Small Change: The Secret Life of Penny Burford

Small Change The Secret Life of Penny Burford It s not what you have but what you do with it that counts This is the story of how that philosophy worked out in the life of Penny Buford an ordinary housewife who leaves an extraordinary legacy Yan

  • Title: Small Change: The Secret Life of Penny Burford
  • Author: J. Belinda Yandell
  • ISBN: 9781581824148
  • Page: 477
  • Format: Paperback
  • It s not what you have but what you do with it that counts This is the story of how that philosophy worked out in the life of Penny Buford, an ordinary housewife who leaves an extraordinary legacy.Yandell s Small Change is about a devoted housewife, Penny Burford, who scoops up her husband Roy s loose change and eventually puts together a substantial bank account She u It s not what you have but what you do with it that counts This is the story of how that philosophy worked out in the life of Penny Buford, an ordinary housewife who leaves an extraordinary legacy.Yandell s Small Change is about a devoted housewife, Penny Burford, who scoops up her husband Roy s loose change and eventually puts together a substantial bank account She uses the money for secret charities, of which the phlegmatic Roy learns only upon Penny s death Why Penny did what she did the way she did it then becomes the story, and the reader must return to Roy and Penny s childhoods to understand it fully Yandell is sentimental but not syrupy Roy and Penny s marriage is realistically drawn, and the points she makes about the nature of charity are well taken.John MortCopyright American Library Association

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    1. This is an afternoon read and a very sweet book. You put it down feeling like you can make a difference and that the small acts of kindness that make up our lives really do have an impact on others. And it contains one of my favorite themesat although we cannot always control the circumstances we find ourselves in, we can always control our reaction to them.

    2. This was a quick read- read it in an evening. I thought that it had a good message, that we can choose how we act and react to events in our lives. Penny Burford could have chosen to be miserable in her marriage to a overbearing husband. Instead she chooses to first, understand why her husband was the way he was and second, to make a satisfying life for herself. I thought it sad that he only comes to truly know her, and understand the wonderful things that she has accomplished, after she dies.I [...]

    3. Generally, I do not seek out inspirational stories. The writing, characterization, and plot all fall short in favor of a higher message ~ which I couldn't care less about. I read for escape, entertainment getting a good message is secondary to a getting a good story. And, really, a talented author should be able to do both anyway, right? Regardless, I am not a feel-good sort of girl looking for inspiration in life, and I normally find these sorts of things not only badly executed, but so filled [...]

    4. Genre: life lessons, the secret life of married couples, little things matterSummary: Penny Burford is a preacher's daughter who married a proud man from a very poor background. One day, she decides to do something with the coins she finds around the house.Response: This is the choice for book club this month. I was willing to read it for that sake alone, but I got caught up in the story. It's a sweet story and the characters become very real. At first, I was worried that it was going to be abou [...]

    5. "It's what you do with it that counts."The story of Penny Burford is a testament to the fact that "through small and simple things are great things brought to pass". Penny collects the change her husband, Roy, leaves around the house. The amount of good that she is able to do with those handfuls of coins is inspiring. Interesting view of Charity.Though it was a sweet story, quick and easy to read, I found it to be terribly sad. Roy is a hard and proud man, who didn't know his wife. After 40 year [...]

    6. I read this book in one evening. A simple thought provoking book that will change the way you look at spare change and the way you choose to use not only your money, but time. It allowed me to yet again think about how I could improve my attitude in all situations. "Happiness is not the absence of conflict, but the ability to deal with it" I admire Penny for here resilience, charity, patience, and long suffering. If I may one day be surrounded by the amount of people she influenced in small simp [...]

    7. This book is a story that shows you can make a difference in your life (and after) even if at first glance it seems unlikely or difficult to do. I was sad for her lack of real communication in her marriage, but also recognize that it may be a way of life for many and that she found a way to communicate with her husband when he may be more likely to be effected. So even though my book club friend found it less than "a good read", I enjoyed it. ha ha just kiddin'

    8. This is one of my favorite books. It is very light, but there are things in it that have changed the way I do thing in my life.It is the story about a woman who starts to collect a nickel here, a dime there from the piles of change her husband leaves around the house. Little by little she saves the money and makes big changes from her small change - but the changes are not just monitary.

    9. This is a story about a woman from my mother's generation who were only allowed to like what their husband's liked and had only the money that their husband's allowed them to have. What she did with an irritation in her life was inspirational and heartbreaking at the same time.

    10. Sometimes you have to wonder how women stay married to some men But I enjoyed the story how one of those women chose to stay married, but also chose to be true to herself. I loved the simple lesson that little things count and that great things can come from little things every day

    11. Fast read, feel-good book with the message little things can make a wonderful difference and difference life is about as good as what you do with.

    12. Penny was the daughter of the Baptist minister. She especially loved helping at Christmas: organizing the food boxes, repairing and wrapping clothes and gifts for the children in need. Then, she goes with her father to the home of drunken Mr Burford. His son Roy is in her school. There, in the face of Roy's anger and resentment, the rosy glow of charity - of helping those with less- loses something of its ability to warm the heart.Fast forward in time, and she has married (for reasons unexplaine [...]

    13. This was a cute little quick read and I loved it. It was published in 2002 and I had never heard of it before I went into the library last night and spotted some past "reader's choice" winners from years past. On the front of the book it says it is the winner of the Salt Lake County Library System's 2003 Reader's Choice Award. The story is about a wife who isn't treated the best by her husband of many years. He leaves spare change around when he empties out his pockets after coming home from wor [...]

    14. My mom gave me this book at Thanksgiving, it was a fun book to read before Christmas-easy and quick to get through. A great reminder about the importance of serving others and saving your pennies!! :)

    15. This actually was a quick fun book. I liked how she had a "role" as a wife and mother but she was able to do so much more without praise. And she learned new things instead of staying in her housewife box.

    16. Penny for your thoughts. This was a short read but very moving. Couldn’t help tearing up. So many go their whole lives never learning the message this story shares. Sometime little secrets can make life worth living. Hope is there for us all

    17. It's what you do with it that counts. Terrific story about a housewife bettering herself in spite of her smirky husband. She left a great legacy for her children.

    18. A wonderful story that reminds us what matters Read it ! You'll love it! You can pick it up but you won't put it down until you've read the whole book.

    19. InsperationalThis started out a little confusing, but the ending was wonderful. Quick eye opening read. "It's what you do with it that counts."

    20. My book club read this awhile back, but I was swamped at the time and didn't read with them. I missed out! This is a feel-good book that I wish I could give more stars to, but I felt like it had too many holes in the characterizations. However, if you concentrate on what Penny Burford was able to accomplish a little at a time, then the details don't matter as much. The lesson is a good one. And yet . . .I think Roy was emotionally abusive, and I don't believe such a person could change so fast a [...]

    21. Penny Burford is the daughter of a preacher and grew up helping her father help the less fortunate in their community. When she grows up, she marries Roy Burfors, an unlikeable son of a drunk who wants to impress others with his stability in life. Roy controls Penny's every move and her spending. Penny, a sweet soul, wordlessly picks up after Roy and raises their two children. One day, she picks up a nickel and for some reason doesn't put it in the change holder like she usually does. Then she p [...]

    22. "It's what you do with it that counts." This simple statement is the theme for this book and becomes the mantra for Penny Burford's life.Penny begins saving the change her husband leaves all over the house. At first its just to get rid of the clutter, then it becomes something much more when she begins to deposit it into her own account, seperate from her husband. After all, it's what you do with it that counts.Penny is one of my favorite characters I've read. She is completely Christ-like with [...]

    23. Relatives. Friends. Neighbors. Penny Burford's tale is both a sweet story for a "Pleasantville" time and a cautionary tale for today. She uses the change left around the house by her husband to find some small moments of happiness in her life and to provide for some greater happiness in the lives of others. The downside is that she has to do so secretly. I know people who have lived lives similar to Penny and been content because they did not know any better and/or did not want to leave the secu [...]

    24. wonderful book. Penny marries her high school sweetheart and accepts all the things her husband, Roy does to show the world that he is no longer the poor kid whose family needed charity; charity that was once handed to his family by Penny and her minister father. For some reason, Penny decides to take a nickel from the change Roy refuses to spend, which he leaves all around the house. She opens a bank account, eats out, and buys things she can get away with. This all we know about the change she [...]

    25. I really enjoyed this book. It was simple and had a good message. I wanted more at the end, but I don't think that was really the point. It really reminded me of my mom and other women of her generation. I believe that men and women often fall into roles that are compounded by personal hurts or pride. Often, for the sake of the relationship and keeping peace, neither partner's full potential is reached. While it is sad, I still think there is more value in preserving the marriage than disolving [...]

    26. This book goes on my favorites list for a few reasons: 1) it's short, you can read it in one day 2) in a non-chalant way it introduces issues of our human condition. It is very simple and beautiful and insightful without being preachy 3) I love, love, love books about women who take care of themselves, take care of other people and do it in a way that doesn't disturb other people or bring attention to themselves. I didn't really notice if the book was written well, or if there were grammatical p [...]

    27. If you are in my book club and have not read the book, don't read this. I really did not like this book. I am not sure whether my distaste is based on an inherent weakness in the book, or my own value system. First, I had no attatchment to any character, they were not likable. I also wondered how Penny ever decided to marry her husband, their courtship is not included in the book. How did a Preacher's daughter, raised with values end up with him? Also, why do they try to equate a dutiful wife wi [...]

    28. This was a short, sweet, and fascinating book. It reads like a "true story" but I haven't done the research to see if it is based on truth. The motto or theme of the story is "It's what you do with it that counts." And boy did it make me think!! What am I doing with my time, my money, my life? And what things from my past are affecting how I live my life today. This would be a fun Book Club discussion book. I couldn't help telling the whole story to my husbandI just couldn't stop thinking about [...]

    29. Again, Rach and Hez, do not read my review! I need to remember my talking points. A lady of the last generation starts to save her husband's spare change (without his knowledge or consent), opens an account with it, invests it, and spends the interest it earns on actually living/enjoying life. In some ways I felt bad for her, being accountable to her husband for every single penny she spent from what he allotted to her. But in some ways I felt bad for himyou know where he's coming from, and then [...]

    30. The title of this book has a double meaning. It is about the coins you have in your pocket at the end of the day that you take out and toss in a bowl somewhere, but it is also about doing small acts of kindness that will create a positive change in someone's life.This is a perfect read for the holidays. It isn't actually a holiday book, but the way the main character lives her life really fits with the giving spirit of Christmas we all hopefully aspire to have. I need to remember this book the n [...]

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