Wide Awake

Wide Awake year old Tyler Marcus has always done the right thing He s intelligent quiet made good grades and went on to become a celebrated civil rights attorney But the one thing he has always wanted was t

  • Title: Wide Awake
  • Author: Kade Boehme
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 372
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • 27 year old Tyler Marcus has always done the right thing He s intelligent, quiet, made good grades and went on to become a celebrated civil rights attorney But the one thing he has always wanted was the one man he should not.Mark Riley realized at 33 that his life was not what it should have been He d been in a marriage of responsibility, raising his son that was a teen27 year old Tyler Marcus has always done the right thing He s intelligent, quiet, made good grades and went on to become a celebrated civil rights attorney But the one thing he has always wanted was the one man he should not.Mark Riley realized at 33 that his life was not what it should have been He d been in a marriage of responsibility, raising his son that was a teenage mistake, taken the job his father had pushed on him on the police force and had been miserably drifting along, until one night his teenage son s friend was visiting from college and woke him from his miserable slumber Tyler Marcus changed Mark s life with a simple act of kindness and with one chance meeting 5 years later may also end up giving him the world

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    1. My second read by Kade and, I have to say, I preferred On the Dock more. I know Kade has the potential for greatness but this one didn't quite hit the mark for me.One of my main issues, as others have mentioned, was the lack of proper editing. It really did make this book seem amateurish, which is too bad because the storyline had a lot of potential. Little things like repeating the same adjective too many times in a row (a pet peeve of mine) and grammar mistakes really took me out of the story. [...]

    2. **First I want to note that this review is for the 2nd Edition that has been fully re-edited and the content extended**This was such a sweet story. This story contained one of my favorite tropes: May/December romance. Add to that a forbidden factor and bingo I was sold. What I loved:*I loved Tyler and Mark, the main characters. I think their feelings for each other clearly came across and I was rooting for things to work out between. Though I admit there were a couple instances I wanted to tell [...]

    3. *3.5* contains what may be thought of as spoilersAfter reading On the deck, which was an emotional gut puncher ( I sobbed like a baby ) I was really looking forward to reading this . Good premise, not a bad length and well priced and for the most part I enjoyed it but there where odd times when I found myself phasing out a bit, then something emotional would happen and I'd get pulled back in. So it was a bit of an up and down read for me. The story has a slightly predictable ' film of the week' [...]

    4. 3.5 stars. My second Kade Boehme story, and the 2nd one I've liked, butThere were lots of errors in this book, spelling, grammar, punctuation. I'd volunteer to beta read for you Kade any day, at no extra cost!!The story was a nice one, and one which has been covered by other reviews, so I won't go into to it here, but I have to say that I was absolutely gobsmacked by 'On the Dock' and so am probably a little biased, but I did prefer that to this.

    5. I enjoyed this read and it was an interesting idea if not maybe a little predictable. I liked the idea of giving the two MCs alternating chapters so we get a balanced view of both sides. This is the second book from Kade and although I found his first short story On The Docks packed more of a punch than this story, I believe there is potential here in the making. The only thing that really bothered me slightly was the math with the ages, didn't always add up. There were also a number of spelling [...]

    6. What a sweet love story. My heart was breaking for both Mark and Tyler. I wanted, no needed, them both to have a happy ending. While I may not agree with the way Mark ended his marriage, I can understand it. I can't imagine how hard it would be to pretend to be someone you're not. I have a couple of friends who also married women and had children when all they wanted was to be themselves, gay. Most of the time, like Mark, they were just going through the motions, not truly living.I have to say, [...]

    7. This book is not without flaws, but I enjoyed the hell out of it. I feel that this is Kade's area of expertise somehow; mature men that reach self-acceptance after trying -and failing- to live someone else's life. Add the "my best friend's dad" trope, the dual POV and the delicious angst towards the end, and there you have it. The ending might be a little abrupt, but very real nonetheless.I'll definitely be reading the second book in the series.

    8. I absolutely loved Wide Awake!A novella/short usually leaves me wanting more and it was true here as well. (view spoiler)[ Does Andy become accepting? Does Tyler’s mom get off her high horse?(hide spoiler)] Will there be a sequel?I was laughing, crying, had a few OMG moments, and did I say crying. I love Tyler a lot but Mark was/is my favorite MC. I could really feel for what he went through and how he got where he is. I just want to hug the guy. (view spoiler)[ It warmed my heart to see Tyler [...]

    9. Wide Awake is a beautiful love story with really great MC’s, I love Mark and Tyler, especially Tyler, surprisingly it has a couple of women I actually liked but of course there are a couple I didn’t. I had concerns about Mark and Tyler’s relationship, I’m not a fan of story lines that have a father having a relationship with his son’s best friend. Kade handled this topic with sensitivity and maturity explaining the non-relationship Mark has with Tyler in his teen years, Tyler being 4 y [...]

    10. First of all- cheers to Kade as he puts himself out there in his writing. yay! So.I struggle with this one. Wide Awake is an Interesting story of a young lawyer and his new (or older, unrequited love interest. Unfortunately his new romance is with Mark, the father of his best friend. Mark is a gay man who accidentally got a woman pregnant at the age of 16. Practically forced into a marriage And a career he didn't want, Mark is a responsible man who could not see to leave his marriage until a cha [...]

    11. Such a wonderful story. I loved both Mark and Tyler and really didn't feel the age difference too much with them and I didn't find that he was Andy's best friend a problem. I felt so bad for Mark for hiding for so long and then pretty much being dumped on by everyone even though he sacrificed so much for them. This was not a complex story, pretty simple plot with just the right amount of angst for me. Tyler's mother was just a huge annoyance for me and I could have done without her, he is an adu [...]

    12. Sooo much potential - good story idead unfortunately not really well executed. I would have given it probably 3,5 stars - I'm not sure because the really bad writing - wrong tenses, grammer errors, strange sentence structures - distracted a lot. I have to assume it is self-pubbed and the auther didn't invest in editor and proofreader (if he didhe should ask for his money back). Sentences like: "I reached under the bed and pulled up and condom and lube." didn't make sense for me. The use of Past [...]

    13. I Love this book. Sweet,sexy, romantic, sad and a little angsty, but totally awesome. I did notice the grammar after so many people went on and on in reviews about how bad it was and how that ruined this lovely book for them! Well, I'm not a grammar Nazi give the author a break. After all it was a well-told mm story! I will be reading more from this author!

    14. This is the story of Tyler, a young lawyer, and Mark, father of his best friend. Although only 11 years separate them and they are both grown men, their relationship is not supported by their families.Told in alternating POVs, this story explains the reasons Mark, a gay man, became trapped in an unwanted marriage, his meeting Tyler again after many years and the relationship they build together. His relationship with Tyler (who is 27 years old) begins after his divorce and is one based on love a [...]

    15. I seldom DNF books but I just couldn’t read further than 14% (one chapter) in this one.The grammatical errors, syntax issues, time hopping, and awkward dialogue just made it wearisome. The serious editing issues in this didn’t help the lackluster voice, either.Ok, here’s an example:”It’s very hard to bite your tongue when you want to defend someone, but I always did since I didn’t know anything other than I’d seen a need to fly in those eyes that one night when I fell head over hee [...]

    16. 'You took my life and shined this huge light through the fog. I felt like I was asleep, floating, with no clue what was going on. Then there you were. You came out of fucking nowhere. It's like, thanks to you I'm wide awake and I'm finally ready for life. I'm definitely ready for life with you.'Congratulations Kade Boehme, I am now a sobbing wreck. Mark and Tyler, I swoon over your adorableness, I wanna be your hag. This novella is absolutely beautiful, breath taking even. The relationship betwe [...]

    17. I think me and K.B. might be incompatible. This was…mething. If someone had presented me with this story as a one page idea I would have been so into it. This had potential. The idea was so good. But, a lot of telling that just nosedived into being so over the top it wasn’t funny. Plus Mark was an old guy (my age) and he’d already taken the steps to live the life he was meant to have. He was three years into living his life post-divorce. Also Tyler was way too old to be hanging out having [...]

    18. At first, i really liked most early parts of the book. But when the part where they broke up and stubborn Mark refused to see Tyler even after he is shot and he even tried to date other people even though he wasn't intimate with them that's what made me turn off. The writing was great but i just don't like this kind of situation.

    19. I wasn't able to finish this one. I found the typos and grammatical errors annoying and I also found the immaturity of the dialogue exasperatingI'll try to read it again in a few months, but I think it needs work to improve it's readability.

    20. Although I did enjoy this, I feel that with a bit more time it could of been great. The ending felt a little premature, as I still had questions, and would of liked to see a bit of the happily ever after.

    21. Why did I wait so long to read this little gem?Prologue. LOVED! I can honestly say I loved how this started out. Tyler who is 27 and a lawyer is at a bar when he spots his best friends dad, Mark, and they are not at any bar but a GAY BAR! Tyler has had a crush on Mark for YEARS, but he was married and again his best friends dad. But, he wakes up the next day his bed! Holy sheep!!! They know it's going to be a long road ahead of them, but they want to see where it goes. Tyler opened Mark up to a [...]

    22. Interesting approach for an erotic romance novel: instead of starting it off with the firecrackers of a night of sex, when the novel opens it’s the morning after, Tyler and Mark in bed together with Tyler remembering how this was a dream comes true, him in bed with his best friend’s dad. Now Mark was a teenager dad, 15 years old, and Tyler is 4 years older than Mark’s son, so in the end there are little more than 10 years between them, but in any case it’s not easy for them, considering [...]

    23. I read the newer version of this one, so the editing wasn't terrible. Some sentences were still awkward, but I've read worse.Tyler has been best friends with Andy since they were kids. Tyler is several years older than Andy, and Andy's parents had him at a very young age, just 16, so there isn't much of a difference between Tyler and Andy's dad, Mark. You see where I'm going with this, right?Mark was a cop, and he was gay, and he was unhappy, so he wasn't around much when Tyler was visiting Andy [...]

    24. 2.25 stars. I bought the original version which had many many many editing issues. Unfortunately it distracted me quite a bit from the story at times. The story was OK, but somehow I didn't really connect with the characters. I'm not sure what was missing for me, but I liked the parts with Tyler and Mark and Alicia, but really didn't like the other characters. Both Marks' ex-wife and Tyler's mom just weren't very believable to me. I know plenty of people who have stayed in bad marriages until th [...]

    25. Short, sweet! I love the story, but it's a shame that Kade didn't take the time to evolve it further, there are so many unanswered questions.The one thing that really disappointed me though was the editing. Sloppy, some sentences were just too fucked up to understand, just because a word exists doesn't mean it fits into a specific place in a sentence. Then there was the math: 38 - 23 doesn't compute 16, but 15, and that is just sooo young for anyone to have a sexual relationship, to have a boyfr [...]

    26. As always, I love Kade's characters to bits, as well as his smooth story telling. I have to be honest, I found myself drifting a bit with this book, which was a first after being completely smitten with Keep Swimming and Good Enough. There is no way I will pass on the sequel though :)

    27. I really liked it. Ok, this is the first Kade Boehme I've actually read, but overall it was a nice read. Yeah, there are a few issues with sentence construction and grammar, but I took this to be colloquialism, so it didn't offend me, just made me re-read the sentence again until I got the gist. Sweet story, angsty but all the angst is quickly resolved (probably because this is a short novel and there isn't time to pad out the angst).Overall a 3.5 to 4, and I will purchase more by this author.

    28. 3.5 really. I loved the plot, story line. Like others had said, a pre- reader or two, and an editor probably would have got it 4.5 or maybe 5! I struggled most with that in the beginning, but once I was into the story, I didn't notice so much. Honestly, it just needed cleaned up a bit. It's a sweet story, worth the read.I can't wait to read something else from this author. I think he's really going to be something. :)

    29. 3.75 stars. This was a decent m/m read. I actually really liked both MCs. Their ages weren't realistic with how the story was told. Just needed someone to do the math right. Other than that though they were really sweet and you could feel their love.

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