Stargazey Point

Stargazey Point Shelley Noble s Stargazey Point is a beautiful story of love heartbreak friendship and new beginnings Devastated by tragedy during her last project documentarian Abbie Sinclair seeks refuge with t

  • Title: Stargazey Point
  • Author: Shelley Noble
  • ISBN: 9780062258342
  • Page: 156
  • Format: Paperback
  • Shelley Noble s Stargazey Point is a beautiful story of love, heartbreak, friendship, and new beginnings.Devastated by tragedy during her last project, documentarian Abbie Sinclair seeks refuge with three octogenarian siblings, who live in a looming plantation house at the edge of the world.South Carolina s Stargazey Point used to be a popular family beach resort, but theShelley Noble s Stargazey Point is a beautiful story of love, heartbreak, friendship, and new beginnings.Devastated by tragedy during her last project, documentarian Abbie Sinclair seeks refuge with three octogenarian siblings, who live in a looming plantation house at the edge of the world.South Carolina s Stargazey Point used to be a popular family beach resort, but the beaches have eroded, most of the businesses have closed, and the crowds have gone It s the perfect place to hide from the rest of world.But hiding is harder than she thought it would be There s a wise Gullah woman who seems to see into Abbie s soul, and an intriguing man on a quest to bring Stargazey Point back to life.Stargazey Point by Shelley Nobel is the perfect beach read any time of year.

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    1. I received this book from a giveaway and found it to be a fabulous beach read, great for finishing out the summer season.Abbie Sinclair is seeking a place to escape from the horrors that haunt her following a tragic event that fills her nightmares. When her friend offers her the opportunity to stay with her elderly relatives in Stargazey Point, a beach town that has suffered from destructive storms and is in need of rebuilding, Abbie jumps at the chance.Cab Reynolds has returned to Stargazey Po [...]

    2. Another feel good Southern charmer with some bite. After a traumatic event in her life Abbey Sinclair escapes to Stargazey Point, to the relatives of her best fried, hoping to reassess her life and recover from her heartache. Here she meets three charming, gentile elderly southerns and a wonder Gullah woman who tires to help her. Stargazey Point has seen better days, once an amusement park and boardwalk, it never recovered from the hurricane that leveled the same. Cab, had spent every summer her [...]

    3. I would suggest that readers start with "Stargazey Nights: A Novella" since it does provide readers with a glimpse at the majority of the characters that will appear in Stargazey Point. I for one was really happy to follow back up with Cabot Reynolds who was introduced in that novella.The main character in this novel is Abbie Sinclair. Abbie after recovering from a devastating loss is shooed off to her best friend Celeste's family's plantation at Stargazey Point, South Carolina. The idea is that [...]

    4. 'Stargazey Point' is a beautifully written contemporary women's fiction novel that follows lead character Abbie Sinclair as she travels to the small town of Stargazey Point in South Carolina. As she gets to know the people of the town, Abbie realizes that Stargazey Point is much more than an old destination town. It's a place for love, new beginnings, and finding yourself.This was a fantastically written contemporary novel that features a strong female lead character - Abbie Sinclair - who is in [...]

    5. Abbie has suffered from a major tragedy. Cab is at lost ends, feeling empty not only about the planned community that he has been designing but his fiancé. Cab finds that his beloved Uncle Ned, who he spent every summer with, has died. Abbie's friend Celeste is sending her to stay at the beach with her relatives. They both end up in Stargazey Point searching for a new purpose and direction for each of their lives.Stargazey welcomes them both and quickly involves them in the lives of the people [...]

    6. I thoroughly enjoyed Stargazey Point by Shelley Noble. Abbie Sinclair finds herself in Stargazey Point, SC after a traumatic episode and living in a beautiful rundown house with three elderly Southerners. OK, I love Beau! I met Cab in Stargazey Nights and in this book he is just as adorable. I just loved the connections in the story and the dual storyline of resurrecting the town as well as the carousel. This was a good read and I look forward to reading more by this author.Duane, if you read th [...]

    7. New-to-me author Shelley Noble captured my interest with her exquisite attention to detail in this heartwarming seaside tale. Not one to “kiss and tell,” I’ll simply say that you, too, will become part of the everyone-knows-everyone-else’s-business in the all-too-reliable gossip line of Stargazey Point. Ever think you’d have a harmless flirtation with a twinkle-eyed octogenarian? Me either. But you will.Ever think you’d want to get emotionally involved with a group of ragtag kids? Me [...]

    8. Loved this book.picked it up at the dollar store and have now added all of her books to my list. The story is great and I felt like I was at the beach when I read it.

    9. When Abby reaches Stargazey Point after her last project failed, she is drawn toward the family who owned a large plantation.The Crispins owned the Plantation. New comer Cab Reynold, who left his promising architectal job to refurbish his Uncles Antique Carousel is working hard on this projectAs Abby surrounds herself with the Crispins, she realizes something needed to be done to keep them afloat and not drown in property taxes.Abby found Stargazey Point to be a magical place where dreams can co [...]

    10. This was a really good book; much better than I expected, and I expected to like it!I When I was offered the opportunity to review this book by Trish at TLC Book Tours, the first thing that drew me to the book was the cover, but the synopsis also captured my interest. Abbie Sinclair has had her life devasted by tragedy, and is trying to recover and figure out where she goes from here. Her best friend, Celeste, suggests she take a ‘vacation’ by visiting her elderly relatives in a run down bea [...]

    11. I fell in love with Stargazey Point by Shelley Noble and its quaint and charming townsfolk. This book draws you into the lives of its characters from the very beginning and from that point the pages go by so quickly that before you know it the end is near and you don’t want it to be. Stargazey Point is a story about love, family, and new beginnings.Stargazey Point is a seaside town on the South Carolina coast and Abbie Sinclair, a documentarian on hiatus, heads to Stargazey Point on the advice [...]

    12. To call Stargazey Point a beach novel is an understatement. It is a novel that takes you to the beach, even when you are hours away.Stargazey Point instantly becomes a town that you want to visit and all the characters become people that you really want to know, especially the Crispins. I loved Millie, Marnie and Beau. These real Southerners, very gentile and full of charm.Shelley's writing really draws you into the story, so that you feel you are right there with Abbie and Cabot.Oh and did I me [...]

    13. The fictional town of Stargazey Point is a magical place. The quaint little town, its old-world charm Shelley Noble paints the town and its inhabitants perfectly; I could see it in my mind, and fell in love with the setting. The development of the characters, as well as the interaction between them, felt very natural.But that was it. I should have liked this story far more. It sounds exactly like the type of book I enjoy reading, especially during these leisurely summer months. Unfortunately thi [...]

    14. Some minor inconsistencies, but a very enjoyable read with memorable characters. I wish there had been ten more chapters!

    15. Stargazey Point by Shelley Noble is a fascinating tale. Full of action, intrigue, and heartfelt moments. It instantly grabbed my heart from the beginning. I laughed, cried, and fell in love. The characters were amazing. Felt so real. It was almost like magic. The plot itself was interesting. Believable. Like stepping into a Hallmark movie. Shelley Noble's words created a deeper meaning. Family, community, and new beginnings. Every page made me feel as if I were really there with the characters. [...]

    16. Stargazey Point is a fairly typical feel-good story set in the American south complete with the strong but troubled heroine, the unique geography and climate of South Carolina, the love interest that starts out as a possible antagonist, a colorful cast of characters, some moments of humor, and plenty of redemption. Abbie's horrific past experience and the plight of the town makea bit edgier than most of the genre. Yet I often felt that the events in the novel were just a means to an end. As tort [...]

    17. # 2 in series. Not sure why I didn't start with first part, "Stargazey Nights" but it is on my list to read. Wounded and devastated by a personal tragedy, Abbie Sinclair is in desperate need of time off. Her work friend tells her about a town in SC, just south of Myrtle Beach, called, Stargazey Point and this is where Abbie is headed. Just wanting and needing time to walk and think and be left alone, Abbie finds herself drawn into the lives of the amazing characters of the historic B&B, run [...]

    18. I’m still trying to catch my brain up to all the chaos of a new house, so a beachy romance was just what I needed. Stargazey Point is a sweet summer story set just outside of Myrtle Beach and centers around a hurricane-busted town and its carousel.This story moves as slow as a hot, sticky South Carolina afternoon, but as refreshing as that glass of sweet tea and wicker rocker. There’s no rushing into this romance. Abbie has a heartbreaking background–and it adds to the depth of the story.I [...]

    19. Thank you William Morrow Paperbacks and Giveaway for picking me as one of the winners. I am blessed! I really loved this book and all of the colorful characters in it. I even went and downloaded the prequel to this book, Stargazey Nights. I steamrolled through both of these books and couldn't put either down and I WANT MORE! I really hope this series continues because, I don't think it's done telling all of its stories. This book was one of highlights of my summer reading list. I look forward t [...]

    20. It was OK. Not horrible, definitely passed the time easily; but it took close to 100 pages to reach that reading groove. The characters were likable, the story was good, it's just that everything was a little . . . flat.Once Abbie started working with the children of Stargazey Point on their documentary did the emotions start rolling; as did the feeling of connection with the characters. But it was short lived. Once the documentary was finished, the flatness returned.I don't really recommend it, [...]

    21. I don't remember why I chose to put this novel on my TBR list but am glad I did. Well written with a steady pace to the story. Was glad that the primary characters did not tumble into bed but we're written to become friends who can fall in love at a normal pace. LOVED the Crispin siblings and would love to know the back story but perhaps that's another novel someday. Received this copy from a GoodReads giveaway and thank you.

    22. This is a story about coming to terms with the past and finding peace and maybe even love in the future. It's also a story about building community in what seems to be a dying Southern seaside town. I loved the interwoven stories of redemption, the rich history and the reminder that when people work together, good things happen.

    23. This is where I need a 3 and 1/2 rating. Sweet though way too predictable story about love, friendship and new beginnings. I hated that there were so few surprises but the was drawn in by the Southern charm and genteel lovable characters. Yes, it's a light read and I don't buy Abbie's over reactions, but I love visiting the quaint town and the beautiful descriptions.

    24. I won this book through and couldn't be happier. It was a quick read and well written! You can pretty much guess what's coming but it didn't stop me from wanting to finish it.

    25. It was a nice little vacation. A little slow but growing up in a small town it brought me back to a slower time in my life. I only wish it was longer and had more resolution to the story.

    26. My first book by this author but definitely not my last. She has a great picturesque way of writing which helps me see everything that's happening so well.

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