The New Elizabethans

The New Elizabethans After the Queen s accession in the phase New Elizabethans was commonly used as a way of describing ambitious young men and women whose energy and talents seemed to match those of the youthful mo

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  • Title: The New Elizabethans
  • Author: James Naughtie
  • ISBN: 9780007486502
  • Page: 415
  • Format: Hardcover
  • After the Queen s accession in 1952, the phase New Elizabethans was commonly used as a way of describing ambitious young men and women whose energy and talents seemed to match those of the youthful monarch Now, to mark the Diamond Jubilee, Radio 4 looks back over the span of Queen Elizabeth II s reign so far.

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    1. Even for those who were unable to hear the original broadcast of The New Elizabethans, listeners to the Today programme (at least until his departure last week) will have no problem when reading this book in hearing the lilting tones of Jim Naughtie behind the words. This is an extremely well put-together book and given the impossibility of the task of choosing sixty notable figures from the past sixty years, pulls off a very impressive trick. It also taught me a fair amount about people, of who [...]

    2. Even though this is - more or less - identical to the R4 series of 2012, it doesn't work so well. Perhaps it is because one can unpick the arguments much more readily in print. THe immediacy of radio was more compelling.The selection is what it is, and there is no point in dwelling on who was put in and who was left out. (Having said that: Goldie. I mean, come on. Goldie?) A few portraits are weak, a couple unconvincing. There are quite a few gems there, and one must give Naughtie credit for the [...]

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