Highschool of the Dead #1

Highschool of the Dead Edici n argentina Una misteriosa enfermedad se esparce r pidamente por los pasillos de la secundaria Fujimi En cuesti n de horas hordas de estudiantes infectados se convirtieron en hambrientos zombie

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  • Title: Highschool of the Dead #1
  • Author: Daisuke Sato Shouji Sato Nathalia Ferreyra
  • ISBN: 9788415513575
  • Page: 308
  • Format: Paperback
  • Edici n argentina Una misteriosa enfermedad se esparce r pidamente por los pasillos de la secundaria Fujimi En cuesti n de horas, hordas de estudiantes infectados se convirtieron en hambrientos zombies S lo un pu ado de chicos se escap del primer avance de la plaga, entre ellos Takashi Komuro y su amiga de la infancia, Rei Takashi logra proteger a Rei de los zombies,Edici n argentina Una misteriosa enfermedad se esparce r pidamente por los pasillos de la secundaria Fujimi En cuesti n de horas, hordas de estudiantes infectados se convirtieron en hambrientos zombies S lo un pu ado de chicos se escap del primer avance de la plaga, entre ellos Takashi Komuro y su amiga de la infancia, Rei Takashi logra proteger a Rei de los zombies, pero qu tanto durar n as mientras todo el resto de la escuela y quiz s todo el pueblo ans a su sangre El peligro del colapso societal, la conservaci n de los c digos morales, el horror de verse asediado por zombies, todo es cat strofe en Highschool of the Dead, impactante manga shonen que bate records de venta alrededor del mundo y que fue adaptado a un anime para TV con gran repercusi n.

    One thought on “Highschool of the Dead #1”

    1. This manga made me feel so sick that a lot of times I contemplated just not finishing it for the sake of the meatball sub I just ate. I mean, come on. I thought the ecchi was gonna be the issue, but it was more the whole beating in zombie heads with a wooden sword, you know? Don't get me wrong, it's an amazing manga. I've given most of the mangas I've read high ratings, because I only spend my time on the ones that come highly recommended. Most manga series are very long, and with this OCD compu [...]

    2. I read this because it fits in a category I am following, school-based horror manga. This one features a school and then town that is suddenly mostly zombies. Doesn't matter why or how. The arc of the first volume is unsurprising, moving from Act 1, Spring of the Dead, to Act 2, Escape from the Dead, to Democracy of the Dead (i.e the plague kills everyone equally, the rich and the poor, the beautiful and the plain, and so on). "The world breaks everyone and afterward many are strong at the broke [...]

    3. Nojust no.Why was there so many up-skirt shots of high school girls? Did we really need to see that? I'm not sure where to begin with this. So the premise is basically a zombie apocalypse that centers around some high schoolers and the school nurse trying to survive. Now, I'm not the biggest fan of zombies but I thought I'd try this anyways.*rubs temples*The story line wasn't the best but it wasn't horrible. What was horrible were the characters. The girls in this manga were beyond ridiculous. I [...]

    4. Abandonado en el tomo 3. Es asquerosamente machista, de las peores cosas que he leído en la vida, francamente si alguien me dice que es súper fan de este manga lo voy a mirar muy raro a la par que me alejo lentamente.

    5. I LOVE THIS MANGA!!!Okaygore checkAwesome fight scenes.kAmazing characters.kZombies.kAwesome story linekHonestly I found this on a whim at the bookstore under the mature section, and snatched it up. Sadly I should've bought the 2nd one while I was at it. But hell this manga was so much fun to read, the artwork was beautiful to look at, and none of the characters annoyed me. So I'm satisfied and perfectly content with this series. I kind of got sick of the ever lasting manga that will never stop. [...]

    6. This review is for the whole series rather than just this issue (saves me having to write six of these) but overall I thought this series was alright.The highlights in my opinion were that there were plenty of zombies (so if you came to the series for that then you won't be disappointed) as well as gore and hyper-kinectic fights (as well as an astonishing level of attention to detail when it comes to technical details of things such as firearms and economics). There are also quite a few interest [...]

    7. Synopsis:A mysterious illness is spreading rapidly through the halls of Fujimi High School. In a matter of hours, the campus is transformed from a place of learning into a hive of nightmares, as the infected students collapse and are reborn as flesh-hungry zombies! Only a handful of students escape the initial outbreak - among them Takashi Komuro and his childhood friend, Rei. He manages to protect Rei from the initial onslaught, but how long can Takashi and the other students hope to survive wh [...]

    8. Out of the wake of the zombie hype, those wishing to read this must bare in mind that this series has alot of weaknesses-the first being it's fan-service, which often comes off as manipulative and/or disgusting (unless your into tits with the consistency of icing bags or bagged milk)-the characters are despicable, tho some chemistry may arise, but the lead is just an asshole, his childhood friend leaves their moral a leg short, the swordsmen chick, though one of the best characters falls victim [...]

    9. I didn't particularly like the anime (too much (gravity-defying) boobs and asses). This one also has quite a few fanservice moments, but I felt it was slightly less.

    10. 3.5 starsit was cool i loved it i saw this one by coincidence so i was like -why i don't try this one -and i just couldn't stop myself from finishing it . it's a really good

    11. I hated this and loved this at the same time. I had always wanted a zombie manga/book that revolves on teenagers and how they would cope when they're attacked with hardly, if there will be any, adult help. And Highschool of the Dead did just this. It has the right amount of action, character development (although a bit slow), and realistic psychological reactions to certain situations to get you hooked.But this is obviously for the male audience because there is WAY too many ecchi in it. Oh yeah [...]

    12. Full ~5/5 Majestic Stars~ If you love the walking dead because of the gore, zombie killings and fan service then this is the manga for you. I first was introduced to this manga by watching the first season of the anime and i was hooked. Be warned i feel like this is the r rated version of the walking dead [Mature themes that may be uncomfortable to watch/read]. I'm still waiting for season 2 anime wise T-T

    13. Actual rating: 2.5I watched this anime a few years ago and really enjoyed it, so I've been looking forward to the manga for a while. The manga is okay and so far, that's really just it. Much like with Trigun, I'm having a hard time deciphering who is talking sometimes, which makes it slightly hard to follow. And because of the confusion I had through most of the volume, that is why I'm giving it a lower star rating. Well, that and the obnoxious panty shots and all girls having giant boobs but I [...]

    14. I checked out the 1st 4 volumes of this from the SPL. I wanted to get into it, since I had heard that the anime was really good. The anime version has been recommended to me several times. So, I gave the manga a chance. But, honestly, I could not get into this at all, and dropped it almost immediately. I didn't even finish the first chapter. The art is decent at best, and the storyline is stupid and unbelievable. I will be adding this series to my *Will NOT Read* list, as it just is NOT for me.

    15. I've read the entire H.O.T.D series and watched ( and re watched ) the anime series and found it to be a fantastic manga! I've been trying to find out when the next installment will be seeing as act 30 was released on April 10th 2013. As for the "up tbe skirt" statement, the reason for it is the artist shoji sato ( the authors brother) is also a hentai artist for a company called digital accel works. kind of a project bridge I guess. lol

    16. I've been meaning to read this for the longest time. I first saw the anime and thought 'I just have to read the manga for this'. After doing so I bookmarked it as to read then forgot about it. I recently found it free to read and delved in today. The artwork is quite nicely drawn and the characters are actually somewhat realistic. This volume just had me on my toes from how great it was.

    17. Even though there's next-to-no character development whatsoever, this is still a pretty solid, fun read. It's not slow, and it's certainly a little gory, every once in a while. I think further depths into the volumes could add a lot to this series.

    18. Recently I've read a fair number of things I feel like I should've liked more than I did. They had cool sounding concepts and or were directly in my preferred genres but for whatever reasons didn't resonate with me. Highschool of the Dead is almost the opposite - there are a variety of elements here that should have put it firmly in my "meh" category at best but to my surprise I ended up enjoying it a fair bit.During a normal day at school a man acting strangely shuffles up to the front gate and [...]

    19. Highschool of the Dead pretty much is exactly what it sounds. Set in a highschool, this first volume follows Takashi, his long-time crush (and therefore the romantic angle) Rei, and her boyfriend as they struggle to survive when a zombie outbreak occurs at their school. As they fight off the undead, they will meet other survivors, and attempt to band together to escape the highschool of the Dead! :OI was really interested when I first heard of Highschool of the Dead. I mean the concept isn't ver [...]

    20. (Gonna leave an overall comment for the entire series here as I can't be bothered to go around personally commenting.)I love this series, despite disliking it originally for the reasons I'm about to say, but it has a couple of flaws but in no comparison to how amazing it is. I'm also going to admit -after reading the manga and watching the anime series- the anime has had a major influence over my opinion on this entire creation although the books (I own all) are terrific in their own right.The a [...]

    21. 5 / 5 SternenBuchinfos:Titel: Highschool of the Dead 1Autor: Daisuke SatoBuchart : TBSeitenzahl : 180Verlag: Carlsen MangaBestellcode: 978-3551758842Erhältlich : 03 / 2013Kosten : € 6,95Alter: 16 - 17Buchrichtung: JugendbuchVorgängerbände: -Folgebände: bis jetzt gibt es 7 TeileVerfilmung: -Inhalt:Achtung: Infektionsgefahr! Überall auf der Welt ist ein unbekannter und tödlicher Virus ausgebrochen, der die Infizierten in torkelnde und sabbernde Zombies verwandelt. Die Notrufnummer ist daue [...]

    22. Cette série m'a toujours intéressée, mais je ne sais pas, rien ne me poussait à acheter la premier tome. Donc quand j'ai vu qu'un ami l'avait, je l'ai emprunté, histoire de voir si je suivrais ou pas. Premier tome fini, je ne sais pas si je vais continuer, je crois que j'aurais besoin de lire le deuxième tome pour pouvoir me prononcer définitivement.Takashi sèche les cours, et comme d'habitude se prépare à aller faire une sieste sur la terrasse de son lycée. Il fixe le portail, et voi [...]

    23. So I picked this book up because I heard about it on tumblr. I had no prior research and I didn't even bother looking at the summary for this book. So when I found it at my library, I picked it up, threw it in my checkout bag, and merrily went on my way.Then, I started it.Can I please address this cover? No offense, but I don't think the artist got the physics of the boobs correct. They seem to be defying any and all laws of nature. I liked this book. The plot was interesting. The characters wer [...]

    24. I think this book seals it for me. I'm over YA dystopias where only teens have the answer, that with minor exceptions, I do not like ultraviolent manga and that I'm SO over zombie plagues. I should say though that those factors are the reason for the low rating. If you like YA dystopias or zombies, you might enjoy it since the story, at least, is sound.A strange man shows up at the gates of Fujimi high school and attacks some of the staff. One bite and you're dead and infected. Needless to say, [...]

    25. More reviews at Rondo of a Possible World: YA Book ReviewsZombie apocalypses are one of my favorite things to read or watch (That's why I love Zombieland so much, well, that and Jessie Eisenberg) and Highschool of the Dead really set the bar with that. I'm a big horror reader. So anything that's gory or disturbing I'm up for the read. This manga was a sure fire hit on gore.The only thing that was difficult to get past in this manga was the Echi, or the perverted messes that that that happens eve [...]

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