Prairie Storm

Prairie Storm Evangelist Elijah Book is entrusted to care for an infant and he must put his faith in a woman named Eli in spite of many misgivings

  • Title: Prairie Storm
  • Author: CatherinePalmer
  • ISBN: 9780786238200
  • Page: 375
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Evangelist Elijah Book is entrusted to care for an infant and he must put his faith in a woman named Eli in spite of many misgivings.

    One thought on “Prairie Storm”

    1. Good readA slow start but very good. The best in the series. The characters were very well described. They were likeable.

    2. "Prairie Storm" is a historical romance set in 1866 in Kansas. This book is the third in the series, but you can read it as a stand-alone. Reading this book before the other will spoil a few events in the previous novels, but not enough to spoil those books.The characters were engaging, acted realistically, and had realistic struggles (even if some of the struggles weren't common ones). The setting and historical details were not highly detailed though they were enough to paint a mental picture. [...]

    3. This book was very touching a sweet end to the series. God uses children so much he used his own to give us peace, he teaches us to be like children And in this story he uses a child to tie two perfect strangers who needed to find peace with their childhood. It was touching to see how they faced their inside storms individually and how they all came together to face the outdide storm. This book is about comunity, about hardships and survival, its about finding peace with your past and moving to [...]

    4. I was a bit disappointed at the beginning of this book. I had just completed the first 2 books in the series and was hoping for more focus on Rosie and Caitran, but quickly discovered that wouldn't be the case. A good number of new characters were introduced, and I quickly became attached to several of them (Lily, Elijah, and the entire Hankses family). Although much different than I expected, I still very much enjoyed the story.

    5. Loved this series!!There are so many emotional situations for the people from Hope in this book. For me, I felt like I was pulled right into this storyline and I was part of the town. Elijah becomes the main character and takes over the church from Rolf. This is a very active story and leaves you wanting a fourth book.

    6. 7/10/2010 I am reading this book now, did not realize that it was #3 in series, I will have to go back and read the second. I like this author and the type stories these are about. folks that have many handicaps succeed in a hard country-life.

    7. OK, so I don't claim to remember which book came first, second, and last, but I read them all within the week or so. Liked them! Last one seemed like there should have been more going on, then wham! At the end everything happens at once. :) enjoy-

    8. Eli the cowboy preacher meets Lily the traveler, Living with heartbreak and giving control over to God, Great!

    9. Loved this book, a bit of western, little house on the prairie, and a bit of realism. Convinces me that I am not a pioneer, dispite my passion for space. LOL

    10. Just because a person knows scripture backwards and forwards, doesn't mean they believe. Pass out God's love in your life and everything you do.

    11. Third in the 'Town called Hope' series about settlers in American prairies. A little predictable, with a strong Christian theme running throughout. Interesting light reading.

    12. This was a 3 book series, starting with an orphan girl who goes to take care of one man’s children in Kansas and follows the town of Hope as it grows and faces many challenges and joys.

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