Legend of the Emerald Rose

Legend of the Emerald Rose King Arthur and his queen are dead and Merlin has vanished Bound by Divine Providence but divided by distrust Shadoe and Rayn must find a way to save the Isle of Might and themselves from the threate

  • Title: Legend of the Emerald Rose
  • Author: Linda Wichman
  • ISBN: 9780825441097
  • Page: 488
  • Format: Paperback
  • King Arthur and his queen are dead and Merlin has vanished Bound by Divine Providence but divided by distrust, Shadoe and Rayn must find a way to save the Isle of Might and themselves from the threatening evil A tantilizing brew of fantasy, action, and romance.

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    1. ~REVIEW~King Author has been killed in battle, and Queen Guenevere has been murdered. Merlin has vanished and left a betrayed son behind. Bitter with the world and God because of his father’s betrayal and his family’s death, Shadoe un Hollo Tors, the apprentice high steward, has left it all behind. Camelot is lost, Lancelot and the other knights of the round table missing, and demonic forces are determined to capture the Isle of Might. But Shadoe made a promise to the dying Guenevere, that h [...]

    2. I enjoyed reading this as I love this era and most things in and around the Arthur legend. I think it was a 3.5 for me but rounded it up, probably because some things in it at the end just made me smile. I am well aware that the Arthurian legend is just that - a legend from a time so long ago that we can not determine truth from myth. No one really knows if Arthur even existed, but whether he did not not, his tale has survived for centuries. There are some thing we do know about those times and [...]

    3. I love any stories of King Arthur. There is something that seems so magical about that time. Well, Ms. Wichman takes the much beloved story and creates a wonderful tale of love lost, forgiveness and loved gained. Shadoe was just a teenager when Camelot fell, and he saw both Arthur and his queen fall under Mordred and Morgana. Just before Guinevere dies, he promised to take care of the Emerald Rose, the most important talisman in all of the British Isle. He is now a man with a past that he regret [...]

    4. If you’re a fan of Arthurian legend, check out Legend of the Emerald Rose. After the deaths of Arthur and Guenevere, the remaining knights of the round table and Merlin protect and hide the identity of a young child, Emerald Rose Rayn, from everyone, including herself. She’s been raised as Lancelot’s daughter and Galahad’s sister, but that’s not her real self.Shadoe un Hollo Tors is the illegitimate son of Merlin and one of the le Fey sisters, Niamh. He was only a boy of twelve when he [...]

    5. Very good book, of course i liked the romance and the action. One of my favorite books set in the Arthur times.

    6. W.H. Auden identified five responses adults have to literature. One of them is, "I can see this isn't great literature, but I like it anyway." That sums up how I feel about this book. What historical background it has is horribly twisted; the main characters' actions border on the creepy toward the object of their affections; the author's language is overly flowery and hard to follow at times; and the love story is so start-and-stop it's hard to identify with; but I still liked the story, rooted [...]

    7. This book had two strikes against it before I ever opened the cover simply because it wasnt Mary Stewart or Alfred Lord Tennyson. Wichman takes liberties with the story (or at least the version I am familiar with), the most drastic of which was having Modred survive the battle in which he killed Arthur. She also uses a Scottish setting rather than Wales and Cornwall that I am used to. That said, she tells a good story. I especially enjoyed the tension between Lancelot and Modred, and Rayn and Sh [...]

    8. I really liked this book. When I first started reading it I was really confused about all of the characters and what was happening. But after the first few chapters it all started making more sense. It became really interesting really fast right when Rayn meets Shadoe. The contrast and similarities in their characteristics made the conflict between them seem all to real and funny. I think the author did a great job at creating the personas in this book. I loved the way it flowed and would defini [...]

    9. Legend of the Emerald Rose is a beautifully written, fascinating tale of the days of King Arthur and the times there after. I found the story both original and enthralling. However the romance was far too mature (even for an adult) and based entirely off of physical attraction. Unfortunately this theme ran through the entire story and in my mind completely spoiled what could have been an masterpiece in an ever growing pile of Arthurian tales.

    10. I first read this book when I was in high school and just starting to discover that I did, in fact, actually enjoy reading. It was one of the first books I truly loved. I have re-read it several times and am so glad I stumbled upon it on my way to the checkout that day at the bookstore. It's a unique spin on the King Arthur tale and I highly recommend it.

    11. I love retellings of King Arthur stories. I don't even mind Christian glosses over stories that are generally pagan. But changing the basic story and time line to make it fit what appears to also be a made-up version of Christianity is unbelievable. It's just crazy.

    12. What an inspiring novel based on Merlin and Arthur's decendents I didn't know what to think, but I read this book so quickly that I may have to read it again! So much transpired. Amazing!

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