Shrub: The Short but Happy Political Life of George W. Bush

Shrub The Short but Happy Political Life of George W Bush When it comes to reporting on politics nobody does it smarter or funnier than bestselling author Molly Ivins In Shrub Ivins focuses her Texas size smarts on the biggest politician in her home state

  • Title: Shrub: The Short but Happy Political Life of George W. Bush
  • Author: Molly Ivins Lou Dubose
  • ISBN: 9780375757143
  • Page: 443
  • Format: Paperback
  • When it comes to reporting on politics, nobody does it smarter or funnier than bestselling author Molly Ivins In Shrub, Ivins focuses her Texas size smarts on the biggest politician in her home state George Walker Bush, or Shrub, as Ivins has nicknamed Bush the Younger A candidate of vague speeches and an ambiguous platform, Bush leads the pack of GOP 2000 preWhen it comes to reporting on politics, nobody does it smarter or funnier than bestselling author Molly Ivins In Shrub, Ivins focuses her Texas size smarts on the biggest politician in her home state George Walker Bush, or Shrub, as Ivins has nicknamed Bush the Younger A candidate of vague speeches and an ambiguous platform, Bush leads the pack of GOP 2000 presidential hopefuls Dubya could very well be our next president What voters need now is an original, smart, and accessible analysis of Bush one that leaves the youthful indiscretions to the tabloids and gets to the heart of his policies and motivations Ivins is the perfect woman for the job With her trademark wit and down home wisdom, Molly Ivins shares three pieces of advice on judging a politician The first is to look at the record The second is to look at the record And third, look at the record In this book, Ivins takes a good, hard look at the record of the man who could be the leader of the free world Beginning with his post college military career, Ivins tracks Dubya s winding, sometimes unlikely path from a failed congressional bid to a two term governorship Bush has made plenty of friends and supporters along the way, including Texas oil barons, evangelist Billy Graham, and co investors in the Texas Rangers baseball team You would have to work at it to dislike the man, she writes But for all of Bush s likeability, Ivins points to a disconcerting lack of political passion from this ascending presidential candidate In her words, If you think his daddy had trouble with the vision thing, wait till you meet this one Witty, trenchant, and on target, Ivins gives a singularly perceptive and entertaining analysis of George W Bush To head to the voting booth without it would be downright un American.From Shrub The Short but Happy Political Life of George W Bush The past is prologue in politics If a politician is left, right, weak, strong, given to the waffle or the flip flop, or, as sometimes happens, an able soul who performs well under pressure, all that will be in the record Bush s welfare record Texas pols like to git tuff on crime, welfare, commies, and other bad stuff Bush proposed to git tuff on welfare recipients by ending the allowance for each additional child which in Texas is 38 a month Bush and the Christian right Bush has learned to dance with the Christian right It has been interesting and amusing to watch the process Interesting because it s sometimes hard to tell who s leading and who s following amusing because when a scion of Old Yankee money gets together with a televangelist with too much Elvis, the result is swell entertainment Bush s environmental record Since Governor Bush s election, Texas air quality has been rated the worst in the nation, leading all fifty states in overall toxic releases, recognized carcinogens in the air, cancer risk, and ten other categories of pollutants Bush s military career Bush was promoted as the Texas Air National Guard s anti drug poster boy, one of life s little ironies given the difficulty he has had answering cocaine questions all these years later George Walker Bush is one member of the younger generation who doesn t get his kicks from pot or hashish or speed, reads a Guard press release of 1970 Oh, he gets high, all right, but not from narcotics From the Hardcover edition.

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    1. If only. Molly Ivins' wishful thinking title to this hilarious and sadly insightful political book details the myriad of scandals in Texas during the catastrophic governorship of Dubya. She had already lampooned the Texas Leg (pronounced "ledge") in You Gotta Dance with Them that Brung You, and her she demonstrates how Bush, Jr profited from the massive corruption in the Lone Star state and his completely inept business dealings. She called him Shrub because of just one of his more glorious capi [...]

    2. A very well-written account of a very difficult era for one state preceding an even worse one for an entire country.Ivins claims that Ann Richards - a feminist Democrat - could have only been elected in a state like Texas because her opponent was so blatantly idiotic (bragging that he liked to "get serviced" in whorehouses south of the border). It seems to me that the United States elections have very much evolved this way - unless he's an absolute lunatic, the public will vote Republican over a [...]

    3. I read this book around the time the Shrub was being "elected" the first time. It was quite possibly the scariest book I've ever read.Molly Ivins was a genius. I miss her a lot. I got to see her speak towards the end of her life. She had been going through chemo and barely looked like herself, but she was still razor sharp. It made me want to read all of her books.This, of course, is all old information by now. But at the time it was scary stuff. Still is to an extent, especially now that we've [...]

    4. I credit this book with giving me my first political education on George W. Bush. Ivins conveys just how abominable a governor and undeserving a leader he is. May she rest in peace.

    5. The late Ms. Ivins wrote this as Dubya was making his move from the Texas governor's mansion to the White House, and is her account of his doings as chief executive of her home state. She wasn't mean or petty, but she pulled no punches in pointing out how he'd conducted himself as governor of Texas, an unimpressive record at best; he apparently changed for the even-worse, or had hidden some darker aspects of his character, though, because as she looked ahead to his presidency she said that the m [...]

    6. Molly Ivins' book was written before Bush was elected (err ah hem, "elected") President in 2000 and details G.W.'s various life achievements up to that point, such as founding Arbusto Energy (thought to be spanish for "bush" but it actually means "shrub"), buying a stake in the Texas Rangers and paving the way to build a new baseball stadium and his various accomplishments (or lack thereof in many cases) during his tenure as governor of Texas.The book provides an interesting insight into the pas [...]

    7. Not sure what kind of masochist would read a book written before GWB was elected that is making the case for why he shouldn't get elected. Definitely reminds me how perverse and inexplicable politics is - e.g how outraged conservative voters were over Clinton's avoidance of military service and Kerry's supposedly minimal tour in Vietnam, but didn't seem to mind Bush using his family connections to avoid being sent overseas. This catalog of Bush's flaws is amusing at times, but also demonstrates [...]

    8. Why didn’t more people read this before the 2000 Presidential election? This expose of George Bush’s failed dealings in business and as Governor of Texas fairly predicted his failings as President. It is genuinely scary that this nincompoop was given the keys to the White House, and even scarier that his failings as revealed in this book were not better known and not considered sufficient reason to vote for anyone else.

    9. She wrote this shortly before Bush's selection in 2000. Apparently, not enough people read this book. My copy has an additional chapter added right after the selection process was over, and it gives me a chill to read it today. In it, Molly basically tells us not to worry; after all, she asks - - how bad can he be? There's an even later edition with an additional chapter covering his first two years in office, but it all comes down to the same thing: we can't say that we weren't warned.

    10. Page 165"Bush has rendered the post-watergate campaign reforms almost meaningless the campaign could raise 50 million [for the primaries]"Ha ha. Boy the 2000 primaries were crazy days, weren't they?Heheheh.Heeeehehehehehhhhh /pours stiff drinkThere's a remarkable feeling one gets from reading recent that can't be qualified as nostalgia, exactly. But there certainly is a yearning to go back to a time when the Westboro Baptist Church is an unknown, when global warming gets lip service from both p [...]

    11. Inexplicably, I had never heard of this book until I discovered it in the discount bin at the used book store. Being a huge fan of Molly Ivins, I gladly handed over my last crumpled dollar bill.You'd think Shrub would be outdated now, five years after the end of the Bush presidency, since it was written in the run-up to his election in 2000. Political tell-alls are rarely relevant a decade-plus after their publication. Ivins, however, packed this one full of Texan political history and context i [...]

    12. If you’re looking to save some time, and not too keen on any kind of reminder of George W. Bush’s existence, let alone his not-short-enough career in politics, (Why? WHY couldn’t he have discovered his talent for painting putty tats much sooner?!) I can boil this down into two sentences from Shrub.George W Bush is promising to do for the rest of the country what he has done for Texas.There it is.Clearly not enough Americans were reading Ivins at the time.For leftys, Shrub offers something [...]

    13. When it comes to reporting on politics, nobody does it smarter or funnier than bestselling author Molly Ivins. In Shrub, Ivins focuses her Texas-size smarts on the biggest politician in her home state: George Walker Bush, or "Shrub," as Ivins has nicknamed Bush the Younger.A candidate of vague speeches and an ambiguous platform, Bush leads the pack of GOP 2000 presidential hopefuls; "Dubya" could very well be our next president. What voters need now is an original, smart, and accessible analysis [...]

    14. Molly Ivins was an amazing journalist, and this book is proof of that. In it Ivins traced the ignorant, self-absorbed young George W.'s embarassing and self-destructive behaviour during college, on through his failed attempt to run a private business (which he drove into bankruptcy) and on through his time as governor and the harm his policies did to many Texans.Every contention Ivins makes is sourced, and I went and looked up a bunch of them, and every single one proved out as confirmable.This [...]

    15. If you're a political junkie you'll love this book. First published in 2000 during the campaign, the authors lay it all out and accurately predict exactly what is going to happen during the next unhappy 8 years. It's all there: the lying, the cynical exploitation of every decent feeling, the absolute and total devotion to realizing the vision of complete domination by corporate interests of every aspect of American life and community (or what I like to call the corporatization of America), the w [...]

    16. Well, you can't expect even-handedness in a book about the (at the time) future President Dubya, especially from Molly Ivins -- but this quick-reading little tome is less overtly partisan than you might expect, actually giving 43 some credit in areas where he deserves it (education and, uh, education) in his reign as guv-ner of Tejas, and delving very little into his sordid party-boy past. Intended as a primer for those doubtful in 2000 of the damage that "Shrub" might be able to inflict, this m [...]

    17. First and foremost, I love Molly Ivans. I once met her and she was just the coolest lady ever.The book is one of those that is so well written and entertaining and depressing all at the same time. It makes you a little upset w/ Ann Richards - and I almost said something to her this one time I saw her in Curras in Austin, but I held my tongue (amazingly).A book that will give you great insight into what Bush is all about in a humorous way - but like I said, prepare for depression how this guy won [...]

    18. Molly Ivins, the famous Texan journalist, passed away earlier this year, and I promised I would finally get around to reading one of her books. This one is focused on George W. "Shrub" Bush, during the 2000 campaign. It really does shed a good deal of light on how he managed to bumble his way into the Presidency with every step of his life. Seriously, the only thing you can say about the guy is that he knows how to use his name to make money. Everything from his failed oil ventures, to his owner [...]

    19. After the jaunt with Edward Abbey, decided to read about Dubya. I miss Molly Ivins' writing, and enjoy Lou Dubose, so headed to TX. They cover alot of territory in a short book and take readers into Bush's Guard service, oil field career, baseball franchise ownership, the '94 campaign for governor, religious beliefs/ties to the "Christian Right," as well as criminal justice, education and the environment. Confirmed my position that he was one of the absolutely worst of American presidents given [...]

    20. As always, a very clever and interesting look at politics, but frightening that people thought this knucklehead would be a great President.Interesting, in that W pretty much either stumbled into success or was nudged along by his family and their well connected friends.You do find yourself feeling a bit sad for W as he is so obviously in over his head, ill-prepared for any political office and doesn't seem particularly happy in his chosen career.Can't help think he ( and the world) would have be [...]

    21. So much fun reading about Little George's shenanigans. The tone of this book is "Some of this you may not have known but don't let it shock or surprise you. After all, this is Texas." I know exactly the feeling, being a South Carolinian. Unfortunately, Mr. Bush Lite has done for the rest of us what he did to Texas. And more unfortunately, we enthusiastically embraced it. The Apostle's Greed, the holy trinity of derisive arrogance, decisive amorality, and divisive Bible-thumping. Love the names f [...]

    22. Ivins' style is fun and conversational, the best type of journalistic writing. Her politics are heavy-handed in places, and, at times, overshadow her research and point. Although this book is very critical of Dubya, to say the least, it is also very Texan. There were moments in the book when I wondered how it would read to someone not intimately familiar with Texas and its political culture. All in all, "Shrub" serves as a very useful and concise left-wing political biography of President Bush b [...]

    23. This was a perfect book to read during election week only 2 weeks after a couple of days in Austin. The book was written during Bush's last term as Governor of Texas, prior to his first term as President. Ivins gave a bit of biographical information, but much of the book was about politics in Texas in a comfortable, fluent, sometimes ironic style. The most profound impact on me was remembering once again that a thoughtful, open, respected press is crucial to good government, which in turn is cru [...]

    24. Okay, this one's a little dated, having been written during Dubya's first presidential campaign ten years ago. But if you miss reading the late, great Molly Ivins and her unique perspective like I do, you should give this book a chance. If nothing else, we can at least rejoice over the fact that this dimwit used up all his eligibility as leader of the free world. I found the passages describing his atrocious environmental record as governor of Texas the most telling. What an asshole.

    25. This the second time I have read the book. The first was before Bush was elected. It is rather chilling to see how Bush's gubernatorial background played out through his presidency. The one item not foretold was his response to the 9/11 attack. Still, a governor not much interested in governing might find a war much more engaging. It was clear from those governor years that budget surpluses were to be treated as triggers for tax cuts.

    26. A light-hearted biography of one of the most inept US presidents ever. Born with a silver spoon in his mouth, Bush grew up in gated communities and went to elite schools as a legacy. A Supreme Court headed by his distant cousin selected him to be president a year or three after I found this book. I would have made Ivins' book required reading for anyone voting in 2000 (not that votes really matter anymore in America).

    27. I highly recommend enjoying this as an audio book, read by the author, in a Texas twang that compliments the material. This book was written prior to W's 2000 election, and should have been required reading then. It's just as interesting now, hearing about Rove, Rice, and others pre-election. It covers a lot of Texas politics, but it adds to the flavor of the book. Enjoy listening to the late great Molly Ivins.

    28. I read this back when W. was still a relatively innocent letter. Molly Ivins is a legendary Texas writer who gives us a pretty thorogh history of our mighty leader and his many failures. I still have no idea why people are surprised we are where we are after electing this guy who has consistantly failed at every undertaking he has taken on. Anyway, a good quick read that will give you a greater appreciation for how easilly Americans can be fooled into following a complete imbecile.

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