Bible Stories Painting Book 2

Bible Stories Painting Book Bible Stories Painting Book and Bible Stories Painting Book are two fantastic painting books that are easy to use with no mess involved Each book has sixteen scenes from the Old and New Testaments

  • Title: Bible Stories Painting Book 2
  • Author: Juliet David Simon Abbott
  • ISBN: 9781859859797
  • Page: 374
  • Format: Paperback
  • Bible Stories Painting Book 1 and Bible Stories Painting Book 2 are two fantastic painting books that are easy to use with no mess involved Each book has sixteen scenes from the Old and New Testaments with a simple line of text explaining the picture Simply dip your brush in water, wipe over the paint pallets on the inside covers and fill in the illustrations with brightBible Stories Painting Book 1 and Bible Stories Painting Book 2 are two fantastic painting books that are easy to use with no mess involved Each book has sixteen scenes from the Old and New Testaments with a simple line of text explaining the picture Simply dip your brush in water, wipe over the paint pallets on the inside covers and fill in the illustrations with bright, bold colors

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    1. In this painting book, there are 8 pages of coloring pictures, front and back, so 16 pictures total. There are also 4 pages of paint palettes(2 each of 2 different styles). The coloring pictures are in the center of the book, with 2 paint palettes on each side.We don't do a whole lot of painting around my house. I'm more inclined to pull out the play dough, markers, crayons, or colored pencils. My boys need no extra help when it comes to making a mess, and I usually don't have the energy to clea [...]

    2. As a busy mom of three I don't have time to go behind my children and clean up messes made by crafting - and I don't want that responsibility to fall all on my oldest daughter's shoulders either. For the most part my children can clean up after themselves, but it makes me tired of thinking of gathering supplies, getting things ready, etc - because all my children and I enjoy crafting. Enter the Bible Stories Painting Book 2 - with two pages of three painting palettes included this book is great [...]

    3. MY THOUGHTS ON THIS BOOKThis is an awesome idea for a children’s book! My four year old niece loves painting, and loved, loved Bible Stories Painting Book 2. I love that there are two paint pallets right there in the book, and there is no need for containers of paint. And its not as messy either! The stories are fun, the illustrations are bright, colorful and really adorable. We had such a fun time when this book arrived.With the pictures to color on both sides of the paper, it was a little di [...]

    4. It is activity time for the kiddies and what are you going to give them to do? They've colored with crayons. They've marked with "markers". They've stacked the stacking blocks. "Mommy, I want something to do-o-o-o-o-!"Kregel and Lion Hudson have teamed with Juliet David and Simon Abbot to bring us another kiddie book to delight. This time the kids get to "paint" the pictures of Bible stories starting with Adam and Eve and going through the Old and New Testament. The text (this is NOT just a pain [...]

    5. Bible Stories Painting Book 2 is a water painting book. Dip the brush in water, wipe it around on the paint palette to pick up color, and then transfer to the picture. There are sixteen pages with various Bible stories in cartoon form. Each has a two-sentence description of the scene. For example, the scenes depict Adam and Eve, Abraham & Isaac, Jacob and the dream, Jacob and Joseph’s coat, Moses with the laws, David and Goliath, and ten others.The front and back covers are fold-in style s [...]

    6. My three year old daughter Paige loves painting and I’m happy for her to have anything relating to the Bible so I was thrilled to give her the Bible Stories Painting Book 2.This book is different from any other that I’ve seen in that it actually includes a paint palette with it. As a mom I loved the convenience of this! It’s one less thing to have to get out in order for her to get started. There are two pages of paint in the front and two in the back so it’s a nice selection for them to [...]

    7. This cute book is filled with several stories from the Bible that really bring the scenes to life. There are 2 sets of watercolor pallettes 1 set in the front and one in the back. There are a total of 16 pages for kids to paint on 8 pages front and back. I loved the scenes - they are descriptive but not over detailed with to much going on in the scene. Personally I would of prefered that each scene was on a separate sheet of paper so each could be painted, however I did like that the pages didn' [...]

    8. Bible Stories Painting Book 2By Juliet DavidIllustrated by Simon AbbottBible Stories Painting Book 2 is a perfect way to share Bible stories with your children. Each page has a picture on both the front and back and the pages are perforated so that they can be easily removed for display or for painting.As your child paints you can read the matching Bible story from your favorite Children's Bible. The stories that you and your child (or grandchild) can enjoy include Adam and Eve in the Garden of [...]

    9. This is pretty nifty! A great idea for a vacation or day-out when you have a place to sit at but do not want to carry all the utensils of painting. All you need is a brush and this book and you're good to go. My almost four year old is an artist. It is determined. She loves all forms of art and painting is definitely her favorite. When I showed her this she was ecstatic. She was however a bit confused about the paint being on the page, but then I think that is understandable when she's never see [...]

    10. Kregel sent me this great Bible Stories Painting book, and my daughter was eager to try it out! When you open the cover, there is an inside flap that opens up. It is here that the paints are stored. All swatches on the page become paint when water is added.We had a great time painting together. It was easy to pick up color on my wet brush and paint the pictures in the book. Each page is perforated so that you can paint on your picture without getting the rest of the book wet. The book is filled [...]

    11. It' s a painting book, and the inside covers that fold out are the 'paint'. You just need water and a brush (or qtip as preschool teachers taught me!) to paint!! My 3 year old was a bit confused by it and her attention span is fleeting with 'art'. But she tried it and thought it was fun. I think in another few months, it will be a favorite of hers. The pictures are very child friendly, warm and inviting people, and each page has a simple sentence to describe the story or ask a question. Nice sim [...]

    12. The boys cannot leave this book alone, was so happy that two palettes are included in this book. There are pages are perforated, and it made it so easy to share the book. We read the verse under each of the pages, and spoke about what the picture is about, and then each of my guys set out painting. They had a wonderful time enjoying this, and didn't want to put it away. Tomorrow is another day, and know that they will be asking for more. What a great way to spend a cold winter day, or a rainy on [...]

    13. This is a cute paperback that contains many Bible stories a child can paint! There are two pages with a palette of different colors that become paint when water is added. The pages are perforated so they can be easily torn out. You do need to supply your own brush.Each page is a different story with only a couple lines to describe it, so it's hard to get much meaning out of them. The colors seem like they could be a little more varied also. The drawings are very cute. I do think kids would enjoy [...]

    14. My Review: A painting book your child will enjoy. The front and the back covers each open to reveal two pages of paint wheel palettes. The dry swatches become paint when water is added. The colors are red, orange, yellow, green, blue and brown. No messes just wet your brush and touch each swatch and start painting. The bible stories are from the old and new testaments with simple text that children will enjoy reading.This will be great activity for Sunday schools. FTC Disclosure: I received a re [...]

    15. This painting book is ideal for young children. The paint palette is included, the drawings are bold and the pictures are clearly lined and large enough for little hands to paint. The text is brief but covers many of the main stories of the Bible. I like that the text poses questions to challenge young children and create discussion with parents. What a great activity book for a rainy day or for a Sunday School class! I only wish a paint brush had been included as well.In compliance with FTC gui [...]

    16. My full review is here: thoughtsprayersandsongs/20This was a fun, relatively mess free activity for kids and I recommend it.

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