The Baghdad Railway Club

The Baghdad Railway Club Baghdad Captain Jim Stringer invalided from the Western Front has been dispatched to investigate what looks like a nasty case of treason He arrives to find a city on the point of insurrection

  • Title: The Baghdad Railway Club
  • Author: Andrew Martin
  • ISBN: 9780571282029
  • Page: 145
  • Format: ebook
  • Baghdad 1917 Captain Jim Stringer, invalided from the Western Front, has been dispatched to investigate what looks like a nasty case of treason He arrives to find a city on the point of insurrection, his cover apparently blown and his only contact lying dead with flies in his eyes As Baghdad swelters in a particularly torrid summer, the heat alone threatens the livesBaghdad 1917 Captain Jim Stringer, invalided from the Western Front, has been dispatched to investigate what looks like a nasty case of treason He arrives to find a city on the point of insurrection, his cover apparently blown and his only contact lying dead with flies in his eyes As Baghdad swelters in a particularly torrid summer, the heat alone threatens the lives of the British soldiers who occupy the city The recently ejected Turks are still a danger and many of the local Arabs are none too friendly either For Jim, who is not particularly good in warm weather, the situation grows pricklier by the day Aside from his investigation, he is working on the railways around the city His boss is the charming, enigmatic Lieutenant Colonel Shepherd, who presides over the gracious dining society called The Baghdad Railway Club and who may or may not be a Turkish agent Jim s search for the truth brings him up against murderous violence in a heat dazed, labyrinthine city where an enemy awaits around every corner.

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    1. I'm a big fan of detective/ murder mystery type reads, and so I was looking forward to discovering a new series when I picked up this novel. However, for me there was something missing which prevented this being a great mystery story.The story follows Jim Stringer as he is posted to Baghdad during the First World War to do what appears to be railway reconnaissance. Upon arriving, he finds that an ally has been killed, and he has reason to believe that there is a traitor in the ranks.This has the [...]

    2. Don't know how many times i almost gave up on this book. Unbelievably dull. Clearly, Jim Stringer is not one for me.

    3. The penultimate in the Stringer series, but another comfortable ramble through the railwaying world, this time in the oven-esque setting of Baghdad late in WW1. As ever, Martin sets the scene with ease, and as ever you read through the book with a sense of rose-tinted nostalgia for when days was simpler guv, whilst at the same time throwing in red herring after real herring after red herring. And then, out of nowhere, comes the conclusion and wrapping up of the case.Except this time, the end was [...]

    4. The novel is set in Baghdad 1917. Captain Jim Stringer, invalided from the Western Front, has been sent to investigate what looks like a case of treason. He arrives to find a city in uproar, his cover apparently blown - and his only contact, Boyd, lying dead with flies in his eyes. As Baghdad swelters in a torrid summer, the British soldiers who occupy the city after kicking out the Turks suffer in the heat. Many of the local Arabs are none too friendly towards the British either.Aside from his [...]

    5. 2, old-fashioned, definitely for rail enthusiasts, it did have an interesting plot but it took the first half of the book to get there

    6. Another wonderful story about York detective, Jim Stringer; this is now his 8th outing.Recuperating from wounds and his time on the Western Front; Jim, in his Army persona is promoted to Captain Stringer and tasked to uncover a traitor following the fall of Baghdad.As always railways and steam locomotion are the real stars of these beautifully written books and this is no exception. Indeed it is more exotic as it covers the railways of Mesopotamia around the summer of 1917. Jim gets to drive the [...]

    7. Jim stringer is selected by Shepherd to be sent off to help in the railways at Baghdad. Stringer's secret job is to investigate a suspected treason committed by Shepherd. Jim Stringer tries to collect information about another official (Boyd)'s murder as inconspicuously as permitted but his facade slips every so often. Will Stringer be murdered by the suspected traitor before he unravels the truth? Or will justice be served?Now, the books uses plenty of railway and military words to the extent t [...]

    8. Unlike Edward Marston's detective hero Robert Colbeck, Jim Stringer is a railway detective who's actually worked his way up from the footplate. After seven books he's become Captain Stringer, and has been seconded from his WW1 trench on the Western Front and sent to Baghdad under cover to check out reports that the local railway politico - Lt. Col. Shepherd - is doing something treacherous. Finding his local contact murdered, Stringer starts to investigate the death, but must do so subtly. More [...]

    9. I find Andrew Martin's Jim Stringer books totally absorbing and by chapter 3, The Baghdad Railway Club is no exception. I so enjoy these books I'm tempted to give each one 4 or 5 stars but judging by the score this book has, I guess his gritty matter-of-fact style is not to everyone's taste. Plausibility is a big factor for me; I'm unable to suspend my disbelief for contrivances of convenience that some authors base their plots on: Andrew Martin's plots contain the odd convenient coincidence but [...]

    10. Another of the Inspector Stringer novels and I found it interesting and informative reading. Given the amount of coverage we have had looking back at the various World Wars I was interested to see how it fitted in with my knowedge and understanding of the events that occurred over in France and Belgium in the early years of WW1.This is a well crafted and enthralling story that takes historical fact and interweaves into the fabric a series of crimes and mysteries that keep you engaged. The charac [...]

    11. This book is based around the main character of Jim Stringer, who is sent to Baghdad to investigate treason, whilst also working on the railways. When he arrives he finds that his only contact is already dead, there are dangers and enemies everywhere and on top of that he doesn’t really like the heat!I think this book would most likely appeal to men and especially those with an interest in railways. Having said that I read this as a female with no particular interest in railways and found it a [...]

    12. Jim Stringer is never going to go down as one of the great detectives. Things tend to happen around him and he succeeds almost despite himself.The joy of this series, however, is in the historical detail. Martin brilliantly evokes the time and place of the early 20th century with the occasional sly poke at the present day.It's also interesting to read a book set in the first world war that isn't about the Western Front.

    13. Second of the books in the Jim Stringer series I have tried to read (first one was The Blackpool Highflyer). On the plus side I finished this one (last one I stopped after 100 pages as could not get into it). It seemed to have less details of the railway in it and more of the thriller, but still not enough of the later and I still dont like the voice of the main character. Not a book I therefore enjoyed and I won't be reading any more of this series.

    14. The story is quite quirky and took me a while to get into it. The characters seem somehow to be out of place and not believable, or should I say, very 'British'. Once I had settled in to the story, however, I became hooked. The story has many twists and turns making it both a great adventure and solid mystery. I look forward to reading more of this author.

    15. A good murder mystery story -- the real killer is only revealed at the very end. Lots of red herring characters too. Interesting back story about the British in Mesopotamia (now Iraq) in WW1. There's not as much focus on railway lore as in previous books in the series, but railways are still the mainstay of Jim Stringer's role.

    16. Another wryly amusing and exciting addition to the series. Stringer such an unlikely and likeable hero, he gets results by luck as much as judgement, his descriptions of the world around him hilarious. The war in the Iraq desert far removed from the Edwardian world of York station setting of the early books.

    17. I was nearly devastated. At first I could not see another Jim Stringer book to read. However a new one was published last year. I love these books. This one was not quite so grim as the last two, but very topical with Isis pushing close to Baghdad and bringing the disastrous state of affairs back to our news reporting, which it should never have left.

    18. This is the best one so far - the ending is spectacularly devious, the personalities are intriguing and the detective is very sexy in an understated un-James-Bond like way. The descriptions of steam locomotive mechanics are a bit nerdy but it's only a minor glitch.

    19. felt wasn't as good as the previous book in the series that the author had lost his way abit still enjoyed the read and also felt the ending was a bit rushed and was a bit slow getting going this time round

    20. Didn't inspire me at all, it was dull, the characters just had no personality - just did not do anything for me at all.

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