Cited to Death

Cited to Death Academic librarian Jamie Brodie hasn t seen old boyfriend Dan Christensen in years When Jamie reads Dan s obituary in the paper he s surprised When he receives a letter from Dan written just before

  • Title: Cited to Death
  • Author: Meg Perry
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 457
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Academic librarian Jamie Brodie hasn t seen old boyfriend Dan Christensen in years When Jamie reads Dan s obituary in the paper, he s surprised When he receives a letter from Dan, written just before his death, Jamie is shocked Dan s letter suggests that Dan was in danger, lists two article citations from medical journals, and asks Jamie to look into the citations WhenAcademic librarian Jamie Brodie hasn t seen old boyfriend Dan Christensen in years When Jamie reads Dan s obituary in the paper, he s surprised When he receives a letter from Dan, written just before his death, Jamie is shocked Dan s letter suggests that Dan was in danger, lists two article citations from medical journals, and asks Jamie to look into the citations When Jamie requests the articles, strange things begin to happen His computer is hacked, his tires are slashed, he thinks someone might be following him and he uncovers two deaths The coroner s report says that Dan died of natural causes but did he Is there something suspicious about the articles, or was Dan just paranoid The closer Jamie gets to answering those questions, the it seems that someone is trying to stop him

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    1. 3.75 starsI liked this low-key mystery, no over the top thrills or dramas. Don't expect fireworks and the sex was off page, which was a nice change. I have high hopes for Jamie Brodie becoming another favourite, in fact I think it has a lot of similarities to another special, amateur sleuth, I'll let you figure out who it might be. Jamie's workplace, his illness, and the scrapes that befall him, the on and off relationship with Pete had me reminiscing lol. I was a bit slow in figuring out who th [...]

    2. 3.5 stars – An overall fun m/m mystery with a nice low-key romance Jamie seems to have graduated from the Josh Lanyon School for Amateur Sleuths, and he shares a few traits similar to the much-loved Adrien English. Like mild-mannered novelist and mystery bookshop owner Adrien, who found himself pulled into murder investigations and sometimes had his heart condition act up at inopportune times, lead character Jamie is a mild-mannered reference librarian and commitment-phobe who is pulled into i [...]

    3. 3.5 starsJamie Brody was a history librarian -- one day he got a letter from an ex (whom he hadn't had any contact for years) which led Jamie to suspicious medical articles. Soon after that, strange things start to happen to Jamie, and it escalated to threats to his life.-------Another title that came to my attention because of a GR friend (thanks, Vio!). Like Vio said, the mystery was low-key. Yes, there was several threats to Jamie's life (he even got beaten up!!) but I never felt like I was s [...]

    4. I'm in two minds about this book. As a relaxing read it's a four. The characters are endearing, the pace is good, the setting is charming, the romance is just-gooey-enough, and sweetly chaste, and I had an all-around fun time reading it. This is what my rating is based on. I'm being generous to a new author here.As a mystery it would be inaccurate to say it's got some plot holes. It is, rather, a colander. A fretwork screen. A fishnet stocking.Here are a few rough notes on my issues (if I missed [...]

    5. A really well done mystery. I really liked the pacing, and plot of this story. When things start happening to Jamie he doesn’t immediately jump to conclusions, or fly off the handle. It takes time for the mystery to unfold, and I enjoyed that. The characters were nicely complex, and their relationships, and interactions were well developed. I wasn't really impressed with how it felt like so many people in Jamie's life seemed to be pushing into a relationship he might not be ready for. This is [...]

    6. 3.5 StarsI like this little mystery story that I got when was offering it for free. Jamie Brodie finds himself becoming involved in a mystery after a former lover dies and leaves him an obscure message in a letter. Jamie doesn't know what it's all about but figures it's somehow related to his job as a librarian. As he starts investigating more & more bad things start happening to him.This isn't a flashy story. Not unexpected when your main star is a librarian. It didn't have too many WTF mo [...]

    7. This was a little rough, especially at the beginning. There were at least five conversations with five different people in the first two chapters explaining how exactly Jamie knew Dan. There's repetition with the case details too as more and more people get involved, and most of it seemed extraneous since there was no reason for this to be dragged out as long as it was or for the police to not get more involved than they were sooner. Not to mention that whole sequence with the break in at J [...]

    8. Good mystery about an academic librarian who receives a puzzling letter from a recently deceased ex-boyfriend (a medical librarian) and encounters no end of problems as he tries to figure out the puzzle.

    9. This is the first in the Jamie Brodie mysteries and let me say it's a fun read and a good start.The series begins with Jamie returning his job as a librarian at UCLA after a 2 week absence due to illness (he had a very bad asthma attack) and finds before he goes to his job that an ex has died suddenly. Jamie is of course shocked because his ex (Dan) was in seemingly good health.What is also shocking is that Dan has sent a cryptic letter to Jamie and ask him to research a series of citations in c [...]

    10. 3.5 stars rounded up.This was a nice little story with some very well done characters. While off work recovering from a severe asthma attack,Jamie Brodie discovers that a former fling and fellow libriarian has been died suddenly. On his return to work he finds a note from him sent before his death, asking him to invstigate two articles in medical journals, one in Welsh. From the moment he starts to look into it bad things start happening to him. There were some holes in the mystery element of th [...]

    11. The mystery being very simple and straightforward with little if any suspence, this M/M novella reads more like a little romance with a touch of mystery than like a full mystery with a gay main character.Nothing is particularly original in plot or characterization, writing is simple: it may be a first effort by a young author but there is nothing wrong with this. Ms Perry has published a well crafted story with no irritating mistake or sloppy editing: she did not aim too high only to fail misera [...]

    12. Thoroughly enjoyed the story, got completely hooked into the mystery. The romance didn't take centre stage which is fine for me with this type of story but still left me satisfied with the outcome, relationship-wise.Issues: I like a dialogue tag but a one point there were so many 'said's that it pulled me from the story, also around this point I was hoping for a bit more action between the dialogue. Also I noticed some repetition, characters repeating what had already been discussed earlier- mad [...]

    13. Well just let me say I had no clue who dunnit. An inkling maybe 3/4 of the way through but I wasn't right. That is a good mystery in my opinion.Engaging characters and plot. The book was jam packed with action and events, so much so I had no clue if I was coming or going. Good again!I will most definitely be reading the rest of this series.Thank you Meg Perry!

    14. I am currently at book 13 of the series, I got the series upto book 13 as new years gift. One thing should be said right upfront. This is not a Josh Lanyon style MM -Mystery. As a matter of fact there is very little romance and pretty much none of the steamy smexy kind. Writing: It is solid writing. Often times I get frustrated with the new publishing way of the books, which is good because it gives readers more writers but on the other side most of the books that get publish nowadays seem to ha [...]

    15. I'm not sure about this one I picked this up because I wanted something similar to Adrien English Mysteries, but really different to Wheel of Time which I've been reading during the last 20 months. However, it didn't result as I expected. Don't get me wrong, overall I liked it but there's something that bothers me and I'm not sure about what it is. I'm gonna try the next ones and let's see how it develops.

    16. Hm, my mind is blank after the end of Cited to Death. I liked Jamie he was cool enough, but somehow this first book didn't pull me in in. What I did like was Jamie's family member, they were cool part of this mystery. His romance with Pete was okay so far, even if a bit boring.

    17. Fairly pedestrian mystery. Didn't find Jamie compelling enough of a narrator and not invested enough in his relationship to continue with the series.

    18. This is the kind of murder mystery that's perfect for people who don't like a lot of murder in their mystery. It's murder mystery light, if you will. But never fear; this book is still strong on story and characters and is thoroughly enjoyable. Reminiscent of Josh Lanyon's Adrien English series, Cited to Death features Jamie Brodie, a commitment-phobic, asthmatic librarian who lives with his brother and girlfriend. Unlike most books featuring amateur sleuths, Jamie has no problem calling in the [...]

    19. I can't believe I just discovered this series. The writing and editing are supurb, the characters engaging, and, like too many others, it doesn't rely on tired plot devices to move the story along. Jamie is intelligent, and even though he gets in quite a bit go trouble in this book, none of those troubles are due to dumb hero mistakes like walking into a dark room without backup. He is close to his family, they know he's gay and don't care, and his brother's girlfriend actually likes him! How no [...]

    20. This was a lot fun.The author managed to make research a part of the mystery and actually make it fun. The author didn't use her research to be clever she used it to tell a story.The mystery is quick and to the point. You'll know who did it and the book is quite short as well. However, I found everything done well. The writing was smooth but there were some tidbits that made me scratch my head. A bit amateur at times.Romance? No on page sex and the relationship is a past relationship trying agai [...]

    21. Three and a half stars rounded up to 4.I had taken half a star off because the author insists on using the word that when she should be using who. e.g. 'The man that' instead of 'The man who"This review is really for all 6 books. The series is a good one and is worth reading.I finished book 6 this morning and I will definitely be buying book 7 when it is published on the 15/10. The books must be read in order and you should start with book 1.I liked both the stories and the characters. Except fo [...]

    22. Very enjoyable read - not quite amazing, but a solid crime part with enough sleuthing going on to make this the center. The romance was more in the background.I very much liked how the story developed, how the guys communicated. That there was no cheap tricks, but a very realistic feel to the plot.On to the next part!

    23. Well done mystery. There's no shoot-em ups, no super spy action going on just good old knowledge. I like (really like) the fact Jamie doesn't jump into things without thinking; there will no following shady characters or NOT staying in cars when told to. Jamie is a man of knowledge and yes love too. As as I like Jamie, I think I may like Pete a tad more.

    24. I was surprised at how much fun I had reading this book. All the characters were appealing especially the protagonist and narrator. I will continue reading into this series.

    25. Its fun, its silly and others have commented its very much in the same vein as Josh Lanyon crime novels I love.

    26. Decent mystery, so I'll probably read more of them. However, I like my mysteries with a little more suspense and/or action. Brodie is a bit too mild for my taste.

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