The Dom on the Naughty List

The Dom on the Naughty List Who needs Christmas when it brings bad memories Jude is hung up on his past but his bisexual brats Q and Sabrina are going to drag their normally good natured Dom into the festive season even if they

  • Title: The Dom on the Naughty List
  • Author: Sorcha Black Leia Shaw Cari Silverwood
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 383
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Who needs Christmas when it brings bad memories Jude is hung up on his past but his bisexual brats Q and Sabrina are going to drag their normally good natured Dom into the festive season even if they have to put him on the naughty list But being in a m nage a trois isn t simple Family drama, unexpected consequences, and the sexy shenanigans all avalanche in with the snoWho needs Christmas when it brings bad memories Jude is hung up on his past but his bisexual brats Q and Sabrina are going to drag their normally good natured Dom into the festive season even if they have to put him on the naughty list But being in a m nage a trois isn t simple Family drama, unexpected consequences, and the sexy shenanigans all avalanche in with the snow to make Jude, Sabrina and Q find out exactly how deep their love goes.This is a standalone Christmas novella that is a sequel to the Happily Ever After story of The Dom with a Safeword.

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    1. This was a fun and heartwarming (I know that does not sound right, but it is) story. If you read the first book in this series, you will really enjoy seeing this trio almost a year later. If you are looking at this thinking, "Oh well, I did not read book one", do not pass this up for that reason. It is a complete story in and of itself and while you might not get the same depth of understanding, I think it would still be fun for you. I really enjoy how this book is written about three people by [...]

    2. This review was originally posted on A Weebish Book BlogTHE DOM ON THE NAUGHTY LIST follows Jude, Q, and Sabrina’s journey as they struggle through their first Christmas as a devoted trio. They confront painful pasts, new family conflicts, and a startling Christmas surprise that none of our main characters were expecting. I delighted in revisiting this trio in a new and Christmas-themed way. Pour yourself a cup of hot cocoa, warm up by the fire, and steel yourself for some naughty holiday fun. [...]

    3. This story is a stand-alone sequel to The Dom with a Safeword. It continues the lives of Jude and his bratty subs Q and Sabrina.The group is learning to live as a ménage a trois, but things aren’t always as easy as they seem. Confrontations with family are especially hard when the truth is finally brought forth. Wait ‘til you read what shenanigans those two brats get into, imagine chopping down a Christmas tree, doesn’t sound too sexy right, but Q and Sabrina bring sexiness to it, how abo [...]

    4. This was good. A Christmas story about 'coming out' about their menage to family, and creating family traditions of their own.This story was very playful. A lot of mischief from the women, in an attempt to make Jude not so grinch-like. There was a seriousness to it also, during the family time.The kink was plentiful and creative. I really enjoyed the cookie frosting fight in the kitchen, and the aftermath.A solid story of a M/f/f menage.

    5. Aaawww, cute novella! I love where this story is going. It's awesome that this wasn't a fling and it didn't turn into a sex and run with a hint of kink. I love that's it's full of meaning, love, real trials and tribulations. A poly lifestyle is hard and add a bit of kink and D/s to the mix and there is bound to be prejudices. Plus a family. whoa!

    6. Short, kinky and sweet. Silverwood, Shaw and Black bring back three wonderful characters and give a staggering encore performance filled with love and kink.I loved this novella! It was wonderful to get back to Q, Sabrina and Jude and see how there relationship has progressed since The Dom with a Safeword ended.One thing I love most about Q, Sabrina and Jude has to be how much their love for each other really shows and this made the perfect Christmas read. It was settled around the holiday and ev [...]

    7. I ended up enjoying this book quite a bit but it took a bit for me to *like* Q and Sabrina. Honestly, the title of this series doesn't lie. They are brats. Sabrina pushes and pushes to see how far she can go to get Q and/or Jude to punish her. Q pushes Jude. Jude Doms them both. It just took some doing to get me into their playful spirit. I wasn't a big fan of Sabrina's finger pointing ("Q did it!") but Jude called her on it, which made me grin.I *really* enjoyed the dynamic when they pulled tog [...]

    8. A nice, short story that's a great continuation from the previous book in the series. It's centered around Christmas, so it's obviously best read during the holidays. But fine during summer too!There's quite a few playful, somewhat kinky sex scenes, just like in the previous book in the series. Messy sex in the aftermath of trying to decorate cookies with frosting.That sort of stuff.On the more serious side the story also dwelves a bit into the whole coming out thing, as well as them being toget [...]

    9. This is must read! If you loved Jude,Sabrina and Q in their first go around, you will get a chuckle out of their holday antics and find yourself teary eyed in the end. Just when you think their love can't get any deeper, these author's will amaze you. Sabrina and Q make brattiness look inviting. Jude's brats struggle to get him in the holiday spirit and make the naughty list the place to be. Check out Dom with a Safeword to see where it all started. You won't be disappointed.

    10. The authors present to readers another installment in the lives of Jude and the bratty duo. It's not all peaches & cream with this trio and that makes for a more heartwarming tale. The realism of actually living as a trio and all the obstacles thrown their way creates a perfect set-up of how love can overcome. There is a part one in this series but this book can be read as a stand-alone.

    11. As expected, this book was awesome! These are some talented ladies and i'm glad they keep coming together to write these amazing stories. I loved the ending, it was so sweet. Now to look forward to the next book :)

    12. Really 4.5 review/blurb contains spoilers for book OneI loved the first book in this series; It was the first time I had read a FFM that actually had a HEA and it was such a cute one too! This holiday short did not disappoint and I would recommend it to all fans of BDSM menage!In the first in the series, we saw how the dynamic of this trio worked. We have Jude, the changeable Dom who knows how to cater to both of his very different subs, Q, the bi-sexual switch who sometimes just [...]

    13. when you fall in love with a story and the characters and all the quirkiness coming to an end of a book is a sad thing it always leaves you wondering "what happened next, what were they up to the next morning, what was the next big fight", you long to read more about all the things that make the story THAT good !!! that's why I always love and appreciate these little stories that help with the daydreaming what happens next in the characters lives !! but thing like this is always a delicate matte [...]

    14. My first venture into reading a true BSDM storyt just spanking. I have to say that the story, while otherwise excellent and surpringly tender by the endirms my suspicion that this isn't the subgenre for me. For those that love it not hesitate to pick up this book or this series. I apologize for those who do like this but it just was not an ejoyable story for me. Hence the honest review is three stars right down the middleotstanding writing but unenjoyable topic. If I offended anyone I sincerely [...]

    15. I don't normally read M/F/F, but this series I have been enjoying. I know it's because the Dom, Jude, actually has a sense of humor and doesn't expect his subs to be quiet and do what they're told all the time, after all, they are 'brats' and he enjoys their behavior. I do have a soft side for Jude! Mind you, there's no way in hell I want to have done to me what gets done to his subs at times LOL! but I enjoy the interaction, the humor, and the softness that's revealed.

    16. The authors have an amazing way of writing the characters and the dialogue well. It probably helps that there's three (main) characters and three authors.The way the characters stands out really sucked me in and I liked how the artefacts of christmas was used in the narrative.My problem with the book was that I just couldn't find a plot and I got a sneaking suspicion that the authors have jumped on the trend of serials. (Please say it ain't so)

    17. A look at Jude and his Brats one year later. Great to see them working out together, and what a lovely Christmas gift! As usual, some serious steam in this one too! A very quick read as well. 3.5 stars

    18. Enjoyed this book. I love the support they give to one another. I like how her family comes around at the end. Can't wait for book 3 to see what happens with the addition ;)

    19. For some reason, the characters in this one just irritated me and I couldn't really connect with the story. It was just okay.

    20. I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author in exchange for a fair and honest review. I rated it 4 out of 5 stars.Reviewed for For Whom The Books Toll4, ScorchingBlurb:Who needs Christmas when it brings bad memories? Jude is hung up on his past but his bisexual brats Q and Sabrina are going to drag their normally good-natured Dom into the festive season even if they have to put him on the naughty list. But being in a ménage a trois isn't simple.Family drama, unexpected conseque [...]

    21. Actual Rating: 1.5 starsI really did not like the first book in the series, so I really should NOT have picked up this one. I get it. It is unfair to authors to keep reading series if you don't enjoy the books as giving low ratings affects their overall rating. What you should do is just stop reading.However, I bought this book ages ago and it has sat unread on my kindle for over a year just staring at me every time I powered it on with a "Well are you ever going to read me?" look. Normally I wo [...]

    22. I was so grateful to have this book waiting when I finished the first book, "The Dom with a Safeword." I dove right into it, loving it as much as I loved "Safeword." I enjoyed the continuation of the style of rotating through Jude, Q, and Sabrina's perspectives. The plot twists around Sabrina and Q were great, adding so much excitement and drama to the story. I admit to being sad when the book ended. However, I loved to see that the space left over in the ebook was full of stuff. I cannot wait u [...]

    23. ANOTHER AMAZING STORY! This one was a little more emotional than the first. Again I felt myself pulled in by the details and the way the author makes me FEEL those emotions that the characters are dealing with. I will admit I was warned to grab tissues. I thought WHAT tissues in an erotica book? Well it has been done but I did not listen. SHE WAS RIGHT! I needed my box of Kleenex . This story was a shorter story but had all the emotion and love in it between the 3. It was filled with lots of HOT [...]

    24. A quick easy read, with A LOT of sex play and spanking. The girls acted just as bratty as they did in The Dom with a Safeword. IMO you need to read that story first to fully understand the relationship between Jude, Sabrina and Q.However, I still found it hard to connect to the girls. I know they are ‘brats’ but they act so juvenile at times, it wears thin. On the positive, I really enjoyed reading about how all three dealt with others reactions to their unconventional relationship. Q's Chri [...]

    25. I was so happy to have this book waiting for me as soon as I finished The Dom with a Safeword. I fell so in love with Jude, Q, and Sabrina that I wanted more of them. That’s just what you get in this book. In this book you get more of a look into how they are making their relationship work. Sabrina and Q’s holiday stunts are mixed in with Sabrina’s family drama as she decides to reveal the truth of her relationship.If you are looking for a short fun, hot & sexy read you’ll get it all [...]

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