Just Like Heaven

Just Like Heaven Arthur Cooper is the star quarter back and all round heart throb of Collinswood High School Demi Mitchell is the A student girl who likes poetry and dreams of following in her lost mother s footsteps

  • Title: Just Like Heaven
  • Author: Clarissa Carlyle
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 329
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Arthur Cooper is the star quarter back and all round heart throb of Collinswood High School Demi Mitchell is the A student girl who likes poetry and dreams of following in her lost mother s footsteps of becoming a nurse When Arthur and Demi s worlds collide they touch each others lives in a way neither of them could ever have expected.But what happens when you don t getArthur Cooper is the star quarter back and all round heart throb of Collinswood High School Demi Mitchell is the A student girl who likes poetry and dreams of following in her lost mother s footsteps of becoming a nurse When Arthur and Demi s worlds collide they touch each others lives in a way neither of them could ever have expected.But what happens when you don t get the happy ending When the love of your life leavesn you pick up the pieces and is there any hope for a future In this heart warming and sometimes tear jerking story, follow the lives of these 2 young adults fresh out of high school as their lives intertwine with each other and touch those around them, finding true love in each others arms, promises hard kept and ultimately coming to grips with the difficult decision on what is truly the most important thing in life.This is a story of young love you will not soon forget.

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    1. Wonderful, touching love story of two high school students as they learn important lessons in life, first love and the difficult life decisions each of them must make. I found the support of the Demi's father especially touching, as well as Arthur's little brother. One part of it was so touching it brought me to tears.As I read the book, it took me to back to places and feelings that I have had when I was in my teens. Well written with good, believable characters and a thoroughly enjoyable read. [...]

    2. A touching story of two unlikely high school students, Demi, the quiet studious girl, and Arthur, the school's star quarterback. Despite their differences they are forced together only to find out they do have many things in common. From there, a young love blossoms. Soon however the realities of life come between them, forcing them apart, as they struggle with their own life's problems. Without giving away too much, they do end up back together for the classic happy ending; which I personally f [...]

    3. Really enjoyable romance story about 2 young lovers in high school and just after. I did enjoy the dialog between them, and it did seem very real. Yes, there were high schoolers, so if you're expecting mature, adult dialog you'll be disappointed; but had the author done that it wouldn't have been very realistic either.Yes, the jock guy was a jerk, shirking his responsibilities, but I can understand it given the pressure he was feeling from his father. Though I don't agree with his actions, or hi [...]

    4. Ok, so why did I not care for this book you might ask? Several reasons. Let me first start off by saying that somewhere in this book is a good story. In fact, somewhere in this book is an awesome romantic story. However, it is buried so deep and not developed well at all. The backbone to this story is solid. Boy and girl meet, boy and girl make decisions, girl and boy find themselves in predicament, more decisions are made, some turmoil, then happily ever after. It is a typical love story. Where [...]

    5. I really enjoyed this one. Very sweet love story of two young students as they figure out their way in the world. Being just beyond their age I can totally relate to the situation. Hey, guys can sometimes be jerks, or in this case be under the tight finger of his controlling father. Demi, our heroine followed her heart, for better or for worse, and I really admired that in her. She turned out to be strong in the end and it was nice to see her grow and mature. In the end our hero did do a lot of [...]

    6. Arthur is the typical football player where as Demi is a wallflower or nerd who is asked to tutor Arthur. They started dating and boom bang! She's pregnant. Given that Demi has lost her mother she doesnt have anyone to talk to apart from her best friend and Arthur himself, has his own problems with his younger brother who is currently ill. I admire Demi's decision to keep her son and work to achieving her goals and being a good mom to her son. One of my favorite parts was the ending where Demi's [...]

    7. This story was touching and had me rooting for Arthur to make better decisions and I was impressed with Demi's character in nearly every way, except for being dumb enough to not ensure using protection. It would have been better if they said the condom broke or the pill didn't work or something. This is a smart young girl.

    8. Just Like Heaven is a good read filled with a light romance that blossoms over time and some emotional turns. I did feel disconnected from the characters and felt that the descriptions could've been more elaborate. I enjoyed the change in POVs from Arthur's to Demi's, but overall there was just a little something missing for me; I like to get lost in a book and I just couldn't seem to immerse myself into this one. If you're looking for a fast paced romance about young love, then check it out!Dem [...]

    9. Beneath the Moon and Stars reviewI'm conflicted with this one. The storyline was predictable and way too fast. I felt like I was watching a movie. I pushed myself to finish for two reasons. One, so I could be done and two, so I could see how it all wrapped up. But, it was very adorable and the characters were very well done. Those are important things in my book and almost made up for the bad stuff. This one tells the story of Arthur and Demi. They don't intend to fall for each other. But, they [...]

    10. YA contemporary romance with insipid dialogue, average plot, and good editing. In this day and age, good editing needs to get credit! Simple plot where a jock falls in love with a nerd, they have sex once, the nerd gets pregnant, and the jock treats her like dirt and then goes off to college. There's lots of short and shallow dialog, the chapters are short, and it's a quick read. The jock is a jerk. The jock's dad is a bigger jerk. The nerd worries about other people judging her all the time and [...]

    11. Just like Heaven is probably in the new college young adult category of a romance story complete with teen drama and teens choices when things get carried away. It is a story about choice. It is a story about family and how some sacrifice and others are selfish. It's about growing up and or living the life dealt to you. The writing or editing of this book is pretty rough. I think you are supposed to get this is written as if the participants are actually talking to each other or thinking about t [...]

    12. 'Just Like Heaven' really wasn't my type of book. The story line itself was well thought out, but just a bit cliché. I felt that the story jumped from one major event to the next much too quickly, and that sometimes I wasn't really sure who was speaking because of the way the paragraphs were set up. I do, however, feel that this is a book pre-teens and young teens would enjoy immensely. It's simplistic enough for them to grasp, with just enough depth to give them a bit of insight towards what l [...]

    13. I thought the story was good, and I was pulled into it, but I couldn't get past the grammar mistakes! I'm not sure if it is just the kindle edition, but there were so many grammar mistakes that distracted me! Otherwise, I would have rated it higher. It's a nice, predictable, feel-good love story.

    14. Well It was okay Yes, just okay. The idea and storyline was decent, but there was just something about this book that was off I know it was just a story and it was fiction, but I like to read books and get lost in it and feel a connection with the characters, I just didn't get that from this one. 2.5 stars

    15. The "hero" is a cruel wimp, which might be excusable for a teen, but he doesn't show much sign of growing up before he suddenly announces I'm a grown up and all should be forgiven. The heroine's father summed it up best when he said she deserved better. This book doesn't entice me to read more by this author.

    16. Grabbed this from Book Bub for an easy airplane read. A football jock eventually matured and pulled his life together! In the mean time, the truly strong person was a girl that stayed in their hometown and helped care for his family through some tough times. Nice story, quick read.

    17. This is a short story about a boy that is failing in school so a teacher sets up a tutor that doesn't socialize. They help each other get their lives together.

    18. 222pgs, on what is truly the most important thing in life, coming to grips with the difficult decision, but their story does not have the happy ending, they were perfect for each other

    19. Demi is asked to tutor the star of the football team and ends up falling for Arthur. She ends up pregnant, and he abandons her for his own dreams, only to realize his dreams wouldn't make him happy.

    20. 2 1/2 stars was just okay for me. I didn't really connect too much with the characters and thought Arthur was a first class jerk.

    21. Great story with so much potential. I wish it was more descriptive and longer. There was a lot of missed opportunity for Demi and I wish that she had more dialogue. Overall a great love story

    22. Great readLoved it. Went through so many emotions in this book. Read in one day. I just couldn't put it down.

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