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  1. I would recommend this book to anyone who's looking for a light read, that will completely throw you off your feet. Although peaceful for the majority of the book, Steinbeck surprises us with his ending. This story is about two unlikely friends, George, who is small, quick and smart, and Lenny, big and slow, who are looking for a way to earn earn one acre of land and settle down. However, what stands in front of them is finding work and avoiding the distractions and dangers of life.

  2. As happens sometimes, a moment settled and hovered and remained for much more than a moment. And sound stopped and movement stopped for much, much more than a moment.This review is for Of Mice and Men only.This is the second time I’ve read Of Mice and Men and the third work I’ve read by John Steinbeck. The book is a novella, and the third person narrative of George and Lennie, two migrant workers trying to make their way in California during the great depression.My full review: 100greatestno [...]

  3. Cannery Row was fun. It reminded me a lot of Winnie the Pooh, actually. Like Mack and the gang are all gung-ho about doing something really nice for Doc, like throwing him a party or whatever, and that's what the drama is all about: getting a party together and how it becomes a disaster. I loved how he made the story (and characters) like the tides. Doc and Lee Chong always predicted Mack and the gang to f*ck anything and everything up, but they'd let them do it anyway. Accepting it as a natural [...]

  4. 09-08-08OF MICE AND MEN is one of John Steinbeck's classics. It tells the story of two men who are migrant farm workers in California during American's Great Depression. George is the caretaker of Lenny, a big, strong, mentally-handicapped man who loves soft things, but gets carried away with petting them and touching them, often ending up in disaster for these two men. They can never hold a job for long.I have read this book many years ago, and I appreciate it even more today as I just recently [...]

  5. Why can't I find an entry for just plain "Of Mice and Men"? Anyway, I tried Steinbeck when young and found him grim and depressing, so I quit. Then I discovered Grapes of Wrath last year (yes, me personally, I'm pretty sure nobody had noticed it before) and was blown away, so now I'm cautiously reading his works. Of Mice and Men is one of those books that I'm pretty sure I haven't read, yet I already knew the basic plot line, so I was tensed for the worse all the way through. I think I would hav [...]

  6. Hard as it is to believe, John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men is part of the American Library Association’s “Most Challenged Books of the 21st Century.” Way too often, small-minded people manage to wrangle just enough political power to do harm to those wiser than themselves, as is the case with those who strive to keep Of Mice and Men out of public and school libraries. They complain that the book is “anti-business” or that it condones euthanasia, or that it is filled with racial slurs [...]

  7. In the book Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck, the main characters George and Lennie are two friends that end up working at a ranch in California after being on the run for when Lennie was accused of trying to rape a woman. On the ranch George and Lennie work in the fields lifting barrels of barley and other small jobs. Lennie encounters many problems that he is a part of on the ranch, such as when he broke the ranch-owner son’s hand. George looks out for Lennie on the ranch and speaks for him [...]

  8. I really liked this book. This book really was very funny and inspirational. There was some points in the book that were very boring but in the other it was very fun and enjoyable to read. The three reasons why I loved to read this book was for these three reasons. It was funny and because of George. During the entire book it was really funny. There were many lines in the book that I thought were very funny like "Ya Damn Right Ya God Damn Right" I think that was very important because when a boo [...]

  9. In of mice and men there are two main characters and they are George and Lenny. These two guys are really good friends and they live together. George could have chose to leave Lenny or Look over him and George looked over him. George looked over Lenny because Lenny was dumb but strong which is a bad combination because he would never know when something was wrong. Lenny with his tiny brain and strong arms would get them both in to trouble. I would recommend it to anyone who wants a really heart [...]

  10. So I decided to get some summer reading done, and with this book I can kill two at once!The placement of these two in the book is no mistake: I can't imagine enjoying reading Of Mice And Men as the finish, especially after the fun that was Cannery Row. Cannery Row had fun-loving, easy to trust hoboes who helped throw parties in town that always went crazy. Of Mice And Men's hoboesless jovial.

  11. Another classic social assessment, this time of the sardine canners living along Cannery Row. A charming, witty, engaging view on the many disparate characters who inhabit the Row, some barely surviving one day to the next, others trading on their intellect or business savvy, but all rebounding off eachother to bring together a glorious tale of life so everyday that it's paradoxically refreshing!

  12. Of Mice and Men is more of a play than a novel, but it does have some nice descriptive passages. Cannery Row is what gets this five stars. A collection of fairy tales set in a magical version of Monterey and populated by drunks, whores, bartenders, bouncers, and the saintly marine biologist Doc. It's a sweet, sad book that wears its bruised heart on its sleeve, and there's nothing wrong with that.

  13. Lennie and George were to men that were always together. George had hard times with Lennie because of his disability. They both were planning a better future but, they never achieved it because of the trouble Lennie caused.

  14. I don't remember when I read this book, but I know I have and it was probably while living in Japan. Enjoyed it.

  15. Lennie and Gorge are two men who work in a ranch to get money to get there own place. Linnie had a disability that he needed some one to live with him and help him out. At last Gorge killed Linne.

  16. I liked of mice and men better than cannery row, it did not quite drew my attention. I am happy I am done with this book. Of mice and men had such a sad ending. Cruelly sad.

  17. A sweet yet at times hard read. The old self-preservation, noble good intentions, awful mistakes, the little moments of joy and the long, deep sorrows. So much humanity.

  18. Have you read any modern stories that just don't seem to satisfy? I'd read these in high school and maybe once since then, but found this copy in a Free Little Library. They are light, compact and a good stories to have along on a vacation. Two really fantastic stories about love. Of Mice and Men<\i> is about two men who struggle to "make a stake" in the 30's, move from job to job hoping to achieve the "Great America Dream." Times were tough. In Cannery Row<\i> we're introduced to a [...]

  19. My favorite of the two is Cannery Row. Love all of those crazy characters and the amazingly patient and understanding Doc.

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