Mother Aegypt and Other Stories

Mother Aegypt and Other Stories A brand new short story collection from Kage Baker including an original novella set in her ongoing series of The Company Mother Aegypt The Company novels are being released by Tor and include The

  • Title: Mother Aegypt and Other Stories
  • Author: Kage Baker
  • ISBN: 9781597800570
  • Page: 485
  • Format: Paperback
  • A brand new short story collection from Kage Baker, including an original novella set in her ongoing series of The Company, Mother Aegypt The Company novels are being released by Tor, and include The Graveyard Game and The Life of the World to Come.

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    1. I love Kage Baker! Although she hails from Pismo Beach, CA, she writes like a Monty Python trouper.This particular book is a collection of short stories. The first three take place in her "Anvil of the World" cosmos, and the last is a Company story. I'm not always the biggest fan of short stories, but this author is excellent at that form. There is sly humor and a hint of darkness. The last story in particular, titled "Mother Aegypt", had me laughing out loud by the end, and I just don't do that [...]

    2. Finished this off while having the sniffles in bed yesterday. Usually I don't like plowing through short stories, but these were interesting and some were intertwined and there was a long one at the end connected to her Company series. Sinister without being gruesome (much), Baker has a thing for rogues who are not as charming as they think and angry females who find their way. Slightly snarky and enjoyable. (September 20, 2004)

    3. I borrowed this book from the library specifically to read "Merry Christmas from Navarro Lodge, 1928", which is a science fiction/fantasy story that poses the question, "What if?". "What if" is one of my favorite themes. This story could very well have been an episode of "The Twilight Zone", which makes for a an unsual Christmas story. I found one element in particular to be implausible - why didn't the other guests at the lodge see plates and food floating in the air when Dolliver and Sweet wer [...]

    4. I'm of the opinion that Kage Baker is at her best in short story, and although some of these are clearly early work in what later become a different and more developed universe (that of Anvil of the Sun and House of the Stag) all of them are readable and enjoyable. She has a particular gift for the clear-eyed pragmatism with which children see the world, and telling story though narrators who report but don't understand the events around them; it can be something of a gimmick, and somewhat repet [...]

    5. "Leaving His Cares Behind""The Briscian Saint""Desolation Rose""Miss Yahoo Has Her Say" Jan 2 2005"What the Tyger Told Her" read in RoF Nov 11, 2000 re-read 6/1/2001"Nightmare Mountain" read in Stars 12/1/2003"Merry Christmas from Navarro Lodge, 1928""Her Father's Eyes" Jan 3 2005"Two Old Men" Jan 5, 2005"The Summer People" Jan 6, 2005"How They Tried to Talk Indian Tony Down" Jan 7 2005"Pueblo, Colorado Has the Answers" 1/8/2005"Mother Aegypt" 1/9/2005 (also in In the Company of Thieves)

    6. At first glance, this is a collection of short stories, some of which connect to Baker's two best-known fictitious universes, that of the Company and of the Anvil of the Sun, and the rest more or less in "our" world. At second glance, though Gossamer threads link the stories to one another, offering a game of "spot the connections." Enjoyable if read as standalone stories, but delightful as a brain teaser when you take it as a whole.

    7. I enjoyed this anthology of fantasy and science fiction stories. I especially liked "Nightmare Mountain" (myths of Eros and Psyche combined with an eccentric Californian), "Merry Christmas from Navarro Lodge, 1928" (changing the future from the past), and "Pueblo, Colorado Has the Answers" (alien manifestations and a time bubble).

    8. Mostly very good collection of stories set in an interesting world where magic happens. I love Baker's humor, especially evident in stories like Desolation Rose. Some of the horror aspects of the other stories is less enjoyable, like the title story; however, it is still gripping. What the Tyger told her is written like a fable, and it's one you remember. All in all, a great collection.

    9. This collection of short stories was wonderful. It includes tales building upon Baker's "Anvil of the World" story as well as in the Nell Gwynne universe. There are also some nice stories occurring in contemporary or recent past California.

    10. Very odd stories. For those of you who like odd and different stories, this is for you. She's a very good writer. Now I'll have to search out some more books by her. This is the only one by her that my library had in its collection.

    11. I enjoyed this book of short stories by Kage Baker. Some are set in the same universe as The Anvil of the World, etc and one in The Company world (I think just one). The others are excellent short stories of their own. Overall the themes are darker than much of Baker's work. Enjoyed them all.

    12. Kage Baker is one of my favorite writers of all time. Her sense of detail is so rich and scrumptious, she really gives you a feel for whatever place and time the story takes place in, whether reality-based or fantastical.

    13. Keskpärane kogumik, ohtralt naistele suunatud urban fantasy stiilis halearmsa alatooniga muinasjutukesiLõpulugu, The Company sarja kuuluv lühiromaan Mother Aegypt oli suurepärane, ent täielikuks mõistmiseks nõuab The Company sarja päris head tundmist.

    14. FANTASTIC! collection of short stories. All were poignant, most were humorous, and two of them got me crying in the middle of an airport.There is one Company-based short story, but it doesn't feature any of the normal characters. This is a very different view of other Company employees.

    15. A very nice find at Backstock Books a few weeks ago, just now got around to reading it. A very nice collection of Kage Baker shorts.

    16. I felt kindof meh about the collection as a whole, but a few stories really grabbed me. Maybe if I had read them one per month, it would have gone better?

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