Beobachtungen über das Gefühl des Schönen und Erhabenen

Beobachtungen ber das Gef hl des Sch nen und Erhabenen Die verschiedenen Empfindungen des Vergn gens oder des Verdrusses beruhen nicht so sehr auf der Beschaffenheit der u eren Dinge die sie erregen als auf dem jedem Menschen eigenen Gef hle dadurch mi

  • Title: Beobachtungen über das Gefühl des Schönen und Erhabenen
  • Author: Immanuel Kant
  • ISBN: 9783928640510
  • Page: 314
  • Format: Paperback
  • Die verschiedenen Empfindungen des Vergn gens oder des Verdrusses beruhen nicht so sehr auf der Beschaffenheit der u eren Dinge, die sie erregen, als auf dem jedem Menschen eigenen Gef hle, dadurch mit Lust oder Unlust ger hrt zu werden.

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    1. Amusing but nothing to write home about. Did give me a better feel for Kants use of the different terms of the sublime and the beautiful, so I guess it wasn't a complete waste of time.

    2. Kant divides humanity into three broad divisions regarding sources of aesthetic pleasure. The common person derives pleasure (“gratifies an inclination”) from coarse things and activities that require neither thought nor exceptional talents. Then there are the delicate pleasures that involve more talent and intellectual excellence. The highest division involves “finer feeling” and this is further divided, significantly as it turns out, into the “beautiful” and “sublime” and this [...]

    3. What a masterful critique on the human condition Man and Women. So artfully presented and full of meticulous observations on the relationship between man and women. Women are truly Beutiful in the morning and Men noble, strong should be Sublime at night.If you enjoy Aesthetics this is a good read for you. There are also many values that can be taken from this smooth reading book.

    4. there's something about Kant's style that I find humorous. I get a chuckle and get to think at the same time.

    5. ¿Por qué lo sublime siempre sobrepasará a lo bello?Lo sublime y lo bello.Estética: “Armonía y apariencia agradable a la vista, que tiene alguien o algo desde el punto de vista de la belleza. Da más importancia a la estética que a la comodidad. Conjunto de técnicas y tratamientos utilizados para el embellecimiento del cuerpo. Centro de estética.” En la estética de Kant, no solo tendremos a lo bello como algo que denota admiración, y que dependiendo al observador, definirá si es be [...]

    6. 1764 год — это год, ознаменовавшийся тремя трудами Иммануила Канта: «Наблюдения над чувством прекрасного и возвышенного», «Опыт о болезнях головы» и «Исследования отчётливости принципов естественной теологии и морали». Кант в прежней мере работает на нужды университета, в [...]

    7. Holy moly what a bunch of racist and misogynist rubbish. The only reasons to read this are 1) you're studying Kant's Second and Third Critiques and you're excited by the notion of reading one or two tiny passages that contain minuscule precursors to Kantian Ethics and Aesthetics, and 2) you're interested in understanding the nuanced differences between "cranks" and "fops." (Spoiler: cranks are all well and good if they're in their old age, but there is nothing more contemptible than a "young cra [...]

    8. I would liken this book to a song that starts out and is instantly my favorite song. Then it has a quarter left and it just falls apart. the first two sections are insightful and sensitive in distinguishing the feelings of sublime and the uncertainty and terror that can follow. what spoke to me is thinking of the sublime in the context of true love, and the terror that follows in surrendering oneself with deep vulnerability. I read this book when I was 15, and coming back to it is comforting. Ho [...]

    9. I've read a bunch of Kant before this, and I think Observations on the Feeling of the Beautiful and Sublime would be a great antidote to any anti-Kant feelings you may develop after reading, for example, Critique of Pure Reason, a book that requires surgical instruments and a flashlight to read. (I'm just saying: Kant's made me cry, okay. We have issues.) Observations is a good look at proto-Romantic (or maybe, not "proto", since I believe the Germans caught onto Romanticism fastest) aesthetic t [...]

    10. Never thought I would end up finding Kant funny. He has one hell of a sense of humour and that makes him way easier to read. I bought this book for I am currently working on an essay that has to do with art and taste. The first two chapters were extremely helpful, but the third one made me cringe. The portray he paints of women makes me feel rather sad. Even though I understand why he would say such a say, I like to believe that there are different women and just because they are different, they [...]

    11. Opinión de un lego: A primera vista parece un libro que ha envejecido horriblemente, pero al tomarlo con más calma, la mayor parte de las ideas expuestas -aún las más racistas, misóginas y clasistas- siguen estando bastante presentes en la forma en que se configuran ciertos aspectos del mundo. Desde aquí es posible hacer una lectura de porqué nos parecen atractivas las chicas Yingo pero Hardcorito o el Anfibio nos generan anticuerpos o porqué al ver Breaking Bad sentimos simpatía por Wa [...]

    12. Even though the latter half of the book is mind numbingly sexist and racist, the first part about the philosophy of aesthetics makes a pretty interesting read. Even the blatant sexism and racism is kind of entertaining with gems like a man shouldn't talk to his wife about his financial problems as it'll cast a cloud over her pretty laugh (I'm paraphrasing but I kid you not, the last two chapters are full such 'insights').

    13. This book could change your life unless you already agree with everything Kant has to say about the visual interpretation of nature. Every visual artist should at least read it if not spend the rest of their life thinking about it and keeping a copy next to their bed and referencing it in countless papers and aesthetic arguments.

    14. Recomendo para os que gostam de discussões sobre estética, tanto do Belo como do Sublime.Também aos que pouco entendem sobre o assunto, no qual imaginam a estética, apenas um termo relacionado a beleza e aos salões de cabelo.Enfim, um ramo filosófico esquecido nos padrões atuais da sociedade, onde a mesa deveria estar revendo seus conceitos sobre a estética do que é belo e sublime.

    15. La primera parte, donde intenta distinguir los bello de lo sumblime, me parece interesante. El resto no lo entendí. Y lo que tal vez sí entendí, no me gustó. Posiblemente en el siglo XVIII era comprensible su análisis de las mujeres y del "caracter nacional", pero definitivamente esas ideas no soportaron la prueba del paso del tiempo.

    16. One of Kant's "pre-critical" works (a term that sounds so condescending), these essays present his early formulations of the beautiful and the sublime. Best sections: the ones where he discusses how women are beautiful and men are sublime; and the one on national characteristics.

    17. An early work, full of play and humor and strong opinions. Hints of things to come in places, esp. a central theme of the "Groundwork for a metaphysics of morals." The sections on the sexes and nationalities are very much of their time, but the earlier sections are delightful.

    18. This is basically racist and misogynist propaganda. It's a shame because it obviously contains interesting points but I couldn't help being disgusted through the whole lecture.

    19. interesting book that needs to be 'digested' in bits over time. Helped me to look at works of art from a totally different aesthetic viewpoint.

    20. Clear prose.The early bits are a joy to read, the latter bits are offensive and horrible.Almost all of the ideas presented are completely wrong.

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