Solo Best Books of the Month selection for June Originally published in the issue series SOLO gave some of comics greatest creators the chance to create stories set in the DC Universe and beyo

  • Title: Solo
  • Author: Tim Sale Mark Chiarello Richard Corben Paul Pope Howard Chaykin Darwyn Cooke Jordi Bernet Mike Allred
  • ISBN: 9781401238896
  • Page: 478
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Best Books of the Month selection for June 2013Originally published in 2004, the 12 issue series SOLO gave some of comics greatest creators the chance to create stories set in the DC Universe and beyond Each issue featured one artist, including Tim Sale BATMAN THE LONG HALLOWEEN , Paul Pope BATMAN YEAR ONE HUNDRED , Darwyn Cooke DC THE NEW FRONTIER, BEFORE WA Best Books of the Month selection for June 2013Originally published in 2004, the 12 issue series SOLO gave some of comics greatest creators the chance to create stories set in the DC Universe and beyond Each issue featured one artist, including Tim Sale BATMAN THE LONG HALLOWEEN , Paul Pope BATMAN YEAR ONE HUNDRED , Darwyn Cooke DC THE NEW FRONTIER, BEFORE WATCHMEN MINUTEMEN and many others Stories star Batman, Robin, Superman, The Spectre, The Teen Titans and many others, but also include westerns, war stories, science fiction epics, humor and horror, as well as introspective tales from the creators own lives.

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    1. Originally published as twelve double-sized issues from 2004 to 2006, DC's anthology series Solo showcases one artist per issue. The impressive list of contributors includes underground legend Richard Corben, alternative favorite Paul Pope, and pop-art-inspired Mike Allred and Darwyn Cooke. All artists were given a high degree of creative freedom to either play around with the DC cast of characters or come up with their own, unrelated material.With little competition in the anthology/short story [...]

    2. The premise is simple: take twelve of comics' top artists and give each of them one issue of a series to do whatever they want. If they wish to bring in a collaborator or two, that's fine--some opted to work with writers; others were happy to write their own material. The result is a 12 issue, Eisner-winning series that's quickly becoming a legend. Being an anthology series, the quality varies, but remains generally high. Some artists chose to work with established DC characters. Others took the [...]

    3. I'll rate this 5 stars for creative amazement but in the end four stars because (let's face it) most of the short stories were not memorable and some (okay one, in particular) of the artists were not worthy of being included.But I still STRONGLY recommend this book because it was such a delight to be exposed to the unique styles of 12 professional artists. For fun, I'll rate them from fav to least fav:1) Darwyn Cooke (I love his art and retro stories SO much)2) Michael Allred (I have always dug [...]

    4. To start with, DC Comics short-lived series Solo is a must-read and highly recommended to any serious comic book readers. I mean serious too because not only is the writing is more than an average comic book, but the art is very involved too. Unlike most comic book series, this took me a few days to finish. I loved almost all of the art and enjoyed a fair amount of the writing.Tim Sale’s part I think was the strongest with the writing. The story with Supergirl was a real sweet, but very sad at [...]

    5. I hardly noticed this book when it was coming out back in the day -- just that it was supposed to be a boutique anthology series featuring big name creators, but either I didn't like or hadn't heard of the artists for the particular issues I saw. I think if I'd seen the Michael Allred issue I would have flipped out, but it still doesn't surprise me that I skipped over this at the time.This is a kindred spirit with DC's other semi-recent anthology series, Wednesday Comics, also edited by Mark Chi [...]

    6. 12 modern day male artists are given 40 pages and carte-blanche(ish) to show us what they can do.What? weren't there any lady artists "good enough" for this exercise? The art goes from cartoonish to comic-book-ish to downright masterful. Most of it is good, some of it isn't. The stories vary although many are of DC's cast of characters, I think most veer off into the artists' personal collection of what may be, in some cases, material they had lying around the studio that they had never managed [...]

    7. This collection allowed me to discover some artists that I didn't know (and some that I knew, but I just didn't know their names!), and exposed me to stories that I wouldn't normally have gone out of my way to read (like westerns, for example). Overall a satisfying read, a little uneven here & there, but that is to be expected with anthologies of this type: Something for everyone, but not everything for anyone.Of the contributing artists, I've broken them down into four categories:[1] Corben [...]

    8. This was a hard one to rate as it is a collection of comics from different artists. They were asked to do stories that they always wished to tell and some of them are fabulous and some not so much. It's a matter of taste really. My absolute favorite of the whole series is Teenage Sidekick by Paul Pope. It was a truly revelatory story about Robin the Boy Wonder. Robin is such a divisive character in the comic book world, but this story really captured the essence of who Robin (Dick Grayson Robin) [...]

    9. A collection of a 12 part series where each issue had a single artist with carte blanche to create stories using DC characters or just the kind of stories they would like to see in comics.Being a collection of short stories the quality is variable but good overall. There was more work that did not use DC characters than I would have liked.The main gripe is the claim that 12 of the greatest artists were gathered to contribute to the collection. Any such claim is subjective of course but the defin [...]

    10. Completely amazing. I had to give it five stars even though I didn't like the artwork by Damion Scott (well, the Batgirl one was pretty good) or Brendan McCarthy (I think you need to be on drugs to get this stuff). Mike Allred's riffs on Batman were so hilarious and delightful that I felt giddy (giddy! I am never giddy!), and Jordi Bernet's "Drive" (written by Joe Kelly) was fantastic. I loved it.Recommended for fans of comics and not-fans of comics.

    11. Great collection, real riot of styles and ideas. 12 top artists got 48 pages each to tell any stories they wanted. Some heavyweight collaborators like Neil Gaiman, too.

    12. I was considering giving this collection a 3-Star rating because while I fell in love with artists that I’ve never heard of before-as well as fall in love all over again with artists I know all too well and am constantly searching for new works/projects they’ve had a hand in-I didn’t feel the same way about a number of new-to-me artists (which, to be fair, is a quite a long list.) now I know that the artists I may not have cared for, are world renowned and have an impressive following, but [...]

    13. Originalmente publicada en 2004, la colección SOLO dio la oportunidad, a una buena parte de los más destacados artistas del medio, para explorar de manera íntima las diferentes técnicas y formas del noveno arte. SOLO incluye trabajos que van desde difusas introspecciones hasta el repaso fundacional de cada género, incluidos el western, el humor, el terror, la ciencia ficción y el fantasy. La mayoría de las historias, aunque no todas, están enmarcadas en el universo DC y su periferia, per [...]

    14. It doesn't seem fair to give this a star rating since I only read several sections. Tim Sale, Darwyn Cooke and Mike Allred deliver the goods as usual from a visual standpoint. The stories themselves are short and simple. Allred's stories in particular are great. They skew towards the silly and fun, with the Batman tale actually having some entertaining Batman angst amidst the tomfoolery. I also loved Darwyn Cooke's story about the woman who nurtured his art as a child. Worth a look if you're a f [...]

    15. Fun! I go for anthology works (I recently tasted EC Archives) for the high creativity/page ratio, but the good price/page ratio from Half Price Books’ post-Christmas sale sealed it for me. This book contains several high-contrast, thick-line, bright-color artists I recognize (Sale, Cooke, Allred), which was enough to encourage me to sample the others. I’d almost say it’s worth it just for those 3 (especially Cooke, who seems the be the only to have some connecting narrative through his sub [...]

    16. For the most part, the selection of artists was good and the art was wonderful. Then again, the editor asked the best of the best in the first place, so it's no surprise the art is characteristically good. The stories, on the other hand, are not so great. Most are two or three pages of drivel, stories that really never needed to be told. The ones the artists wrote are forgivable; they are artists not writers (although some like Paul Pope do regularly write and draw their own stories).Worth a rea [...]

    17. For the most part I really enjoyed this book of short stories except for Brendan McCarthy’s contribution which was awful.Tim Sale = 3.5 out of 5Richard Corben = 4 out of 5Paul Pope = 5 out of 5Howard Chaykin = 3.5 out of 5Darwyn Cooke = 4 out of 5Jordi Bernet = 3.5 out of 5Michael Allred = 4 out of 5Teddy Kristiansen = 2.5 out of 5Scott Hampton = 3 out of 5Damion Scott = 4 out of 5Sergio Aragones = 3 out of 5Brendan McCarthy = 0 out of 5

    18. This is a bit of a mixed bag in that you get some creators who are not as interesting and other creators turning in some of their best work. I loved the Mike Allred, Richard Corben and Sergio Aragones. I did not like Brendan McCarthy or Teddy Kristiansen. But I guess that's all a matter of taste. Many of the artists turned in work that's worth the price of admission even though the story is not that great.

    19. I usually take a story-centric approach to comics, and Solo is very art-centric. Most of the stories aren't bad, and some are in fact very good, but the art is the star here. Once you figure that out, this is a book that you will be able to turn to again and again. With twelve artists with very different styles, Solo is a study in the varying possibility of sequential art, and a lot of fun as well.

    20. It's really the best collection of work I've read in a long time. It's creativity on a level of pure expression rarely seen in books published by DC or Marvel comics. It's a phenomenal showcase of just what kind of work can be done in the comicbook medium without the shackles of continuity or corporate restraint.

    21. Like most people I think the collection overall was fairly impressive although somewhat inconsistent. I think the work would have benefited from some kind of overarching theme to tie it all together. I hope they give this idea another shot. I was very excited to see a couple of my favorite artists and to see a couple of artists from Spain.

    22. The only issue of this series that I picked up as a single issue comic book was the one featuring Mike Allred. And what do ya know, his is the only one worth reading. This is 95% amateur junk. Terrible art. Terrible stories. Very, very disappointing. I have no idea why this is so popular. The earlier two volumes of BIZARRO COMICS were much more entertaining and along the same idea.

    23. Collection of a twelve-issue series, each issue featuring short stories drawn by an individual artist. The art, for the most part, is lovely here, but sometimes the stories suffer by comparison. I think many of the individual issues of the series would be great to own in isolation, but the collection simply isn't strong enough.

    24. Overall, I really liked this collection, especially the work by Cooke and Allred. The pieces I didn't really like, such as the graffiti artist and the Western pieces, were nevertheless interesting, and I was pleasantly surprised by them. Really, just a great compilation.

    25. It's a real mixed bag, as with most anthology series. The good makes up for the mediocre/bad, for the most part. I did enjoy the variety, but perhaps in future, this could be done with writers taking each issue as opposed to artists - most artists really can't write very well at all.

    26. I skipped some stories by less interesting artists. My favorites were Richard Corben, Howard Chaykin, Paul Pope, Sergio Aragones and Brendan McCarthy. I guess that's the almost half the book. The McCarthy and Pope issues were my main reason for reading it.

    27. Pope, Cooke, Hampton and Kristiansen are very strong in terms of both art and story -- more often amongst these 12 artists the art is fine but the stories half-baked, and a couple just disappoint entirely. But the experiments that work here work very well.

    28. 12 authors, DC comics, no continuity or restraints. Worth it for Allred, Pope, and Sergio Aragones (Groo). Skipped the rest. Hit and miss, so read what you like.

    29. I only read Sergio Aragones's. i love the cartoons but i cant stand the stupidity of his original creation Groo.

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