Hour of the Wolf

Hour of the Wolf In the dead of night in the pouring rain a drunk driver smashes his car into a young man He abandons the body at the side of the road but the incident will set in motion a chain of events which wil

  • Title: Hour of the Wolf
  • Author: Håkan Nesser
  • ISBN: 9780330512596
  • Page: 113
  • Format: Paperback
  • In the dead of night, in the pouring rain, a drunk driver smashes his car into a young man He abandons the body at the side of the road, but the incident will set in motion a chain of events which will change his life forever Soon Chief Inspector Van Veeteren, now retired from the Maardam police force, will face his greatest trial yet as someone close to him is, inexplicIn the dead of night, in the pouring rain, a drunk driver smashes his car into a young man He abandons the body at the side of the road, but the incident will set in motion a chain of events which will change his life forever Soon Chief Inspector Van Veeteren, now retired from the Maardam police force, will face his greatest trial yet as someone close to him is, inexplicably, murdered Van Veeteren s former colleagues, desperate for answers, struggle to decipher the clues to this appalling crime But when another body is discovered, it gradually becomes clear that this killer is acting on their own terrifying logic

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    1. 'Life is a tangle of remarkable connections.'My first Nesser and I wonder how he's managed to evade me till now - thanks Jola and Rachel for correcting this! As someone who gets very grumpy when faced with the more gothic and spectacularly melodramatic end of the crime spectrum (insane psychopaths driven by pop-psychology explanations of childhood trauma, serial killers who commit murders by tying their victims to giant clock mechanisms in order to tear them apart), this book suited me perfectly [...]

    2. Wow. Wow. Wow. I have read all the books in the series around Chief Inspector Van Veeteren and I have loved each and every one, but this one is simply breathtaking. The story starts off with a terrible accident and the events that unfold after that just becomes a complete nightmare. The pace never lets up and thankfully today has been an immensely hot day so I sat in the garden and I devoured this cracking book.The only downside is that I sorely missed Munster but the reason he isn't featured I [...]

    3. As a long-term fan of this series, I have found plenty to admire in the previous six instalments, however Hour of the Wolf is one of the most magnetising outings yet, both for the horrific devastation unleashed by one single action, and the very personal responses it evokes from within the Maardam CID when one of their own is affected. After fifteen-years at the helm of CID, former Chief Inspector Van Veeteren is approaching two-years since his retirement and new role as part-owner of Krantze’ [...]

    4. Apparently when not constructing IKEA furniture with tiny Allen wrenches, eating scrumptious round chokladbolls, or dancing to Ace of Bass, the Swedish folk are committing heinous acts of murder. Thankfully there are talented writers such as Stieg Larsson, Henning Mankell, and Hakan Nesser to warn the rest of the world that we all need to stay as far away from this hellish Nordic land of deviant slaughter and bloody barbarity as possible. Their well-conditioned (and very very soft) blonde hair a [...]

    5. You can read kind my review here as well: storypals/book-report-hourHOUR OF THE WOLFI was in one of those moods where I wanted to read some good mystery, something psychotic and something very dangerous.The blurb of the book said that it got someone howling in pain which is why I instantly picked it up.Also, Håkan Nesser has been on my radar for a while now and it all went like uh what the heck let’s just read this book spoilers, will not reveal who killed who and what happened in the book.Ok [...]

    6. I am reluctant to assign five stars to a mystery novel that is in no way a literary masterpiece. Hakan Nesser's "Hour of the Wolf" does not have the sociological depths of Denise Mina's "Gartnethill". It does not have the simple beauty of some of Karin Fossum's best work. Yet it is such a darn good book. On the surface it is a police procedural, one in Mr. Nesser's Chief Inspector Van Veeteren series, which is located in a fictitious country in Northern Europe that seems like a cross between the [...]

    7. Wonderful story in this strong cannon of detective fiction around a fiction place where intelligence and intuition go hand in hand with old fashioned leg work. The key player is Chief Inspector Van Veeteren, retired, but compelled back to an investigation when a murder happens closer to home than he could ever imagine.The story is about chance events and encounters and how various decisions can impact on your life and the future of complete strangers beginning with the missing of a late bus.Well [...]

    8. Hour of the Wolf by Hakan Nesser.A SHOCKING JOURNEY. This novel in the Inspector Van Veeteren series has more than just twists & turns. It has more than mere surprises. It is a series of the worst choices a person could make that establish a journey into the abyss for one man. And the end of other lives in the wake of this journey.Inspector Van Veeteren is retired and the new Chief Inspector is Reinhart. Rooth, Moreno, and the rest of Inspectors former colleagues work together as they did so [...]

    9. Håkan Nesser. Number 7 Van Veeteren mystery series.If there is a librarian out there that can help sort out the messed up listings of HAKAN to Håkan Nesserease help. I will do anything you need to assist. It is a messThis was the best Håkan Nesser VV books yet even though he is retired to the bookshop he comes into the story again and again. Truly a story of chilling circumstances that lead to consequences that ruin five lives and affect many others. Highly recommend it as a very good read,I [...]

    10. A great Swedish police proceduralThis is Nesser at his best! Great plot, unexpected, built around the murder of a retired Van Veeteren's somewhat estranged son. Well written and fantastically translated by the late Laurie Thompson.

    11. Another great one from Nesser. THis one is about a man who makes a decision to drive home after an evening with friends, even though he has had too much to drink. So this , including the dark and rainy night, leads him to hit a young boy walking home that evening because he missed the last bus. He stops, but the boy is already dead, having hit his head on the concrete culvert beside the road. So, he makes another bad choice and drives off. Several days later, he receives a letter. The writer dro [...]

    12. My favorite so far in this great series. This is a police procedural with heart and teamwork. The Chief Inspector is the emotional center even if he's retired. Excellent.Hopefully the next books will be published in the U.S. soon.

    13. "The whole business was an accident, and accidents don't have any culprits. No active participants at all, just factors and objects beyond control."O inicio do livro não podia ser mais trágico, destacando a efemeridade e a imprevisibilidade da vida. Os nossos sonhos e os nossos desejos podem ser-nos retirados de um segundo para a outro, viver o momento presente é tudo o que temos."All lives come to an end, some too soon, others too late."Um jovem de 16 anos despede-se da namorada ao fim da no [...]

    14. Hour of the Wolf: An Inspector Van Veeteren Mystery (Inspector Van Veeteren Mysteries)ByHakan Nesser translated by Laurie ThompsonWhat it's all aboutA hit and run occurs along a dark and rainy roade driver does not stophe has been drinkinghe thinks no one has seen him. Hee driver.s he is in the clear but someone really does see him and the blackmail begins. Butwait until you see what happens after the blackmailWhy I wanted to read itNormally Swedish booksd this is a Swedish book translatede real [...]

    15. In my opinion, this series just keeps getting better with every book. This one was a page turner and even though Chief Inspector Van Veeteren is now retired and not as central to the story (he still features), it is great the way the other cast of characters we have been introduced to in previous books, can keep the series just as interesting. A teenage boy is killed in a hit and run, and this starts a chain of events that have terrible consequences, especially for Van Veeteren. Reinhart takes c [...]

    16. Starts out strong as a Hitchcockian thriller involving a hit-and-run killer, a blackmailer, and a detective all with their own mindset and drive hunting one another. I was really intrigued by where it started and how these three people were going to finally collide. That feeling dissipated after about a third of the way through the book. It feels like such a great premise for a film, one that would slow burn over the course of a couple of hours before coming to a head. But in a novel, a lot more [...]

    17. This is the best book in the series, but only if you've been following the Van Veeteren team, cos only then can you identify with the emotional angst the team went through in this book. Very satisfying read that left me wishing for more of Hakan Nesser's books.

    18. Weer een prima deel uit de van Veeteren-serie. Nog 4 te gaan en dan heb ik deze serie ook compleet gelezen.

    19. Titelverfehlung für ein gutes Buch"Der unglückliche Mörder" war das erste - aber bestimmt nicht das letzte - Buch das ich von Hakan Nesser gelesen habe. Warum ich nicht mit dem ersten begonnen habe? Nun eine Arbeitskollegin hat mich darauf hingewiesen, dass sie es so gemacht habe und aufgrund der Qualität beschlossen hatte kein weiteres Buch mehr zu lesen. Wie der Zufall es so wollte hat er ihr danach dieses Buch in die Hände gespielt und nun gab sie mir den Tipp Nesser zu lesen, aber eben [...]

    20. 22. HOUR OF THE WOLF. (2012). Hakan Nesser. **1/2.This novel by Nesser wasn’t released here until 2015, even though it was originally published in 2012. There’s a reason for this, but it isn’t really clear. I suspect that one of the reasons was the weakness of the plot. It is based on the escalation of violence that occurs after an accidental hit-and-run. The person responsible doesn’t stop and take responsibility for the act. He is then later put under threat by a blackmailer who presu [...]

    21. Le carambole sono quelle delle biglie del biliardo che, rotolando, vengono in contatto tra di loro e in funzione di questo contatto prendono le direzioni più imprevedibili.Così la vita degli uomini può essere sconvolta, ribaltata da un unico, incancellabile evento.E così la vita dell’assassino si stravolge a causa del troppo alcol bevuto durante una cena nella quale nemmeno si stava divertendo; a causa del ritardo di un ragazzo sedicenne che perde l’ultimo autobus ed è costretto ad inca [...]

    22. This is the first book by this author I've read, and whilst I have another couple on loan from the library, I'm not going to rush to read them. Initially, I found the style hooked me in (particularly in the first few chapters), but then it went rapidly down hill. I did not enjoy the inner monologues of the ex- chief inspector, and found that they didn't add anything to the story line (other than serve to irritate me). The book did not hook me in, I wasn't disappointed when I had to stop reading [...]

    23. Come al solito Nesser non delude.Della vague dei giallisti nordici é uno dei miei preferiti.Sa come costruire una bella trama, usa la logica in maniera tale che il lettore si trova a congetturare assieme ai responsabili dell'indagine, non cerca di allungare il racconto con descrizioni psicologiche sfibranti. Asciutto ed essenziale.

    24. Plot, Plot Development, Glimpses of actual investigative work, teamwork, brilliance of Van Veeteren and his team. This book was an engaging read.

    25. Håkan Nesser seems to delight in vague settings and in using a multitude of names. However, if the reader can get pass this folly, Håkan Nesser’s characters will make for a thrilling read.

    26. Seventh in the series featuring Chief Inspector Van Veeteren--even though he is currently on leave from the police force (or is he actually retired?) and running his own antiquarian book shop instead, the Chief Inspector is involved in this case in a very big way, as his son becomes a murder victim. Although Van Veeteren and his son were not very close--the son had a troubled past as a drug abuser and dealer and spent some time in prison but had recently turned things around. So why was he kille [...]

    27. Another winner from Mankell. A terrifically woven, intricate plot that makes you wonder if, given the right circumstances, an otherwise unremarkable individual can make a bad decision that becomes compounded over and again until he has irretrievably lost his sense of right and wrong. The only downside here is that Chief Inspector Van Veereren is retired and doesn't play the central role that we are accustomed to seeing. He still is involved but to a significantly lesser extent than a fan of this [...]

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