The Bride Wore Pearls

The Bride Wore Pearls Beneath the elegant faCade of Victorian high society the mysterious men of the St James Society play only by rules of danger and desire Rance Welham the Earl of Lazonby has survived scandal and dis

  • Title: The Bride Wore Pearls
  • Author: Liz Carlyle
  • ISBN: 9781410452801
  • Page: 237
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Beneath the elegant faCade of Victorian high society, the mysterious men of the St James Society play only by rules of danger and desire.Rance Welham, the Earl of Lazonby, has survived scandal and disgrace, even evading the Queen s justice at the end of a hangman s rope Now he s about to gamble everything on something far dangerous desire.An exotic and elegant beauBeneath the elegant faCade of Victorian high society, the mysterious men of the St James Society play only by rules of danger and desire.Rance Welham, the Earl of Lazonby, has survived scandal and disgrace, even evading the Queen s justice at the end of a hangman s rope Now he s about to gamble everything on something far dangerous desire.An exotic and elegant beauty, Lady Anisha Stafford fled her native India to seek refuge within London s secretive St James Society But accepting protection from someone called a cold hearted killer is a double edged sword especially when he s the most intriguing man Anisha has ever laid eyes upon.In a world where treachery abounds, no one can be trusted and no true passion can be denied Together, these two tempestuous souls will risk their lives for a love that could redeem them or destroy everything they hold dear.

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    1. Me da mucha pena decirlo, pero éste libro ha sido bastante, bastante rollete. No sé si es que iba predispuesta a que no me gustaría y me he dejado influir por ello. Tampoco es que me sintiera "obligada" a leerlo. Empecé la serie hace ya algún tiempo, y quería continuarla porque al cuarto y último libro le tengo muchas ganas. Soy incapaz de leer una serie desordenada, así que en cierto modo sí, me he obligado a leerlo, y no ha sido nada satisfactorio.No sólo era la pereza de empezar un [...]

    2. While this was slow-moving at times, it has a depth, complexity and richness that called to me. I was immersed in the time period, and the sensuality and veracity of the complex emotions the characters felt. Reviewed for Affaire de Coeur in the August issue. affairedecoeur.

    3. This book was terrible. I gave up about a third through. It seems like the other 2 books in the trilogy take place at the same time and if you haven't read those, this book makes no sense. There's a guy who gets hung, but he doesn't die, but the reader doesn't know why. The main female character is frightened by the thought of a London Season and then the book skips A YEAR in a PARAGRAPH, including, presumably, her London Season and her initial confrontation with her brother that she was also fe [...]

    4. An awesome read! Kept me totally enthralled until I finished it. The opening chapter is what kinda confused me because I didn't know who the guy was at first and I didn't know he got from the end of that chapter to picking up Nish when she finally makes it to England. But it was finally explained throughout the book. Ok Rance and Nish make a great couple, there was right off the bat a lot of sparks. When the main part of the story takes off a year has passed since they met. Within that time fram [...]

    5. Liz Carlyle is one of those ready, steady authors that I can always count on for solid read. In recent years, I've neglected a few of these authors, seduced away by vampires and shifters and shiny new faces in the Regency scene.I've seen some tortured Earls in my time, but Lazonby has really been through it. Years in Newgate, years in the French Foreign Legion, and two dates with the hangman-- this is not your garden variety "Boo hoo, daddy issues," or "boo hoo, some girl was mean to me once" so [...]

    6. Creo que en esta novela la parte de intrigra le resta todo el protagonismo a la parte romántica, que apenas evoluciona, una lástima porque entre Anisha y Rance la pasión es palpable.Pero lo dicho, la intriga está muy bien construída, hasta el punto de que me ha sorprendido mucho el desenlace final la parte romántica muy floja.Ahora toca esperar la historia de Napier

    7. Reviewed for paper-cupI love Liz Carlyle. She has a wonderful lyrical way of writing prose that makes even the most dense and heavy subjects seem light. From the moment I picked up The Devil to Pay, she’s never disappointed me. That being said, I felt niggling details in this work that kept it from being five stars. The best thing about Carlyle’s work is that it’s a self-contained universe. No book exists in a vacuum. Her first characters, introduced in My False Heart, were featured in one [...]

    8. 2.5 starsStory: 2 starsInteresting characters but the pacing and writing was all over the place and just ruined it. This was in serious need of editing. MAJOR editing. A good 150 pages could have been knocked out. This is a 637 page book and a good portion of which added nothing to the story or character development. Mundane repetitive conversations that take up 10 pages with no end just dragged the entire story out for no reason. And why Carlyle thought it was necessary to summarize so much and [...]

    9. While I had a difficult time getting into this book at first, I ended up really enjoying the romance by the middle and end of the book. At the beginning of the book, a lot of the story revolved around the mystery instead of the development of the relationship between the two leads. Once the plot focused on the romance, I really loved their story.Anisha and Rance had a fiery relationship, mostly based on a friendship. I really liked this angle, they bickered so much but always with a backbone of [...]

    10. I haven't read a romance novel in quite a while so I figured it was time I did. I don't recall having read any by Ms. Carlyle in the past but giving my reading volume and my bad brain I'm sure I have. I went through a stage more years ago than I care to count where I read many a historical romanceIn this tale we meet Lady Anisha Stafford, recently returned to England after the death of her husband. She has come back to family - namely her brother a member of a mysterious group called the St. Jam [...]

    11. 3.5/5; 4 stars; B+I totally read these books out of order but it sparked off a mini-glom of Liz Carlyle books. Years ago I read all of her books and she was then, and is now, one of my favorite historical romance writers. When the character Anais de Rohan was mentioned I scurried down to my library in the basement and found , the story of Catherine and Max, Anais' parents. So, I re-read that, then this one then Anais and Geoff's story . They are all great fun. I recommend them to any one who wan [...]

    12. i've always really enjoyed liz carlyle's books, but this is definitely one of her best!i'm so glad we finally got rance and anisha's story. they were my favorite secondary characters in the first 2 books. their story was at times- sweet, funny, sad, steamy. the writing was exquisite, and there were quite a few twists and mysteries solved. i also liked how she brought back a ton of characters from her earlier books wasn't quite the paranormal story that the other 2 books in the series were. it wa [...]

    13. Liz Carlyle's newest book was ok, but I really didn't get into the story. Rance and Anisha made a cute couple but they ho hummed around about how he or she wasn't good enough. It seems the story didn't flow in accord with the author earlier books. Maybe she needs to try something different and give readers a new set of characters instead of using the same family circle.

    14. So, the one huge, overarching problem with my reading experience with this book is that it is third in a series, and I did not read the first two. Typically, in other genres, I am a stickler for reading books in order, BUT in this case, there was no series branding that I noticed when I picked it up at my local library booksale, and I am accustomed to series being mostly incidental in romance. When I read a romance series out of order, I expect spoilers on who the previous couples are, and maybe [...]

    15. This book was forgettable. I really liked the plot line on the back cover but this book was about 200 pages too long. Carlyle drew everything out to the point of confusion for me. She was repetitive too much in some areas but skimmed through the important times. I had no idea who any of the characters were (and it’s because it’s a series and didn’t read the first two) but the two main ones, Rance & Anisha, were bleh. Anisha as a whole I liked. She was kickass in some aspects and didn [...]

    16. The Bride Wore Pearl ของลิซ คาร์ไลล์เรื่องนี้เป็นเล่มที่สามในชุด Fraternitas Aurea Crucis (FAC) ซึ่งเป็นสมาคมลับอันเก่าแก่ของคนกลุ่มที่มีความสามารถพิเศษบางอย่างเหนือธรรมชาติ แต่เล่มนี้ถือว่ามีเรื่องเหนือ [...]

    17. Widowed and let to raise her two twin boys and her step brother on her own, the heroine packs up and leaves India for the society of London England. Meeting her at the pier if her brothers friends and fellow guardian. Immediately she's struck by his charm and his flirtatious personality and in the year since settling into her new life, she and the hero have developed a lasting and deep friendship. But both parties acknowledge to some degree the sexual tension sparking between them. The heroine i [...]

    18. Another book in the Fraternitas series. This happens mostly concurrently with the previous book in this series," "The Bride Wore Scarlet"." There are definitely some gaps about character development that you'll miss if you don't read the other two books in this series. Lady Anisha Stafford is half-Scottish, half-Indian. She has moved to England with her two sons (by an English husband) to be closer to her brother, theman who reformed the Fraternitas in that country. Rance Welham, the Earl of Weh [...]

    19. Was a little lost at first, as it's been a while since I read the first two in the series. Felt like the conflict was dragged out a bit too much, and Rance DEFINITELY had too much "I'm not good enough for you" guilt, but the awesomeness of Anisha made up for it. I was going to go straight into the 4th book, but after the palm-reading at the end of this volume, I have mixed feelings about the next heroine, so I'm going to read something lighter first.

    20. So I guess my first indication should've been that I found this book in the discount bin at Dollar General, not usually a place where I find Regency novels that suit my tastes. BUT, I gave it a try (and one of the stars) because it managed to weave an Indian woman into a time period that is usually preoccupied with whiteness. I love Bollywood cinema, and I have had this wild daydream for years of how I could take an exotic heroine like Anisha and mash her up with a Fitzwilliam Darcy. I saw this [...]

    21. After three years of having this blog and many, MANY reviews under my belt now, I find that for me, the hardest reviews to write are those of the books written by the authors I love.The reason for that is, either I love the book and in that case I’m afraid to come across as a blubbering sales clerk while I enthusiastically want to convey to all of you how much I loved reading it…OR…I didn’t like the book and in that case I’m afraid to come across as an author hater, while I again, enth [...]

    22. I have been reading a lot of long, serious books lately so it was great to take a break from those and read something fun. I liked this book from the very beginning when the two main characters, Anisha and Rance, meet for the first time. There is great chemistry between them right away and I loved reading about their adventures together.Anisha finds herself coming to London with her two young sons after the death of her husband. She leaves her home in India to make a new life for the boys in Eng [...]

    23. The Bride Wore Pearls – Liz Carlyle.First of all, I love the personal maid and valet in Rance & Anisha’s home.The poor valet to Rance – haha! What he needs to go through every morning!Love Anisha’s boys! Naughty little gremlins they are indeed! And Love Aisha’s parakeet!Rance is the ultimate bad boy in this series. Dishonorable past, lots of emotional baggage and a sword still haning over his head. He’s all but thrown caution to the wind and given up on what he wants and needs, j [...]

    24. THE BRIDE WORE PEARLS by Liz Carlyle is an exciting historical romance set in 1848 England. It is the third in the “St. James Society” series,but can be read as a stand alone. See,” One Touch of Scandal”, and “The Bride Wore Scarlet”. While to me this one starts out a little slow,it picks up nicely and quickly.m “The Bride Wore Pearls” is the story of Lady Anisha Stafford and Rance Welham, the Earl of Lazonby. It has everything a historical reader could want, mystery,love,lust,ro [...]

    25. First things first, The Bride Wore Pearls is part of a series. Not a series that has to be read in order, so that's great. Just your typical historical "character" series. Why are there so many of these? The good thing is that this book can be read as a stand alone, unless you are an obsessive compulsive series reader.This is the first historical romance that I've read in ages where the heroine is truly strong and independent. Anisha is definitely a refreshing character. She's not a simpering En [...]

    26. The mystery is interesting. The book is a little confusing with the prologue and has a lot of slow moving parts. The climax was phenomenal though. I did not see that plot twist coming. I'm glad I didn't give up on the book early on even though I wanted to because the story was progressing so slowly.

    27. "The Bride Wore Pearls" is not your run-of-the-mill romance novel! The heroine isn't your lily-white, fainting type of gal - Lady Anisha Stafford is an exotic, mix-raced (half English/Half Indian), smart, common-sense lady who doesn't really care what society thinks of her and her family. And the hero, Rance Welham is a rough, tough fellow with plenty of anguish and fear in his background, and he has sense enough not to want to burden the woman he loves with his emotional baggage. Thank goodness [...]

    28. The first half of this book was awful. I kept going, why, I'm not sure, and discovered that the 2n half was much better. The first half was 2 stars, the 2nd half 4 stars. Ms. Carlyle did a terrible job of writing this book in such a way that it was easily apparent what was going on from the back story. This is the third in the Fraternitas Aureae Crucis collection. Book 1, One Touch of Scandal, was published in Sept 2010 and #2, The Bride Wore Scarlet in July 2011. Very few people are going to re [...]

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