New Girl

New Girl Liz has to share a room with the new girl on the volleyball team What begins as a frustrating experience soon evolves into something very satisfying This short story also appears in Can t Get Enough

  • Title: New Girl
  • Author: Harper Bliss
  • ISBN: 9781301543588
  • Page: 112
  • Format: ebook
  • Liz has to share a room with the new girl on the volleyball team What begins as a frustrating experience, soon evolves into something very satisfying This short story also appears in Can t Get Enough and A Hotter State.Warning This title contains graphic language and f f sex 3200 word erotic short story

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    1. Liz and Nina are teammates on a volleyball team when Liz was struck by the ball hit by an opponent while she was admiring Nina's legs. Later on, when Nina shows concern for her teammate, Liz decides to do something about her fascination by sharing an intimate encounter with Nina. It is Nina's first intimate encounter with another woman.There isn't much more to the story as there is little character development, background information or other such details. However, the author leads the reader in [...]

    2. A quick, entertaining erotic read. Among other urges, I now really want to join a travel volleyball team!

    3. I had a hard time remembering who was who. Nina and Liz blended together for me, which is a recurring problem I have with Harper Bliss stories. The character just don't stand out.The sex wasn't bad exactly, but this is porn without plot so I couldn't really connect with it, despite the promising setup. Sexy cover though. Oh well, moving on.

    4. Much better than All of Me!-ETA: Free on US, UK, Smashwords, Kobo, iTunes, Barnes & Noble, All Romance, The ‘Free Stories’ page and download as PDF!

    5. New Girl, by Harper BlissNina is the young 21 year old member of the Volleyball Team. And Liz, eight years senior, is the respected stalwart who is nearing the end of her career. Though she tries her best to remain focused, Liz is soon distracted by the firm legs of her teammate Nina. Before long one thing leads to another and Liz ends up bruised and dejected, as the opposition Volleyball catches her cheekbone in between one of several longing glances toward Nina's position on field. "How embarr [...]

    6. New girl is a very short sexy read, Liz is on the Volleyball team and Is put in a room with a new girl on the team. Liz tries not to notice how attracted she is to her, so there won’t be any awkwardness, but it turns out that the new girl is just as into liz as she is.I wouldn't say that New girl is a romance story Just a quick romp between the sheets, for such a short story Harper Bliss really gets to the point without making it feel like the story is rushed. I wish that we got to see a more [...]

    7. Another short read from Harper Bliss!!I am loving off this Author.This one is about vollyball teammates. Liz gets hit in the face because she is checking out Nina's legs, which was funny because I've been in a case similar to that when I was preving on my wife but luckily it wasn't in the face!! Anyway's she is shocked to learn that you should never judge a book by its cover!!! Another hot and steamy sexy scene that Harper Bliss knows to how to ramp it up!!!I am now a fan and gonna be checking o [...]

    8. Liz has a crush on the new girl, Nina, on the volleyball team. That's not the problem Liz has right now. The problem is that they have to share a room and a bed after the game they play. Liz is sure that she can keep her hands to herself through the night. Hopefully. But Nina has other plans, and she lets Liz knows just that.I have a few books by this author and this is the second book I have read by Harper. I can't wait to read the other book I have by her. This was a very quick and steamy read [...]

    9. Liz is twenty-nine and she is a great volleyball player. However, one day she's distracted by her new teammate Nina. She's trying to put it behind her even slipping into some pajamas that are too hot for the night to keep from thinking about Nina.It doesn't work and before long they are have much more fun than at the volleyball game. New Girl is a short, but great read and left me wanting more by Harper Bliss. Hope to read more by the author. If want erotic and lesbian look no farther

    10. This story is good. I liked it. Of course it's very short, so there isn't much room for anything else bit one hot scene. But even though it was short, I liked it. I was convinced that I wouldn't like it because you have no time to really get to know the characters. But I managed. This book deserves 3 stars. If it would have been longer, it could've been 5 star material!

    11. It's hard to give life to characters on just a few pages but I was still hoping for a little more dept in the MC.

    12. First time reading this kind of story niche. Oh my geez, this is effin' hot! I will definitely read more from this author. Hahaha!

    13. There was no story? I think missed the point or something 'cause it seemed like it was just one scene or something??

    14. Very Short NovellaThis was an okay read. Wish author had started when the two characters met. I was a little confused with the characters. Because I didn’t get much background on characters I didn’t know who was who. Read this one to show I will read anything that is a good read.

    15. Short, Sweet & To the Point This was a great little quickie written beautifully. My sole complaint is that I kept forgetting who was who and it was over halfway through before I could keep the two names straight.

    16. I don't usually read short stories or erotic fiction but this was free on my Kindle, tbh this just made me giggle and I kept forgetting who was who.

    17. Short story that gets right to the point. New & old player share a room together thus resulting in a sex scene. Well written for a short story.

    18. This actually rates closer to a 3.5 than a 4. (Extended Review can be found on The Review Board: wp/p30Uww-dS)Have you ever been in a situation where you had to team with someone you have never been teamed with before? It can be kind of awkward. This is what Liz, the main character, faces when her teammate, Kim, gets injured, and Nina, the new girl, has to play in her place.There are a few stereotypes that are played on in this particular work. One pertains to the assumption that female athletes [...]

    19. Abcdef Ghijk, also known as Steph Ghijk, has been to four high schools, eleven schools total. Her mother Caroline, is the reason for all the moves Steph has had. Caroline isn't exactly mother of the year, never settling down to one place for more than a few months. The only kind furniture they've ever had are bookshelves made out of cardboard boxes and mismatched sheets and a comforter. Webster Grove is the first school Steph feels like she fits in. She's always had a passion for design. She lov [...]

    20. New Girl – Lesbian short story… 16 pages… 10 minutes lets do this Liz starts off with a shiner on her eye because she was fantasizing about Nina’s legs during a volleyball match. Liz was 29 years old. Her teammate Kate had been injured so she had to share a room with a new girl (Nina) Nina is 21 has never been with a woman Nina wants to be with a woman “methinks the lady doth protest too much” Pretty sultry sex scene nipple to slit stimulation sounds way more erotic then I think it [...]

    21. Cover :- 4 starsSex/steaminess :- 5 starsStory line :- 4 starsCharacters :- 4 starsOverall rating :- 4.25 starsPersonal rating :- 4 starsBook Pairing:- F/FDid it give me a book hangover :- noIs this a review book or personal read :- Personal read.Why I chose this book?It's Harper Bliss! What I liked about this book.* A Good quick steamy read.* The characters were easy to connect with.* Original storyline.What I didn't like about this book.* I felt the story could have been abit longer.Would I re [...]

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