Back on Track

Back on Track What s a little lie between strangers A Strangers on a Train StoryAllie Whittaker is in a dating slump too busy getting her fledgling marketing company off the ground to have a personal life All that

  • Title: Back on Track
  • Author: Donna Cummings
  • ISBN: 9781619213760
  • Page: 236
  • Format: ebook
  • What s a little lie between strangers A Strangers on a Train StoryAllie Whittaker is in a dating slump, too busy getting her fledgling marketing company off the ground to have a personal life All that could change, though, if she can get baseball superstar Matt Kearns on the cover of a charity calendar Except Matt won t even talk to her.Matt is in a slump, worried his caWhat s a little lie between strangers A Strangers on a Train StoryAllie Whittaker is in a dating slump, too busy getting her fledgling marketing company off the ground to have a personal life All that could change, though, if she can get baseball superstar Matt Kearns on the cover of a charity calendar Except Matt won t even talk to her.Matt is in a slump, worried his career might be over A Napa Valley wine tour isn t enough to take his mind off his troubles until sexy, funny Allie plops into the adjacent seat and tells him three things about herself One of them, she says, is a lie.Matt can t resist playing along, and soon the afternoon getaway becomes an interlude with lies, truths, and desire flowing as fast as the wine Then Allie lets slip one truth too manyd they both realize they re playing for keeps.Warning A handsome hunk, a determined lady and a few glasses of wine Throw in a little on the run action, and what do you need to while away an afternoon

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    1. Allie Whittaker doesn’t have time to date while trying to get her marketing company off the ground. And the over-worked woman is in dire need of having a little bit of fun. At least, that’s what her good friend Sandra says when she takes her on a Napa Valley train tour.This tour includes copious amounts of wine and hot guys to flirt with.Matt Kearns, baseball superstar, is worried about his career and needed a little afternoon getaway to help forget his worries. And his worries disappeared i [...]

    2. Reviewed for Sara at HarlequinJunkie! :DReview copy courtesy of the publisher.Ok, there was so much about this book that I liked! And one giant thing I didn't like. So let me tell you what I didn't like so I can get it out of the way and start gushing about this one. Ok, it's a novella!! Grrr! I really don't like novellas and THIS book is the reason why: I WANT MORE!!! More of the characters! More of their story! More of this world! I can only hope that these authors who took part in this Strang [...]

    3. Allie has been working too hard at building her new marketing company to have much of a social life but if she can make a success of the charity calendar she is working on then her business will be secure. She just has one more name to sign up for the calendar but baseball star Matt Kearns won't even listen to her pitch. When her friend drags her out for a Napa Valley wine tour the last person she expects to bump into is Matt but now she's found him how can she resist the opportunity to make her [...]

    4. Originally published at Reading RealityWhat do a dating slump and a pitching slump have in common? Allie Whitaker hasn't had a date in too long to think about, and Matt Kearns is coming off an injury and looking at the end of his professional baseball career. They shouldn't have much to talk about.The one thing that there is a LOT of on a Napa Valley wine tour, especially a train tour where none of the guests have to drive is, well, Napa Valley wine! Allie's friends dare her to chat up a strange [...]

    5. Slick‘s review posted on Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews5 StarsI'm a huge baseball fan so the minute I started this book, I was pretty excited. A slumping pitcher headed for a rehab assignment and a small business woman are both dragged on a wine tasting train tour by well meaning friends. They meet purely by circumstance and are brought together by a game of "guess the truth" that leads to them both telling quite a few untruths. I found Back On Track to be completely entertaining, witty, and do [...]

    6. What do you get when you put an overworked beauty looking for some romance and a hottie star pitcher looking to hide away together on a train (oh, and add copious amounts of yummy wine)? Some seriously hot chemistry and an entertaining novella that I just loved!!I absolutely adored I Door I Die, and I've been so anxious to read more of this author's work. Her latest novella did the trick! Allie was adorable, and as she and Matt tried to get to know each other while hiding their true identity I w [...]

    7. *I got a free ARC of this book from the author in exchange of an honest review*This and other reviews can also be found on my blog (un)Conventional Bookviews - I just have to say I really liked this story! It had everything I love in a contemporary romance - hot hero, cute heroine, adorable humor and just enough of tension to make things very interesting!Back on Track is a short novella about Allie and Matt. They have both been avoiding dating for a while, each for their own reasons. When their [...]

    8. 3,75 starsThis is my first encounter with Donna Cummings work and I liked it a lot. She has a humorous tone to her writing that I immediately clicked with. I especially loved the dialogue and the banter between the main characters and between them and their respective best friends. One tiny thing that bothered me was the conflict and how Matt blew it a bit out of proportion. But this didn't get in the way of my overall enjoyment of the story because he comes around pretty quick and makes it righ [...]

    9. Won an ARC -- Like all of her writing, I just had a big grin on my face the whole time I was reading this

    10. I enjoyed this one. The set-up was unique and different, and I liked both characters. To top it all off, the banter and chemistry was spot-on. A quick, fun read.

    11. this review was originally published at DearAuthorI read all five of the works in this collection. Back on Track fell firmly in the middle.Allie Whittaker has been dragged onto the Napa Valley Wine Train (This really exists and, man, do I wish I could go on it.) by her best friend. Allie has, for too long, been all business and no party. She's just started her own marketing firm and has been busting her shapely butt to get it off the ground. This particular wine ride has lots of single men on [...]

    12. .This is the second book in the collection of Strangers on a Train. There is no particular order to the novellas, but all center around various train adventures.Allie Whitaker is on a Wine Train traveling through Napa with her best friend. Allie has spent the last several months trying to get her struggling marketing company off the ground. Pretty much all work and no play. Her friend Sandra guilted her into taking the trip today. They had hardly seen each other and there never seemed time for s [...]

    13. This was my favorite story out of all the Strangers novellas and ultimately lead me to one of my new favorite authors! This story was fun and flirty and I found myself falling in love with this couple easily. What starts out as a fun way to break the ice soon starts to cause problems between Matt and Allie. The entire time they are hanging out she is pretending not to recognize Matt is the famous Ball player and Matt feels relieved she doesn't recognize him. They spend most of the train ride get [...]

    14. Find the entire review and other thoughts at my blog during the Strangers on a Train Blog Tour in April 2013 ( “Back on Track” By: Donna Cummings ) Allie Whittaker is out for a night on the townwell an evening on the train as it were. Trying to meet new people and maybe find a hot guy, she sees a guy sitting near the back wearing a baseball hat and who seems kind of grumpy. When she approaches Mr. hat she realizes he is really a fairly famous baseball player. Matt Kearns is a world famous ba [...]

    15. This was a fun story about a woman who needs to get a life and a man who needs to find his way back to life. Allie is working extremely hard to get her new marketing company off the ground that she hasn’t bothered to let herself have a social life. Dating? Who has time for that when you want to make this new venture succeed. She’s persuaded to take a train ride that also includes a lot of wine tasting when her friend talks her in to walking up to a strange man and playing a little game of gu [...]

    16. Flirty dialog, big muscles, and plenty of wine.Allie and Matt start out their flirtatious encounter on a Napa Valley wine tour with lies, lies, and more lies, but they both know they're lying--it's a flirting game--no harm will be done. Only harm is inadvertently done, because they both want more from the other than a one-off encounter with no strings attached.Matt's a major league baseball player who can't go anywhere without fans and women draping themselves all over him. He's incognito on a w [...]

    17. This story of romance blossoming on a Napa Valley wine train appeals on many levels. At heart it's a simple story of girl meets boy. However, throw in some mischief about not wanting to own up to their identities and the fun takes off. The guy is a baseball player who is tired of being noticed only for his sporting prowess, hoping to meet some classy ladies instead of sports groupies. The lady is a small business owner talked into making time for this trip by her giddy friend. She can't explain [...]

    18. My Review:This was flat-out just a super-fun, hot little read! Constantly throughout the book, I kept finding myself with a little grin on my face. I love books that do that for me.This train ride is a fun way to meet singles's a three-hour wine tour through Napa Valley. Both Allie and Matt were dragged onto it by their friends, but neither one of them are complaining when they meet. I loved the lying gameI think it worked so well for their flirtation/get-to-know-each-other time. Allie has been [...]

    19. Allie hasn't been on a date forever because she's been trying to get her fledgling marketing company off the ground. She's been trying to get Matt Kearns to pose in a calendar for a client and she is determined to make it happen.Matt has been in a slump It's hard to date anyone who doesn't know who he is and have them not try to use it to their advantage. What happens when Allie and Matt meet by chance on a Napa Valley Wine Train tour and their interaction beings with just a little lie? I really [...]

    20. This is a charmingly breezy romance that can be wrapped up in one word - - fun! Allie Whittaker and her friend are passengers on a train traveling through Napa Valley wine country when Allie encounters celebrity baseball player, Matt Kearns. In a plot twist that plays enjoyably throughout the story, Allie tells him she once dated Matt Kearns, not realizing (at first) who he is. Almost immediately, she puts two and two together. Matt, meanwhile, pretends to be someone who is often mistaken for Ma [...]

    21. All Aboard! I recently had the opportunity to read Back on Track (A Strangers on a Train Story) by Donna Cummings and what a fun ride it was! This quick read has wit, a bit of deception (in fun of course), and wine on a train. What more could you ask for?From the beginning to the end, I was engaged in the story of these two characters. They read like real people who are going through real life situations. I can particularly identify with Allie, the workaholic who is trying to get her business of [...]

    22. I loved this one. Allie is off-beat and funny as hell. I understand why a guy like Matt would be completely taken with her. She's adorable! I love their interactions on the train. I love how they get hot and heavy without much of anything happening because of some crazy fans stalking Matt all over the place. This is one story I wish was longer. I wanted to get to know the characters even more, see where their story goes.

    23. This was a fun little read! Second one of the "Strangers on a Train" novella's I read. I really enjoyed the premise of how Matt and Allie met. It was definitely a meet-cute (and such a fun and different one) and the chemistry sparked from there! I can't say I blame Allie for wanting Matt to be in that calendarhello cute baseball player! Great little story that puts a smile on my face!

    24. Fun. This book made me grin while reading it. I loved the slight nervousness and the casting aside of their uncomfortable (for different reasons) personas to have fun with each other. I was slightly irritated by the lying accusation, but their friends screwed their heads on straight quick enough :) Really liked them together, and this one in general. Going to look for more by Donna Cummings now!

    25. This is cute except(view spoiler)[ How did Matt not realize she was playing a game? He really believed she didn't know who he was? huh? I loved the assumption they both knew they were playing with each other was cute banter. Didn't love the - oh you lied to mewould have been so cute if they had just had that game on the train and started to date. Overall cute though (hide spoiler)]

    26. This was the last SoaT book I've read and I'm so happy I saved it for last. Matt and Allie's story is a lie. Well, kind of. It's filled with wine, fun, lots of laughs and genuine humor, an impromptu rendezvous in a train bathroom and Lies. And I loved every second of reading it. You will too.

    27. Cute and short with lots of fun banter and a great setting: love on a wine train. I want to be on that wine train! Donna excels at taking the rom-com situation and making the romance as important as the comedy. Very enjoyable read.

    28. Back on Track (Strangers on a Train) - Donna Cummings Nice story. Liked the idea of hitting on someone with the a funny game. I always screw these things up :DI liked it but not as much as I'd hoped especially after reading "I do or die" by her which was hilarious!!

    29. Read this for a second time yesterday. Great way to spend to spend my lunch hour. Super sweet and funny novella!

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