Hellblazer, Volume 6: Bloodlines

Hellblazer Volume Bloodlines It s not often that John Constantine the world s greatest magician has been able to be content Years in the making his occult knowledge and shrewd judgment are hard won and paid for in blood his ow

  • Title: Hellblazer, Volume 6: Bloodlines
  • Author: Garth Ennis JohnSmith Steve Dillon William Simpson Sean Phillips David Lloyd Mike Hoffman
  • ISBN: 9781401240431
  • Page: 387
  • Format: Paperback
  • It s not often that John Constantine, the world s greatest magician, has been able to be content Years in the making, his occult knowledge and shrewd judgment are hard won and paid for in blood his own, his friends , and that of innocent caught up in the never ending arms race of would be sorcerers chasing power But after saving the world a few times and beating both theIt s not often that John Constantine, the world s greatest magician, has been able to be content Years in the making, his occult knowledge and shrewd judgment are hard won and paid for in blood his own, his friends , and that of innocent caught up in the never ending arms race of would be sorcerers chasing power But after saving the world a few times and beating both the Devil and lung cancer, Constantine is finally starting to feel ahead of the game However, between investigations of a grisly serial murderer and strategies against the Lord of Hell, John has no time to rest.Collecting Hellblazer 47 61

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    1. While this didn't quite pack the same punch that Dangerous Games did, it still had a lot of great stuff going on and seems to be gearing up for something big. We also get a few issues with the complete Ennis/Dillon/Fabry team that will later go on to become so popular with Preacher so that was fun too. Also it amuses me to no end that Ennis is apparently not allowed to write the word 'fuck' because we're still under the main DC imprint at this point which leads to John substituting 'frig' a lot [...]

    2. "Hellblazer, Vol 6: "Bloodlines"" collects the individual issues #47 to #61, all of which are written by Garth Ennis. The pencilling is done by William Simpson (a serviceable but somewhat unspectacular artist – his lack of background detail removes some of the depth of the world Constantine inhabits) except where noted.As much as I have enjoyed Jamie Delano's character defining contribution to the "Hellblazer" series, reading Ennis' work on the series was a very welcome breath of fresh air, as [...]

    3. Disclaimer: This review does not make sense. There were several stories within this volume, but the one that really stood out to me was "Royal Blood" mainly because through this story we managed to come full circle. For this we have to explain some things, I guess.Alan Moore wrote the graphic novel From Hell with artist Eddie Campbell,which tells the tale of Jack the Ripper from both Moore's imagination and some historical sources.It basically runs on the plot that Queen Victoria's grandson, Pri [...]

    4. Once Garth Ennis impressed with the success of his first Hellblazer arc, the writer began to settle in for the long game. He began his Hellblazer finale with the stories in this collection, allowing them to percolate before the inevitable climax. He built Constantine up, one could almost think the mage was ready to retire. Ennis gave him a lover who could stand toe-to-toe with John and with it a contentment that could the reader an impression that this was the calm before the storm.

    5. Overall, this is the worst volume of Hellblazer yet, and that's saying something after the agony of hokey new-age hippy John Constantine back in Delano's worst days. The surfeit of bloodshed and entrails is entirely ridiculous. It's poorly drawn shock at the expense of good writing. All of Ennis's worst habits could be seen here. Still, I liked two stories from this volume, thus one star for each."The Pub Where I Was Born" was a simply boring ghost story, with a petty infatuation for bloodshed. [...]

    6. Contando con un amplio apoyo de artistas, este sexto TPB (del #47 al #61) de John Constantine: Hellblazer va desarrollando de a poco los hilos presentados en el libro anterior por Garth Ennis mientras arma su visión del personaje y su entorno (pareja, amigos, bares, enemigos presentes y del pasado) dejando claro que, a pesar de que "Hábitos Peligrosos" es un hito muy importante en su vida, aún queda mucho camino que recorrer y varias historias que compartir, desde números unitarios, como la [...]

    7. After debuting with "Dangerous Habits", this volume finds new writer Garth Ennis messing around in Constantine's universe, setting things up, establishing a new tone to the series. Constantine's misadventures don't become any less grim or horrifying, but ole' John seems happier and more content with his life than we've ever seen him before, due in large part to his blooming relationship with Kit. All of this will come crashing down in future volumes, of course, but for the duration of BLOODLINES [...]

    8. This book pretty much sums up what Hellblazer is all about. It’s a collection of dark and fun stories with the occasional laugh. I love Hellblazer so much.

    9. This is a really long book so I'm going to update this as I go.The Pub Where I Was Born & Love Kills: Two issues cover the story of a local watering hole run by a kindly old couple. The pub is bought up after the husband dies, and the new owner teams with a greedy associate to burn the building down and collect insurance on the property. Their hired thug accidentally kills the widow in the fire, and unwittingly reconnects her spirit with her husband's. The dead couple now reap revenge from b [...]

    10. "Kit leaves for work and I go looking for trouble. Well, that's not really true It's what I usually do when there's nothing else on the go - find something nasty and piss it about a bit, get my fingers burnt, and burn the other bastard's arm in return.But I can't do it forever, can't I?"

    11. Some really great stand-alone issues, arcs featuring Satan and Jack the Ripper, and even what may have been a prequel to Garth Ennis' Preacher make this some of the best I have read so far of classic Hellblazer.

    12. El arco argumental de Royal Blood es BUENÍSIMO (merece 5/5) y Guys & Dolls es genial, pero el resto del volumen es completamente meh.

    13. Ummmah, I have no idea what's up with that cover. It appears to be Constantine standing over a demon he's beaten to death with a crucifix. Just so we're clear, that never happened here. Which is kind of a shame, now that I think about it.This is mostly a patchwork anthology, one-offs and shorter story arcs. Most of them were good, a couple not so much.When last we left our anti-heroic mage, he'd just conned the three princes of Hell into healing his fatal lung cancer lest they be forced to go to [...]

    14. Garth Ennis' run begins building its world and introducing new characters. Also, the First of the Fallen is made distinct from Lucifer, so it might be good to read The Sandman, Vol. 1: Preludes and Nocturnes. (Eventually, read all of Sandman because it is one of the best comic series ever.)#47-48 The Pub Where I Was Born and Love Kills 3/5A cute story about a couple in love turns dark when business interests get involved. The story treads unnecessarily to over the top violence, but it has a good [...]

    15. Beginning was okay, not great compared to the Dangerous Habits arc, but, imo, better than almost everything that Delano wrote. I'll touch on this later in the review, but there's just something that makes Ennis's run much easier to enjoy than Delano's; it's probably the fact that it's more direct, and thus quicker to read; Ennis can tell a short story in the small duration that a human can pay attention without getting annoyed, while Delano usually could not; as a result, most of Delano's work f [...]

    16. Finally some supernatural in this supernatural book!I like Delano, he did a great job in creating the identity of John Constantine, but man did he go off on a tangent after Fear Machine. I am so happy that Ennis picked up the series last trade with Dangerous Habits, so how does Hellblazer read with Ennis at the helm? Quite good!World: The art is getting better, sure there is less crazy detail and moodiness that we saw at the end of the Delano era (I'm sorry I just don't remember the artists' nam [...]

    17. The Pub Where I Was Born (47-48). Between Brendan in the last arc and the entirety of this story, you get the impression that Ennis really romanticizes drinking. In any case, this is a nice, short, melancholy piece that tells a fine ghost story while also nicely advancing John's life [7+/10].Lord of the Dance (49). Ennis really does like his pubs. Still, this is a nice story because it has a genuine British feel to it and because it shows Constantine's good side [7+/10].Remarkable Lives (50). I [...]

    18. I like Garth Ennis's run on Hellblazer a lot better than I like Delano's, but it still isn't great. Ennis definitely brings a more coherent story and better dialogue to the mix, but the longform storytelling that I crave in comments is still pretty lackluster. Some of the problem is that these new Hellblazer volumes are the size of phone books and include a wide swath of material from different writers and with different themes, and the fact that all these materials are crammed together reveals [...]

    19. Hellblazer is one of those series I would have been collecting if it hadn't come out when I was in my "not reading comics" phase. Constantine is a great character, the flawed trickster hero, that lends himself to a lot of great stories and many different writers have done great story runs with him, all with slightly different takes on his character. I think one of the strengths of the stories in Hellblazer is that the magic plays a part in the story but doesn't take over the story. These are hum [...]

    20. Good stuff from Garth Ennis. "The Pub Where I Was Born" is a solid story with a really great beginning that shows Ennis understands what makes a good pub a crucial part of life, but it's horribly marred by Mike Hoffman's art for the second installment -- seriously flat, awful stuff, and the coloring's bad, too. It just looks rushed and weird. The art's otherwise good; classic stuff from Will Simpson and Steve Dillon, although the coloring will be jarring for folks accustomed to today's shiny pap [...]

    21. Following hot on the heels of Garth Ennis' first chronological John Constantine collection, the classic 'Dangerous Habits' (vol. 5), I was expecting another top quality 'Hellblazer' book. Disappointingly, however, this volume didn't just not live up to the previous one (which, considering how high the bar was set, isn't at all surprising), but not to the general quality of the entire series up to this point either. I found this volume to read like a typical DC comic from the 1990s, one that's en [...]

    22. Giving the finger to the Devil is one of John Constantine's favorite hobbies, and I'm not so sure it's the best way to spend one's time. I love the references to Alan Moore's "From Hell," which is one of my favorite graphic novels, even if it wasn't quite up to par with the literary sophistication. I still got excited. I was also wondering how the fit this Devil in with the Lucifer character of the Moore/Gaiman universe, which this volume delivered a much appreciated explanation to (even referen [...]

    23. I just founded my favorite comic-book character of all times. I'd never check on the Hellblazer comics (except for the last volume) and by God this is something else. This stories have everything inside of themselves and the main character himself is a narrative delight. From a story about an old marriage turned into ghosts in a vengeful-killing rampage, to a great-creepy and intriguing take on "Jack the Ripper", Garth Ennis stories are just too much for me to take, and I'm saying this in the mo [...]

    24. I actually started reading this back in December, but I got very busy and I was unable to finish it until now.It's huge by Hellblazer standards, generally these volumes have a story arc and then the stories that are done in one or two issues or whatever filler done by other writers. This one had several of those one-shots and two big story arcs.Some of the one shots are particularly good, like the one when Constantine bumps into the King of the Vampires or meets the Lord of the Dance. Apart from [...]

    25. A little uneven in the middle, and the done-in-ones sometimes break up the pace that the longer stories build up, but still as enjoyable as ever. The Royal Blood four parter and the closing Guys and Dolls two/three parter are the highlights, and Ennis seems to be unable to do any wrong with this title. I can see why this is said to be one of the best runs of Hellblazer, and I'm so glad it's all being collected.

    26. Koondab Hellblazeri üksiknumbreid #47-61 (1992-1993). Tegemist on kõrgeväärtusliku kullaga, Bloodlinesi stooriliin üksi juba tõuseks kogu Hellblazeri sarja väga etteotsa, aga siin on veel "The Diary of Danny Drake" ja "Guys and Dolls" liinid. Üldse on Hellblazeri needliinid kus tal on tegemist Põrgulistega oluliselt paremad need kus ta niisama jorutab ja tihedat teksti täis jutumulle toodab. Selles kogumikus siin põrgulistest juba puudu ei tule

    27. Constantine has beaten the devil, is healthy, and seems to have new lease on life. He doesn't go out searching for the problems that come his way but he is certainly game for when they appear. The introduction of love interest Kit was awesome, though I am disappointed that she doesn't feature more past the first story in this volume. I was more of a fan of the one off stories than the Royal Blood storyline but that is by no means a strike against it. Definitely a worthwhile volume.

    28. Individual ratings:The Pub Where I Was Born + Love Killsstory - 3art - 3Lord of the Dancestory - 2art - 4Remarkable Livesstory - 4art - 4Counting to Tenstory - 4art - 3Royal Blood (1-4)story - 3art - 4This Is the Diary of Danny Drakestory - 5art - 5Mortal Clay + Body & Soulstory - 3art - 4Guys & Dolls (parts 1 & 2)story - 5art - 4

    29. I'm disappointed. The character is so much more interesting than these stories about him are, but I'm not sure I can expect to find much else better than this, since Ennis is the best-known chronicler of John Constantine.The book is okay.

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