One thought on “The Blood Seed”

  1. The Blood Seed, a look at the British Raj through the eyes of orphaned servant Balbeer, starts slow and has all indications that it will be a quiet, contemplative book about one man growing up on the outskirts of British-controlled India, but about a third of the way in the story kicks into high gear as Balbeer's life takes one unexpected turn after another. This serves as a convenient way to take the reader on a journey through several facets of Indian life at the time, but towards the last thi [...]

  2. The novel is a tale of stories and adventures set in nineteenth century India, during the British Raj. It strives to portray the lives of Indians from all walks of life, weaving multiple stories which all intersect in the life and experiences of the hero, a young Indian orphan from a high caste who falls on very hard times. A mix of Dickens and the Arabian Nights' tales. Very entertaining.

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