My Daddy, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

My Daddy Dr Martin Luther King Jr What was it like growing up as a son of Dr Martin Luther King Jr This picture book memoir My Daddy Dr Martin Luther King Jr by Martin Luther King III provides insight into one of history s most f

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  • Title: My Daddy, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • Author: Martin Luther King III A.G. Ford
  • ISBN: 9780060280765
  • Page: 467
  • Format: Hardcover
  • What was it like growing up as a son of Dr Martin Luther King, Jr This picture book memoir, My Daddy, Dr Martin Luther King, Jr by Martin Luther King III, provides insight into one of history s most fascinating families and into a special bond between father and son I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judgeWhat was it like growing up as a son of Dr Martin Luther King, Jr This picture book memoir, My Daddy, Dr Martin Luther King, Jr by Martin Luther King III, provides insight into one of history s most fascinating families and into a special bond between father and son I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character Martin Luther King III was one of those four little children mentioned in Martin Luther King s groundbreaking I Have a Dream speech In this memoir, Martin Luther King Jr s son gives an intimate look at the man and the father behind the civil rights leader Mr King s remembrances show both his warm, loving family and a momentous time in American history Ford is the illustrator of several other books for children, including the New York Times bestselling Barack He is the recipient of an NAACP Image Award.

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    1. 1. "Riding to Washington" by Gwenyth Swain an illustrated by David Geister, 2008.2. I chose "Riding to Washington" as my twin text because it shows a different perspective on the Civil Rights time period. This is probably the first time many will be learning about the time period, so I think it is very important to balance a non-fiction story with a young African American male character with a partner text about a young, caucasian female character. In each book, the children are gaining insight [...]

    2. This is another great book told my the perspective of the son of Martin Luther King. We read the book that was told by his sister and then the book that was told my his son and compared and contrasted the infomation in the two book and talked about why the stories are different when they are told from a different perspective.

    3. Touching glimpse into the family life of Martin Luther King, Jr. I enjoyed looking at the unfinished F & G illustrations, and I look forward to seeing the completed work.

    4. This book is written for ages 4-8 around a Lexile level of AD680L. It was written by Martin Luther King III “Marty” the son of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in the beginning of this book he states “This is a book about my daddy, what it was like to live with him and how much I loved him.” Throughout the book he does just that, he talks about his everyday life and how having Dr. King as a father influenced him. From being afraid that people won’t like him because of who his father is, to d [...]

    5. Having a famous dad during a time of protest and unrest couldn’t have been easy for a young boy growing up in the south. But, Martin Luther King III, or Marty as he was called so not to be confused with his famous dad, learned to be unafraid and stand tall. He was afraid every time his dad was arrested or went to march. When his dad was home he was just that, dad. Marty learned that nonviolence was the best way to help so many people.Readers are invited into the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, [...]

    6. This book written by Martin Luther King, Jr. talked about Martin Luther King Jr. as a father written by his son. He describes the warm, devote and love between a son and father in the context of his family. The illustration are done by A. G Ford, who is the winner of an NAACP Image Award, is the illustrator of the New York Times bestseller "Barack" This book is appropriate for children 7 and up.

    7. A wonderful take on the amazing Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. A well written, heartfelt book describing this wonderful man through the eyes of his son. A must read for all kids and parents alike!

    8. A man tells the story of when he was a young boy experiencing being the son of a famous man. Martin Luther King III begins by describing how his father treated the children at home with tender love and care. He then goes into the many hard times on the children watching their father go through everything he did for something he believed in. Him and his siblings had to go alon with what was best for daddy and represented him well which included burning their brand new toy guns and being the first [...]

    9. I LOVE this portrait of American hero Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. by his son Martin Luther King III! Many of us know the life and mission of Dr. King's life to bring equality to all Americans. However, this wonderful book gives us an inside look into the King household to see how this hero acted as a warm, devoted, and loving of a father. Adults know how ugly and hateful this time in American history played out and the tragic way that Dr. King died. Presenting these truths to children can be dif [...]

    10. Class, we have been celebrating this month. Can anyone tell the class what we're celebrating? (Students explain) That's right, Black History Month. Who can name someone who is a famous African American? (Students respond) Those are all great people and have contributed a lot to our history. (Show cover) Who can name the man on this cover and give an example of why he is important to Black History Month? (Listen to students responses) Those are all great examples of MLK. We will see if we can lea [...]

    11. Text to Text: This book is about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr son’s memories of him as a father. Dr. King was referenced in Brown Girl Dreaming and both Jacqueline and Dr. King has dreams for a better life as Black Americans living in the south. They were both stories about their lives.This book is culturally specific because Martin Luther King Jr’s son wrote this book and the book was about events he remembered about his father. Martin Luther King’s actions affected the country’s future.B [...]

    12. A touching book, that helps to remind us, that heroes are ordinary people that have accomplished extraordinary things. In this book we get a glimpse into what Dr. Martin Luther King was like as a father, an ordinary father who wanted a better future for his children and for all black children. Dr. Martin Luther King ultimately lost his life for his "Dream", but we don't often think about how much those close to him also gave to support him in this struggle. Written by his son Martin Luther King [...]

    13. This biography of Martin Luther King Jr. was written by his eldest son to portray the major points of Martin Luther King Jr.’s mission for equal rights. It is a biography because it mainly focuses on Martin Luther King Jr. even though it is narrated from the perspective of the son as a child. This book would be appropriate for all ages and definitely one that I would read aloud to my students to talk to them about civil rights issues that our nation has faced. This book is unique in that it pr [...]

    14. I'm surprised I never got across this book before. It was a touching book whereas the son of Martin Luther King Jr. describes his father and how he grew up. It was refreshing to hear about how he was loving and caring for his family. The son talks about his belief, how his family had difficulty everyday due to their skin color and what he learned from his father of words being more powerful than violence. I would read this book in class to connect with Martin Luther King Jr. as well as the topic [...]

    15. This book tells about Martin Luther King Jr. as a father written by his son Martin Luther King III. His son describes their love and bond between a son and father. He tells about growing up without engaging in violent activities-Martin Luther King Jr. did not believe in retaliation from the hands, but by the mighty power of the mouth. Also, he talks about the challenges his family went through just by the color of their skin. For a literacy lesson, students may learn about predictions based on t [...]

    16. Many stories are written about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr but this one is special because it talks about the family life he lived--not just his work. I really enjoyed getting to see that part of his life, even if it was in this brief account. His children faced challenges not only for their skin color but also because they were related to Dr. King who was making so many "radical" changes in the United States. The illustrations are beautiful, and it is lovely to see a different side of this famou [...]

    17. Written by Martin Luther King Jr's son, this story of Martin's adult life comes from a very different perspective. Recognizing that all his father did was for his family, and his people, Martin Luther King III talks honestly about how difficult it was to be brought up by a parent who was loved and hated by so many. He talks of the difficulty surrounding having Dr. King as a father, and how he loved and respected him. A great example of voice and perspective as well as a biography about Dr. King. [...]

    18. While reading about the legendary Civil Rights activist Martin Luther King, Jr. my daughter and I learned that his oldest son was named after him, Martin Luther King III, and I wondered what it was like being named after such a loved and hated important man of history. This book gave me some insight to that question and was also extremely touching. I’m sure if his father could read this he would be bursting with pride. A fantastic edition to any elementary school library or classroom.

    19. Marty (Dr. King son) share his story about being the son to Dr. King. He speaks about how he and sister were treated differently from their white friends and how they had to go to another town to play. Marty tells the story of his DAD and the impact he had on the world. Because of his dad outrages spirit he and his sister and other children now have the opportunity to play together. I would use this book to speak about diversity and to encourage the students to play with other

    20. A very approachable storybook for ECE; written by Dr. MLK's son; very realistic art. Includes information about Dr. King going to jail, and his son's confusion about this. Includes some basic details about the violence directed at the civil rights movement, but no graphic imagery. Includes a story about the boys' burning toy guns they were given for Christmas, as their father (Dr. King) was non-violent.

    21. Mom rating: Good book from the perspective of martin luther king the third. It extended our knowledge on the treatment of blacks not so many years ago. Not as ingaging as i would have liked, but it did bring up important discussions with my child. 5yr old rating: "eh, its good. it's about a man who got locked in jail for trying to make changes because people are equal. They threw the guns in a fire to show they were killing all the baddnes in the world"

    22. We all remember Martin Luther King, Jr. as a man that stood up for black rights against the white. However, his little boy wrote this story about him outside of that life. How he remembered his childhood being with his daddy. Yes, he mentioned parts where his daddy was arrested for standing up for their rights but he knew daddy would be okay, and the time they did share together he cherished every minute of it.

    23. This book gives insight to Martin Luther King, Jr. as a father. His son describes him as warm and playful, but he knew what an important man he was to social change. It's so sad that Martin Luther King III was only ten years old when his father was killed. The illustrations are warm and bold, capturing the heart of both father and son. This would make a nice pairing with My Brother Martin by Christine King Farris.

    24. This text was written by MLK Jr's son. It is on a 2nd grade reading level. It helps students to see MLK Jr in a different light than they usually do. Whereas he is written about from an impersonal perspective in the other books in the set, here he is portrayed as not only a hero for all but as a personal hero of his son's.

    25. This is a love letter from a man to his father. It's sweet and sentimental. If Dr. King read this, he would have tears in his eyes. But it's lengthy and there wasn't a story to move along. Also, I didn't care the the illustrations. I have issues with other works by AG Ford. It's just not good.

    26. I've read books written by the daughters, it was good to read the point of view of the son. I appreciated the part where he said, "It wasn't always easy being the son of Martin Luther King, Jr." I imagine that is true of many children of luminaries. I enjoyed the review which identified their 'twin' recommendation. I am a fan of "3 books, 1 theme." I will and book twin to my verbiage.

    27. What a great book about the parent/ father side of Dr. Martin Luther King,Jr. This book gives the reader an intimate look at his family during an uncertain time in history.

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