Doctor Who: Series III, Vol. 1: Hypothetical Gentleman

Doctor Who Series III Vol Hypothetical Gentleman The Doctor is back New York Times bestselling writer Andy Diggle joins Eisner Award winning artist Mark Buckingham as a shadow being emerges from a machine used to view alternate realities stealing t

  • Title: Doctor Who: Series III, Vol. 1: Hypothetical Gentleman
  • Author: Andy Diggle Brandon Seifert Mark Buckingham Philip Bond
  • ISBN: 9781613775790
  • Page: 152
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Doctor is back New York Times bestselling writer Andy Diggle joins Eisner Award winning artist Mark Buckingham as a shadow being emerges from a machine used to view alternate realities, stealing time from those he touches in order to become real Can the Doctor save the Hypothetical Gentleman s latest victim Also, writer Brandon Seifert and artist Philip Bond collaThe Doctor is back New York Times bestselling writer Andy Diggle joins Eisner Award winning artist Mark Buckingham as a shadow being emerges from a machine used to view alternate realities, stealing time from those he touches in order to become real Can the Doctor save the Hypothetical Gentleman s latest victim Also, writer Brandon Seifert and artist Philip Bond collaborate on a story The Doctor and Rory, on a boy s night out gone wrong, leave Amy to face the Silence on her own

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    1. Quick review for a quick read. I almost forgot that I had this graphic novel as an ARC, but this is a series of two stories centered within the Dr. Who universe. The art ranges from highly detailed and life-like based on the respective incarnation of the 11th Doctor to more animated and lighthearted to suit the mood of the storyline. I think the vast variations in art styles threw me slightly as I was reading through it, but it still held my attention. I liked both storylines overall, with a sli [...]

    2. Thank you to Netgalley and IDW Publishing for an advance readers copy in exchange for an honest review. It is easy to write and produce bad and mediocre Doctor Who and there is an awful lot of it out there. I am a very devoted fan and I can admit that readily. But not in this case. Collected in this volume are two 11th Doctor story lines originally published as monthly comics in the IDW Doctor Who range. The first story, "The Hypothetical Gentleman" sees the Doctor trying to visit the Crystal Pa [...]

    3. As you probably already realized, I'm a massive fanatic when it comes to Doctor Who. You can find me sprouting out random DW references (Keep your eyes on that statue. I swear it just moved.) and binge watching DW episodes. This grahic novel comic book includes the 11th Doctor, Amy, and Rory. The dynamic trio taking on the universe. Traveling time and space saving one planet at a time. There are two stories in this edition. The Hypothetical Gentleman and The Doctor and the Nurse. Both are wonder [...]

    4. My first Doctor Who! We own 9 seasons of DW on dvd, and I don't think I've seen one episode all the way through. !! That said, I thought this was entertaining. I'll keep my eye out for more. And okay, okay, I'll watch the series. Gosh!

    5. ~2.5 stars~There were two stories in this graphic novel.The first one I DNFed because of some of the content and some of it was just plain weird--The second one I think was a little better, but definitely not one of my favorites :/

    6. You can find the original review here: thefoundingfields/2013/03/. “Something that is a great fun to read for Whovians like myself, but is prevented from becoming a must read by a few key issues.” ~The Founding FieldsWriters: Andy Diggle, Brandon Seifert | Art: Mark Buckingham, Phillip Bond | Publisher: IDW EntertainmentThe Doctor is back!New York Times bestselling writer Andy Diggle joins Eisner Award-winning artist Mark Buckingham as a shadow being emerges from a machine used to view alter [...]

    7. Dr. Who III Volume 1Andy Diggle and Mark BuckinghamDiamond Book DistributorsPub Date: Mar 19 2013I received a free digital copy from Diamond Book Distributors by requesting on NetgalleyI LOVE Doctor who, I am a Whovian and I was thrilled to be able to read this. And it proved to be very doctor who -ish. It was all a bit random, a LOT of random things fixed into it without any meaning, it felt a bit too random in my opinion, they could have cut down of all the things and then make sense out of so [...]

    8. When my daughter and I got hooked on the Doctor last winter, we had years of TV episodes to catch up on. We’re still not quite there, but caught up enough that the space between episodes feels really long. So when I discovered IDW publishes a monthly DOCTOR WHO comic, I grabbed the first issue for her without hesitation. That was issue #5. We had missed the first 4 issues.Luckily, not long after I started collecting the comics for her--it really was for her, I only just recently, 5 months late [...]

    9. This book has two separate stories in it with two different creative teams. The first story, "The Hypothetical Gentleman" is written by Andy Diggle with the art by Mark Bucking ham, and the art is very good. Buckingham capture Matt Smith beautifully. The story does include some discussion of some of the more troubling events for Amy and Rory dealing with the true identity of her daughter and not being able to raise her. It's not discussed much, but I appreciate it being brought up. The story its [...]

    10. Oh! How I've missed The Ponds It really did my heart good to see them once again. I'm hoping to find more volumes of this story arc at some point. For now, I'll sustain on this tasty morsel.

    11. This collection contains two Doctor Who stories, which are very different from each other. First is "The Hypothetical Gentleman", a story about a being causing strange goings-on shortly before the opening of the Great Exhibition. It opens with a bizarre and random bit featuring a Nazi time-traveller which seemed randomly shoe-horned in. The story itself is OK but we never get the full truth about what was going on. Doctor Who stories should really have their mysteries solved unless the story dem [...]

    12. What a lovely start of a new series in the Doctor Who Comic Series.This book contains 2 stories. 'The Hypothetical Gentleman' and 'The Doctor and the Nurse'. Two stories both very interesting, with both very different themes. So, let's review them!The Hypothetical Gentleman was a nice story with a bit of a dark ending. It starts with a bit of background story of 2 people who will have their role for the plot, and the Doctor who meets them at the perfect timing. I first thought the 'Hypothetical [...]

    13. Ooh, Doctor Who in comic book format! I had to check this one out. I don't really keep up with comics, though I love them. The story definitely fits in the Whovian universe. If someone who did not know Doctor Who picked up this book and read, or even skimmed it, they'd definitely get a fair representation of what the doctor and his companions are all about. There's plenty of time travel for a book of its size. An anniversary vacation gone awry. Shrunken cities. Animals. Beer. Cybermen. Amy's boy [...]

    14. *Vworp vworp* This is my first foray into the world of Doctor Who graphic novels and I have to say I’m just okay with it. It’s still fun to read and it’s great seeing the Doctor during the long breaks that Moffat and the BBC force us to endure, but like with episodes this one is only okay.There are actually different art styles in this and the difference is very noticeable, and while neither really bothered me there was something off about each of them that kept me from enjoying it. Once i [...]

    15. I thought I was downloading Doctor Who Series 1: Winter's Dawn, Season's End from Netgalley, but the book that downloaded was Doctor Who Series 3 Volume 1: THE HYPOTHETICAL GENTLEMAN. No problem. It was just the eleventh Doctor instead of the tenth, and a partial comic book season instead of a full oneE HYPOTHETICAL GENTLEMAN contains two stories. The first is the eponymous "The Hypothetical Gentleman," wherein the TARDIS takes the Doctor, Amy, and Rory to Victorian times. The story involves con [...]

    16. Best Bits: I am a total Whovian, aka I love Doctor Who. So, when I had the chance to read a comic featuring the newest doctor and his companions I was super excited. I really enjoyed getting to see two different artists and two different stories. It gave each one a fresh feel, and just like each episode is written by various people, this felt like each illustrator was getting their chance to put their spin on this amazing series. The first story, Winter's Dawn, ends with a big of a cliffhanger, [...]

    17. Last year my family and I had the pleasure of discovering Doctor Who for the first time. It was love at first sight with the whole family. Now as I impatiently await the next new episode, I find myself drawn to books based on the show. So needless to say this graphic novel held great appeal to me.What I really liked about this book:It has the Ponds in it! They are two of my favorite companions of all time. I loved seeing them back in action with The Doctor. I think the author did a good job with [...]

    18. Okay so this could have been so much better! The first story, “The Hypothetical Gentleman” felt completely unfinished* and the second story, “The Doctor and The Nurse” was just meh, it went for the comical route over the science fiction awesome adventure route. Both stories suffered from some pretty terrible artwork.The first story was turning out to be amazingly awesome and then it ended VERY abruptly with no resolution whatsoever. It was like the writer didn’t know where they were go [...]

    19. Diggle picks up with The Doctor and married companions Amelia "Amy" Pond and Rory Williams. With his two part "The Hypothetical Gentleman", the trio find themselves in 19th Century London. They encounter a married couple comprised of a female telepath and her husband that builds a sort of interdimensional portal resembling a mirror, based on plans she channels and draws. The narrative is a bit flat but there is an interesting plot thread as the unknown being that comes from the other side of the [...]

    20. I loved this volume. The artwork throughout is impeccable, adding to the fun the strip is trying to bring out. The first story arc is good if a little predictable and similar stories have been told throughout the TV series, yet still highly enjoyable and better than most stories. The second story is brilliant and the main reason for such a high rating. It captures the characters perfectly in speech and personality. It's funny, inventive and would be a great story for the show, similar to many of [...]

    21. The Hypothetical Gentleman. A slow start to the new Doctor Who series, not helped by the digression to fight Nazis at the start. The Victorian setting is somewhat interesting, and there's some interesting mystery at the end of the comic, but it's a bit of a slog to get there [6/10].The Doctor and the Nurse. Contrariwise, the second story it's great. It's funny, it's got Amazing Amy adventures, it's got the Doctor and Rory bonding, and it's got great series continuity with the Silence. What more [...]

    22. In Doctor Who Series 3 Volume 1 we see two amazing stories of the Doctor and his companions Amy and Rory Pond. The first story maybe doesn't have the greatest drawings, but still the story is so good. However, when we start reading the second story we can find better drawings (they are simples, but I liked them) and another amazing plot. What's more, the dialogues are good (characters speak just like in the TV Series). Another thing I liked was the appearance of Lady Christina de Souza at the en [...]

    23. This graphic novel should have been right up my alley and unfortunately it was not. The story line made no attempt to grab me and the art was horrible, one Victorian gentleman looked like he had cotton balls glued to his face. While the Amy and Rory scenes were lovely, I never felt like Diggle understood the Doctor and how to write him at all as the Time Lord's scenes came off flat and unfunny. I would recommend fans stay away from this one unless you are really curious about it. *I got this tit [...]

    24. I picked up the special Hot Topic edition of this title while shopping for the Salt Lake Comic Con. Dr. Who has been part of my life since Baker in the 80's in England.I liked both story lines which were very typical of Dr. Who adventures (or misadventures). The first artist's work reminded me of blurry impressionistic paintings which for a comic was not too appealing. The story-line left me wanting a continuation at some point. The second story reminded me of a plot that sufficed to give a brea [...]

    25. I'm not sure how these stories fit into the comic series overall; it seems that the series is full of short two-issue stories but I have no idea if they're supposed to stand alone or not. As stand-alones, I found them amusing but not terribly good or exciting, though I did notice a running thread of "The Doctor does a lot of unnecessary things" that would be interesting to delve into in more detail, so maybe that's a thing?read more

    26. This features two complete stories -- The Hypothetical Man and The Doctor and The Nurse. The Doctor and the Nurse I had already read, since i had both both volume as they were issued.The Hypothetical Man was a relatively good little story: it had an interesting villain, which almost made up for the tired "psychic cheat" trope that gets trotted out for the guest character. Most significantly, the Hypothetical Man of the title escapes and is set up for a return in later issues.

    27. The Doctor visits London in 1851, where there is some strange psychic things happening. They visit The Crystal Palace in Hyde Park, where they find something very odd. Something is there that should not be, but why ? Something is connecting with a telepath, it had her build something.s get crazy for the Doctor.An excellent adventure for the Doctor, Rory and Amy. I loved the illustrations, very well done.

    28. The Eleventh Doctor really is not my favorite, but this was entertaining enough, if a bit silly and random. I also kept on hearing David Tennant's voice in my head rather than Matt Smith's, but that might just be because of my aforementioned bias Drawing style wasn't my favorite in any of the issues but it was interesting to see how differently Rory was drawn from issue to issue, while Amy and the Doctor stayed relatively similar.

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