Fallen SEAL Legacy

Fallen SEAL Legacy An alternate cover edition can be found here Nebraska born and bred Navy SEAL Calvin Coop Cooper after his own family has perished in a tornado is ordered to meet the family of a prominent San Diego

  • Title: Fallen SEAL Legacy
  • Author: Sharon Hamilton
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 165
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • An alternate cover edition can be found here.Nebraska born and bred Navy SEAL Calvin Coop Cooper, after his own family has perished in a tornado, is ordered to meet the family of a prominent San Diego psychiatrist The doctor s brother is a fallen SEAL medic who died in Grenada There, Cooper meets Libby Brownlee, the beautiful niece of this fallen hero Heavily influencAn alternate cover edition can be found here.Nebraska born and bred Navy SEAL Calvin Coop Cooper, after his own family has perished in a tornado, is ordered to meet the family of a prominent San Diego psychiatrist The doctor s brother is a fallen SEAL medic who died in Grenada There, Cooper meets Libby Brownlee, the beautiful niece of this fallen hero Heavily influenced by her father, We don t speak military here, is her comment about the military in general, and the SEAL community in particular.What starts out as a frosty debate between two people privately dealing with their own personal grief, turns into a passionate affair neither expected Just as Cooper realizes perhaps Libby is the woman he s always been looking for, she is snatched out from under him by a psychopathic killer bent on revenge.Dr Brownlee is forced to rely on Cooper s help, along with his buddies in SEAL Team 3 Will Cooper be able to survive the loss of the woman he loves, or will his self sacrifice be enough to keep her safe

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    1. The premise when I read the blurb sounded good but for the life of me, I just could not get into this book. It started off with promise but it just went downhill from there. I'm sure it works for some but it went off on so many different forks that I wasn't sure if she was setting it up to have more story with each of these other lines or not. The way this was done just didn't make sense and I had no interest in all the backstory of characters that had nothing to do with the main story. I would [...]

    2. I got this as a freeie, thought it looked like a fun popcorn read. I'm ex-Army and love me some sexy, military romance fluff. Sigh I got even less than I expected, and I didn't expect much even with all the 5 stars. I didn't leave a star since I don't believe in rating a book I didn't finish. But this was too funny not to share. I do hope the author continues to write and gets a better editor. ETA: Apparently, this is one of her earlier books. She may have gotten better. I have no opinion on tha [...]

    3. Advanced Reader Copy (ARC) provided by the Author and Publisher via NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review. I am a SEAL book groupie. I just love these Alpha Heroes and the women who win their hearts. The romance between Coop and Libby really burns up the pages as the sex scenes overwhelm both the romance and the suspense in this book. Coop is one big hormone when he is in the US. He lives his life for the SEALs and sex until he is notified that his entire family has died in a tornad [...]

    4. My first love has never been contemporary romance, but as an author who continues to excel and reach new heights with each story she writes, Sharon Hamilton definitely has turned me into a dedicated reader of her SEAL Brotherhood. In Fallen SEAL Legacy we take an emotional journey with Calvin “Coop” Cooper who is a giant with rugged good looks and boyish charm and has the ladies clamouring for his attention. Coop has just experienced a personal tragedy that has left him questioning where he [...]

    5. I'm trying to come out of my box, read a few things I might not have otherwise chosen- which translates toI tried a romance novel thinking I ought to read something different. This one was a freebie, it was about a guy from Nebraska, a military guy, fairly hot from the cover and descriptions of Coop--okay, I was in. I ought to have been crying in my soup. The premise of the book is Seal Team 6 member Calvin "Coop" Cooper has just lost his entire family in a storm in Nebraska while he was deploye [...]

    6. Gah. I actually wasted hours of my life finishing this to review it, and it was hell. Bad grammar, disjointed plotline, unbelievable charactersavoid this one.

    7. I'd like to first comment on J.D. Hart's narration. While still very good, I was disappointed after having had listened to Accidental SEAL. The voice Cooper has in this book is different from the one he featured in Accidental SEAL. It really bothered me that they were different, especially since I enjoyed the voice he had in Accidental SEAL.As for the story line, it was enjoyable. Cooper and Libby's romance was sweeter and less tumultuous than Kyle and Christy's. Cooper spends far less time figh [...]

    8. Fallen SEAL Legacy" "Coop", our alpha hero, has just lost his family and their home from a tornado in Nebraska. Although he’s been given bereavement leave, he struggles to deal with the loss. Sensing his struggle, his CO assigns him the task of visiting the family of a fallen SEAL hoping this will help him, and this is when he learns the family is being harassed by a madman. Although Coop isn’t looking for romance, Libby, our spunky heroine, seems to be getting to him, and the next thing you [...]

    9. These navy SEALs just get better.This is another action packed, sensual romance. Sharon Hamilton gives us another fiesty heroine in Libby and a gorgeous, tall SEAL with “Coop” who are both dealing with their own personal struggles. I liked the instant attraction between them and the very sensual love scenes.The gorgeous SEALs are there to help and the interaction between them is a joy.

    10. I had the pleasure of listening to this book on audio. Here is my review."Falling for Sexy Seals!!"Would you recommend this audiobook to a friend? If so, why?Yes, absolutely! I have been a fan of Sharon Hamilton for years now and each book is better than the last.What did you like best about this story?I loved the obvious chemistry between Coop and Libby, which of course they deny.What does J. D. Hart bring to the story that you wouldn’t experience if you just read the book?I love J.D. narratt [...]

    11. It was good but I don't like it that much when an author portrays the hero as addicted to sex and that's what starts the relationship. It was almost every time they got together boom! Sex then he wanted to call it off for awhile when her and her family were in trouble but he just couldn't stay away. I gave 4 stars because he did develope true feelings for her and he along with his SEAL buddies came to the rescue and saved her. That's what made it good. Sometimes there's just too much sex and not [...]

    12. Sharon Hamilton has done it again! What a great read this second book has been! Great character growth and plot. I would have liked to see some SEAL action in these books but I'm ok with a look into their down time for a change. I really liked how important family was to both main charcters. The romance was HOT and STEAMY!!! I'm looking forward to the next book in this series!

    13. What can I say besides this book is awesome I feel in love with this series when I read them in print Now I am going back and listening to all the audio versions and am falling in love with this series even more

    14. I got this in a boxed set, and didn't feel it was as strong as the others. Too many cliches, very few surprises, and I confess I became more critical when the character mentioned his six foot four inch legs. That's one tall seal!

    15. If you're looking for a book with lots of hot sex scenes then this may be the book for you. Personally, I like characters with a bit more emotional depth than I found in this story. Nonetheless, it's a well-written book, just not my cup of teas shall we say.

    16. This book had grammatical erros and the structure was weak in areas. I did not like the build up and it would fizzle out. It would NEVER climax. Not the story anyhow. I really liked Cooper!

    17. 4.5 Stars - This is book 2 in the Seal Brotherhood Series. It is Calvin “Coop” Cooper and Libby Brownlee's story. Cooper is a Navy Seal from Team 3. Originally, a farm boy from Nebraska. Now, a tragedy has just struck his life and he does not know how to deal with any of itother than to bury it. He is forcefully instructed on a mission that will help him with a Fallen SEAL's family. A family who he discovers blames the Navy for their heartache. There he meets this beautiful outspoken firecra [...]

    18. This is the 3rd book I've read in this series. I can only imagine what it would be like to find your entire family and your history completely wiped out by a twister. Ouch. I can only imagine what the hero was feeling and then to get your best buddy running to you when you didn't even think he's still be there would be like Christmas time.Anyhow, this being said, to try and stick your best bud into a love mobile (as I've taken to calling it) and then being ordered to look up a family of a fallen [...]

    19. With Coop just losing his entire family, he's tasked with connecting with the SEALs family that is on his trident. What he doesn't expect is to fall for the daughter of the fallen SEALs brother. Libby's father doesn't like Coop one bit and doesn't get why the military wants to bring up old wounds. And now with a threat to his family and Coop as a possible suspect, will Coop ever be able to convince he's a decent man, especially when the one he's falling for is kidnapped by whoever is tormenting [...]

    20. After losing his entire family to a tornado, Coop is assigned to learn more about the family of a fallen hero. Greeted my a gruff welcome, it's made perfectly clear that the eldest surviing family doesn't wan to dig up the past.His daugher Libby, is smitten with Coop, and after a recent tragedy of her own, she could use the disctraction!I'm enjoying this series immensely, as it always keep you guessing and on your toes! I found myself gasping and/or crying at several parts, and can't wait for mo [...]

    21. Check out my other listens at Eargasms Audiobook ReviewsI was excited for this book. Really Cooper was intriguing in the first book. He had that whole delicious bad boy thing going on, yummy player! Her definitely loves up to that in the first chapter. Way to start things off smexy!!Cooper is an interesting guy and has loads of potential. It just feels rushed in the beginning. I never connected with his loss because it did not have time develop. Perhaps giving him more emotional connection would [...]

    22. Could have been good So this is the third book I have read from Ms. Hamilton. First book I read was Seal My Home, I liked it so I decided to start at the beginning of the series. I then read Accidental Seald that was bad, real bad. So I was at an impasse and decided to read a third to see how I would feelnd of either make or break the author for me.This is book 3 for me. I did like this book better then Accidental SealI definitely liked Libby morebut for peats sake, do all the heroines have to b [...]

    23. I got this book as part of the "Dangerous Attractions" 10 book boxed set. This is book 2 in the SEAL Brotherhood series. I DID NOT finish this book. The gist: Cooper is currently a SEAL. Libby is a college student. Cooper loses his entire family to a tornado. His boss told him to go talk to the family of a fallen SEAL. Libby's uncle is the fallen SEAL and her family is who Cooper comes to talk to.I assume they will fall in love. Somehow Libby finds herself in danger and Cooper will save the day. [...]

    24. SEAL SERIES 2Edit You may realize by now that one of my litmus tests is if once I read a book, I want to keep reading the author so I look for more in a series. This is what happened after I read Accidental SEAL (SEAL Brotherhood #1). I was happy to see that Sharon Hamilton had kept writing about the members of SEAL Team 3. She stated an intention to box up these two books into another set, but I haven’t seen it yet, so I have the two of them just lumped together in this review. Sorry. (You [...]

    25. I hate giving negative reviews but WOW. I finished it, but I wish I'd given up when I was first tempted to at about the 8% mark. If you like your SEALS - or just your characters in general - to have even a tiny bit of class or to have a little depth, this definitely isn't the story for you. Even the side characters were obnoxious. The men in this book are nothing but the worst example of the stereotypes of sex-obsessed, crude-talking, skirt chasing, female-objectifying, totally offensive men - e [...]

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