Revenge of the Tide

Revenge of the Tide Elizabeth Haynes second novel is a taut and gripping murder mystery introducing a compelling new heroine Genevieve office worker by day and pole dancer by night who finds herself implicated in a mob

  • Title: Revenge of the Tide
  • Author: Elizabeth Haynes
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 305
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Elizabeth Haynes second novel is a taut and gripping murder mystery introducing a compelling new heroine, Genevieve office worker by day and pole dancer by night who finds herself implicated in a mob underworld of murder, corruption and betrayal.Genevieve has finally escaped the stressful demands of her sales job and achieved her dream to leave London behind and starElizabeth Haynes second novel is a taut and gripping murder mystery introducing a compelling new heroine, Genevieve office worker by day and pole dancer by night who finds herself implicated in a mob underworld of murder, corruption and betrayal.Genevieve has finally escaped the stressful demands of her sales job and achieved her dream to leave London behind and start a new life aboard a houseboat in Kent But on the night of her boat warming party the dream is shattered when a body washes up beside the boat, and Genevieve recognises the victim.As the sanctuary of the boatyard is threatened, and Genevieve s life seems increasingly at risk, the story of how she came to be so out of her depth is unfolded, and Genevieve finds out the real cost of mixing business with pleasure

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    1. Ex-pole dancer Genevieve has quit her job and is living on a houseboat whilst renovating it. The morning after her 'boat-warming' party, Genevieve finds a dead body next to her boat, “Revenge of the Tide,” a body that she recognises from her strip club days. Suddenly Genevieve is thrust back into her old world of unsavoury characters and doesn’t know who to trust.Hm. I’m struggling with what to say about this one. The story is so implausible that I had to set it aside in my mind whilst r [...]

    2. DARK TIDE introduces us to Genevieve Shipley- a women who is leaving behind her stressful life in London to live out her dream of living on a houseboat. The story moves smoothly back and forth from past and present. In Genevieve's past she had a high paying sales job and had also taken on a job as an erotic dancer in a club to make some extra cash fast. In present time she is living on her boat in Kent "Revenge of the Tides" and fixing it up herself. The book starts on the day of her house-warmi [...]

    3. I love a good thriller. Pretty much everyone does, so when I was given a chance to review this one, I gladly took it on. It wasn’t what I was expecting, not by a long shot.The story starts out well, a bit slow in giving away details about the protagonist, but that happens sometimes in thrillers, to build up the suspense. The problem is that we never really get that suspense. The story moves from the past to the present, taking us back to Genevieve’s days as a stripper and bringing us to wher [...]

    4. There was a moment when it had all started to go horribly wrong, when things began to unravel. They’d unravelled at the Barclay at just about the same time that my night job collided with the day job.Genevieve Shipley has taken a year off work to follow the dream she shared with her late father. “Revenge of the Tide” is the name of a barge she bought in the River Medway in Kent to restore as a floating home, paid for in part by selling her London flat and savings from her day job as a sale [...]

    5. Into the Darkest Corner by Elizabeth Haynes was for me the hidden gem of the year and left me itching to read her next one. Just like in the debut novel the story centres on a female Genevieve who is forced to face her past. Genevieve has excaped her old life in London working as a sales exectutive by day and a pole dancer at a gentelman's club by night. Having saved up money she buys herself a houseboat and moves to Kent. Genevieve's hopes though of leaving the past behind are shattered when af [...]

    6. Really irritating lead character - you had absolutely no sympathy for her, she was naive to the point of moronic, selfish, materialistic (although because she wants to live on a houseboat, you are meant to think she is a free spirit), weak (however because she is a "pole dancer" and a "lead sales person", she's somehow an empowered feminist). Eurgh just annoying. And a fairly rubbish story. Not a patch on her last book, which had me gripped - you just wanted to get to the end and pray that she f [...]

    7. Genevieve Shipley is living her dream, renovating a barge "Revenge of the Tide" as a houseboat near the mouth of the river Medway in Kent. To get there, she gave in her notice at her high-powered sales job in London with an odious boss, and at the Barclay, a men's club where she worked as a pole-dancer at weekends under the name "Viva", owned by Fitz and his heavies, and sometimes at private parties where more than dancing was involved-for a price. She throws a houseboat warming party, inviting [...]

    8. I seem to be on a run with books I don't particularly like lately. I loved Into the Darkest Corner by Elizabeth Haynes. This, I'm still considering if I should go ahead and click 2 for I didn't like it on my personal rating scale. This mystery begins with a housewarming party on a houseboat. Some of the guests are old friends, uhm, not a good sign, What's Her Name's city job and some of them are her new houseboat friends. It's a little awkward but they drink plenty and I guess that helps soften [...]

    9. Last year there was a ton of buzz around Haynes's debut release, INTO THE DARKEST CORNER. Having read it in just about one sitting (on an amazingly pretty afternoon here in CO), I can say that all of that buzz was warranted. INTO THE DARKEST CORNER was a pretty phenomenal and chilling read. You can imagine, then, that the expectations going into DARK TIDE were pretty high. Readers, I was not disappointed!Genevieve has long dreamed of buying a boat - a houseboat she can live on and fix up and may [...]

    10. Revenge of the Tide (also titled Dark Tide) is the second novel by British author and former police intelligence analyst, Elizabeth Haynes. After five months of living on her Dutch-built barge, “Revenge of the Tide” on the Medway in Kent, Genevieve Shipley decides to have a boat-warming party. She invites her neighbours in the marina, her colleagues from her former sales job, and a friend from the club she used to dance at. Most guests enjoy themselves, although Caddy, her club friend never [...]

    11. I should have trusted my instincts when ordering this book. The subject matter of a pole dancer who leaves her life in London to renovate a boat in Kent didn't exactly thrill me but given how much I enjoyed Into the Darkest CornerI ignored my misgivings. After all Elizabeth Haynes wrote such a gripping debut story so must have something hidden to deliver. To be fair the first part of the book was ok, Genevieve the former pole dancer had a good job and was pole dancing for exercise and money to b [...]

    12. Like her first book, Into the Darkest Corner, this book is almost relentless. It's not as creepy as that one was, but I was still completely enthralled.Also like her first book, this book goes back and forth in time. We see Genevieve in trouble and while we see the effects of that trouble, we also see the actions that led up to it.I loved Genevieve. She's nervous---because who wouldn't be? She's attacked and she knows that she's dealing with dangerous people---but she's also one of those people [...]

    13. Genevieve Shipley had a stressful life living in London, working two jobs to save the money to buy herself a boat, take a year off, renovate it, and generally enjoy living again. Her busy life revolved around being one of only two female sales executives amongst many men in the company she worked for during the day, and a pole dancer in an exclusive mens’ club called The Barclay, at night. She left both jobs abruptly, and with the financial help of Dylan, a friend and bouncer from The Barclay, [...]

    14. Having read Into the Darkest Corner and Human Remains which I loved I was really excited to read this book. This book is about Genevieve who leaves her life in London working two jobs; one in sales and one in pole dancing (similar professions in some ways) for the simple life on a barge in Kent. Except it isn't simple because the mess of her life in London follows her and she becomes involved in the murder of her friend and is trying to protect her boyfriend and her new friends on the water.The [...]

    15. Haynes’ second novel, following Into the Darkest Corner, fails to exceed the excitement and suspense of her debut. It rambles overly long, and ultimately the plot’s insubstantial nature make it difficult to be invested in truly caring what happens to any of these rather two-dimensional characters. The story, similar to her first novel, flits back and forth between the heroine’s, Genevieve’s, current life on a houseboat and her former life in London as an account representative by day and [...]

    16. Not my favorite Elizabeth Haynes book but still good! Boy was the main character, Genevieve, frustrating! I have never related so little to a main character. She is strong where I am weak, and weak were I am strong. Maybe Haynes was purposely trying to make Genevieve always seem so weak (ex: "I slammed the door as hard as I could, but it only made a reassuring clunk." p375). This was a murder mystery in which I was very wrong the whole time about the killer (which is fun!) Only the real killer t [...]

    17. A little disappointed with this book. The description held a lot of promise, and the over all plot of a woman running from, and then having to face, her past, was good.But as the book progresses (very slowly at the beginning) it is very confusing and in many places contradictory. The book left me confused, and a little unsatisfied.My last criticism is while setting the novel on a boat and in a marina, the author seemed to known very little of either. I am a woman who lives and works in a marina [...]

    18. This is one of the best British mystery authors that I have read. She ranks up there with Ruth Rendell and Sophie Hannah. She writes brilliant psychological thrillers that keep you on the edge of your seat. This book is absolutely un-put-downable! LOL! He characters are well developed and her storylines are tight and well drawn. There is nothing written in the book that would be described as fluff or filler. I highly recommend not only this book but any book by this author. She is absolutely bri [...]

    19. I say 3.5 stars.I enjoyed this book, but I didn't love the ending and the characters infuriated me at times.

    20. Exciting writing - This author certainly has the knack of grabbing your attention and immersing you in the storyline. Like her first book Into the Darkest Corner she builds tension and suspense from the events surrounding a woman getting herself into a sticky situation and trying to extricate herself, whilst very humanly not always making the decisions which are best for her.The "revenge of the tide" is the name of a boat which Genevieve has bought, in a bid to escape the rat race, and renovate. [...]

    21. Apparently I wasn't really in the mood for a mystery when I picked up this book. And I fully admit that I picked it up because the colors of the cover caught my mood. It was a cranky, lazy, cold day and perhaps another book would have been more fitting for my mood. I did like a lot of the book, but there were many things that annoyed me as well. The story follows Genevieve, a businesswoman/stripper who left London to live on a houseboat outside the city. At the start of the story, she is working [...]

    22. I have recently re-read this book and as I did not review it previously, here we go. Genevieve has left her stressful life in London and now spends her days renovating her barge in Kent, socialising with other barge owners and generally enjoying a slower pace of life. After a "boatwarming" party, a body washes up against her barge, her two worlds collide and she is thrust into intrigue. At this point we begin to realise there is more to Genevieve's London life than we understood initially. Eliza [...]

    23. Genevieve has saved up enough money to realise her dream of renovating and living on a houseboat. Both her day job, as a sales rep, and her night job, as a pole dancer, have left her wanting to get out of London for a fresh start. But when a body washes up beside Genevieve's boat on the night of her boat-warming party, all is not what it seems and Genevieve's life comes crashing down around her. Revenge of the Tide was disappointing. It felt disjointed and unfinished. The characters weren’t as [...]

    24. I received an advance reader's edition through the publisher's giveaway through the First Reads program.After having read the author's debut, Into the Darkest Corner, I was thrilled to discover Haynes had a new release coming out so quickly, especially because I've already recommended ITDC to friends and gave it an excellent rating. Much to my dismay, Revenge of the Tide (or Dark Tide, as it's entitled here in the States) did not live up to my expectations for the author's sophomore effort. As I [...]

    25. 3.5/5, Into the Darkest Corner was one of my favorite books of last year so I was excited for this book. This book wasn't bad but it didn't have the aspect of mental illness that made me love her previous book. Genevieve has a very twisted past as a dancer at a "gentleman's club". She was traumatized by something that happened during her time there. So she left to live on a house boat. And she loved it. until the body showed up. The whole book didn't have that suspense that makes a good thriller [...]

    26. Something very evocatively scary happens in the first pages of Elizabeth Haynes’ novel Dark Tide, setting the scene for a very dark story indeed. It’s a story told in multiple points of view, with converging timelines that move irrevocably to or from that very first scene. And nobody is quite what they seem.Details ring authentically true, from depictions of peaceful houseboat life to the shadows of London’s criminal underworld, from haunting mystery to haunted memory, and from sunshine to [...]

    27. This was the first book I've read by this author and I can't wait to read others. I enjoyed this book so much I spent all afternoon and evening reading it. A former club dancer leaves her pole dancing life and moves away to live on a house boat. I liked the main character Genevieve. She had some quirks but they made her interesting. The book goes back and forth between the past and the presence. At time it took a few paragraphs to figure out which one it was, but it wasn't too distracting. I fel [...]

    28. Definitely comes under the difficult second novel category. The problem I had was I never really cared about Genevive. Everything she does is for the money to buy her boat and live on it for a year. She never really thinks about how she can continue once that year is up and she makes choices regarding some very dubious and dodgy men which as an obviously intelligent woman she should know would cause her problems.Dylan, her sort of love interest, somehow manages to find a large amount of money to [...]

    29. Absolutely loved this novel. Despite all the cliches it's so well written, the characters pop out of the kindle! This author's talent is refreshing. Second book by her that I read and can say I am a fan. Great stories, the way she mingles the flashback and the current narrative is perfectly done, you get the revelations slowly and steadly. I also loved learning about house boats and life on them; I've always dreamed of living in one so it was an extra perk. So, all in all, great suspense, excell [...]

    30. 'I wasn't a victim, though, was I? Not yet, anyway.'Revenge of the Tide introduces us to Genevieve Shipley, a young woman who, as we meet her, is enjoying the life she had dreamed of; she is living on a barge at a marina on the river Medway in Kent, working away at decorating and renovating it to her requirements, and socialising contentedly with the other 'liveaboard' folk who are moored up nearby. It's an entire world away from her previous lifestyle in London, where she worked in a pressurise [...]

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