Snow Bunny's Christmas Wish

Snow Bunny s Christmas Wish One snowy Christmas Eve a small bunny goes in search of Santa to ask him to make her Christmas wish come true She packs everything she might need for the journey and leaves her cosy burrow and sets o

  • Title: Snow Bunny's Christmas Wish
  • Author: Rebecca Harry
  • ISBN: 9780545541039
  • Page: 194
  • Format: Hardcover
  • One snowy Christmas Eve, a small bunny goes in search of Santa to ask him to make her Christmas wish come true She packs everything she might need for the journey and leaves her cosy burrow and sets out through the snow on her quest On the way, she meets many other animals all in need of a little help.

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    1. Snow Bunny writes a letter telling Santa that she really wants a friend for Christmas. When she misses the postman, she decides to follow her map to Santa's house to deliver her letter to Santa. Along the way, she stops to help a variety of one her gloves, another her map, etc. finally she reaches Santa and helps him deliver giftsbut will he be able to give her what her heart most desires?The illustrations are cuted sparkly which I liked in this wintry tale.

    2. The illustrations are sooooo cute. The story is fine, nothing especially original but pleasant enough. I like that Snow Bunny doesn't wish for a material gift--she wants a friend for Christmas. She is kind and giving to others, too. Love the cozy illustrations with the adorable woodland creatures and the silvery snowy woods. Will check out more books she has illustrated.

    3. Gorgeous illustrations highlight this sweet story that teaches young readers that to have a friend you need to be a friend. Little a Bunny is lonely and wishes to have a friend for Christmas. On her way to Santa’s house to deliver her Christmas wish, she encounters several others who need friendship and kindness, too. This is a great book to share with kids during the holiday season.

    4. I just had to buy Snow Bunny’s Christmas Wish by Rebecca Harry at a book fair going on at my school. The book appealed to me because of its detailed, colorful, beautifully painted illustrations. This story is about Snow Bunny, who desperately wants a friend for Christmas. Because he missed the mail, Snow Bunny had to travel to the North Pole to deliver his Christmas wish to Santa. On his way there, he met other animals who were in need of something including mittens, cookies and a map. Snow Bu [...]

    5. Saw this in the bookfair and picked it up.It's fairly predictable but cute all the same. The little bunny misses the mailman so decides to deliver his letter to Santa personally. He prepares and packs a few items he thinks he might use. Along the way to the North Pole he ends up sharing those items with others in need and, in the process makes some friends. Which was his Christmas wish in the first place.Soft illustrations. Definitely worth a library checkout and maybe even if you wanted a sugg [...]

    6. My daughter was a bit disappointed in this book. The story line was not very well developed and seemed to jump around a bit but it was yet another Christmas book and we wanted to try it. The concept for the story was great but it was poorly written and didn't flow very well. Nothing special about this book but the graphics were nice, it wasn't a waste of money but I will say that my money could've been better spent.

    7. Awards: NoneReading Level: 2nd gradeInterest Level: kinder- 2nd gradeClassroom Connection: This book would be great to read to students during the winter. This book I would have my library so students could read it when they wanted. This will not make students who don't celebrate holidays feel left out.

    8. A sweet story about a bunny who wishes for a friend for Christmas.Glittery bits on the pages.Good choice for K-1 Christmas/holiday story times. Between 3 and 4 stars - an awkward line here or there and the part about being best friends (friends I'll take, but best friends?) didn't sit right. Quibbles.

    9. Snow Bunny writes to Santa asking for a friends but misses Red Robin Postman and begins an adventure to deliver the letter to Santa. On the voyage Snow Bunny gives her mittens to a bear, frosted cookies to decorate the tree for fox cub and their map to lost fauns. Snow Bunny will have new friends.

    10. 3.5illustrations are adorable. The story was good. I loved how the bunny have up all of the things she packed to other animals in need. It teaches a good lesson

    11. I can see little one's loving this because of the beautiful glitter illustrations. Don't know how I missed it in 2012.

    12. Des illustrations magnifiques, beaucoup de détails qui s'harmonisent à merveille avec les couleurs !Une belle histoire de partage et d'amitié !

    13. Terrific and heart-warming story that captures the true spirit of Christmas. Also, the foil on the pictures makes for a spectacular and magical effect.

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