The Gifted: A Joanne Kilbourn Mystery

The Gifted A Joanne Kilbourn Mystery Joanne Kilbourn is as feisty as ever in the th book of the series that bears her name This time Jo and Zack s young daughter Taylor s precocious talent as a painter has drawn the attention of peopl

  • Title: The Gifted: A Joanne Kilbourn Mystery
  • Author: Gail Bowen
  • ISBN: 9780771009983
  • Page: 229
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Joanne Kilbourn is as feisty as ever in the 14th book of the series that bears her name This time, Jo and Zack s young daughter Taylor s precocious talent as a painter has drawn the attention of people who may not be at all what they seem Jo and Zack are both proud and a little concerned when their youngest daughter Taylor whose birth mother was a brilliant but nJoanne Kilbourn is as feisty as ever in the 14th book of the series that bears her name This time, Jo and Zack s young daughter Taylor s precocious talent as a painter has drawn the attention of people who may not be at all what they seem Jo and Zack are both proud and a little concerned when their youngest daughter Taylor whose birth mother was a brilliant but notoriously promiscuous artist has two paintings chosen for a high level fund raising auction One they ve seen the other, a portrait of a young male artist s model, Taylor has carefully guarded in her studio Their concern grows when it becomes clear and quite public that the young man is the lover of the older socialite who organized the fund raiser and whose husband is Zack s old friend.Soon, an ugly web of infidelity, addiction, and manipulation seems to be weaving itself around the Kilbourn Shreve family Jo and Zack are doing their best to keep everyone safe, but when one of the principal players in the drama is found murdered, events begin to spiral, Taylor seems to be drifting further away, and their very darkest fears seem about to be realized.The Gifted reconfirms Gail Bowen s incomparable ability to interweave the domestic and the dramatic, and to explore the dark side of human nature while ensuring that the life affirming pillars of family and friendship remain standing.

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    1. Decent mystery, with the narrator having the unusual twist of being in her 50s and happily married to a paraplegic. It is set in Regina, Canada which meant I had to look up some terms and the geography was often confusing. That is more a reader issue than a book issue though.What I liked the most about this book was not the mystery, which did have a sufficient number of twists to make it engaging. I loved the depth and complexity of Joanne, the protagonist, who has an adult daughter and grandchi [...]

    2. I'm giving it three stars because Gail Bowen is such a splendid writer that I can't bring myself to give her a mediocre score even though I didn't enjoy the book much. I have loved the Joanne Kilbourne series from the very first book but this one left me with the feeling that Ms Bowen is becoming bored with her own creations. The solution to the mystery felt rushed. I was very disappointed in the book as I'd been looking forward to it for quite awhile.

    3. I'm starting to find the tone of this series a bit smug. Didn't enjoy so much, certainly not as much as the early ones in the series.

    4. Joanne Kilbourn is becoming prissily good. I liked her better in the earlier books when her life wasn't so charmed.

    5. Why do I keep reading this series? I suppose for the same reason I keep eating strawberries -- they used to be good. Strawberries still look great. They're bright and plump and smell wonderful. But you bite into one and it's tasteless. I have such vivid memories of delicious juicy sweet strawberries from decades ago that I can't resist them. Gail Bowen's early Joanne Kilbourn mysteries were great political thrillers, and Joanne was there, in her various incarnations as politician's wife, as tele [...]

    6. In the latest Joanne Kilbourn Mystery, Joanne and Zack's young daughter, Taylor, is beginning to make a name for herself as an artist. Her latest two paintings bring amazing prices in a charity auction held for the Racette-Hunter Community Center. In the portrait that fetches the highest price, her beautiful male model, Julian, is nude, a fact not known to Joanne and Zack until the auction.Julian is used to manipulating women and considers fifteen-year-old Taylor easy prey. While he is pressurin [...]

    7. Sitting down with the newest Joanne Kilbourn book is like catching up with an old friend. I love that Joanne is not a typical "detective" and is someone to whom I can relate - middle aged, retired professional with an active life and political views I can espouse. Gail Bowen weaves mysteries with many layers; complex non-linear stories. In The Gifted, family relationships and business affiliations are all affected by the personality and behaviour of a troubled young man, and Joanne's daughter is [...]

    8. I really enjoy Gail Bowen's Joanne Kilbourne series. The murder mystery is always interesting, but the family interaction is primarily what makes her books so readable. I have grown to love the people in Joannes's life, and always look forward to a new novel. I first started reading this Canadian author when I saw a movie based upon one of the novels on the Lifetime network. I was unfamiliar with the author at that time, but got a copy of one of her early books, and have been reading them ever s [...]

    9. I'm enjoying these books a lot, but I'm not sure they really should be classified as mysteries any more. They are more family/relationship/social issues novels, with some crime thrown in. I like the way the family members and their various connections are developing and she has certainly set the scene for an interesting follow-up - I think the last sentence of the acknowledgments must have been written tongue-in-cheek.

    10. Excellent book, builds on the long string of Joanne Kilbourn mysteries, of which the first ones have been made into feature movies. The development of characters, the growth of her children into adults, her relationships after the death (subsequently found out to be murder) of her politician husband, and her career,as well as being mostly based in Regina/Saskatchewan, have kept me looking forward to the next book in Gail Bowen's series.

    11. What I really liked about this novel was the family dynamics and Joanne Kilbourne's loving relationship with Zack. It's refreshing to read about healthy relationships as opposed to dysfunctional ones. The family life was for me more interesting than the mystery although I've always liked Gail Bowen's mysteries. A fast paced novel with a contemporary theme.

    12. The Gifted is the 14th book in the Joanne Kilbourn series by Gail Bowen, a renown Canadian author. It is due out on Aug 13, 2013. I have the privilege of reading it early in order to post a review. I am a volunteer reviewer. The book focuses on Joanne, her husband, Zack Shreve, and their daughter, Taylor. Taylor has come to live with Joanne and Zack through partially reveal circumstances that have probably been more fully explained in earlier books in the series. Taylor is a soon-to-be 15 year o [...]

    13. I won a copy of "The Gifted: A Joanne Kilbourn Mystery, by Gail Bowen through the Giveaway Contest. This is a character -based mystery with strong bonds of family interaction. Gail Bowen is a very talented Canadian writer and the setting for this novel is in Regina, Saskatchewan.Joanne Kilbourn and her husband,(lawyer) Zack Shreve, a paraplegic, live with their fourteen year old daughter, Taylor, a gifted painter, in a Saskatchewan condo in the warehouse area of "The Village." The other condo o [...]

    14. I used to love this series, but I'm in agreement with the other commenters who think that it's grown stale. Didn't we already see a storyline where a troubled adolescent boy was obsessed with the artist daughter? And hasn't the oldest daughter's turbulent love life also been run into the ground a little? And while I'm totally down with the second marriage, the way she neglects to specify right away that her children are from her first marriage or adopted seems weird - it's fine for Zack to be LI [...]

    15. This book sounded really interesting, but I ended up being bored the whole way through. The "mystery" was too easy to solve, and I kept getting frustrated at how the main character acted. Joanne and her husband end up leaving their daughter alone with a person that they very well know could be a killer. Granted, I'm not a parent, but I don't know any parent that is that lax about what their child does. I kept yelling at the book. Another difficulty for me was that almost every single character w [...]

    16. I have read all of Gail Bowen's novels with Joanne Kilbourne as the lead character. When I received this as a free book I was thrilled. I have followed Joanne through many personal life changes and through many crimes and mysteries over the past twenty years. This novel did not disappoint. It was wonderful to catch up with the many family members who have peopled her novels. To use a quote from the book, "ready or not life goes on". Read it and enjoy the characters and the resolution of the stor [...]

    17. Set in the art world and an urban renewal project in Regina, this is the latest in the Joanne Kilbourne Mystery series. Joanne's family is deeply involved in both areas, with her daughter Taylor developing as an artist and her husband Zack having a leading role in developing the new center. It comes as a shock when a person with a large role in the new center is murdered. The story is well-paced and has a satisfying ending, but as someone who hasn't read most of the series, there was a bit of co [...]

    18. Another solid read from Bowen. I love catching up with series character Joanne Kilbourn and her friends and family. Bowen continues to move the series forward and it was nice to have a book that featured Joanne's relationship with her adopted daughter, Taylor. It brought back a lot of memories of when I started to read the series years ago with Love and Murder featuring Taylor's mother, Sally Love. This series is a great read-alike for Elly Griffiths' Ruth Galloway books.

    19. Mid range rating - I think I would have found it more entertaining had I read the first books in the series as I was a little lost with all of the characters and all of the names being thrown around - there was a LOT of people in this book. Overall it was alright - there were moments that were suspenseful and that was fun, there were moments that were glaringly obvious (the whodunit was not as fun as it was a wee bit obvious to me) but the surprise was cool at some moments.I think the art aspect [...]

    20. This was my first Joanne Kilbourn Mystery but I don't really like "series" because I spend too much time looking for the next on in a series. I like it when each novel can stand on it's own and this one did. The author gave enough background information that I didn't feel I was "missing" anything in the storyline. I love that it was set in a Canadian city and it had enough twists and surprises to keep me interested. The interpersonal relationships were well developed and I empathized with the pr [...]

    21. Real characters that you get to know, somewhat unrealistic regarding the philanthropy in Regina, i.e. multi million dollar donors to community projects and art sales with works by a 15 year old going for $25,000. Still, an enjoyable read as Joanne's adopted daughter Taylor gets involved with an artist/model Julian.

    22. I was really looking forward to reading this book. The Joanne Kilbourn misteries take place in Regina, the capital city of the Canadian province Saskatchewan. The location is really unusual and intriguing. So very Canadian with its mix of harsh weather, First Nations presence, political intricacies and normal family life. A cold place with hard winters, but Gail Bowen`s books exude warmth. They have a thrilling but also soothing effect on me.Amateur sleuth Joanne Kilbourn, a dedicated mother, ex [...]

    23. Joanne Shreve has been married to paraplegic Zack for three years and they have a 15 year old daughter, Taylor who is an up and coming artist. Taylor came to live with Joanne and her family when Taylor's mother, Sally Love (a well renowned painter like her father) died eleven years earlier. Taylor is painting model, Julian Zentner, who was highly recommended by Taylor's art teacher, Kaye Russell. Zack's very close friend of 25 years, Vince Treadgold is hosting a party for his strikingly beautifu [...]

    24. I always enjoy Gail Bowen’s books for, over the course of the years, I have got to know her family of characters and I find her novels a very comfortable read. Her main character, Joanna Kilburn, is a model of modern womanhood, adroitly balancing career opportunities and domestic harmony, and she has an appealing personality, with witty asides and practical attitudes combined with a genuine wish to help others. In The Gifted, Joanne’s adopted daughter, Taylor, the ‘gifted’ painter, is no [...]

    25. I received this book from my granddaughter who won it here on . I believe on passing it forward when it comes to booksey are not cheap to buy and for the dwindling population that prefers to hold a book in your hand, versus an ereader, I think it makes it more important in preserving the written page.This book apparently is the 14th in a series. This is the first one I have read. So I believe if I had read the books that came before I would have enjoyed this more. In general I enjoy reading auth [...]

    26. Won this book by one of my favourite authors as part of a giveaway. Thanks very much M&S.I have loved this series and found The Gifted very readable. As with other Gail Bowen titles, especially the most recent ones, this has a strong social justice focus. In this case the social justice element was stronger than the mystery. I guessed at who would be murdered and who would be responsible before the crime was committed.Still the lives of characters Bowen's readers want to follow kept interes [...]

    27. Gail Bowen't Joanne Kilbourn books are always a pleasure to read. The plot of this latest was interesting with a few quibbles, which are probably personal only to me. I don't like the character of Riel and think Mieka's relationship to him unrealistic. It was also very disappointing that the family decided to not return to their home after it was rebuilt. The condo feels like a very odd permanent choice for them. Also, while their idealism is a major component of their characters, it doesn't see [...]

    28. It took me a long time to get into this, mostly because there are so many characters introduced at the beginning with a lot of detail that seems to be extraneousI had trouble keeping them all straight. Maybe it was a result of reading it on the heels of The Rosie Effect, but I wouldn't have minded a list in the style of Don Tillman is a list of the people in my life, their ages, and how they are related to me and to each otherw let's get into the story.

    29. I may have made a big mistake by taking this as my first sampling of Gail Bowen's work. I sense the author wrote large sections in her sleep, being overly familiar with her characters and setting. In any event, I did not find the protagonists engaging or even particularly believable - too perfect by half, as are all their stinking rich socially aware friends. There was enough good writing to prompt me to try one of the earlier books in the series though.

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