One thought on “tactics, Volume 2”

  1. We start to get a sense of an ongoing story as it's revealed that Haruka doesn't remember his past. Yes, Kantaro broke the seal and freed him, but just who sealed him away in the first place?We also get a hot springs episode. Being set in the early part of the 20th century as this is, I'm thinking we won't get a trip to the beach--no bikinis in that era, after all--but a school festival wouldn't surprise me. At least there hasn't been any fan service It's not the best manga I've ever read, but I [...]

  2. I liked this volume more than the first, as we are starting to find out more about Haruka, who (predictably!) is already my favourite character.We also see more insight into the childhood experiences that have shaped Kantarou

  3. There were things about this manga that I really ended up liking a lot, but the art style was not one of them. The humor also didn't always translate terribly well, which is similarly problematic because Tactics is essentially a humor manga. However, I really liked the concept and the characters. Our greedy little priest who really just wants to be 'stronger' for possessing the demon-eating Tengu I don't know, it sort of worked for me in all its silliness. I'm not even sure why, but I really enj [...]

  4. Muu!These books are so much fun!Two volumes in, the plot isn't terribly deep. So far the story seems to be more about the interactions of the characters than some sort of grand master plot. And that's cool, just a bit different from the other series I'm reading. But it's early in the series yet, so we'll see. :) There's a seed of mystery that's been planted about Kantarou's powers and Haruka's amnesia, and I guess we'll see how that develops. I particularly enjoy the cute little youkai like Muu [...]

  5. This manga is so good. I mean, I watched the anime so I basically know what will happen, but still, there are so many scenes/adventures that never happened in the anime. What I adore about this manga is that one moment, it's all fun and roses, and then Kantaro makes such a sad face and you realize how incredibly lonely he is, that for him, Haruka is the only family he has, the only friend.

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