Geography of Home: Writings on Where We Live

Geography of Home Writings on Where We Live Geography of Home has been hailed as an appealing insightful collection of musings on the architecture psychology and history of house and home in America Kirkus Now available in paperback Geograp

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  • Title: Geography of Home: Writings on Where We Live
  • Author: Akiko Busch Princeton Architectural Press
  • ISBN: 9781568984292
  • Page: 166
  • Format: Paperback
  • Geography of Home has been hailed as an appealing, insightful collection of musings on the architecture, psychology, and history of house and home in America Kirkus Now available in paperback, Geography of Home reminds us that the house is home to many things Far than four walls and a roof, it contains our private and public lives, our families, our memories andGeography of Home has been hailed as an appealing, insightful collection of musings on the architecture, psychology, and history of house and home in America Kirkus Now available in paperback, Geography of Home reminds us that the house is home to many things Far than four walls and a roof, it contains our private and public lives, our families, our memories and aspirations, and reflects our attitudes toward society, culture, the environment, and our neighbors In a literary tour of the spaces of our homes, noted design essayist Akiko Busch reflects on how we define such elusive qualities as privacy, security, and comfort Part social history, part architectural history, part personal anecdote, this rich and delightful book uncovers the hidden meanings of the place we call home.

    One thought on “Geography of Home: Writings on Where We Live”

    1. This is another book of light interest and some interesting facets but no real depth. Reading it alongside Bell Hooks "Belonging" which offers such a contrast was perhaps a mistake as it seems so light and frivolous in comparison. As I said, some interesting snippets but not a book I would return to.

    2. Overall, an interesting take on the various rooms and aspects of an American home. I think the author put some of her own biases and preferences into the stories she shared, which made it lose some points for me. I don't understand the chapter progression.

    3. I might have liked this much better if I hadn’t loved Architecture of happiness so fully – this was published in 1999 and seemed impossibly dated, for one. Also the author was too fond of “we” – “we live our lives in X Y Z mode” Well, you and your tapeworm, or who? And too many clichés. An excellent idea with some fine prose and worthwhile insights here and there – 33: “Isn’t there an enormous difference between something that is never used and something that is useless? And [...]

    4. Ease and simplicity. No bright new revelations, more like a summer's afternoon in the porch swing. Such beautiful writing:"The library is a rom that contains human wisdom. Call it a room that reflects our relationship iwth knowledge. Because knowledge is like anything else—when you love it, you want to do somthing for it. Sometimes you want to build it a beautiful room, which is exactly what the English did, with steadfast elegance, for centuries."

    5. The hardest part of reading this book was the recognition that Busch is discussing something I care about so deeply--in such a way that doesn't make me care more. Although I enjoyed this book topically, I was couldn't figure out what point she was trying to make by writing about the home in such a way. It helped pass several subway rides pleasantly, but was not a revelation.

    6. Pleasant read; some insightful psychological connections to the American home and its evolution. The author's perspective is narrow, omitting a myriad of home arrangements and living quarters of Americans, which makes the book trite. Dated references to technology and appliances spoil the timeless topic of this book.

    7. Interesting book idea, taking each room of the house and evoking thoughts and feelings about it. Made me think about houses I have lived in and the associations I have with various rooms. Good for reflection.

    8. This book essentially said everything I believe and feel about design, not only about what design is and what it is not, but how design relates to our lives and the ways we inhabit a space. Love love love.

    9. While it dates itself a little at times (did you know that the VCR has come to take on a central role in our domestic lives?), this book makes so many thoughtful and astute observations on our homes—things we never really think about because we're exposed to them to the point of neutrality.

    10. A nice and light read, insightful for those not too familiar with "the American Home". Akiko Bush touches on every room in a (traditional) home and relates her ideas and thoughts in a conversational tone that makes it a fun and quick read.

    11. Short, sweet well organized cultural history of different parts of the American home. For example, did you know the laundry used to be thought of as a den of sin or that the modern architects tried to do away with closets?

    12. Nice short essays - one on each room of the traditional American home. Not much rigor, the author too blinded by nostalgia, just some nice light semiotic readings.

    13. a gentle, easy read that reflects on the history of various rooms we inhabit (in developed, Western countries)

    14. nice little series of essays collected from a regular column in Metropolis magazine about our homes and sense of place.

    15. I found this book deeply interesting and accessible. I didn't have to work hard to read it which gave me space to enjoy the beautiful imagery and engaging writing style.

    16. Nice little collection of essays om the history and culture behind the different rooms in a typical American home circa 1995. Some of it is a little dated but overall it is a very nice read.

    17. I loved it! Like a breath of fresh air. This was a reminder of a simpler life. And I am all for that! Especially the chapter on Closets. I will now be more aware of what I am shoving into them.

    18. A nice little set of essays on the spaces of the home. I think I was hoping for something a little deeper though.

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