The Gentle Art of Cracking Heads

The Gentle Art of Cracking Heads United States Diplomat Danielle Lowen was there when one of her fellow diplomats committed an unthinkable act which had consequences for the entire planet Now shes trying to figure out how it happene

  • Title: The Gentle Art of Cracking Heads
  • Author: John Scalzi
  • ISBN: 9781466830615
  • Page: 346
  • Format: ebook
  • United States Diplomat Danielle Lowen was there when one of her fellow diplomats committed an unthinkable act, which had consequences for the entire planet Now shes trying to figure out how it happened before it can happen again Putting the puzzle pieces together could solve the mystery or it could threaten her own life.

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    1. Dude, the last chapter is going to have to be pretty epic to actually wrap up the plot, such as it is, after the last few semi-wasted installments. I can't imagine this reading coherently as a novel at all, and yet all spread out it doesn't seem to be going anywhere. BUT EVERYONE STILL LOVES IT SO WHAT DO I KNOW

    2. Oh, yeah. This is why we read Scalzi. All the classic tropes arranged in a new and engaging way.A very good read.

    3. I can't even imagine how this is going to be resolved in one final chapter. This was another great chapter; we got some important/terrifying information/resolution on the events of a previous chapter, but I still don't feel any closer to understanding what the big picture is all about. Which is both delightful and agonizing. Having read Stephen King 's Green Mile (in paper book form) and his later online experiment, The Plant, it occurs to me, in reading The Human Division, that King was simply [...]

    4. Danielle Lowen, doctor and diplomat reappears in this episode as she returns to earth and tries to negotiate with the Ambassador from Brazil. Unfortunately, before the can meet with them the Brazilian consulate in New York is bombed, just minutes after she left. This international incident distracts the media and the government from what Lowen's mission and negotiations were really about - finding out why fellow diplomat Luiza Carvalho (of Brazil) killed another member of their diplomatic team w [...]

    5. This was an odd one. A little creepy, too short to really tell too much, is there a conspiracy? I don't know even after reading this episode.I'm kind of neutral on this - didn't like it, didn't not like it - just put in my time in order to get to the last episode.One more episode left in Scalzi's 13 episode story called The Human Division. It's a long one so I'm really looking forward to it.

    6. Dear John,Did you really need to mention the "Cuba Libré" 4 times? If the clue-hammer audience is who you're writing for, then I'm out. I'm happy for you that you've found a way to increase your income bracket with the $0.99/"story" model, but the quality is simply not there (e.g. handwaving everything with nanobots).

    7. A good solid episode, but short. With only one story left though, I wonder what the last episode is going to be, and how Scalzi is going to tie everything up in two hours. Maybe it's just a big lead-up to a full novel. Still, if you've listened this long, you will enjoy this episode.

    8. This episode is worth it for the Star Trek joke alone. (Scalzi claims he didn't notice it when he wrote it, but then did, and left it in. It's awfully fortuitous, if it was inadvertent.)

    9. I enjoyed the series more as I went through each episode. At first I struggled because it seemed like random stories set in this universe. But as it continued and I realized it was interwoven story lines I enjoyed them more. The main characters were enjoyable. It's pretty traditional sci fi fare but still worth the read.

    10. This review is for the entirety of The Human Division, comprised of The B-Team; Walk the Plank; We Only Need the Heads; A Voice in the Wilderness; Tales From the Clarke; The Back Channel; The Dog King; The Sound of Rebellion; The Observers; This Must Be the Place; A Problem of Proportion; The Gentle Art of Cracking Heads; Earth Below, Sky Above.My first thought about this, the latest story in the Old Man's War universe from John Scalzi, was annoyance that I hadn't read it whilst it was being rel [...]

    11. This is the twelfth of thirteen episodes in The Human Division, a serial novel and something of an experiment. I'm looking forward to the last installment, but saddened to think that will be all. I suppose I still have several other books to hunt down from this world and this author.The Gentle Art of Cracking Heads, as is the pattern with even-numbered episodes, deviates from the main cast. This time, we see what Danielle Lowen, the doctor from the Earth ambassadors in episode 9 is up to on Eart [...]

    12. Danielle Lowen is back on Earth after her entirely too exciting adventure on board the Colonial Union's diplomatic ship, the Clarke. Unfortunately, she's not done with events on the Clarke; she's still looking for an answer to the question of why an apparently ordinary Brazilian diplomat decided to kill a colleague and attempt to frame the Colonial Union.Her investigation on Earth is supposed to start with the very routine step of talking to the Brazilian Ambassador and getting background inform [...]

    13. I was expecting the twelfth episode of John Scalzi's The Human Division to finally reveal who has been behind the acts of war described so far. While The Gentle Art of Cracking Heads provides some great new information, we still don't know who the antagonists really are. Danielle Lowen, who you might remember from episode nine, The Observers, is back in the United States. She witnesses a terrorist attack and while trying to puzzle together who could be behind it, receives some interesting inform [...]

    14. This chapter of The Human Division picks after the events of The Observers. I'm finding incredibly amusing how John Scalzi is managing to tell a story with so many characters, yet maintaining each chapter interesting, compelling, and full of vivid characters. Scalzi's writing style masks a narrative that could very easily become convoluted at the hands of other writers. Fortunately, it is the author of Fuzzy Nation and Redshirts who's conduction this one-man orchestra, and a reader couldn't ask [...]

    15. This is a review for the series of the Human Division. I have read all the 13 books in a row, this was my first time reading John Scalzi.I was at first disturbed by the series: more than 400 different races, some with very unfriendly intents toward each other, but all at about the same technological development level and strength which makes it none really prevails? It just does not fit with my idea of technological advancement and species competition.Anyway, I decided to forget about the imposs [...]

    16. I fear we are dovetailing into a hastily thrown together finale. The problem with the amount of characters we are focusing on, there are too many stories to follow and that's why Scalzi can write 15 more chapters and we as readers still wouldn't be close to resolution.This chapter is another detour on our road to the end. I didn't need to follow up with this character anymore, nor do I think as readers we needed to hear more about the mysterious forces at work in regards to the Earth and CU dipl [...]

    17. Okay, so i'm definitely enjoying these episodes - humour, wit, intrigue, mystery, and the odd piece of action. This is a very good episode, well paced delivery, a good balance between coincidence and paranoia, and a character I really enjoyed reading about. The episode on its own is a four - five star episode, and while it does add to the overall story, i cant help but feel like there's something missingThe problem for me is that these episodes are having trouble gelling together to tell the ove [...]

    18. It took me a little while to remember who Lowen was, but the opening discussion made much more sense when I did. I think this may be the downside to reading episodes each week and then other fiction in between. Once I had my head back in the world, the story was very satisfying and answers some lingering questions while teasingly reminding us that some others remain cloaked. It certainly builds the tension for next week's finale.

    19. John Scalzi has shown me that he could write any genre he so chooses. A Problem of Proportion is an action thriller with a who done it twist. What a geat page turn which has the reader on edge the whole time. The parts of the puzzle for the whole over arching story all that is left for the final episode is to tie a bow ribbon around the Human Division. A Problem of Proportion is another 5 star read!

    20. And again, Scalzi just makes my mind boggle with his combination of politics, intrigue, and blowing stuff up. Also science, as we learn about a very interesting idea that hypothetically could be just as asshole-ish as what happened in that last story. Seriously, who are these persons who are doing things?read more

    21. I appreciated that the head-cracking in this story is both literal and metaphorical. We end up following a character who is back on Earth after some adventures on the Clarke, and we get another piece of the jigsaw puzzle that is this story.Read if: You are breathlessly awaiting the last installment.Skip if: You have mind-control nightmares.

    22. Nice collection of stories set in the OLD MAN’S WAR universe. It continues the plot, so you don’t want to miss it. I listened to the audio version which was very good. You can each episode separately or all together.We've got a review of the full series here: fantasyliterature/fant

    23. Ugh. And suddenly shifting into reverse gear to go back to another episode and connect some more dots from a few episodes ago. It is a reasonable follow-up in one sense, but ugh, I just want to know what's happening. I don't know how it's all going to get wrapped up in today's new episode.Best way to find out is to go ahead and read it, I guess!

    24. The story was interesting but I was expecting more from the penultimate part of this story. I felt the previous part did more of tying loose ends in preparation for the finale than this one did. We get some glimpses into the overall picture but they are glimpses we already knew or had an idea about. Still waiting for the final part next week.

    25. Another chilling vignette, tied to the previous episode. We're down to the last episode, coming next week, and I don't have a clue how, or if, Scalzi plans to wrap up. I suppose tying up all the threads in a neat package isn't a requirement. Have I become addicted to conventional endings?

    26. Knowing now that this is more like a "tv series" I've come to appreciate these stores even more, this one kept me on the edge of my seat, the story anything ground breaking? No necessarily by five stars for straight up enjoyment.

    27. One wonders how Mr. Scalzi will tie all these different episodes into a cohesive whole. Some characters repeat, others make one appearance. He has one part left to this new Old Man's War novel, so a lot of stuff will need to come together. I do have faith in the author though.

    28. Wow, this was a hell of installment - every bit as exciting as any decent thriller on TV or in movies. I read this on the bus ride home and could barely contain my excitement -- I'm totally stoked for the last episode this coming Tuesday.

    29. A good installment. But, I felt we could have had so much more with some of the previous episodes, and with only one more to come, I feel like the last one will be rushed.But I guess I will see next week!

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