You Had Me At Halo

You Had Me At Halo Holly Evans has just seen her own body laid to rest Now she would like to move onto the afterlife But apparently she has some mortal baggage to unload first starting with the matter of how she died H

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  • Title: You Had Me At Halo
  • Author: Amanda Ashby
  • ISBN: 9780451221353
  • Page: 272
  • Format: Paperback
  • Holly Evans has just seen her own body laid to rest Now she would like to move onto the afterlife But apparently she has some mortal baggage to unload first, starting with the matter of how she died Her heavenly shrink isn t buying that she didn t kill herself and says she must return to earth to straighten things out The thing is, she needs to borrow the body of compHolly Evans has just seen her own body laid to rest Now she would like to move onto the afterlife But apparently she has some mortal baggage to unload first, starting with the matter of how she died Her heavenly shrink isn t buying that she didn t kill herself and says she must return to earth to straighten things out The thing is, she needs to borrow the body of computer geek Vince Murphy to do it Oh, and although Vince was supposed to have vacated the premises, he apparently never got the memo Now, Holly has forty eight hours to resolve her issues while sharing arms, legs, andother thingswith a guy she barely noticed while she was alive But the real surprise is what life has to offer when you have only two days to live it.

    One thought on “You Had Me At Halo”

    1. 1 TO 1.5 Dissapointed starsTHIS BOOK HAD SOOO MUCH OF POTENTIAL ! WHY DIDNT U USE IT Amanda ? Why !?! This book had an amazing storyline,great secondary leads ,an amazingly sensitive hero who falls in love with AN ABSOLUTLY RIDICULOUS FEMALE LEAD !! If I have to read about her whining over non-GUCCI burial dress while swooning over how perfect her live boyfriend,Todd one more timeI'll probably end up killing myself so could go haunt this book's unsuspecting author about how the heroine's attitud [...]

    2. Holly: I guess I was having a flashback. But don't worry. I won't ruin your manly image by crying.Vince: The good thing about being a loner is that I don't have a manly image to worry about. Cry away.This is just the kind of book that makes you go AWWW and also a well written book. It's been such a long time since I've read a fun "girlie" story. I actually didn't expect the romance between Holly and Vince because of the synopsis. The thing that caught me was how interesting things could be for t [...]

    3. I was just going to let this one pass, because after a certain incident, I know when to cut an author some slack.buuuuuuutis book has a rating of 3.83. so obviously people liked it. and i just wouldn't be able to sleep tonight if i didn't exercise some kinda freedom i get as an american. so no bitch slaps goodreaders! i'm just trying to help you all out hereoooThe cast of "All of Me" called. They want their scripts back.I know, totally not original, but neither was the book All of Me was an awe [...]

    4. I found out about newly published author Amanda Ashby through the amazing website/blog called Free Book Friday, that is founded by author Jessica Brody. I'm so glad that I read and even heard the wonderful podcast interview of Jessica and Amanda about her first novel You Had me at Halo. Listening to the podcast about how Amanda came to write her first novel was so wonderful to listen to and understand how the concept come to be. I had to find out more about this novel and to get it immediately s [...]

    5. I'm only 10 pags into this book but so far it is pretty funny. There have been two parts that I've found particularly funny."That was the problem with an open casket. It meant everyone's last memories of her would be with a puffy white face, the wrong color lipstick and a dreadful polyester dress. They always said the camera added five pounds, but no one ever talked about how fattening embalming fluid was." Page 1"Holly had been through a lot of strange experiences in the last two weeks - dying, [...]

    6. I thought this was going to be quirky and funny but it turned out completely stupid and very silly. So the main character comes back from the dead in a man's body and she keeps acting like she's herself? (Trying to put on lipstick, hugging her best friend, etc.) I haven't cracked ONE smile so I don't find any of the situations very funny.DNF

    7. You Had Me at Halo failed to impress me on many levels. After reading her other novel, The Queen of Newbury High, I went expecting something more than what I got. Her humor in Newbury High did not appear in Halo; the character attachment I felt in Newbury High did not appear in Halo; the overall enjoyment was not in Halo as it was in Newbury High. The plot was very original; it’s something I have yet to be seen done before or even after. Ashby’s representation of heaven is comical yet intere [...]

    8. Out of all Amanda Ashby's books I have read this is perhaps my least favorite. It wasn't thatcit was bad, it just didn't make it amongst my favorite books. I found the main character a bit boring and somewhat repetitive (although she did have her good moments). But I think what made me like it less was the ending, it kind of felt like it went back to the begining. But if you ignore those problems its a more or less enjoyable book and its well written.

    9. Sentí que estaba viendo un capítulo de una serie en vez de estar leyendo un libro.¡Super rápido de leer y con una historia que te engancha! (aunque parezca historias de adolescentes)La verdad nunca hubiera sospechado del culpableEl final me gustó, muy tierno y dulce ♥

    10. First time reading this author and liked the premise of the life after death / reincarnation theme. Holly is a likeable character who at first comes across as a little self-centered and shallow. I had to forgive her, however, because how is one supposed to act when they are viewing their own funeral and finding out that everyone thinks they committed suicide? Holly doesn’t seem to adjust to Heaven very well and has brought all of her “earthly” baggage with her. One of the things that I lik [...]

    11. I always try to give a book a chance if the main character shares my name. For some reason, my name is rare outside Christmas movies and books. I understand that usage, but it's not a bad name. Oh, I'm straying from the point. Anyway, I think what caught my attention first was that it was about angels (which are pretty hot right now, trend wise and angel wise) and the deal was sealed when I saw her name was Holly.It was actually a really cute read. I've been watching Psych a lot recently and thi [...]

    12. With the release of Zombie Queen of Newbury High which I really wanted to read, I thought it best to get Amanda Ashly's debut novel, You Had Me at Halo and read them in order. I'm glad I did.Holly Evans had everything going for her: a great job, a fiancé and an upcoming wedding. Except now she's attending her own funeral and she's stuck having to follow a whole bunch of rules before she get into Heaven. When she breaks one rule too many she ends up back on earth to come to terms with her own de [...]

    13. I was actually attracted by the title of the book first and after reading the synopsis I thought of giving it a try and loved it. However I concede that the starting could have been better but all's well that ends well.The book opens with Holly Evans watching over her funeral ceremony from heaven. She is quite peeved because of her untimely death and also because everyone thinks she actually committed suicide. So she is sent back to Earth,into the body of Vince Murphy for forty eight hours to so [...]

    14. Really loved reading this, I managed to finish it in one afternoon and despite it being in my opinion a well-written, funny cute read I'm just left with a feeling of wanting more - which could be considered a good thing but honestly just left me feeling annoyed. I absolutely hate when authors leave the big kissing 'i love you' scene until the very end after a huge build up and then the story just ends abruptly - it is seriously frustrating. Its not that you're left with any doubt that they will [...]

    15. I confessI'm in love with this book. It had me hooked from the first page itself which rarely happens. The book is about a recently died 22 yr old Holly Evans. She is not at all pleased about being in heaven, so the heavenly officials send her back to resolve her issues. They are 1)That everyone thinks she killed herself & 2)That she had just had a fight with her boyfriend. They send her into the body of Vince Murphy,(whom I completely adore) one of the corporate geeks, who supposedly had di [...]

    16. The heroine of Amanda Ashby's You Had Me at Halo appears, in the opening pages of the novel, to have lost her chance at grasping the meaning of life. She is dead; in fact, sitting in heaven watching her own funeral. But Holly Evans is not about to give up. When granted the chance to return to earth for forty-eight hours to make peace with her life, she doesn't ask questions, nor waste time studying the rule book. Even when she finds herself in someone else's body, and quickly discovers that the [...]

    17. I absolutely LOVED this book! It has been a long time since I have read such a well written fun loving "girlie" book! Holly Evans is a lovely woman who works at a meaningless position at a big company where no one even knows her name except for her best friend Gemma and her boyfriend Todd. I won't ruin the great twists in the fun to read romance comedy, but as a little description: Holly finds herself dead, kicked out of Heaven, and needs to find the person who killed her within 48 hours, all wh [...]

    18. When Holly Evans wakes up in Heaven, and discovers that she is dead at the age of 22, she is pretty sure things can't get any worse, especially when she is sure that her boyfriend was about to propose to her, But Holly finds out she has some earthy emotional baggage to get rid of first, before she can get to the 3rd level of Heaven where her parents are, so she is sent back down to earth to sort things out.She lands in the body of recently deceased computer geek Vince Murphy (who worked for the [...]

    19. Okey this is mess up story, lolIt's quite fun to read but i dont understand why the hell she life again? i want know bout the job now, heheheReading this, i can imagine some hollywood movie. it's quite funny and at some points i kept thinking, who's the culprit, when vince came out, i know where the story will head up, but one thing that i never seen it coming. that's the culprit, Amy Jerkins.I know at some point that Todd isnt good guy, and i kind of thinking the culprit was him, and i think ge [...]

    20. This book was so boring. So boring in fact, that at page 61 I found a book mark and realised that I was actually rereading the first part of the book. Holly is a hugely unlikable character. So, in fact are her best friend and boyfriend, and virtually all the characters in the book except for Vince and her step-mother. I found certain aspects of the book quite strange. For a start, I couldn't for the life of me tell where it was meant to be set, or who the target audience was. I felt it was pitch [...]

    21. Adorable story with a nice, satisfying ending.Several parts had me laughing out loud. This is about several 20-something single people working for the same company. Holly is dating Todd, a top saleman. Vince is a computer nerd who has had a crush on Holly for a long time. Someone poisons Holly with motion sickness pills. Holly dies, but is allowed to return to earth for a short time, inhabiting Vince's body with him. The powers that be made a mistake and thought Vince was dead, but he wasn't. Du [...]

    22. This was a really sweet, cute and funny, if somewhat predictable story.It is equal parts paranormal "whodunit"and chicklit romance with a protagonist who is refreshingly aware of her shortcomings and willing to groweven if she is dead and temporarily inhabiting someone else's body.I found Holly to be likeable, even in the beginning when she was a but shallow, but mostly just clueless. Vince is the sort of male lead good stories are made of, and the assorted cast of characters were all entertaini [...]

    23. Kicked out of heaven for being extremely talkative? Well, that could happen to me, so I tried to be all sympathetic with the character. Unfortunately, she is easily distracted, self-absorbed and shallow. She was told to take care of her unfinished business so she could proceed to heaven unencumbered by worldly problems. But, the way she did it is annoying. Gah. She thought everyone is against her. I could go on and on how I don't like her but that won't help. Let's just settle on the fact that I [...]

    24. I absolutely loved this book! I was hooked from the start. It was not at all boring in the beginning. This book constantly had me guessing at who did the "dirty deed." And in the end, I was wrong.Vince is absolutely just the sweetest and I wish there was a picture of him or something cuz I wanna see how the author pictured him. He's like a perfect boyfriend too! I'm just gushing over this book right now. The title is clever and I just could not put this book down. The reason why it's 1:18am is b [...]

    25. I thought this book sounded a lot like Stacy Kade's The Ghost and the Goth (a young adult novel) other than the fact that the two characters are sharing a body, whereas, in Stacy Kade's book, he's a boy and she's a ghost. But it has the same concept of the girl being a popular hottie that wouldn't have given the boy the time of day.Still, I think the storyline was very cute, and I really enjoyed reading it. There were some quips and lines that had me smiling or grinning. And even though the whol [...]

    26. This is a light and fun book even though it's not really original theme I guess. The main character died but she does not rememebr how she actually died ( she died drowning in bathub). People assumed she committed suicide and that rankles her. Due to many personal baggages, heaven deem her inadequate to go to the next level instead she has to go back and solve her personal issue in two days. However due to some mishap, she was trapped in her colleague's body who is a man with the guy soul still [...]

    27. This book was a real treat, light, sweet and fun. Holly Evans had died two weeks previously but hadn't quite dealt with a few of her earthly issues to enable her move onto the next level in heaven. She was sent back for 48 hours to sort things out, the only hitch was she was sent back to the body of Vince Murphy, a colleague from her old firm and he wasn't actually dead so they had to share his body for the weekend whilst working out who had killed her among other things. A book that made me smi [...]

    28. This was, in fact, just as wacky and irreverent as promised. A great example of chicklit with a twist.Shanna Swendson recommended this book on her blog, and it sound interesting. It's a woman who dies under unusual circumstances, and her "heavenly shrink" sends her back to Earth for two days to work things out. However, that sticks her in the body of a (male) computer geek--and nobody told him he was getting a subletter for a couple of days. :) It sounds to be just as irreverent and wacky as the [...]

    29. This was a cute story but I didn't feel like it had much depth to it. I picked up this book because I read A Fairy Bad Day by Amanda Ashby and found it pretty entertaining but sadly this book was not able to measure up. Basically, it is about a girl named Holly who finds out she died and in order to move up in heaven she needs to make amends and gain closure with what happened to her in life. Holly is returned to her world but with the twist of being in a guy's body. I thought this book was pred [...]

    30. Holly Evans is not ready to die, but there she is, attending her own funeral at twenty-two. Unfortunately, she forgot to read the manual, and so she's sent back to earth, with only two days to fix her mistakes, reconcile with her boyfriend, and convince everyone that she didn't commit suicide. Trouble is, she was sent back in someone else's body, and he's still using it. This book was good, although Holly can be frustratingly slow on the uptake. This book is a new twist on boy meets girl, and I [...]

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