Save the Date

Save the Date Book One of Three Aidan Iverson III old money wealthy and blatant playboy has never felt the need to be with one woman Why when he has the looks money and a family name to rule the nightlife And

  • Title: Save the Date
  • Author: Sadie Grubor
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 124
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Book One of Three Aidan Iverson III, old money wealthy and blatant playboy, has never felt the need to be with one woman Why, when he has the looks, money and a family name to rule the nightlife And, when it thoroughly aggravates Grandfather LILLIAN SNOWE, do it yourself overachiever, has a plan to keep her father healthy and living in the home where he raised her But,Book One of Three Aidan Iverson III, old money wealthy and blatant playboy, has never felt the need to be with one woman Why, when he has the looks, money and a family name to rule the nightlife And, when it thoroughly aggravates Grandfather LILLIAN SNOWE, do it yourself overachiever, has a plan to keep her father healthy and living in the home where he raised her But, how can she, when the hospital bills are piling up, the bank wants their money and she is hundreds of miles away from home From the moment they meet, Aidan would have to be blind not to feel an attraction, especially with Lilli s work attire and feisty humor When illness, death, debt and a mutual friend, bring these two together, feelings are hurt and someone is insulted It takes determination, sneaky actions and cockiness to secure the deal But, even with an iron clad marriage agreement and pre nup in place, there are those who would seek to destroy the spark threatening to engulf our couple in a happily ever after.So, Save the Date, because you are cordially invited to the seduction of Lilli Snowe.

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    1. ★★★★! Save The Date, book 1 of 3. Aiden Iverson III’s attempt to keep family empire forces him into a desperate search for a wife!“We fought about it endlessly. He even went as far as to set up meetings with prominent girls in our social circle, attempting to make me a one woman man with a purposeful relationship. When I would bed these girls and leave them, Grandfather finally gave up.”The modern Arrangement trilogy is the story about Aidan Iverson III, man-whore and heir to a for [...]

    2. Aidan is a sexy playboy. Who can get any woman he wants, when he wants. Except when he needs to find one to marry. And he needs to get married soon.Lilli feels she needs to do everything by herself. Going to collage while working two jobs, so she can pay the hospital bills for her sick father. She is witty and very attractive, and Aidan can't help but stare at her whenever she is around. This book had me laughing so much, I love Lilli, especially when she's picking on Aidan. The sexual tension a [...]

    3. Ok, this book had a great premise, but it didn't work for me; such a shame because based on the summary this book had so much potential. It did sound really good, at first glance anyway, but if failed to deliver.Here is why it didn't work me:1. I found the story super slow to start, the characters didn't decide to get into the contractual marriage until 73% of the book. Up until this point, they were living separate lives, dating other people, sleeping with other people.2. The characters were no [...]

    4. In the first book of the modern arraignment series we meet Aidan Iverson III who's a complete playboy and has never felt the need to settle down until his grandfather dies and the terms of the will declares if he want to keep the family business he must get married and within a year have a child. Lillian Snowe is an independent overachiever who's determined to keep here father healthy and also keep the house she's grown up in before the bank forecloses. From the moment Aidan and Lilli meet the s [...]

    5. Oh boy. I want to say I liked this book and disliked this book. Loved Aiden. He was great. Lilli, not so much. There were times where I wanted to physically get in the book and throttle some sense into her. I mean, come on! Get over it already. You aren't a whore. Enough already. Aiden should have just picked up a hooker on 42nd Street and called it a day. I mean it worked for Vivian on Pretty Woman. She came out okay with a very rich man. Food for thought for the next time, Aiden.And to top it [...]

    6. Another fun-to-read "arranged marriage" trope that definitely provided lots of laugh-out-loud moments. I especially enjoyed the bachelorette brunch and all the events accompanying it. Aidan makes a great effort in his attempts to win over the elusive "contracted bride." There's lots of great backup provided by a large and boistrous secondary cast. A few editing problems run the gamut but nothing to disturb the reader's enjoyment. All in all, it's another fun-to-read romantic romp. I enjoyed it e [...]

    7. couldn't relate to the book at all. it was supposed to be light and funny but there was too much drama going on with the main characters.

    8. 3.5 StarsThe first book I’ve read of Sadie Grubor is Falling Stars and I ended up loving it even though I’m not really a big fan of rockstar romances or of angsty romance books. So when I got a request from her to review the Modern Arrangements Trilogy, I admit that I did a bit of fangirling over the fact that she sent a review request. Of course I’m going to accept it!If you read romance, the premise for Save the Date isn’t really original. In fact, I can name A LOT of Harlequin Present [...]

    9. This was really good. It felt familiar. Like all the other books where you have a marriage that is a contract for a certain amount of time. But what I thought was different was that it was mostly from the male POV. The first 40% was Aidan's. Aidan is this hot rich guy that needs to get married to inherit the money and family company. Aidan is a womanizer but he is also a really sweet guy. So for him getting married and finding a women within the timeline was funny. It wasn't as easy as he though [...]

    10. I liked the dual points of view in this book. I've moved onto book 2 already as I had to know what was going to happen next :)

    11. This book was AMAZING - I mean 50 Shades, Bared to You Amazing. I actually enjoyed the story line much much more than those books too. The sexual tension is so heavy I had to keep turning the page. I love Aidan's vulnerable yet strong character and I like the fact that Lilli is a little spitfire. Save the Date was such a different concept that it was refreshing. I am currently reading Here Comes the Bride (the second in the series) and I'm enjoying it just as much. Such page turners. This series [...]

    12. No chemistry whatsoever between Lilli and Aidan. Their few interactions lacked the spark and the enthusiasm of a possible and/or desired romance. The "marriage arrangement" idea from this book appeared to have enough intriguing elements to work with for an exciting reading. But the very dull narration changed everything.

    13. Overall it was just okay. Lilli protests too much and I feel bad that Aiden is in such a position. Why can't they make the best of it? Boring at times, funny at others but an interesting read never the less.

    14. Great start to a series. Loved the main characters and the friends. Very realistic no "insta-love me gotta have you now" going on here. We get to see them connect and fight which is very entertaining.

    15. A petite dark haired girl--wearing a tight blue t-shirt and tiny pair of sweat-shorts--danced around a small kitchen, singing loudly. The sight of her white socks, the kind with the stripes around the tops, made me smile wider. I received an advance copy of Sadie Grubor’s Save the Date. This is the first novel in her Modern Arrangement series. Aidan comes from old money. He holds a position of high esteem in his family’s business. His grandfather is the patriarch of the family. His parents w [...]

    16. ***received this audio for exchange for my honest review***This was actually the first audio book that I have ever sat and listened to so I had nothing to compare it to, but I must say I was impressed. I had heard a few samples that didn’t have a voices that I could sit and listen to for long periods of time but this one did. There were two narrators which I found easy to follow, they worked well together and seemed to blend seamlessly together creating a story that was easy and enjoyable to f [...]

    17. My Rating: 3☆Save the Date was a quietly paced story about Aidan and Lilli.  The couple started out as friends but a sequence of events and maybe a bit of fate and serendipity was drew them together as more.  The story follows their journey of how their acquaintancy grew into friendship and how that friendship grew into more.  There  are highs and lows for the pair and they begin to rely on one another and their feelings beyond attraction grow.  Now,  they never confess their love becaus [...]

    18. Contains mild spoilers [not that there are any OMG moments in the book ]:I liked the way this book was approached . not the typical 'i am a playboy , i can have anyone but i only want you ' but in a more unconventional manner . what i didn't like was the amount of book space dedicated to Aiden going out with others to find a suitable match . i mean even though it was good that there was a much more realistic approach of friendship between the leads rather than the overrated love at first sight o [...]

    19. 2.5 starsThis started off slow and improved though not all that greatly. The beginning was bland and read much like a to-do list and as the story evolved so did some of the dialogue and writing. My biggest complaints were that some of the dialogue was cliche and childish, especially coming from Lilly. Then there was Lilly herself. She was rude, immature, contrary, and just plain mean sometimes. Her continued insistence that she was not a whore just grated at my nerves. Her treatment of Aiden thr [...]

    20. Another great by Sadie Grubor! A 4.5 out of 5 rating for me. I had a lot of fun reading this (maybe a little too much). I feel as if I personally know all of the characters and shared their emotions (especially the laughter/happiness) as if it was my own. Any fans of the genre that enjoys fun with their reading, some suspense and a lingering ending (that has you doing a face palm and dying for the next book like yesterday) will adore Save the Date :)Lilli is a young, strong, determined, independ [...]

    21. 2.5 starsWow! What a conditional inheritance. In order to obtain the inheritance his grandfather left him, Aidan must get married in one year & stay married for four years (no infidelity allowed). During that first year he & his wife must also produce an heir. If these requirements are meant, the company his grandfather owns will stay in the family, if not, his family will be S.O.L. & it will go to the board. He goes on a few dates with different women but no one really tickles his f [...]

    22. Lillian Snowe is a young woman with way too many burdens on her shoulders. She's struggling to help her sick father and maintain the home he lives in while trying to complete her studies all just a little much for her then along comes Aidan Iverson III a playboy whose parents died and his grandfather's favourite, but when the old man dies he leaves everything to his grandson, but with the conditions that he must get married within a year of his grandfathers death, and remain married for 4 years, [...]

    23. 3.5 GRRRRRRRRR. Served me right for not reading the blurb. I knew this was a series but I was trying out a new author for a signing and saw it was a short read so I carried on. However, I didn't realize it was a trilogy. Book 1.n't end. Leaves you hanging. I feel like I've been teased and tempted to the point of no return, only to have the guy up and leave at the eleventh hour. The tension of the lead characters is very hot NOW. And the book ended. Need to move on to book 2 just to find out if h [...]

    24. Meh. It was ok. It was 90% from Aidan 's POV, which was fine because you get to see what he is struggling with. I thought Lilli was kind of a bitch though. I don't think Aidan said anything that should have made her feel like a whore. And seriously, everyone kept making fun of his situation, which really was not cool. I felt for the poor guy. So the book was mostly about him trying to find Mrs. Right Now. And he finally realizes Lilli would be a great candidate. So there was not much romance/sex [...]

    25. Cute but tyipical story line. I've reada few books about a contract marriage of convienance because the guy always seems to have to marry and give up their playboy way to thier money. This story is a little different so i'm liking it more then those that I have read in the past.I like that fact that Aidan is thinking about his employees that might lose thier jobs because he can't full fill his grandfathers last wish. What i really enjoy is the banter between Aidan and Lilli. All of there friends [...]

    26. I enjoyed the story. I like that the story had many different layers. It just didn't jump from the hunk falling instantly for the heroine. Instead, the reader got a better understanding of the Aiden’s desperation and we got a chance to understand the Lille’s backstory. I will admit, Lillie made me angry sometimes but I assumed she was having a hard time battling with her morals.I really fell in love the gang of friends. I loved how the teased Aiden about his issue, and I wish more females co [...]

    27. I liked this one! On the death of his grandfather Aiden Iverson stands to inherit the family business. This is on the condition that within 1 year he is married and produces an heir, otherwise the Company gets split between the Directors. Aiden is desperate to keep the business and protect the jobs of 5000 people but until now he has been a player and hasn't contemplated settling down. You would think that a wealthy good looking guy wouldn't have any trouble finding someone to marry him, but its [...]

    28. What a delightful book.I got bummed cause I really wanted to know how Aidan would get to convince Lillie to just agree with the marriage arrangement.I mean,clearly there were major concerns but I would jump on a proposal like that so fast considering the number of people who would be affected.Plus there is security,and money for the child,honestly I just couldn't understand why it was so hard for Lilli to just accept,I mean the guy is a hunk,plus there is that physical attraction so why deny it. [...]

    29. Okay. That was weird. This was a recipe for disaster. I was hooked by the blurb and that was wrong.First, the man acts like a like a "idiot prepubescent boy". His words, not mine. And the lady, well, I couldn't quite catch her. I like the idea of the story but I think it's to immature for what I have in mind. The dialogues are like from a bunch of 13 year old's. But I didn't expect much from this and it was fun while it lasted. It was short so it was okay. I end up skimming most parts, anyway. A [...]

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