ワンピース 68 [Wan Pīsu 68]

Wan P su

  • Title: ワンピース 68 [Wan Pīsu 68]
  • Author: Eiichirō Oda 尾田 栄一郎
  • ISBN: 9784088705316
  • Page: 465
  • Format: Paperback
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    One thought on “ワンピース 68 [Wan Pīsu 68]”

    1. So many things happened in Punk Hazard when Straw Hat Pirates separate. Luffy and Law make alliance to take down somebody, I think? Also to defeat Caesar Clown who owns the place with his strange yet horrible experiment towards the children. Smoker also has another plan regarding the strange events in Punk Hazard and led him into more questions. It seems the Navy already corrupt by certain people. This story is more exciting than Fish-man Island because some interesting people who will make conn [...]

    2. I LOVE IT!! First of all : the shamble of Tashigi and Smoker's personalities is genius. Secondly it's really fun to see Trafalgar realizing that he had NOT THOUGHT THIS OUT WELL ENOUGH!!! WHAT IS HAPPENING??? And then trying to keep the crew on track. I love it. Plus we get glimpses of other people around the world and some idea about what this big arc will be about. This is great!

    3. Aventura das boas num mangá clássico! Mega cartunesco, com caras, bocas e muitas interjeições. Os personagens e os diálogos são bem construídos, e tem uma coleção deles em toys fantásticos!! Dos mais bem feitos e criativos que já vi.

    4. que volume arrastado punk hazard tá muito chatose caesar the clown é um saco e o luffy tá me dando nos nervos com o nível de idioticei só corre pra cá, quase morra ali, se separa aqui, se junta lá. e só me aparece personagem chato ou mal aproveitado. acaba logo, pelamor.

    5. Some interesting reveals in here and I was definitely not expecting the alliance that occurs. Trafalgar Law is growing on me, he is like the straight man with the Straw Hat crew.

    6. The good ol' body swap.No puedes durar tantos años haciendo un manga y no hace body swap al menos una vez.

    7. Spoiler alert is not for this volume but rather for people who haven't read the series to this point (of which I would be one if it weren't for my local Library - LOVE!).Up until the latest story arc, I'd said that One Piece only got better with every volume that came out. Sometimes the anime arcs d r a g on s o o o long but Oda is extremely able at presenting vast amounts of information, character growth, action, and story quickly without the reader feeling as if they are watching a powerpoint. [...]

    8. With the crew of the Thousand Sunny still body-swapped and separated, it is up to Trafalgar Law, Smoker, Tashigi, and Luffy to stop Caesar Clown. But Clown isn't operating completely without authority and, when they step in, do our heroes really have the power to stop them?I'm beginning to sound like a broken record on these, but Eiichiro Oda does action better than anyone in the industry. His integration of dialogue, humor, and action is second to none. If you've read this far, you already know [...]

    9. This latest volume of One Piece is all about team work. W-wait, don't click away just yet! It's team work in the sense that a bunch of people who wouldn't normally be caught dead in the same room must now work together if they want to survive the experience. That's exactly what we have when the Straw Hats find themselves in alliance with newly made warlord of the sea, Trafalgar Law, and they all end up having to work with Smoker and Tashigi and their fellow Navy cronies.My complete review of ONE [...]

    10. As a middle chapter in one of the series' long arcs, this volume doesn't have a ton of great moments, since it's mostly setting up conflicts and plots that will pay off later down the line, but it's still got some funny stuff and the usual craziness. After plowing through the previous 67 volumes over the course of a few months, it's hard to wait a few months for another installment and jump back in; the series loses a bit of momentum when there's a gap of that length, and the slow build of its s [...]

    11. The Straw Hats are still split up but not for long when Cesar releases the poison on the island it's mass chaos. Law meets someone from his past who he was not expecting also found out the connection to "Joker which is a foreshadowing to the Dressrosa arc." Kinnemon finally introduces himself and the foreshadowing of the future arc Wano is introduced. Also the Straw Hats found out that the master was Cesar Clown. Finally Kidd, Apoo and Hawkins meet up to form their own alliance.I really enjoy th [...]

    12. One Piece vol. 68 Summary: PIRATE ALLIANCE. As the adventures continue on Punk Hazard, Luffy decides to strike up an alliance with Trafalgar law. But can he convince the rest of the Straw Hats to go along with it? And will this new team be formidable enough to take down Caesar Clown?Rating: 4 starsOpening Line: "An alliance?!!"Quote: "When it comes to stubborn willfulness, he's at least emperor class already."

    13. Dari dulu sampai sekarang cerita One Piece penuh dengan Konspirasi dan Dunia Abu-abu. Sekarang musuh yang harus dihadapi adalah Pemilik kekuatan Buah Gasu Gasu No Mi bernama Caisar. ternyata dibalik si Caisar ada seorang yang berpengaruh di Angkatan Laut yang ikut berkerja sama, dan ia ternyata kaki tangan "Joker"Masih dengan ceritanya yang seperti sepanjang masa, One Piece berhasil memukau saya dengan karakter barunya, dan dengan tokoh-tokoh anehnya.hati-hati racuuun!!

    14. Ed ecco che Caesar rivela la sua arma (view spoiler)[ di distruzione di massa: lo Slime, un'arma chimica che è viva e che chiama Shinokuni. I nostri vengono catturati ma riescono a liberarsi grazie al furbo e previdente Law. Ma il gas velenoso è entrato nei corridoi e tocca correre a tutti quanti. Lo scontro con Caesar e Vergo ha inizio (hide spoiler)]Volume più fiacco, ma continua a tenere alta la tensione. Lo scontro è imminente.

    15. In this volume, we finally begin to learn a little about all the mysteries that started in the previous two volumes. It was a great mix of comedy and action, as always. Can't wait for the next volume. Oh, and that poisonous gas is really creepy.

    16. Another classic, with unbelievable scenes.As the navy crew in the end of chapter 660 say in one of the most fin parts of the manga:"I can't even begin naming all that's weird here!"mangapanda/one-piece/6Odaji's imagination knows no bounds.

    17. I enjoyed this volume and the best part is where Traffy , luffy and smoky in. A prison And luffy said "this remind me back in Alabasta" and I LAUGHED MY ASS OFF

    18. The last chapter got me so hard, with Chopper on top of Law, I couldn't stop laughing for a good 1 minute

    19. There no question why this is the best selling manga of all time, One piece is so perfect and has hundreds of badass Characters. SO happy to see the new pirate Alliance, Now go take Caesar down!!!!

    20. Things are getting interesting. There were some confusing things in this issue, but otherwise I was satisfied with the story.

    21. This volume starts off with Chapter 668: Pirate Alliance.I'll write more when my editing mode hits.Happy Readings!Fly my Pretties! Fly!

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