The Legend of Ellie Quin

The Legend of Ellie Quin THE LEGEND OF ELLIE QUIN Book She was a very normal girl Wanted what anyone in her situation would to escape the dull life of a dusty colonial farm for the bright neon lights of the city What she did

  • Title: The Legend of Ellie Quin
  • Author: Alex Scarrow
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 337
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • THE LEGEND OF ELLIE QUIN Book1 She was a very normal girl Wanted what anyone in her situation would to escape the dull life of a dusty colonial farm for the bright neon lights of the city.What she didn t realise was that urge to escape was programmed into her That she was some mad man s bio weapon That she was destined to change mankind foreverd that there wTHE LEGEND OF ELLIE QUIN Book1 She was a very normal girl Wanted what anyone in her situation would to escape the dull life of a dusty colonial farm for the bright neon lights of the city.What she didn t realise was that urge to escape was programmed into her That she was some mad man s bio weapon That she was destined to change mankind foreverd that there were people already on their way across Human Space, coming to find herd kill her.A Brand new series from the author of TIMERIDERS HitchHikers Guide to the Galaxy meets BladeRunner Andy Briggs

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    1. Original Read 2016Short, snappy and intriquing. I can't quite believe that Ellie is twenty as she doesn't act twenty years old, more like a teenager, but thats only a minor criticism. I can't wait to read book 2!!! :-)Reread 2017Having come to Ellie Quin from Time Riders, I was expecting something relatively similar. Well, it wasn't. Scarrow's writing remains brilliant and I find myself invested in Ellie's future. I wanted for her to get to New Haven and to succeed in New Haven.I love the way th [...]

    2. Ellie Quin was unlike anything I'd expected. The writing is different from the Time Riders series, which is a thrilling time travel adventure series. Ellie's world is a little madcap; if you love sci-fi TV shows then I'd describe Ellie Quin as being less StarTrek and more Farscape.The Pros: Love the crazy fashions, the weird plants and the whole background to the terra-forming of planets and the enhancement of the human population to fit in with different climates and planetary conditions. I'm r [...]

    3. This book was pretty good and it kept my interest. I will read the next one when the kindle book is on offer, part one was a lot cheaper. Also I enjoy reading Alex Scarrow.

    4. My review can be found here:lynnsbooks.wordpress/2013/Or here:I just recently finished reading The Legend of Ellie Quin by Alex Scarrow and I thoroughly enjoyed it. This is only a fairly short novel but it had a lovely simplicity to the story telling that just made me fall into the story and frankly I confess it was difficult to put down once started. Okay, this is clearly, admittedly, only the beginning and we find out only a little snippet but it was really entertaining nonetheless. Be warned [...]

    5. Very disappointing. I was so confident I was going to love this book because I adore the TimeRiders series and I'm baffled by the fact Alex Scarrow could go from TimeRiders to this.The Legend of Ellie Quin is about a farm girl running away from home and heading to the big city, New Haven. This takes place a thousand years into the future and on another planet. Ellie also turns out to be some mad man's bio-weapon, though not much explained about this. Like I said, I was so confident I was going t [...]

    6. Ellie Quin is a girl growing up on a remote farm on a remote planet. Her dream is to get to the city and, ultimately, to leave the planet and explore the universe.To see through a viewing bay, your whole world and everything you have ever known and to watch it gradually disappear and become simply a glowing disc, eventually a mere pin-prickI really loved the world (or, in this case, universe). It was well-built and I'd love to see more of this universe and its planets.I also liked Ellie. She is [...]

    7. I read it this Young-Adult-SF-adventure in one evening, enjoyed it and bought volume 2 straight away to continue reading, (big) BUT The Legend of Ellie Quin is not a novel, novella or even a short story, but simply the opening chapter of a novel, that promises (did I hear someone say 'threatens'?) to be pretty long and worth reading. The part covered in this first instalment gives the reader the background for the main character, short hints at a possible opponent and the opening scene of the a [...]

    8. Alex scarrow best known for his TimeRiders (Book 1) series, and also for his adult thrillers A Thousand Suns, The Candle Man, Last LightAfterlightOctober Skies. The one thing that Alex has been consistent with is his great characters.Each person is brought to life very quickly, with a very honest human quality, never given an ability or set of circumstances that the every day person could not deal with.Its this approach that makes all his books grab you from the first page to the last.Ellie Quin [...]

    9. Ellie Quin was a shortish story introducing us into the world of Ellie and setting the scene for future books in the series.Ellie is a young girl who thought she was ordinary. Turns out she was wrong.She's spent all of her life on a farm, farming oxygen to be sold at prices which are dipping desperately. All her life she has dreamed of nothing more than escaping the farm, and travelling to New Haven, the major city of the planet she's on. After discussing plans with that standard boy she has a c [...]

    10. Nineteen year-old Ellie Quin spends her days planting tubweeds on an oxygen farm anxious for the day that she can escape rural life and move to the domed city of New Haven. The normal longings of an adolescent girl prove to be anything but normal in this gene-enhanced future. The day arrives and Ellie puts her plans into motion, unaware that she and her small agricultural planet are on a collision course with forces that could unravel the entire course of humanity, with Ellie being the key to th [...]

    11. I waited until after I'd finished the TimeRiders series before diving into a new series from Alex Scarrow, but they aren't really comparable. The first book in the Ellie Quinn series introduces the central character - a girl stuck on a boring planet, hoping for more from life - and the situation - that there is something special about her to the point that people are starting to hunt her down.The writing style is very similar, bursts of action interspersed with young adult soul-searching, but fo [...]

    12. Easy reading young adult sci-fi, great for reading on the train.My only complaint with this book was that it seemed to be over before it had begun when the story was only just kicking off, even for the first book in a series!There isn't much novel or unique about the (futuristic) world the novel is set in, but the setup is done well and I'm looking forward to seeing where the story goes from here.Reading time: 1 hour, 39 mins (for 232 'pages', seriously short, glad I got this via Kindle Lending [...]

    13. I'm really disappointed by this book. It had the potential to be a fantastic story but ends before anything significant actually happens and forcing you to read the next book to find out. I would have enjoyed it more and would have been more likely to read the next one if we had been taken a little further into Ellie's story. I couldn't help feeling it was awful drawn out for the little progression the story made.

    14. The book is a masterpiece, starts off slow, but pulls you in, and in one minute, you pore over the page with curiosity, and the other, with intrigue. Once, with heart stomping action and the other, with empathical understanding.Ellie Quin as a character herself never fails to be herself. She never strays from her original self. Her determination always shines through, even though she thinks herself to be weak.Alex Scarrow is a mastermind of the future, a must read!

    15. Not bad. Short, and simple to read. Not impressed by the style, with the interspersed -style articles and, particularly, the inane comments posted on them, but it's not too distracting. Feels poorly edited, with some purposefully creative spelling, but also some clear mistakes. As long as you don't expect a masterpiece, it's ok. Short enough that, if you don't like it, you don't have to read the rest of the series.

    16. 3.5/5This short book is enjoyable and well written, a quick and lighthearted read. There’s nothing wrong with the book, which is good, but neither Ellie, the main character, nor the plot itself captured my imagination that much. As I said, it’s fine, but nothing more or exceptionally impressive.

    17. This is an excellent book. It seemed short as it did not take long to read but it was brilliant. The book follows Ellie who is a interesting person who wants more from life than farming. The characters are warm and real and the description of the planet's and world's just mesmerising. Looking forward to reading the next book so much.

    18. Original and creative page-turner. An interesting futuristic novel that has elements of thriller to it. I will definitely read the others in the series as I want to know what the mystery is. I really like the contemporary connection with the omnipedia entry and user comments.

    19. Eager to find out what is so special about Ellie and what this series is about. I don't feel like I've found out much in this first book, so how come I'm so eager to read on?!

    20. Drool in greatest sense! Love this author and love this series, looking forward to the next part of Ellie's journey!

    21. Great world building but not much in the way of plot. I'm sure this was just a set-up, though, for the rest of the series. I'll continue reading.

    22. Rather a short book, but it sets up the story for the trilogy. I just wish that first book can be more complete. Looks like i have to read the trilogy to have a more better review.

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