Schrodingers Caterpillar

Schrodingers Caterpillar Graham Paint is a downsizing consultant and sick of it One morning he misses his bus when he stops to put a strange caterpillar in a matchbox As the bus passes he s shocked to spot himself inside Lik

  • Title: Schrodingers Caterpillar
  • Author: Zane Stumpo
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 455
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Graham Paint is a downsizing consultant, and sick of it One morning he misses his bus when he stops to put a strange caterpillar in a matchbox As the bus passes he s shocked to spot himself inside Like Schr dinger s Cat in the famous quantum thought experiment, the caterpillar s spawned parallel possibilities This comic novel explores Graham s search for a better lifeGraham Paint is a downsizing consultant, and sick of it One morning he misses his bus when he stops to put a strange caterpillar in a matchbox As the bus passes he s shocked to spot himself inside Like Schr dinger s Cat in the famous quantum thought experiment, the caterpillar s spawned parallel possibilities This comic novel explores Graham s search for a better life among the various overlapping alternatives.Another clone, Grim Dupeint, is a loathsome international arms dealer Graham infiltrates Grim s corporation, then embezzles cash for charity When a furious Grim realises, Graham must act fast And right now he s acting like fish food.Graham launches upon a new lifestyle and sex life as he dons the designer suits of power But sinister figures soon see through Graham s clothing Now Graham s under attack from the corporation, the police, his ex wife s private detective, and an infuriatingly pompous water colourist who Graham might have been if he d gone to art college rather than business school To survive and steal the artist s wonderful woman Graham needs to find hidden resources By definition Dopplegraham s equally resourceful BuggerSchr dinger s Caterpillar a stupid book for brainy people

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    1. When Stumpo allows the narrative to take the front seat, Schrodinger's Caterpillar is a remarkable work. Graham's quest to discover his knack for success by examining various potential versions of himself is well-written, funny, and told with reckless abandon. The ending wraps up the narrative tightly -- which is perhaps the greatest compliment I can ever give a novel, as it's something I rarely feel I get to say.Unfortunately, the narrative is not always the driving force, occasionally taking a [...]

    2. My kind of book, this: simply a funny story. There's a lot of ingenuity and creativity going on. For example, the author brings the reader into the story by talking directly to them. This didn't work that well for me at first, but as the story progressed it became a more natural part of the reading experience. And the extra chapter in the middle (the one we're warned to disregard and probably best not to bother reading anyway) really tickled me. An enjoyable read - I'll try another

    3. 3.5 starsReally enjoyed reading this interesting book. Haven't read anything like it before. Full of puns. Surprised me quite a few times. Graphic sex scenes. Funny read. Looking forward to Einstein's Wormhole.

    4. a wonderfully strange writing style mixed with humourA very good book but not for the light hearteda whimsical look at reality and what happens IFRecommended for everyone

    5. This is one of the best books I've had the luxury to read in a while. I laughed, I wondered, I theorized. I can't recommend this book enough

    6. What about the cat?And what if the cat was a bug? This is a choose-your-own-adventure chosen for you. With puns! Adventure well-chosen, I add. Except at the end, where you're finally allowed to play along. Although by then, things are pretty much preordained. Writin's good, with a fun Cockney accent. (Or whatever. Not so good at accents.) Story seems inventive enough. Oh, who am I kidding (or kissing, had spell check had its way?)?? The story was a blast. Fave bit was the good guy almost being c [...]

    7. Enjoyable and quick read. Brought a few grins and chuckles. 1 star penalty for 'going overboard' describing the luxuries of a boat.

    8. Funny, and I needed a laugh.This is funniest that multiple universes have ever seemed to me. Too hilarious a way of approaching the problems that would have to exist.

    9. What’s the corniest joke you’ve ever heard, or the very, very worst pun?Is that it?Excuse me for not getting too excited, because I can guarantee that you will find a cornier, more groan-worthy joke somewhere within the pages of Schrodinger’s Caterpillar. No, really you will. If you don’t believe me then just buy the blinking book and take a look for yourself.Schrodinger’s Caterpillar is the broadest of broad farces (and I mean that in a positive way), a satire of twenty first century [...]

    10. Schrödinger's Caterpillar starts out feeling a lot like a bad Douglas Adams rip-off. I'll admit that in the early pages, I quickly found this to be an unhappy thought, that this author was really just trying to take Adams' style of going off on random tangents about subjects that may or may not matter at all to the actual story.But as I read on, I realized I couldn't be farther from the truth. Stumpo's style here is incredible. Mixing fact with fiction, melding the two to a point where one migh [...]

    11. Do Not Read This ReviewSo you've ignored my instruction not to read this, which probably marks you out as a rebellious type, or at least a person with a healthy disregard for assumed authority. Or not. Zane Stumpo strikes me as a person (possibly imaginary) with a healthy disregard for conventional wisdom (aka 'the rules') for writing novels, with an 'in for a penny, in for a pound' approach to breaking them. And he does it consistently well, with total disregard to the 'fourth wall', which he d [...]

    12. For being billed "a stupid book for brainy people," the author tried soooo hard to make this hilariously funny. The irony is that, without that insidious begging for laughs, this is a quite funny book. It's those constant forth-wall-breaking asides like "don't try it again. I mean it. Really" and starting a chapter over again because he got distracted (several times) that kill it. That sort of comedy, while fantastic when done right, has to be done delicately and masterfully, and this novel appr [...]

    13. Zane is zany, I'll grant you that. I suspect that ADD, and a near-fatal whack over the head from the Extreme Creativity Fairy, are primarily responsible for this book. Parts are hilarious. The plot is brilliantly conceived, but the disruptive continual breaking of the 4th wall and the underdevelopment of its lungs strand this baby in the neonatal care unit for longer than it might have been had better editing nursed it through. The sex, though perhaps overly abundant, is cartoonish in a Guy Noir [...]

    14. The premise of this book is 5 star material: by making a decision 2 alternate realities are created. Because of a caterpillar the 2 realities existed atop one another in the same universe, at least for one character. There's lots of room there for interesting plots and conundrums.So why not 5 stars? The main character is a bit of a jerk, who thinks only of himself. The plot, despite all the potential things that could happen, didn't really go anywhere and stalls between for the middle of the boo [...]

    15. Just pushed the "breaking the fourth wall" a little too far, by all means engage in a dialogue wight he reader but telling me "This chapter is an unnecessary waste of time" makes me think you can't be bothered to edit the book properly. There was similar overkill on the punned names, one or two are ok but every single one means you are beating the reader to death with something that would have been witty once or twice. Having read this on Kindle I did like the links to the explanations in the bo [...]

    16. The most insanely brilliant (brilliantly insane?) book I have read in years. Possibly ever.I laughed until my cat was afraid to come near me.I chuckled, snorted, and guffawed until I was kicked out of Starbucks.I've already started re-reading it to fully absorb its lessons, and apply them to my everyday life.Read this book to find true happiness in life.Or not.Ignore my advice if you choose.Go ahead and run the risk of being a miserable old fkr, it's no great loss to me.

    17. It's an entertaining read, but can get pretty repetitive. If you have no idea what's going on, that's okay. Nobody in the book has any idea either and it'll probably be pretty inconsequential in a page or two.

    18. Thoroughly enjoyed this book.I found it funny and enjoyed the wordplay, even the cheesy puns. The characters are likeable, for the most part. There are a few typos but not an excessive number. If you like a funny, silly book, you might like this.

    19. Missed some of the British humor & references. Enjoyed some of the weightier or thoughtful concepts coupled with levity. Enjoyed the mixing of underlying commentary on social classes represented in the doppelGrahams and current corporate m.o.s.

    20. Don't even know where to start. There's a caterpillar, doppelgängers, international arms dealers, management consultants, math and physics, and a tortoise

    21. Yeploved it!Hoping for more by this guy soon! Ugh Twenty words is a lot! Seven. Six. Five. Four. Three. Two. One!

    22. I can see how it would appeal to a certain set of people, but honestly, he really isn't as funny as he thinks he is

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