The Bloodbath Ritual

The Bloodbath Ritual A Standout Thriller Series That Will Leave You Wanting More The Alex Hollick F B I Series takes readers into an underworld of secretive government agendas and a troubled young agent caught between lov

  • Title: The Bloodbath Ritual
  • Author: Andrew Downs
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 327
  • Format: Paperback
  • A Standout Thriller Series That Will Leave You Wanting More The Alex Hollick F.B.I Series takes readers into an underworld of secretive government agendas and a troubled young agent caught between love, morality and survival This exciting, gripping and original thriller series combines murder mystery, saga, love story, and conspiracy thriller into one satisfyingly complA Standout Thriller Series That Will Leave You Wanting More The Alex Hollick F.B.I Series takes readers into an underworld of secretive government agendas and a troubled young agent caught between love, morality and survival This exciting, gripping and original thriller series combines murder mystery, saga, love story, and conspiracy thriller into one satisfyingly complex and entertainingly atmospheric story A gritty American tale that blends mystery, suspense and romance seamlessly into one nail biting, page turning journey, through the eyes of a troubled young FBI agent In 1985, Alex Hollick takes an ill fated walk on the dark side of the FBI Amidst the anguish of a botched sting operation, Hollick learns of the internal corruption that helped shape the deadly event He must now travel to Virginia, unknowingly as a suspect in the scandal, where he is kidnapped and tortured by three misfit CIA agents Hollick faces an agonizing choice, to join a clandestine division burrowed deep within the FBI or to take his chances as a civilian, with a head full of secrets Hollick s choice leads him to a dark underworld, where he must participate in a cover up nearly as bloody as the scandal itself As Hollick attempts to transition into homicide investigations, with an emphasis on satanic crime, good and evil intentions threaten to expose the plot and destroy him in the process His career and personal life collide, as Hollick is tormented by a flurry of uncontrollable events Hollick must tread carefully through a minefield of consequences, to protect both himself and Agent Jennifer Fletcher, the woman he loves.

    One thought on “The Bloodbath Ritual”

    1. I was asked by the author to read/review this title and was provided a free Kindle copy.This book is too painfully awful to read and I didn't finish it. When I say it's over-punctuated, I mean it's REALLY over-punctuated. The misplaced commas make it difficult to follow the story. It's as if the author isn't quite sure how to use commas, so he just inserts them randomly. The dialogue is stilted and comes off like a couple of bad actors - for whom English is a second language - sitting and readin [...]

    2. Title - The Bloodbath Ritual The Alex Hollick FBI Series Author - Andrew DownsReviewer - Wende SheetsThe date is May 24, 1985 and we see Alex Hollick along with his division Robbery team involved in a high speed chase. A chase that will change their lives FOREVER. Alex's team is investigating robberies dubbed as the "SOCAL armored truck" robberies. Unfortunately the lose of lives brings to light a new evidence one that has a price. Alex who is in fear of losing his job finds himself with a promo [...]

    3. Andrew pens "Bloodbath Ritual", a murder mystery, in a plot that kept me on the edge of my seat. I found great character development throughout the book with a main character that is totally likable. My only problem was that I kept looking for the ritual, which doesn't come into the story line until the end. Also the character descriptions were a bit long for my taste in the beginning of the story, but by the time I reached the end, I did understand why. All in all this was a good read and enjoy [...]

    4. I found this novel to be refreshingly original story about an FBI Agent. Set during the mid-Eighties it follows Agent Hollick’s career which is far from predictable. Hollick is an extremely likeable character who is far from perfect and I believe it is the reason he is easy to relate to. Several sub-plots keep this thriller exciting through-out. A stand alone story of it’s own, but I must buy the next book in the series to see where the journey continues. I definitely recommend this book to [...]

    5. Loved this book. I read FBI type of books all the time but this one really caught my interest and kept it going throughout the entire length even though it is a very long book.The author had multiple event going at all times and was able to keep them straight in the readers mind while making it a "must continue read". At times I could not wait until the next chapter to get back into the "other" storyline.

    6. Disturbing Murder MysteryAndrew Downs has written a disturbing yet engaging murder mystery in The Bloodbath Ritual. An FBI agent embroiled in the political process that law enforcement brings loses most of his team while trying to apprehend a group of murdering back robbers. From the streets of LA to our nation's capital Washington D.C agent Alex Hollick will be put through the ringer and tested beyond measure. Will he pass the test and can he pick up the pieces of his life? A great read.

    7. I tried to finish this book, but I just gave up about 70% through. The main character just drove me nuts. Just so weak and naive - how he got to be a top Agent beats me.

    8. This was a book that was right up my alley. Deception. Corruption. Mystery. Action. A hint of romance tossed in. It was everything I look for in a book.Unfortunately, I felt it was very long and very drawn out. I tended to lose my attention when reading.That is not to say I did not like it. I did. I am not entirely sure which plot I should have followed more closely as there were two different mystery cases going on – one of them I have not quite solved the entire puzzle too and may have to ca [...]

    9. The F.B.I. in the 70's and laterWTH????Alex Hollick is a wonderful agent a bright future ahead but one case can change that. Afterwards he learns truths he can't handle but is invited into a secret branch of the FBI keeping secrets and dealing with pain of the heart and soul and trust of everyone, follow Alex into his new job while he tries to live and be excellent at his new job. Well worth the read and prepare to follow him through his journeys and have a nostalgic look back at the 70's - 80's [...]

    10. The Bloodbath Ritual was mystery. It had a lot of twists, turns and a great ending. I felt that the overall story was well written. A couple of twists could have been clearer. I would have also like to know what happened to Novac. Thanks for call the research and details. I'm looking forward to reading many more of you Hollick books. oks. IP lease also consider a new series with a female star who is an undercover agent. She could be an action hero with smarts, good looks and style.

    11. This book has an excellent plot, with many interesting characters, the main character being the most interesting, as he should be. This book had me drawn in by the end of the first chapter, with a very action packed beginning, but it didn't stop there. As I kept reading the story, I couldn't put the book down. I highly recommend this book, to anyone who really enjoys, investigative thrillers, with a very detailed look at mans life, as an FBI agent, who just can't seem to get away from the proble [...]

    12. Not one of the best stories I have read. A secret unit within the FBI and some hinky practices (murder to shut up witnesses to misdeeds?). Since it is the first in a series there is a lot of character development and background. The base murder mystery is good but the rest of the story left me wondering who the good guys were.

    13. I truly hope not.The liberties that the agents took with taxpayer money and seeming disregard for their cases was a bit disheartening. I think Officer Hollick should have been brought up on charges. Jennifer should have reported his drug abuse if she truly cared about him and as an obligation to her sworn duty. Alex is as guilty as anyone he investigates. Not hero material.

    14. This is probably one of the best books I have read this year. Alex Hollick is a compelling character and fun to read about. I can't wait to read the next book in the series. As thrillers go this is in a top category. I just wish Alex and Fletcher had worked out.

    15. Bloodbath RitualBloodbath RitualThis book held my interest, I felt like I could relate to the characters. The only part I questioned was the accuracy of the family leave act. I thought it was President Clinton who enacted it.

    16. The Bloodbath RitualExcellent crime novel. Realistic characters that the reader can identify with and crimes that are in the headlines often enough not to give an appearance of fantasy. Good reader involvement and writing that leaves the reader wanting more.

    17. Very good readThis book was written to keep the reader on the same page. I read this book over a lengthy span and every time I picked it up I without going back knew right where I was. I found the book interesting

    18. keeps you on your toes, just when you think you know where it's going you don't This book kept me thinking.If you believe in government-conspiracies this is a book for you.It's hard to know who's a good guy and who's a bad guy

    19. ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS.This was a fabulous adventure book from beginning to end. Once I started reading it I couldn't put it down until it was finished. A definite must read book.


    21. Very disappointing , the first half of the book is the book I just read - Alex Hollick Origins. Now I'm tired of Hollicks and his machinations.

    22. Bloody bloodyvery well thought out plot kept me guessing to the END. you can visualize how something like this could be put into play

    23. Uneven and abrupt - the actual "ritual" has very little to do with the majority of the story. Unlikely to invest in more stories in this series but will read if my library carries the e-books.

    24. Excellent readVery down to earth character with normal problems that everyone faces and the character deals with them but continues his work as we all have to

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