One thought on “In the Ravine”

  1. No pequeno e pacato vilarejo de Ukleevo,situado no meio do nada, entre barrancos ,habita a família de tsykubin ,comerciante que se tornou próspero vendendo vodka caseira e alguns outros produtos de forma ilegal e também explorando a vizinhança que ele odiava. Tudo parecia ir bem,mas conflitos familiares, inveja , ganância ,corrupção , vaidade , avareza entre outras coisas , colocaram a estabilidade dessa família em risco. Um terrível assassinato vai te deixar perplexo, mais perplexo ain [...]

  2. Chekhov is one of the best short story writers I know. His prose is beautiful but it's his characters that are unforgettable. But this story, I believe, will not stay in my memory because of some characters. Oh, no. This is going to be remembered mostly as "that story that is depressing as hell". Not that I haven't read realistic fiction before or more tragic tales than his. I just didn't expect that Ksenia will get nothing for her cruelty. Plus, it wasn't just a story about one family this one [...]

  3. An extremely sad story. I don't think I have read a story lately with such an impact on me. It just makes one glum to imagine the tragedy portrayed in this story. With elements of loss, tragedy, jealousy, this short story stands apart.

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