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  • Title: Rozbitá
  • Author: Cathy Glass Linda Bartošková
  • ISBN: 9788026200253
  • Page: 212
  • Format: Hardcover
  • P b h zneu van ho a odvr en ho d t teJodie pat mezi d ti, kter jejich rodina zneu v a zanedb v Brut ln sexu ln zneu it , nedostate n p e a bezohlednost k pot eb m mal Jodie vedly k tomu, e ady tuto osmiletou d venku odebraly rodi m a hledaly pro ni n hradn rodinu P b h za n ve chv li, kdy se po ty ech m s c ch n hradn p e Jodie ocitne ve sv p t P b h zneu van ho a odvr en ho d t teJodie pat mezi d ti, kter jejich rodina zneu v a zanedb v Brut ln sexu ln zneu it , nedostate n p e a bezohlednost k pot eb m mal Jodie vedly k tomu, e ady tuto osmiletou d venku odebraly rodi m a hledaly pro ni n hradn rodinu P b h za n ve chv li, kdy se po ty ech m s c ch n hradn p e Jodie ocitne ve sv p t p stounsk rodin P e o Jodie nen proch zkou r ovou zahradou a jej p stounka nenajde z zra n e en , kter by dok zalo spravit Jodiin rozbit ivot Dok e ale prolomit jej ned v ru k dosp l m a uk zat j i to, e kdy ji m n kdo r d, nemus to d vat najevo sexu ln m chov n m Kniha p edstavuje n ro n kol p stoun a adoptivn ch rodi , kte n kdy dostanou do p e d t , kter se i p es jejich nejlep snahy nedok e vymanit z toho, co pro ilo, a n sledky t r n i v n ho zanedb v n si nese po cel ivot Kniha oslov ten e, kte se zaj maj o skute n p b hy s psychologickou tematikou, lidi, kte se v nuj n hradn rodinn p i, a vychovatele, kte se staraj o zneu van a zanedb van d ti.Cathy Glass se p es dvacet let v nuje p stounsk p i a b hem t to doby jej m domovem pro lo v ce ne pades t d t Vede kurzy pro budouc p stouny a napsala n kolik knih na t ma p stounsk p e o d ti, kter byly t ran i zneu van.

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    1. Are we now living in the age of Full Disclosure when everything is revealed about what people do to each other, the real truth about what human beings are? When it comes to dresses being paraded with presidential semen stains still upon them, or the latest youtube viral video horrors, you may think so. But - although it seems we have reached a plateau I think there is a way to go. The misery memoir, of which A Boy Called It is the ur-text, is a step along the way. Misery memoirs - my Waterstone' [...]

    2. Writing was so-so I think that there are better stories of the realities of being a foster parent. This felt more like "LOOK AT ALL THESE TERRIBLE THINGS! LOOK HOW BAD THE SYSTEM IS! LOOK HOW DAMAGED THESE CHILDREN ARE!" Why this story? Why these events? Plus, disassociative identity disorder is highly controversial, and I found the portrayl to be quite stereotypical, as if based on a movie or entry. I also strongly disliked the discrimination towards people with disabilities that rang througho [...]

    3. This book it is kind of hard to describe how it made me feel.Mad, sad. How could any system just kind of look over things like this. Out of all the books I have read on this subject matter, this has touched beyond belief. I understand a little more about post tramatic disorder because of it though. I don't want to spoil it for anyone just think anyone that can handle reading such descriptive accounts of abuse should read it. I do like the writing style and the author makes you feel the pain of t [...]

    4. I read this book pretty quickly as I couldn't put it down. This is a disturbing story to read. I am sometimes asked why I read such "deep" books. I have always had an interest in troubled, needy children/teenagers; the way the brain functions just fascinates me. I always find the books such a wealth of information when dealing with children with difficult pasts. I will say that this story and its details was very difficult for me to read, in relation to this young child and what she has endured. [...]

    5. I am not sure of any other way to rate this book.This book is about a girl named, Jodi, who enters the foster care system at the age of 7. Within 4mo she has already been through 5 foster homes. There is little hope for her, until Cathy steps up and agrees to take Jodi in.When Jodi first enters Cathy's home she is very violent and rude. In fact, over the year that she is with Cathy that never completely goes away and as time goes on we start to see other disturbing behaviours from Jodi.We will a [...]

    6. Though not eloquent, Glass's writing is sensitive and solid. The sheer depth of the experience is the crown of this book. I couldn't put it down. I was desperate to read Glass's conclusion, for better or worse.The chronology is tight and thorough, fulfilling the reader's need for detail. Glass exposes her experience honestly, which allows us to inhabit her home during her tumultuous time with "Jodie," the abused child in her care.On the downside, Glass made it almost too clear her strong feeling [...]

    7. Infância Perdida é daquelas histórias que, sem querermos, se enraízam no nosso pensamento e nos deixam dias a pensar sobre ela. Pelo seu conteúdo emocional, não é um livro fácil de ler. Confesso que a repulsa e o nojo foram aumentando gradualmente. Quando pensava que as coisas não podiam ser piores, chegava uma nova revelação que me fazia parar a leitura para assimilar tudo aquilo que ia acontecendo.Cathy Glass é uma mãe de acolhimento que recebe em sua casa crianças que são retir [...]

    8. Možná vás ani nebude recenze zajímat. Možná vám ani tohle téma nic nebude říkat. Možná jen přejdete očima po obálce a půjdete se raději podívat na nějakou tu dystopii či fantasy. Možná byste se ale měli zastavit a věnovat se chvíli následujícím řádkům, protože dost možná, se něco podobného může dít pár metrů od vás.Když se mě přítel zeptal, zda je tahle kniha opravdu tak dobrá, že jsem ji - na můj vkus - přečetla v rekordním čase, nevěděla j [...]

    9. Such a quick read and a powerful story. Laughed and cried, and can't wait to pick up more from this author.

    10. This is the 'first' (as in the first written, not chronologically) book by foster carer Cathy Glass, and of the three I have read so far this is by far the most harrowing.The story concerns an eight year old girl named Jodie, who has come into Cathy's care after being kicked out of 5 other foster homes in four months. She is an extremely disturbed child, and we don't fully begin to understand the reasons for this disturbance until some way into the book, when she begins to disclose the horrors o [...]

    11. Generally, I don't write reviews, but in this case, I feel torn about this book. I found this book incredibly intriguing. I was hooked and couldn't stop reading it. While the writing does come of as a bit self-congratulatory a lot of the time, the story is mesmerizing and if it is true, the author should be praised for her astounding patience. At the same time, I found my interest in this book disturbing. Our society's rapt attention for reading about or watching news stories related to pedophil [...]

    12. I always hate saying that I really liked a book like this. It was an awful, sad, tragic story that made me so angry and made my stomach turn. But it was well written and told a necessary story of a child who went through unspeakable abuse by her parents. Her foster mom, Cathy was so patient and kind and gave so much of herself to the care of Jodie. I admire anyone who could do that. I for one would have found the parents and shot them on sight. Working in an educational setting I think teachers, [...]

    13. Damaged: The Heartbreaking True Story of a Forgotten Childby Cathy GlassAlthough Jodie is only eight years old, she is violent, aggressive, and her challenging behaviour has sent her off to five carers in four months. Her last hope is Cathy Glass, an experienced foster carer that decides to take her on and protect her from being placed in an institution.As Jodie begins to trust Cathy, her behaviour improves. Over time, with childish honesty, she reveals details of the abuses she suffered at the [...]

    14. I decided to read this book because anything that has to due with psychological issues is an interest to me so I'm usually drawn to books about it. As you can see from the description, this book is about a foster mom named Cathy, who takes in a very disturbed child that has very unusual and bad behavior. Jodie is 8 years old but doesn't have the mentality of an 8 year old at all. Her learning and motor skills aren't developed, and she is very violent towards herself and others. This is all due t [...]

    15. This was such an intriguing book, I couldn't stop thinking about it whenever I had to lay it down. The author is a natural story teller, the book is filled with her and her family's emotional pain while fostering a little girl named Jodie. She will quickly draw you into the sad and tragic life of this little girl. Even though I suspected what had happened to Jodie, when it was revealed in the book, it sent not only dread but shivers of fear through me to know that this happens and is happening t [...]

    16. DamagedCathy GlassTrue Story309 pagescopyright: 2006isbn: 978-0-00-723634-3Cathy Glasshad fostered fifty children over twenty years but none of themn had been as disturbed as Jodie, a troubled eight-year-old whose violence and aggression had seen off five foster carers in just four months. When Jodie arrived, Cathy had no idea what lay beneath Jodie's shocking behaviour, which included smearing faces all over the house, erupting into violent rages and even cutting herself. Little by little, as J [...]

    17. This book was so easy, yet so hard to read.The writing flows well and isn't too intricate, but the material it covers makes it incredibly hard to read without feeling completely upset or disgusted.This true story follows the life of Jodie, a troubled girl with a terrible past - but is shown through the eyes of her Carer. This, to me, was quite refreshing. When reading books of this nature I have generally only read from the point of view of the child, so this new perspective was very interesting [...]

    18. This is a difficult one to review. I'm not easily disturbed and find this genre fascinating but I think that this may have slightly crossed the line for me. I realise it's true life, but I did find this book to be quite graphic. I know it sounds harsh as it's true life, but I found it difficult to connect with Jodie and sympathise with her - her behaviour was completely out of control and, quite frankly, disgusting at points. I found Glass to be quite annoying at points, repeating the word 'swee [...]

    19. yes i'm already finished with the book, and considering the time i started yesterday and the time i finished today, i finished in about a day. the first book i remember reading on these subjects was 'one child' by torey hayden and from that moment i was hooked on these types of books and for some reason i like books where there are stories of struggle, or sadness and hardships.i don't think i completely know why, but i do know i like them because when there about children like the little girl Jo [...]

    20. I love kids and when I read this book I found myself with a strong urge to see all the bad in the world come upon those who would hurt a little child such as Jodie. I kept trying to imagine as I read, what would happen next or how the book would turn out in the end, then I remembered that this is a true story.If you are faint of heart, be careful reading this heartbreaking story about an 8 year old girl whose life was destroyed and if not for the caring of one woman, would have been condemned to [...]

    21. Cathy Glass wrote this book in a way that pulled you right into all of her feelings in dealing with Jodie one of her eight year old foster children. I came away from this book horrified, shocked, and angry. Cathy Glass has more patience than I could ever have and thank God for that! She is definantly in the right field of work!What could make a child so angry, unresponsive, and damaged? Well, you'll have to read the book to find out.

    22. Ongelooflijk hoe een heftig verhaal toch spannend geschreven kan worden. Ik kon het boek amper wegleggen en heb de 2 andere boeken van deze schrijfster ook besteld.

    23. First, this author clearly is not a writer. Simply put, it's poorly written. Simplistic, repetitive, not at all engaging. I also find it abhorrent that Ms. Glass, while portraying herself as apparently the only one capable of getting through to the children is these difficult cases ("yay me, after 5 carers in 6 weeks, I was able to deal with this kid for over a year, at the expense of my actual children and myselfen't you impressed?"), she then goes and exploits these same children by writing sa [...]

    24. Damaged is very, very frustrating. The authors problems with Social Services and the authorities who are supposed to be there for these children is enough to make you want to pull your hair out.I said this in my review for Hidden but I want to say it here also - Glass is very open about everything it seems she can be open about. I've seen a review or two from people who apparently think she's too hard on Social Services. I have to assume these people have never had to deal with the government "h [...]

    25. How do I even try to explain in words how completely disturbing this story was? On about 10 different occasions, I almost had to close the book and stop reading so I would not either vomit or burst into tears. The things that have happened to Jodie (pseudonym) are so beyond understanding. How could another human being do the sorts of crude and disgusting acts upon their own child? The amount of sexual abuse that comes out in this book, all verbalized by Jodie herself, are graphic and I guarantee [...]

    26. This is a story about a young girl named Jodie. She is an eight year old girl, who is mellow and isn't outgoing what so ever. She is going through a very difficult time. Jodie has had to move in to a foster home, due to the troubles with her parents and many of the other problems throughout her childhood. It is very sad, because of the fact that Jodie is only eight years old. In this story you will learn that Jodie has been keeping some things(secrets) from her assigned social worker,that should [...]

    27. You'll like the picture on the book cover of the pretty little girl; then you'll notice the tear on her cheek. Cathy Glass has fostered over 50 children but this story of Jodie may be her hardest. Jodie comes to Cathy to be fostered when she's eight years old; already many foster parents have given up on her; some as quickly as in one day. She smears feces all over, has violent outbursts & kicks Cathy's three older children. She gets withdrawn & doesn't respond to anyone or anything; she [...]

    28. What makes an eight year old commit gross acts of violence against fully grown adults? And how can someone that damaged be pieced back together?Glass is an experienced foster carer when she is asked by social services to consider caring for a little girl called Jodie. Jodie has spent most of her life being abused, and as such, lashes out in the most violent, unpredictable ways. This memoir documents Glass' experience of attempting to rehabilitate Jodie; introducing her to normality and dealing w [...]

    29. This book made me so angry as to how the system let this poor individual down. The case workers are so overworked and even with a thick file, the case was just passed along. Something really needs to be done to fix this. And the amount of time it takes for a child to get any kind of help once a problem had been identified. I felt so bad for Cathy who tried so hard to help this child, she and her family really went through a lot and I know myself, I would not have had the patience to deal with su [...]

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