His Scottish Pet: Dom of the Ages

His Scottish Pet Dom of the Ages In the s Ryce Leon moves to Scotland to escape the horrors of his past The lusty Englishman is content to wear kilts and share his unique talents with the satisfied lasses of Rannoch However fat

  • Title: His Scottish Pet: Dom of the Ages
  • Author: Red Phoenix
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 492
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • In the 1400 s Ryce Leon moves to Scotland to escape the horrors of his past The lusty Englishman is content to wear kilts and share his unique talents with the satisfied lasses of Rannoch However, fate brings a forsaken young waif into his life, Chrisselle Buchanan What begins as a simple pairing of Master and pet evolves into something powerful, with the potential to fIn the 1400 s Ryce Leon moves to Scotland to escape the horrors of his past The lusty Englishman is content to wear kilts and share his unique talents with the satisfied lasses of Rannoch However, fate brings a forsaken young waif into his life, Chrisselle Buchanan What begins as a simple pairing of Master and pet evolves into something powerful, with the potential to free Ryce from his unbearable curse.Extended Description Ryce Leon is a Master of exceptional experience, introducing the women of Rannoch to his rare skills Unbeknownst to them, he hides a tragic secret one that forces him to move from place to place, never putting down roots for fear of discovery He has learned the terrible price of love and will not suffer such loss again When the dying Chrisselle is thrust upon him, he is determined to rid himself of her as soon as she recovers However, the Scottish waif s brave spirit and curious nature eventually break down his defenses It is clear that fate has brought them together, but Ryce knows from experience that fate can be a cruel mistress.Adult Material 18 Warning This book contains sexually explicit content and scenes that some readers may find objectionable.

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    1. I enjoy this story and it even made me cry, which I did not expect at all. My only issue with the story is that the story does not reveal why he is immortal. I am looking forward to the next book in the series. As always Red Phoneix does not disappoint.

    2. Words Count: 33,962 Ryce Leon is a mysterious man who suffers from a curse that makes it impossible for him to stay in one place for too long lest others find out. Chriselle Buchanen is a girl who has just lost her last remaining family member and has no one she can turn to. The famine & drought makes it impossible for her to live in her village otherwise. Ryce is given Chriselle to do with what he pleases. It's a matter of what to do with a young innocent starving girl that has his Dom side [...]

    3. What I loved about this story…let me count the ways. This is my first adventure in reading a historical BDSM novel and obviously I’ve been missing out. Red Phoenix has a way of taking you along for the ride as she weaves in and out of her character’s lives. Ryce is a hero to die for; sturdy, loving, and hiding a dark secrets that took away the love of his life. Now, making his way from place to place, in order to keep his secret, the last thing he wants is a woman to cherish.In steps Chris [...]

    4. Glad Red Phoenix added the Dom for the Ages to the title this book. Ryce Leon won me over since he uses his dominating skills with the women who are considered "outcasts" of the village of Raonnoch. This allows me to fantasize he'll take me to his barn to be taught a lesson ;-) He hides his wealth but is as generous as he can be without arousing suspicion. This man has many secrets.Times are hard and food for the masses is scarce. This is why frail, thin Chrisselle Buchanan is forced upon him. H [...]

    5. Another amazing, amazing, AMAZING book by Red Phoenix! Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU!I LOVE this unique story of a Master in Scottish land and his Scottish Pet back in time!Master's Leon domination and sensitivity towards the needs of his pet is refreshing and hot and completely mind swirling that makes you squirm again and again. Everything is so vivid from the BDSM sexy scenes to the memories and the battle scenes. Further, kilt started being my favorite men's wear!! So hot, easy access wear [...]

    6. Ryce Leon is a hot Englishman hiding from his terrible past. He buries his pain by satisfying the women of Raonnoch in ways only a Dom could. Fate has other plans for him and thrusts Chrisselle Buchanan, a dying waif, in his path. What starts out as a unwanted situation turns into a Master and Pet relationship then something so much more. I love how this book comes out of the gate hot and steamy. Leon is all male even in a kilt (and not much else). His way with women gives me sweet shivers. Chri [...]

    7. HmmmI rounded up to three starsIf I could have given it 2 1/2, I would have.Ryce is an interesting character. As you read through the story, he's shown as generous, compassionate, extremely hot, but not quite like the rest of us -- although we don't understand exactly what he really is. Chrisselle is an absolute cypher; the reader learns little about her except that she's passive but curious. Although initially Ryce wants her only for a pet, he falls in love with her and marries her.While the se [...]

    8. What else can I say about Red Phoenix Oh this is one of her audible books and the gentleman that reads it for you will make you melt!

    9. be sure to check out this review and others at my blog twinsietalk or facebook/twinsietalkI am speechless (and peps that doesn't happen much). This book was A-MAZ-ING!! It was a mix of historical fiction, erotica, and paranormal. Now how can all that be used in a novel you ask? I dunno either but Red makes it work. So I will admit that I am a ginormous fan of Red Phoenix. I haven't read anything of hers that I don't like. I love that she mixes it up with her writing. She writes typical erotica, [...]

    10. Master Leon is cursed to live forever but we are not told why or how this came about. Due to this curse he can only live so long in one place and to not call to much attention to himself he plays with women that are cast-outs of the towns he lives in or near. The scenes he creates with these women are only to ease each other "need" of pleasure/pain and release. He wants no strings or emotions.Then a young woman is thrust upon him as he travels through a small town during a funeral. Try as he may [...]

    11. This book begins as a very hot BDSM story but as you continue reading it becomes so much more, at the heart this is a love story filled with hot scenes but tragic ones as well. I love the main character Ryce Leon, he is a strong dominant man that may appear scary at first but has a kind heart. I have not read a historical erotic story before but very much enjoyed this one, I never thought of kilts as sexy but the way Red Phoenix describes Ryce in a kilt is very hot. I loved reading this book so [...]

    12. I enjoyed this story but often felt that I was missing details, that there was a previous book. I hope that unanswered questions will be revealed in the next story. Lord Leon is quite the man and lover, with a huge heart. Though you would not think so by meeting him. He is demanding, strong and determined to share his passion and desires with women who need a little help reaffirming their strength. He succeeds at this task effortlessly. It seems he truly met his mate when he was given Chrisselle [...]

    13. This book is such a fantastic read. I felt like I was transported back in time. Not many books I have read have captured my attention like that. Ryce Leon is not your typical male. He carries a secret from his past . He meets Crisselle who is down on her luck. I am so in love with these two people I did not want the book to end ever. The only thing I really did not like was near the end,but I understand why it was done that way,but don't let that stop you from buying this book.So if you like to [...]

    14. Red Phoenix has outdone herself with this one. As with all her erotica, the steamy parts are hot, juicy and very well thought out and written. Red uses the vernacular of the time period and place but she doesn't overwhelm you with it to where you have to constantly get a definition, which makes this story all that much more enjoyable to read. The ending is heart wrenching but sweet and doesn't leave you totally hanging, but wanting more of Ryce and his adventures, his tenderness, his discipline, [...]

    15. I am always attracted to a Hot Highlander read and this one came to my attention. I wasn't quite sure what to make of Ryce at first but once the story started to unfold I was enjoying it, intrigued to learn what exactly Ryce is and how he was cursed, sadly didnt find out in this book as his story obviously continues. I was disappointed they didn't get their HEA, however would like to catch up with Ryce in the next chapter of his life. I am eagerly awaiting the next book.

    16. What is it about a man in a kilt? I am a fan of Red Phoenix from her "Brie" series and this book did not disappoint. The story of Ryce and Buchanan was a touching and bittersweet story. After losing the love of his life, Ryce was able to give and bring love and life to another. I am excited to read the next installment in what I predict will be another great series by Red Phoenix.If you like your BDSM with a heart, this is a story for you.4.5 of 5 stars!

    17. Not a love story in the least. It should be labeled as a romantic tragedy. I won't read the next one. This was a huge disappointment because I like her Brie stories. The character developement was kind of flat for me. I feel like someone who was placed into a submissive role due to circumstance is a not a true submissive but a victim. The relationship was too one sided for me. Sorry Red. Go Brie!

    18. Oh boyWhat a story. A waif is forced into Ryce. Her name is Chrisselle. Bryce is a Dom and has a widow who has been his submissive. When she spots his lady in his house she gets jealous. And then so much happens. Great story but there is BDSM in this book. I would highly recommend this book.

    19. This was my first historical read. I really enjoyed the story of Ryce and Chriselle. Learning about his curse and why he fights his desires allows you to fall right into the story. Once you've fallen, you are then captive to see where Red Phoenix will lead you along with these beautiful characters. A lovely read.

    20. What a beautiful, sensually erotic story Red Phoenix weaves. Set in Scotland many centuries ago, Ryce and Chrisselle's story is full of passion and love, but bitter sweet too! If you love historical romance with lots of hot sexy erotica, then this is for you. Another great novella from the author, I fell in love with it.

    21. If you like Red Phoenix, then you will love this book. Ryce is a Dom I would love to meet. He is all alpha male with just the right amount of sensitivity thrown in to make him perfect. As for the story, well I cried several times. It is not all flowers and candy, there is quite a bit of angst.

    22. 4-1/2 stars!!!Great book and thoroughly enjoyed it. The ending was a huge surprise and didn't see it coming. I look forward to reading the next book in this series and hope the wait won't be too long!

    23. Another good book by Red Phoenix. I loved her Brie series so wanted to check out this story to see if I liked it too. Oh yes I do my only complaint would be the end as I didn't want it to end. If you like Red's books you will enjoy this one too.

    24. I got this book because it looked intriguing and it was free. :) What started out being a historical fiction BDSM story broke out into a sweet romance. I look forward to other additions to the Dom of the Ages.

    25. I don't normally read stories that are set this far in past but I really enjoyed it. It does have an interesting story and I do look forward to reading the next in the series.

    26. I loved the book. I love that it reminded me of the romance part of "Highlander" the movie. I am definitely waiting for more hot and delicious things from Master Leon.

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