shore cops, Ceepak and Danny Boyle, with the first in the series, TILT-A-WHIRL! These mysteries have it all – surprise, suspense, humor, unique interesting characters, and great writing! Definite page turners! Already looking forward to #9! We HIGHLY recommend this entertaining mystery series!!!

    7. I loved the chance to spend time with Danny and Ceepak again. I am impressed at the way the characters have grown. Danny is a much more mature cop now, and he's more of an adult, too. The plot was intriguing, and the villains keep popping up all over the place. Lots of fun to read.

    8. Danny Boyle, the narrator of Free Fall, is a police officer in the New Jersey beach town of Sea Haven, where he grew up and where he seems to know just about everyone in town (and to have dated just about all the young women). His sometimes partner John Ceepak is a former MP veteran of the Mideast wars whose deductive savvy and strict code of honor make a perfect match with Boyle’s small-town savvy. As Free Fall opens, Danny answers a 911 call to a domestic situation to find old friend Christi [...]

    9. Free Fall: A John Ceepak Mystery takes readers back to “sunny, funderdull” Sea Heaven. Like the rest of the coastline nearby, the eighteen mile long barrier island that holds Sea Heaven, New Jersey, was seriously damaged by Hurricane Sandy last fall. The residents survived, rebuilt, and are more than ready to put the past behind them. It is June and that means the start of the tourists and the start of the summer season. It also means the past is never gone especially when the living remind [...]

    10. When Officer Danny Boyle, of the Sea Haven Police Department, receives a 911 call, he rushes to the destination to find that a good friend Christine Lemonopolous is in a knock down drag out fight with Shona Blumenfeld Oppenheimer. Shona is the mother Samuel Oppenheimer who is in a wheel chair. Christine is his nurse but when war broke out between the two women Samuel made a call to the police. Danny and his partner Salvatore Santucci break up the fight. Christine had been staying at the Oppenhei [...]

    11. This is the eighth book in Chris Grabenstein's John Ceepak mystery series. John Ceepak and Danny Boyle are police officers in the "Sunny, Funderful" Jersey Shore town of Sea Haven. Ceepak, a former soldier, has a very strict code of ethics and behavior, Danny, not so much. But as the series progresses, Danny sees the wisdom of Ceepak's code, and begins to integrate it into his own life.This installment starts out with Danny being called to one of the mansions on the beach to mediate an argument [...]

    12. Sea Haven is a 'sunny, funderful' place – or at least so the advertising claims. But when Officer Danny Boyle breaks up a fight between nurse Christina and her employer, he doesn’t know he’s just got himself involved in a case that will lead to murder. Danny and his incorruptible, straight as a die boss Ceepak have to negotiate their way through family feuds, local gossip and dodgy funfair rides in this cosy but with an edge crime thriller. Still, looking on the bright side, it gets Danny [...]

    13. This is one of the few series I buy as soon as it comes out. The stories are interesting, the characters have become important to me, the location and the humor are the icing on the cake.Sea Haven is recovering from Hurricane Sandy which had devastated the area and some of the rides. But summer comes and nothing can stop the influx of tourists who love the area. Adele Ceepak , John Ceepak's mother has moved to Sea Haven after inheriting a monetary legacy. Old Joe, her ex-follows her wanting to c [...]

    14. Super Storm Sandy did a lot of damage to the Jersey Shore, but at least John Ceepack and Danny Boyle survived. After a short stint as Chief of Police, John hired his successor and became Chief of Detectives, a department of one. Danny, because of budget cuts, is reduced to patrol duty, except when John needs another “detective.” And in this, the eighth in the series, the two are once again a team.The gist of the plot is the death of a popular 94-year-old retired dentist. The possibility of m [...]

    15. I got so excited when I found the 8th Ceepak Mystery book on NetGalley! I just had to get it right away. This series is so good and I love every story Grabenstein comes up with. Once again, you can pick up this book and easily see where each character comes from without having to have read every single previous mystery. Free Fall took a sort of different approach than the other stories in the series. This one does not immediately start off with a murder, but with a 911 call of which Danny respon [...]

    16. #8 in the John Ceepak series. Ceepak, is a straight-arrow cop in a summer-centric New Jersey shore town. Partner Danny Boyle has signed on to his ethical standards, so a reduced amount of print is devoted to it. Ceepak's dysfunctional father reappears to add a level of complexity to the story line. An enjoyable, very readable, series entry.John Ceepak series - Ceepak-now chief of detectives of the Sea Haven, N.J police-and officer Danny Boyle intervene in a physical altercation between home nurs [...]

    17. This is one of the "Ceepak" mystery stories, set in the Jersey Shore resort town of Sea Haven. The two police officer protagonists are John Ceepak, a straight-arrow, by-the-book veteran of the Iraq war, and Danny Boyle, a younger, free-wheeling native of Sea Haven. It's probably best to read these books in order to get an introduction to the protagonists, their advancement, and the setting.The first book in the series, Tilt A Whirl, was a solid 5 Star story for me. The following stories were all [...]

    18. Enjoyed the book and I always enjoy reading stories that take place practically in my backyard. Two things I noticed, though, that make it clear an outsider wrote the book: Pork roll is either called Taylor Ham OR pork roll, not Taylor Pork Roll. And Toms River is Toms, not Tom's. Again, to anyone else reading this book, these things probably won't even hit your radar, and of course they don't take away from the story, which as always is engaging and fun. Chris' mysteries are well-written and th [...]

    19. Danny Boyle is out on patrol with Sal Santucci when they get a call for a disturbance. It's another adventure in sunny, funderful Sea Haven, New Jersey for Danny and John Ceepak. An elderly man is poisoned and Danny and Ceepak have to figure out who did it? There are lots of suspects: the two home health care workers or the man's son and his greedy wife. And then, just to complicate things, Ceepak's drunken father show up to harass his former wife, now living in Sea Haven. Who will blink first? [...]

    20. Another excellent entry in the John Ceepak/Danny Boyle series. As always funny, suspenseful, and full of spot-on characterizations. Every character rings true, I'm sure I've met people just like these in my life. Even though these books are hysterically funny (thanks to Danny's most excellent narration), never once do you roll your eyes and think "come on, really?" They are realisitic in both the characterizations and the place setting. You can almost smell the combination of ocean water, diesel [...]

    21. A friend of Danny's is facing a restraining order at the same time that Ceepak's father comes to town to harass his ex-wife. All of this happens just as the first tourist season since Hurricane Sandy starts. Looks like Ceepak and Danny will be very busy. I absolutely love these characters, and this was another good chance to see what is happening with them. I did feel the book took a bit of time to get going, but once it did I couldn't put it down.My full review at Carstairs Considers.

    22. John Ceepak is now head of Detectives at Sea Haven Police Dept. and Danny, who is growing up and maturing, is either the rest of the detective division (as needed) or a patrol cop. The island is recovering from Hurricane Sandy (the first reference to the storm I've seen in the popular press.) Ceepak's mother, newly rich, has moved to the island which means Ceepak's father - still creepy - follows her there. Other goings-on keep the boys involved - it's nice to see Danny's character seeing Ceepak [...]

    23. I look forward to these mysteries every summer. They are funny, poignant, and the characters are true to themselves each year. Grabenstein has a way of making you think a detail is important early on, and it turns out maybe it's not, and vice versa. He's also very funny, which makes reading this series a breeze.The last several have been a bit more serious than the early ones, but Grabenstein strikes a good balance and has excellent timing to lighten the mood when needed.

    24. I keep waiting for this series to run out of steam --but it just gets better. Danny keeps on growing and I continue to be amazed that I love Dudley DoRight (otherwise known as John Ceepak). This is the perfect series for summer with its Jersey Shore locale, the rides and the Boardwalk. Ewww--the terrible food too. We know Hurricane Sandy has been here but, fortunately, some of our favorite places survived.

    25. Loved it! That Sea Haven is a dangerous place, it's a good thing Ceepak and Danny are on the job. I enjoy the locale of these books because I'm a Jersey girl. But the characters and story are great, and the plot of this book was full of suspense and plot twists. Looking forward to more from this author!

    26. An enjoyable romp along the Jersey Shore. The author brings witty and snarky dialogue to new levels as the situation warrants and we readers reap the benefits. If you've spent time on the Shore, you'll enjoy the local color and references. If you've never been, you'll still have fun associating with a cast of characters that Grabenstein has developed to perfection.

    27. This is the second Ceepak story I have read. This one was much more exciting than the last. The New Jersey shore is a great backdrop for an over the top tale of murder, inheritances and really dysfunctional family situations. Ceepak is truly one of a kind, and his sidekick Danny is fun as well. A great Summer read. I will keep my eyes open for the next book in the series.

    28. I was waiting anxiously for this edition to be published--really enjoy Ceepak et al. Not only are these enjoyable reads but Grabenstein obviously has an affection for the Jersey beach and it was nice to hear him acknowledge the devastation of Sandy on the aread perhaps promote the return of the tourists to the area.

    29. I love Mr. Grabenstein!!! His books are so great, all of them. Just finished this one and was very,very pleased at what happened at the end. It needed to be done!! This book I think was the most exciting of all the Ceepak books. Couldn't put it down. But now I have to wait for the next one. Oh well.I am sure it will BE WORH the WAIT!! Happy Reading :)

    30. I loved this quick read. It was a delightful little mystery and the characters heartwarming in their own way. Besides, being a Springsteen groupy at heart, I particularly loved the songs interwoven into the book. I would definitely read any future John Ceepak mysteries and may even read a few of the earlier ones.

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