Newton's Fire

Newton s Fire A breathtaking thriller which weaves history and religion with action adventure and apocalypse Luke Hayward is adrift Blacklisted out of academia he is in no position to refuse when a client asks fo

  • Title: Newton's Fire
  • Author: Will Adams
  • ISBN: 9780007424221
  • Page: 245
  • Format: Paperback
  • A breathtaking thriller which weaves history and religion with action, adventure and apocalypse Luke Hayward is adrift Blacklisted out of academia, he is in no position to refuse when a client asks for his expert help in recovering some lost Isaac Newton papers.But a chance discovery in a dusty attic plunges Luke into a race to uncover the truth behind some seemingly randA breathtaking thriller which weaves history and religion with action, adventure and apocalypse Luke Hayward is adrift Blacklisted out of academia, he is in no position to refuse when a client asks for his expert help in recovering some lost Isaac Newton papers.But a chance discovery in a dusty attic plunges Luke into a race to uncover the truth behind some seemingly random scribblings a race which pits Luke against a fundamentalist madman with dangerously powerful friends.Luke discovers connections between Oxford, London and the Old City of Jerusalem in a breathless chase to uncover a secret hidden in the eccentric ramblings of a mathematical genius a secret that, in the wrong hands, could be used to spark the holy war to end all holy wars

    One thought on “Newton's Fire”

    1. full of action, good set pieces, mythology, history, great locations. and yet and yet it didn't quite gel properly. Some of the dialogue was clunky especially towards the end. Character development was almost an afterthought, a second draft shoe-in. It needed another pass to mesh it that little bit stronger together.As it is, I did thoroughly enjoy it especially since a lot of the action was set here in the UK; though non UK residents may have to have the internet nearby as locale description is [...]

    2. Thoughtful, enlightening and just such a good paced read. Certainly a far better read than Dan Brown's the Lost Symbol. If you want a well researched, but overall damned good read, then this is the book for you. Believable characters throughout, with Luke and Rachel as the main characters so believable.

    3. Lo dico subito, questo libro non è entrato nel mio cuore, nella mia mente, nella mia anima. Ha sfiorato pochissimo il mio essere. Ciò nonostante, cercando di essere obbiettivo, non lo reputo un brutto libro. Anzi.Ci sono sia pregi che difetti, e i difetti per me hanno superato i pregi, però senza eliminarli. È un’opinione del tutto personale che va presa con le pinze. Sono certo che gli amanti del genere non faticheranno ad apprezzare moltissimo la lettura di quest’opera.Il più grande p [...]

    4. it's good, I gained some insight of others who hated my religion. but, the real compliment would be, this book is a good conspiracy book, it contains facts and a lot of dates. worth to read for pleasurech better than watching tv for sure.

    5. Un intrigo che abbatte i confini nazionali, che va oltre la realtà per approdare nel mistico, un piano ideato secoli fa che riuscirà forse ad essere finalmente realizzato?Un testo che si basa non solo sul genio di Newton, ma anche su quello di numerosi altri studiosi che sono venuti a contatto con lui, quali Ashmolr, uno storico, un collezionista d'arte, un alchimista, oppure John Dee, un matematico, un astrologo, un alchimista. Diverse figure di spicco della storia mondiale si intrecceranno t [...]

    6. When disgraced Newtonian scholar, Luke Hayward, discovers some lost papers written by Isaac Newton in a dusty attic, he becomes embroiled in a global conspiracy that leads all the way up to the Vice President of the United States. He finds himself caught in a race against time to decipher centuries old clues left by a long dead genius, with not only his own life at stake, but possibly the lives of millions.There will be some of you, after reading that summary, that start to think "Hang on, wasn' [...]

    7. Luke Hayward has been employed to search for some of Newton's missing papers. When he unexpectedly finds what he's looking for in the attic of an elderly lady's house he thinks his job is over, but soon he is being pursued by a ruthless gang, determined to get hold of the papers for nefarious purposes.This book definitely falls into the "page-turner" category as it seemed to me to be composed almost entirely of plot with only an infinitesimal amount of characterisation. It's very filmic as it mo [...]

    8. I try to always do with what I got when it comes to books and be respectful that someone worked on the story I've just read.But, no matter how hard I try, I simply cannot like this book. A lot of people are the start is slow and somewhat confusing, when for me, I feel as though the start is written better than the entire book.I'm not going to go into the story, but it's sort of entertaining. I just feel that with little bit of more work and time, the book could have been something.The characters [...]

    9. Will Adams gave an interesting concept and gave good effort for this book, however i'm not quite happy about this novel. I expected Will Adams to surpass or be up to the level of Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons. I should give one star but I didn't hate it because I liked the effort.The beginning didn't give any hints as to what the characters were searching for and kept giving me more questions then answers and I began to lose interest. For example, I thought that the characters [...]

    10. Pseudo Dan Brown so not original in any way but it was another holiday read so I enjoyed it just based upon the sunshine and the accompanying JD and coke it was great.University professor embarks upon a private enterprise of an investigative nature in an attempt to locate missing papers of historical and scientific interest. People die, aces get dug up, kidnapping, travel between different locations and a bit of Arab Israeli conflict thrown in.

    11. Though it gets off to a somewhat slow and confusing start, this book picks up into an exciting storyline that weaves together history and modernity in a way I can't help but enjoy. Once the various plot lines become clear, they are strung together well, with a good mixture of tension and excitement. While not quite of the same calibre as Adam's other books (The Alexander Cipher gripped me more, and was a great read), I certainly enjoyed this book and look forward to Adam's next.

    12. A Different Read.I like my historical fiction but I can't quite decide what to say about this particular book.I found it a bit of a mishmash, I felt it didn't gel well at the beginning, not that I am some great expert on writing but this is just my opinion, my thoughts may well change in a few days after thinking on it more!Even though my review at the beginning was not great I did eventually get into the book, but unfortunately I'm still left with questions.

    13. It's a slow burner to begin with as the characters are set up but once that's done it's a fun & easy read. Was hoping that the Pelham character would make a re-appearance as he was quite fun. The conclusion wasn't too much of a brain teaser to be honest but it didn't stop me from enjoying the book

    14. Will Adams does not disappoint! This story takes place mainly in Europe, but reaches all the way to Israel. Newton, alchemy, and a far reaching conspiracy. Great story. Would have read it in one sitting if I had not had things that needed doing! Even during the history lessons that are inevitable in any tale like this, I found the information fascinating.

    15. A good read that's been well researched. Ok, it's a bit far fetched but the factual history is well woven into the story. My only gripe is the use of some American language by an English author. For example "out back" and "we'd go celebrate" (instead of and celebrate).

    16. I liked this story and thought the author did a good job creating a believable and plausible plot-line. It does tend to suffer a bit from "been there, done that", and I also thought he didn't make much of an investment in the characters themselves.

    17. I liked this book. It was an interesting read similar in concept to Brown's 'Angels and Demons' but with Newton instead of the Illuminati. It was a cleaver story with an engaging plot and I very much enjoyed the read, but it wasn't an OMG-wiz read. Fun airplane/port road trip book.

    18. Starts off slowly and gets better. The plot is a bit far fetched but as escapist fiction it works well. There are good guys and bad guys, a quest and plenty of historical clues to be solved. Well researched and well written, Isaac Newton is the key to this sub-Dan Brown thriller.

    19. The book provided a lot of interesting facts about the life of Isaac Newton and his hidden personality. Good riddle and quite exciting chase. Even though the end is a bit of a disappointment, it is a good book overall

    20. Enjoyable well paced thriller, but not a ground breaker. Followed the usual formula but still thoroughly readable. Seemed well researched but I am not a Newton scholar so what would I know!

    21. Fairly slow start but the pace picks up and the plot twists get more exhilarating with each page. Some point seemed too convenient but overall a great book

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