Me & Timothy Cooper

Me Timothy Cooper Seventeen year old Taylor Lawton has a crush on Timothy Cooper a boy at her school and as crushes go things are normal He ignores her She doesn t speak to him Until their English teacher Mrs Walke

  • Title: Me & Timothy Cooper
  • Author: Suzanne D. Williams
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 181
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Seventeen year old Taylor Lawton has a crush on Timothy Cooper, a boy at her school, and as crushes go, things are normal He ignores her She doesn t speak to him Until their English teacher, Mrs Walker puts them on a project together.A turn of fate then throws them both for a loop For an entire week, they will stay beneath the same roof Will this be too much togetherSeventeen year old Taylor Lawton has a crush on Timothy Cooper, a boy at her school, and as crushes go, things are normal He ignores her She doesn t speak to him Until their English teacher, Mrs Walker puts them on a project together.A turn of fate then throws them both for a loop For an entire week, they will stay beneath the same roof Will this be too much togetherness What will Taylor do with Timothy s painful secret A light novella with a touching storyline, this tale is enjoyable for both young adults and grown ups alike.

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    1. Let me preface this review by saying I've read a lot of shit. A lot. Of shit. With that said, I'm not sure exactly how to express my level of disdain for the so-called "writing" in this novella. I've been offended by bad writing before, I've scoffed, laughed, gagged a little, maybe even spit up a time or two, but up until now I have never, neverfelt cheap. I feel like the writing in thisis thingok me out on a date because its friends dared it to. I feel used. I'm actually tempted to ask for a r [...]

    2. Suzanne Williams has woven an amazing, full-bodied story about young love – first love – real love, that will make you want to relive – or perhaps rewrite – your own “first love” story.” Me and Timothy Cooper does a brilliant job of capturing the wonder of youth and the glory of meeting “the one” as it tells the story of Taylor Lawton, a girl of genuine heart and emotion, and Timothy Cooper, a boy with a capacity to love that far exceeds his 17 years. I’m not a YA fan as a ru [...]

    3. Actual rating: 2.5 starsI want to start off by saying, I did not dislike this book. It was a very cute read. Just a little too cutesy for me.Me & Timothy Cooper follows the lives of Timothy Cooper (duh) and Taylor Lawton. They are high school students, though not sure what grade but I'm assuming juniors, who are paired together for a school project: to learn about the other person and write what they would/would not change about each other.Taylor is fairly new to the town and is madly crushi [...]

    4. Simple and Direct story. No Side Business.But a touching read.Just another love story err, it is a feel good love story. Perfect for people having secret crushes on someone popular. When you think you don't stand a chance, then you are WRONG!. People read this! to boost your self confidence.It is a short light fun read. No side stories that irrelevant to the flow of the story. I can say it is fast, No time time to breath. Haha! Not complicated and kinda superficial, but it really touched me. I m [...]

    5. Another funny-cute-so-romantic-book I read on weekend. Ha. Im totally nerd. .-. And this book is just cute :3. Taylor:“When asked to write about Timothy Cooper, I couldn’t believe my luck. Timothy Cooper is, after all, a very popular person, and I figured this would be easy. But you know, they say nothing is as it seems.”“What would I put into a novel about Timothy Cooper? I think everyone in the class knows the answer to that.”There were snickers across the room.“So perhaps the bett [...]

    6. Eh. The author states that this was a novella written in a week as a writing excercise. And it shows. It's a little too preachy for me to start with, then there was the very, very Sue-ish characterization of Taylor (all the guys want her but she has no idea), the insta-love, and the totally unrealistic premise (if my daughter was home alone and sprained her ankle - you bet your ass I'd leave whatever conference I was attending with my husband and go home.) Add to that the completely out there re [...]

    7. A short sweet high school romance. A perfect love story about a crush that turns into a real relationship.The story flips between 1st person from Taylor's perspective then to 3rd person from Timothy's perspective. Overall it was as advertised, a young adult feel good romance. Two other titles - "I kissed the Boy Next Door" and "The Best Week of My Life" are also included at the end of the book after the epilogue. In the end it was worth reading. I gave 3 stars because, though I always appreciate [...]

    8. I was thinking giving this 2 stars but after reading Taylor's write up about Tim,I finally relented on giving it 3 stars.This was a fun and short read so I haven't really invested emotions towards the character. I wish it was longer though. I so so love the cover. It was what drawn me to read this in the first place.

    9. Un romance tierno y ligero. El momento triste fue un poco exagerado pero todo lo demás fue tierno. Tim era una dulzura y no se porque perdió el tiempo sin hablarle cuando sabia al instante que ella era para toda la vida. La chica T tampoco estaba mal. me gusto su curiosidad y su forma de ver a Tim que lo describe en su ensayo, pero debe trabajar un poco mas en su autoestima.

    10. This was a very quick, fun, and light read. No major relationship drama in this story, but there are some absentee parents, hilarious injuries, and funny bets about bathing suits. I will definitely read more of Suzanne's work.

    11. Very clean, sweet and humerous. I enjoyed it. I would read more from this author. Would love my teen daughter to read it. It was short, and I read it in a day.

    12. AWWW!!! I'm so glad I read cute books these days :) After tragic moment I'd with Stolen it's very good btw, I cried a lot! I haven't even recovered yet.Poor Ty :(((, I need some break and I read this short story. And Guess what?! IT'S UH-MAZING :) 'Timothy Cooper, with his sandy-colored hair and sparkling blue eyes was an absolute dream. Too bad he didn't notice me. Ever. But fate or devil or whatever you believe in always conspired against me. Until our teacher, Mrs. Walker, decided to put us i [...]

    13. I am not really sure of what to think of this book.First of all - it is much shorter than what I had thought. I checked this book on amazon, and it said that there were 298 pages. Either that is not correct, or it is one very small size book. In reality I would say it's maybe a 90 pages book, and if I had known that I would have known not to be so surprised over the fast pace in the story.17 year old Taylor have had a crush on Timothy for years, but haven't had the guts to say anything to him. O [...]

    14. My Thoughts: Boy, was this really short! I read the summary and I thought this could be great. It seems like my kind of story. But it also said novella, so I wondered, how short?It was fairly short and the story did move really fast too.We are introduced to Taylor who lives with her parents who never seem to be home. She stays on her own a lot with her grandma checking in on her. She also attends high school and she has a crush on a boy named Timothy Cooper. She thinks he doesn't know she exists [...]

    15. Short and easy read about first love with Timothy and Taylor! It is a clean read and although the two main characters were religious it was not overdone with religious overtonese only issue I had with this book was how serious it got so quickly. Taylor apparently has had a crush on Tim since she started at the high school but Tim has never spoken to her until they get a school assignment together. At this point we are supposed to believe that this confident and good looking guy liked her as well [...]

    16. Aw ♥This story was super cute, I loved it. It was all kind of sweet and fun. The fact that it's a novella makes me like it even more for some reason.I was in the mood for some feel good, drama free reading and this story proved to be just what I needed.Taylor and Tim were absolutely adorable and their romance bloomed fast.When I first started reading "Me and Timothy Cooper", I thought it was going to be the story of a quirky girl out to get the boy she has liked for years, taking the chance of [...]

    17. I texted my sister this afternoon. I wanted a book that was cute and fun and a fast, light read. She sent me several suggestions, this was one of them, and I got them all not knowing a thing about them beforehand. Sometimes I just like to be surprised like that. That way, I can decide whether to keep reading based on how I like the writing style and the characters rather than what I want the story to be, ya know? Anyway, this was everything I was looking for. Adorable and sweet with just the per [...]

    18. I loved this sweet story about Timothy Cooper and Taylor! The story lingers long after you put the book down. For me, being married with children, it was a gentle place to return to of first love and how a boy can be tender and chivalrous. The author doesn't sugarcoat the raging hormones or those tensions; however, these issues are handled with tact and respect. I hope the author continues to write YA fiction/romance. I don't generally read YA, but I read romance and I loved it! I'm a Timothy Co [...]

    19. I'd give this less than 1 star if I could. I don't know why says this has 200 odd pages because it doesn't. It's a novella, and it took me around 30 minutes to read it, tops.This book was so nauseating I felt sick. Girl and boy talk for the first time, and two days later he tells her he will be proposing in exactly two years time. But the thing is, they hadn't really spoken much at all. In fact, they were basically strangers.A weird little book with a lot of Christian moralising. If you decide [...]

    20. Fast read but waste of timeSpoiler: this book had no substance. it was unrealistic and unbelievable. I couldn't get over the fact that she didn't have a best friend until the way end. Also how it only took them literally a day after first talking to each other to get together, and then a week together to declare love. And with them getting married in the next two years also was so fake.

    21. I would give this a 4.5 if I could. I bought this book because I read the blurb at the end of "All About Romeo" where Suzanne shared that she liked Aaron almost as much as she liked Timothy Cooper, which, of course, made me want to meet Timothy. I am glad to say that this book was worth it! It was so sweet! Even though this was a short story, the characters still felt real. I can't wait to read the other Nook books that I have from this author!

    22. This story was cute! Too short but very nice! I would have liked it a little longer though. Tim was cute, sweet and sexy. And Taylor was kind of funny at times. Cute too, though not as much as Tim. I liked him more! And they were cute and perfect together.I even liked Tim's mom. I will surely read other stories by this author.

    23. WowI really, really, REALLY liked this book. I thought it was sweet and I'm a sucker for romance books. But one of my most favorite parts was when Taylor wrote her paper about Tim's father and brother. It really touched my heart. And I loved the ending The 'Two years and six months'. I'm really happy that I read this book!

    24. MORE LIKE A RANT:I rarely give a 2 star rating, but I just have to with this book. I know this is a novella, not enough pages to dig deep into characters background--but I just can't help rolling my eyes as I read this. Surreal.

    25. Totally adorable! I loved it. It was short, which was perfect because it's been a month or two since I've read anything. Novellas can sometimes be really iffy, but this one was just cute. You can finish it in a couple hours. :)5 stars from me!

    26. It was okay. Romantic and cute but it could have been better. Still good though, short and sweet. I felt like it was too rushed in some areas and the ending was cliche and predictable. A nice read for the Fourth of July, though.

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