A Problem of Proportion

A Problem of Proportion A secret backdoor meeting between Ambassador Ode Abumwe and the Conclaves Hafte Sorvalh turns out to be less than secret as both of their ships are attacked Its a surprise to both teams but its the id

  • Title: A Problem of Proportion
  • Author: John Scalzi
  • ISBN: 9781466830608
  • Page: 194
  • Format: ebook
  • A secret backdoor meeting between Ambassador Ode Abumwe and the Conclaves Hafte Sorvalh turns out to be less than secret as both of their ships are attacked Its a surprise to both teams but its the identity of the attacker that is the real surprise, and suggests a threat to both humanity and The Conclave.

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    1. Oh yeah! Vintage Scalzi. This is why we read him. Classic space opera.Why only four stars? Because this reads like a rough draft. There are many phrases and a few sentences which clutter the story and knock the read out of the moment. If John had re-read it just once more--maybe cut ten percent--I bet it would be even better. A very good read.

    2. I was going to wait until I finished the series and rate the book as a whole, but after this chapter I had to jump in with a 5 star. I haven't decided yet how I will rate the book, but this chapter was one of the most touching and moving stories I have read in science fiction in awhile. Now I understand that to some degree this is a cowboy space opera and you don't always get a lot of depth and that's ok, because it's a fun read. But without giving anything away.One of our protagonists interacts [...]

    3. Oh, now this, this episode I really liked. Well, insofar as you can like something that stabs you in the heart a little. This worked really well, and I think I see how things are connecting up -- and for me, at least, it brought in a level of emotion and connection that I hadn't yet really felt.Also, what this reviewer said about consent, etc.Moving straight on to the twelfth episode.

    4. You know something is up when the Colonial Union and the Conclave are on a joint mission and we've got Harry Wilson as lead. This one had one of the coolest concepts in recent memory - a little depressing at the end but still cool. No spoilers here so I'll end the review now except to sayep them comingis was episode 11 of 13 and I'm dying to know how it ends.

    5. We're nearing the end, with more of the puzzle being revealed, and also, more of the characters.Well done, and touching.I bought it.

    6. To use a fandom expression: ALL THE FEELS. This was a great chapter. Besides the usual great elements: Abumwe and her Diplomatic Missions of Doom, the Wilson and Schmidt Sideshow, the ongoing mysteries--and finally, some small insight into those!--we have (view spoiler)[BRAIN IN A BOX! It's one of my all time favorite sci-fi tropes and the horrific brutality of it here, of what was done to Rayth Ablant, is just incredibly, affectingly well done. So that was great. But the topper on all of it was [...]

    7. We get a tiny bit closer to finding out what's going on with the mysterious disappearing spaceships and how the Colonial Union and the Conclave seem to be poised on the brink of war. Harry Wilson works with aliens from the Conclave to explore one of those mysterious spaceships that has just returned - and attacked both the humans and the aliens. What they discover on board that ship is one of the stranger elements of The Human Division, and that includes a previous episode where they electrocute [...]

    8. Nice collection of stories set in the OLD MAN’S WAR universe. It continues the plot, so you don’t want to miss it. I listened to the audio version which was very good. You can each episode separately or all together.We've got a review of the full series here: fantasyliterature/fant

    9. I enjoyed the series more as I went through each episode. At first I struggled because it seemed like random stories set in this universe. But as it continued and I realized it was interwoven story lines I enjoyed them more. The main characters were enjoyable. It's pretty traditional sci fi fare but still worth the read.

    10. This review is for the entirety of The Human Division, comprised of The B-Team; Walk the Plank; We Only Need the Heads; A Voice in the Wilderness; Tales From the Clarke; The Back Channel; The Dog King; The Sound of Rebellion; The Observers; This Must Be the Place; A Problem of Proportion; The Gentle Art of Cracking Heads; Earth Below, Sky Above.My first thought about this, the latest story in the Old Man's War universe from John Scalzi, was annoyance that I hadn't read it whilst it was being rel [...]

    11. This is the eleventh installment of The Human Division, a serial SF novel by John Scalzi. There are two episodes left after this, and I can't wait to read them.This episode has Abumwe and her team meeting with Hafte Sorvahl and her Conclave ship, and starts off with the Clarke dodging missiles. Luckily, the Conclave ship came armed, and disables the ship, but the incident has the humans and Conclave reps eyeing one another suspiciously. Lieutenant Harry Wilson once again steps in to get to the b [...]

    12. Scalzi's eleventh episode of The Human Division has the Conclave and Colonial Union meet in an officially unofficial backchannel discussion. Unfortunately, they're both attacked. It seems likely that whoever set the attack wanted each side to think it was the other. While they investigate who was behind the attack, they come across some interesting finds aboard the enemy ship.Any episode that features the Conclave is interesting because it's a different side than that which we normally see. Not [...]

    13. This is a review for the series of the Human Division. I have read all the 13 books in a row, this was my first time reading John Scalzi.I was at first disturbed by the series: more than 400 different races, some with very unfriendly intents toward each other, but all at about the same technological development level and strength which makes it none really prevails? It just does not fit with my idea of technological advancement and species competition.Anyway, I decided to forget about the imposs [...]

    14. Ambassador Abumwe and her diplomatic B-Team show up for a secret meeting with Conclave representative Hafte Sorvalh--but the "secret meeting" is not so secret, as they discover when their ships are attacked. As the two groups eye each other suspiciously, they work to discover who is behind the attack--and what they find threatens both the Conclave and the Colonial Union.This episode is tightly plotted and elegantly written, and I can't half begin to describe its excellences without major spoiler [...]

    15. The crew of the diplomatic ship Clarke picks up another clue in the eleventh episode of Scalzi's new Old Man's War novel. Someone is taking old CDU vessels, those disarmed and sold for civilian use. Some think it's The Conclave. when the ship comes out of skip for a clandestine mission with the other side, it's to find two ships firing on each other: a Conclave warship and a diplomatic ship. The diplomatic ship fires on the Clarke as well. The warship destroys the missiles, disables the diplomat [...]

    16. In romance novels, there is this lovely moment where the two characters who had been persistently at odds or misunderstanding each other understand that they have more in common than they realized, and maybe it is other things getting in their way.This is that moment in this serial, and I enjoyed the heck out of it. And it doesn't hurt that this is all facilitated by a beautifully creepy, sad, lost character.Anyway, this installment is instrumental in understanding the story and you should make [...]

    17. We head straight back to the fighting in this one, right in the middle of some, in fact, and it is awesome. Even better, we get to meet up with our Conclave friend Hafte and get some more of that enemy point of view. Even better than that, we find out that there is a really mean person or group of persons (aliens can be persons too, right?) out there who apparently don't like either the Colonial Union or the Conclave and are willing to be total assholes to mess things upad more

    18. I think the best stories in The Human Division are the ones where the CU and the Conclave work together on something more than just a diplomatic mission - something like uncovering the mastermind(s) that look like they have been trying to set the two space empires on a collision course. This story is no exception.

    19. something about this one I really liked a bit more into the characters and emotions, which is nice. That said I still have no idea where this is going and starting to think these are more "short stories" than an actual novel (although we will see) as a friend of mine mentioned, could be considered a season of television showIf that's the case I'd love a "season two" (though granted we aren't done with "season one").

    20. Another chapter of Johns Scalzi's «The Human Division» where the author surprises us with a plot twist after the plot twist. We get to see more of Lieutenant Harry Wilson doing his best as a tech specialist. But that's not all. This chapter contains an emotional story, something that truly paints the kind of enemies humankind is facing out there.If a chapter of a book like this doesn't make you want to read more, I don't know what will.

    21. While you do see what's going on in the ships, and there is certainly a decent story in this episode, it seems like I've heard a similar story before. The setting is different and I can't determine where I may have read it, but Fred Saberhagen's Berserker series short stories comes to mind. There are many stories in that verse and I think one had a similar plot on the fate of the ship.

    22. The intensity this week certainly makes up for the slower pace last week. Even more than in the earlier books of this series, I think this week's twist shows how wonderful advances in technology can be put to some very unethical and diabolical uses. That conflict helps push this story past the dramatic tension into another realm of consideration entirely.

    23. A problem with this serialized short story format is that Scalzi keeps hitting the same plot points again and again. I mean, I groaned when this episode led off with yet another sabotage-of-diplomacy plotline. Scalzi saved it by going in an interesting direction, and having a great ending, but I'm ready for the middle of this book to be done.

    24. With only two more episodes left to go after this one the veil is pulled away just one, tantalizing bit just a brief glimpse of the larger threat lurking behind the curtain -- a threat big enough to force the CDF and the Conclave to cooperate; albeit through the previously established "back channel." Tense tale, made more tense by the open ending.

    25. Sinister plots are revealed, CU and Conclave are working together, and Harry Wilson is in thick of it.I enjoyed this episode, though it was not as explosive as I expected. I know the last episode is double in size, but with only it and epsidoe 12 to go I'm still worried that things might be a little underwhelming in the end

    26. This episode had the intrigue and action of an episode of Star Trek TOS. Scalzi captures action humor emotion and intrigue like no other scifi author I've read. His plot are George RR Martin like I that they are deep and ever changing. Another 5 star book. Only two more left until we reach the end.

    27. I don't write reviews. I'm terrible writing reviews. I had to comment on this chapter of The Human Division.A solid 5 stars and my favorite of the whole series so far. Looking forward to the next two chapters.

    28. These chapters continue to be excellent. This one features a really captivating idea. It addresses the large tale of the entire novel more directly. Setting it on the scale compared to the others, it's a little under the top mark but above average.

    29. Another good episode from John Scalzi's "Human Division", chock full of the wit and humor that makes his series so popular and enjoyable. Although the themes in this volume are ones that have been covered in sci-fi before, Scalzi's delivery is very much his own.

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